The 2121 SEXTING Experience

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What is Sexting? If you would’ve asked this question 100 years ago someone would’ve probably said something like “Its sending sexually explicit messages or photographs right?” True but wrong, thanks to a man named Doug Mahoney sexting forever changed to S.E.X.T.I.N.G. What is S.E.X.T.I.N.G? Since the year 2121 S.E.X.T.I.N.G stood for sexual enhancement xperience triggering interactive nerve guidance. In English S.E.X.T.I.N.G is tricking your body and mind that you’re having sex. Thanks to Mr. Mahoney we’re able to connect our minds and bodies to the World Wide Web and become one with our inner desires. That wasn’t his intentions though. Before it was called “S.E.X.T.I.N.G” it was called D.I.V.E and its original purpose was for the sick and elderly who wanted to relive their happy moments in life and die happy……That’s all I really knew before the crash…

“Your 27 and you still live at home with your parents. When I was your age I was getting ass left and right and I had my own place. Do you think I like telling the boys at the station my son is a 27 year old virgin, who is nothing more than a failure?” My father shouted before closing the door behind him.
“What is sex exactly? What counts as having sex? What is being successful in life? Sitting on my ass all day eating donuts?” I asked myself these questions every time my father and I have these arguments about how much of a failure I am. “According to my father I’m a virgin but thanks to S.E.X.T.I.N.G I’ve done everything under the cyber sun. I’ve fucked a girl on top of the world trade center and I fucked a random girl at a state championship football game under the bleachers. Yet according to him I’m still a virgin and a loser. Fuck him!” I shouted as I sat down in front of my computer.

As I was typing in the same password I always used to access the S.E.X.T.I.N.G program I got an email from an administrator of a guild I’ve never heard of before called “The Seekers.” Asking me “what did I want out of life?” Normally I would’ve just deleted it thinking it was spam. Yet that day I did something different. Thinking back I still wonder what made me answer that email asking me what I wanted out of life. Was it because I was mad at my dad, or was it because I was tired of living but I answered “Freedom.”
After answering the stupid question I closed the page and I went on my way and typed in a code my friend gave me for mind blowing sex.
I started sipping on my cola. The drink was tasteless, though, and the air I inhaled had a harsh edge to it. As if this world was just rejecting me. Finally, the computer screen lit up and a message appeared on the screen, informing me that the connection has been made and the system was ready for a two-way link. I had specified that this was to be a one night stand. A far longer time goes by than I had anticipated, but finally a message appeared from the other party saying they accept my terms and to look for a woman wearing all black. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that beyond this screen at the far end of the cables that crept through the city that there was someone just like me was sitting before a monitor, with her hands on a keyboard, wanting to escape this world.
I click on the box that said brain link mode and closed my eyes to escape to a world where everyone is equal and there is no pain.
Like always I felt an overwhelming charge of electricity shoot through my body but after it ends I know it’s time for me to reopen my eyes. When I opened my eyes I was in my cyber body. Unlike my real body that god and my parents gave me this body is more appealing to women. In the real world I was a 5’9 390 pound loser who didn’t have job and still lived with his parents, but on second earth it’s different I’m 6’2, 230 pounds and I have my own successful business and I’m like a celebrity because of my rare character that I won.

As it turned out I didn’t have to find the women. She found me. When I arrived at the meet up spot called Lucky's I did a quick circuit, looking for a women wearing all black.
There was no girl wearing all black. My watch showed three minutes before 2 a.m. which was supposed to be our meet up time. I took a seat and ordered a whiskey on the rocks. Not even a minute after the waitress left my table I heard a women voice behind me. “You must be Silver?” Surprised, I spun around only to find a woman wearing all black.

“Beautiful.” Was the only word I could muster out my mouth. I don’t know if it was the black fur coat or the provocative silk black dress that she was wearing but her supple pale white skin looked like the moon glimmering in the night
She was far more beautiful than I had imagined from what my friend told me. All he told me was that she was slim with an hourglass built and at least C cup sized breast. He had left out that she had silk like long black hair and a pair of breathtaking red eyes that seemed to have had the power to draw you in. Before I realized it she had already taken the seat across from mine. “I’m amazed you were able to find me in this place,” I said. “This is my first time coming to this part of second earth, but I figured if I got here early I would’ve been able to spot you first, since you told me you would be wearing all black.”

“Of course I knew it was you. Not too many people here have silver hair.”

“Good point,” I laughed.

“Plus it helps that I know everything that goes on in this bar.”

“So I take it you’re the administrator here?” I asked because only they have that kind of power on earth 2.

She glanced at me with a puzzle expression, as if to say, “What is this odd person talking about?” Then she nodded. “It doesn’t matter. So please don’t be concerned. I assume the only reason your here is because you want to sext right?” The women asked with a straight face.

“Straight to the point I see.” I said as I reached into my breast pocket and withdrew a card I was given. The card was plastic and had a light flower fragrance that bore a single line of small, intensely black letters: Black widow. The woman looked at the card and raised her left hand and a waiter appeared that seemed to not have a host to controlling it which in this world is called a doll. She told the waiter to send 1 Bottle Chambertin Grand Cru Armand Rousseau to her room and that we would be up there in 5 minutes. She then looked at me and asked if I wanted something for myself and I nodded no. After 5 minutes which felt like hours of awkward small talk the beautiful Black widow told me she would be heading to the room first.

When I got to the room I knocked on the door and went in, only to find a different a women sitting on the sofa. She had apparently been drinking the wine Black Widow ordered while reading a book called Cupids Curse. She was wearing a black laced bra and a black thong. Her hair was long and blonde, and she wore black framed glasses. She seemed like she was absorbed in her book: there was a kind excitement in her eyes. Her features could be compared to an average porn star, but those blue eyes of hers had so much excitement in them it was almost weird. It was clear she wasn’t a doll.
Still seated on the sofa the women finally took notice to me, without saying a word she ran her eyes over my body, from head to toe. Her eyes made me feel uneasy, as if she could see my real body, yet at the same time it turned me on. “Take off your clothes.” The woman said as if I was wasting her time.
Once I was naked, she told me to lie on the bed facedown, which I did. She ordered me to stay still, to keep my eyes closed, and not to speak until I was spoken to.

She sat down next to me and began to touch me. I could feel her thin smooth fingers moving all over my body with the utmost care. Her ten fingers moved down my body, from my shoulders to my back, from my back to my testacle. Eventually, the women stopped moving her fingers. With her arms around my throat she whispered in my ear, “Did you know the Greek god of love gave humans the power to control other human’s sexual urges?”

“No, but what does that have to do. . .” She silenced me with her lips pressing against mine. Something took over my body is what I want to say but I was in control yet at the same time I wasn’t. I flipped the women over. “Mmm stop… “She moaned, but her resistance gradually weakened as my tongue began to passionately explore the inside of her mouth. As our tongues intertwined I slowly started to massage her supple breast while her chest heaved up and down. As I held her soft flesh in my hands I found out her nipples had become fully erect in anticipation of my touch. Our lips eventually separated and I moved my way down to meet her hardened nipples. She let out a moan as I roughly sucked on her nipples. I started to rub my groin up against the women thigh while I continued to suck on her nipples. Understanding the reason for my movements she reached and gently grasped my penis and her hand. After giving my member attention it need with her hand she used her mouth to gently pull back the skin on my penis and began to lick up and down my shaft.
“This feels so good.” I cried out as I was overwhelmed with pleasure. It was the first time in cyber life that my penis was enveloped by such warmth and felt better than anything I ever had. The more I moaned the more her oral skills got better. She started to focus more on the skin around the head of my penis. It was almost as she was determined that she would make me cum with her mouth. I wanted to push her away so I could cum inside her pussy but I quickly found myself paralyzed by pleasure from this woman blowjob. I could do nothing but lie back and pant for air. As my pre-cum began to seep inside her mouth she slid her hand into her panties and started to rub her pussy. The intensity of her blowjob increased when she synchronized the movements of her own tongue with the stroking of her own clit. As the intensity increased, the sound of our juices began to fill the empty room. I started to fill something welling up inside of me. I tried to warn her to stop. But she ignored my warnings and instead of stopping she started to suck on me even harder. “I’m cumming!” I shouted. As I was about to cum she wrapped her hand around my shaft to stop me from cumming. “Why?”

“I’m sorry! I’m really sorry! Just please endure it a little longer.” She said as she pushed me down back on the bed and raised her hips over my pulsating penis. “Please take all your stored up hot stuff and shoot it deep inside my pussy.” After those words left her mouth I soon felt a warm like glove wrapping around my penis. I was deep inside her.
“Your cock is amazing. It feels so good.” She shouted as she was riding me. “Do you still want freedom?” she asked out of nowhere.
At the time I was so engrossed with her body I didn’t pay full attention to the question she asked me. And I said, “Yes!”
“Fine, then you better not cum before I do. If you can hold on for that long I will give you freedom from the world you so hate.”
“What do you mean?” I asked. “I don’t know what you’re talking about but that’s impossible your pussy feels way too good! I’m already going to cum.”
After filling her pussy with cum, we laid down next to each other and basked in the ecstasy in our bodies.

After settling down I got dressed and was about to say my good byes to the women but she stared at me with a puzzled face. “What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Nothing it just looks like your about to delink.”
“Yeah, no matter how great you were I said this was only to be a one night stand.”
“You really don’t know anything do you?” she said with pity in her voice.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“You can no longer leave this world. You’ve been set free.”
“What do you mea…” suddenly like a curtain falling, darkness enveloped me in an instant.

When I regained consciousness, I was around a bunch of people panicking. I grabbed a random person hand who was walking by me asked him what was going on.
“What’s going on?”
“You don’t know? The main system for earth 2 has been hacked and we can’t leave this world.”

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