Topless Friday Night Swims

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Topless Friday Night Swims

It all started when I bought a local fitness center with lots of equipment, a swimming pool, sauna, and a hot tub. The pool was a pretty good size, the sauna held a dozen people, and the hot tub was made to hold twenty people.

I employed six women to help my wife and I run the place. They were in their twenties and thirties while my wife and I were in our fifties…late fifties at that.

One Monday one of the girls complained that she never gets to use any of the equipment or sit in the hot tub and drink a nice cold beer. My wife agreed with her and suggested that we buy a case or two of beer and let the girls unwind after closing on Friday night. Okay!

On Tuesday my wife told me to get some vodka, orange juice, and tomato juice for Friday night. On Wednesday she told the girls that she was going topless Friday night and that they could join her if they wished. On Thursday she told them that they could bring along a girlfriend or two if they wanted too. One of the girls asked about guys but the other girls said no, that they would have trouble going topless in front of a bunch of guys. Apparently I was old and harmless so I didn’t count. I never wanted to be called harmless but if I got to see six new sets of titties…what to hell.

On Friday things got kind of exciting. The girls had the clients all excited too. At lunchtime my wife told me to get a few more cases of beer and put them in a cooler of ice. At dinnertime she ordered a few pizzas to be delivered but sent me out to the liquor store for more booze and to the grocery store for fruit and juices. She even gave me a list of what to purchase. I just did as I was told.

Then at closing time only about half of the clients left. There were still about twenty women in the place. I was trying to figure out which of my employees they belonged too but I couldn’t. My wife was at the front door letting more women in. Then I saw her two sisters and her mother enter.

I thought to myself, “What to hell is going on.”

My wife locked the front door and turned off the lights in the entranceway. She closed the door to the exercise room too and then came to me.

She whispered, “I invited a few more women that I thought you would enjoy seeing topless. Besides I am recording all of the surveillance cameras too. I though that you might like to see them later. Now lets break out the booze and get this party started.”

My wife took off her clothes leaving on just her panties then she helped me bring some of the stuff out. My other employees also removed their clothes leaving on just their panties and helped set up the tables and arrange the glasses. I got to strip down to my skimpy male briefs and start serving drinks.

As the women came up to get there drinks my wife and employees took the lady’s clothes leaving everyone in just their panties. Somehow I had expected everyone to be in their bikini bottoms but this was much nicer. Panties barely covered anything and I could imagine several of them after they got wet.

My mother-in-law and both sister-in-laws had really nice tits and rather attractive looking pussies outlined in their matching panties. That’s right my wife, her mother, and her two sisters were all wearing the same silky white string panties that were creeping up into their slits by the minute.

Several of my clients were looking very good too. The drinks flowed and everyone loosened up considerably. Soon women were in swimming and sitting in the hot tub drinking. As they came back for more drinks I was treated to wet panties, hard nipples, and very sexy women. My wife was right I did enjoying seeing them all topless.

After about an hour of drinking my wife call out that it was “picture time” and for everyone to gather in one corner of the pool area. Surprisingly they did. My wife set our digital camera up on a tripod and got everything ready for me. It wasn’t easy for her to get all of their titties to show but she managed. Then she got in the picture and told me to take three or four pictures of them to make sure that everyone’s eyes were open. She told everyone to stay put and had me get in the picture with all of the women. She set the camera on self-timer and got in the picture with me.

More drinks were drank and then my wife walked around with the camera to got individual pictures of all of the women and in their small groups.

She got me in several pictures with our six employees then had them take off their wet panties for more pictures. Of course it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t take off my underwear too, so I did.

Next she set the self-timer and got in pictures with her mother, her two sisters, and me. Again after a couple of pictures she had them remove their panties too. Just to be funny she had me sit in a chair and spread my legs out pretty far. She had her two sisters sit on my knees and spread their legs out pretty far too. Next she had her mother rest her breasts on my head. Then just before the flash went off she sat on the floor below my hard cock and spread for the camera.

After that all four of them sat on my cock and slipped it up into their pussies. I finally cum in my mother-in-law.

My employees came over and sat on my cock too keeping it hard. Each of the women that worked for me during the week was taking her turn to sit on my cock while my wife videotaped it with our other camera. She caught her mother and sisters fucking me too.

Then for no apparent reason the other women came over one by one and sat on my hard cock. I managed to cum a second time in the sexiest woman that I had ever met. She was a good client and she owned a clothing store in the downtown district. Rumor had it that a few years ago she was a fashion model and had saved her money and invested in that store. She sure looked like a fashion model and I had just cum in her.

About two in the morning we closed the place up and headed home. Two of the girls were going to open for us in the morning while we slept in.

In the next few days women would come up to me and thank me for giving them the best girl’s night out that they ever had, that they were looking forward to the next Friday, or that they were sorry that they would have to miss it.

I was under the impression that it was a one-time thing but my wife told me that she had such a good time that she wanted it to happen again and possibly every Friday night. When I started to mention the cost she quickly reminded me that more twenty women had sat on my cock for pictures and that I had cum in at least two of them. All I could do was smile.

I listened in as one woman asked my wife if she could bring her daughter with her on Friday. My wife told her that the girls had to be at least a teenager and that the mother would have to cosign the release form for her. The woman said that it wouldn’t be a problem and thanked her.

When she was alone I asked my wife about the release form and she told me that all of the women last Friday had signed one giving us ownership of all pictures and video taken that night and permission to do whatever we wanted to do with them. She said that we could sell copies or post them on the Internet if we wanted too. Interesting! I did however ask her to try to keep it down to just twenty people. I got a kiss and a pat on my pecker before she giggled and went in the other direction.

Soon one of my employees came over, took my arm, and led me into a back storage room that was seldom used. She was talking about things that didn’t matter until we were inside the room then she told me that my wife had sent her to me to take care on my problem before some of the ‘straight’ women noticed and complained. I looked down to see a huge bulge in my gym shorts. I hadn’t realized how excited I was. Then I realized that I was going to get to fuck her for real this time.

She locked the door from the inside and turned around to smile at me. I had dropped my gym shorts to my ankles and was standing there with my erection sticking out at her. I lifted my T-shirt up over my head and stepped out of my shorts to stand there in just my gym shoes. She giggled and lifted her T-shirt up over her head and then removed her bra to stand there topless. Next she removed her gym shorts and panties in one motion to stand there in just her gym shoes too. She got on an old fashioned treadmill and told me to catch her if I could, then she turned it on. I smiled and got on behind her but my feet were spread out so that I was standing on the side rails. As she ran along on the treadmill I got in tight to her ass and slipped my cock up into her pussy. Now that was a new move even for me. As she ran on the treadmill her butt twitched and she effectively fucked me while I stood there pressed up against her. It was a thrill for both of us and she said that she would tell all of the girls about my new form of sexual exercise or ‘sexercise’ as she coined the phrase.

As we got dressed I pointed out a big gob of cum that was dripping down the inside of her left leg. She giggled and then pulled her thong panties up without disturbing the snail trail that it had left behind. She pulled up her gym shorts just as carefully too. Then she let me help her hook her bra and help her on with her T-shirt. As we walked back to the front desk she kept walking bowlegged so as not to remove the cum trail on her inner thigh. Then at the front desk she made sure to show it to my other employees and a few of the women that were at our last ‘Topless Friday Night Swim.’ By Thursday I had fucked each of our employees in the back room on that old treadmill.

Near the end of business on Friday about all that was left were the evening guests. Others had arrived early including my mother-in-law and my sister-in-laws. The mother that wanted to bring her teenage daughter introduced her to me. She was very attractive and I was looking forward to seeing her cute little tits soon. I was told that she was fifteen years old. That perked up my pecker.

My wife verified that everyone was accounted for and that all of the paperwork had been taken care of, then she locked up the front entrance and turned off the lights out there before closing off that area.

The table and drinks were set up and the women were helping themselves. As they got a drink they handed one of my girls their clothes, including their panties. My wife removed my clothes and every woman that passed by me shook my cock once or twice.

The sexy mother and her even sexier daughter each gave it a soft kiss. The mother sat me down on the end of the diving board. The end that was bolted to the floor, not the one over the water. Then she sat her soft moist pussy right down on my rock hard cock. Amanda her fifteen-year-old daughter pushed me flat on my back, straddled my face, and then put her opened pussy onto my tongue. She had the youngest and sweetest pussy that I had ever tasted. Soon her mother was getting off my cock and told her daughter that she could have it. Amanda lowered her pussy onto it and started riding me as if it were the best thing that she had ever felt in there. I looked around and found that all of the women were watching me fuck that minor child. I saw that my wife was getting it all on camera too. Amanda sat upright and her tiny tits hardly jiggled as she fucked herself with my cock. She got excited and cum once and then twice. On her third orgasm I was cumming in her to a round of applause and cheers. Amanda shouted, “You were right Mommy, giving him my virginity was what I had been needing. Masturbation was never this much fun or as good either.” The crowd cheered even louder after hearing her confession.

The women came up to us and congratulated Amanda and me on a fine performance. They kissed her lips, fondled her breasts, and rubbed her clit with my cock still in her pussy. By the time the last woman tickled my cock and her clit I was hard again. Amanda was worn out so I just picked her up turned us around and placed her back down on the diving board. I simple fucked into her for the next few minutes before filling her with cum. I pulled out slowly and looked at her. Amanda grabbed a hold of my cock and pulled me up to her lips. She kissed the head then sucked the head into her mouth before saying, “Thank you but we aren’t done yet.” I looked at her questioningly and she smiled before saying, “You still have to cum in my mouth and in my ass before I go home tonight.” I told her that I wasn’t sure that I could get it up that often at my age. Every woman in the place said that she would help me get hard enough to fuck Amanda two more times…they did too. Cumming in her mouth was nice but when she begged me to butt-fuck her it was more than I could take. I figured that it would be more than she could take too since I had already cum in her three times. Amanda was a real trooper, she was in pain and crying as I slipped my cock into her rectum but she wouldn’t let me pull my cock out. With words of encouragement from her audience she kept thrusting her hips back at me. It took forever for me to cum in her that time, twenty-two minutes to be exact. When I finally pulled my cock out of her ass, it was covered with blood and cum. It had a dark reddish color to it.

Her mother and two other women helped her into the women’s shower area with my wife right behind her still filming the action.

Four women came over and offered me their anal virginities. I was limp so I asked them if it could wait a while. They made me promise to butt-fuck them all the following Friday. By the time the party ended I had at least thirteen women on a list to give me their anal virginity and my wife was excited about getting it all on film.

Amanda was very sore but said that she was okay. She told me that she would be ready next Friday to do it again. I told her that it would have to be in two weeks because I already had commitments for next Friday. She looked so relieved that I almost laughed.

As I waked my wife to our car all I could think was, “Two Fridays down and how many more to go.”

The End
Topless Friday Night Swims

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