Kidnapped at first... Pt 1

I was walking home one night, when it began to pour. I was about a mile from home when a van pulls up. I look at the van and in it was a woman (she had to be in her late forties early fifties) she asks "Want a lift boy?" My consiounce says no but i said "Sure". I get into the passenger seat and say "Thanks, my house is a mile up that way" she says with a smirk "Huh, I don't think so" right then a rag was put over my mouth and nose, I tried resisting and getting away from it but I began to pass out. Right before I passed out the woman says "This is going to be a fun time"

I began to wake up. I felt like my head had been hit by a train. I began to focus and I realise my hands are restrained behind my head and I'm on a table bed. I'm completely naked. I'm in some type of exam room. I tried to move my arms and legs and could not budge. I noticed what was in the room. There were shaving supplies on a cart which was next to some metal stirups. I noticed in one corner there was an enema machine. I suddenly heard the door open and in walks the woman. She is wearing a sexy nurse uniform. She was average height, she was not skinny but not fat and brown hair. She says "Hello baby slave, mommy is here to give you a hair cut and then get you cleaned and dress you for your first night" she walks over by me and rubs her finger on my soft cock and I yell "Help!" and she says in a soothing voice "Shhhhh" and grabs a pacifier with a strap and forces it in my mouth "Babies don't know how to talk so be quiet or we will visit the black room" she begins to rub my hair "I will explain briefly your circumstances and then it is back to buisness. As you can tell I'm not that young, I'm 47 years old. I have always wanted a child and I have always wanted a man. Why couldn't I have both? I was walking around when I saw you. You were old enough to look like a man with your abs, but you had that baby face. So I began to follow you and trace your routes to and from home. And then me and my firend decided tonight was the night. Before tonight we spent a lot of time remodeling my basement. There are three rooms, this room you are in is the nurses room, the black room is the punishment room, and your room in the nursery. I have perfected this event for monthes. I have left no trace of your disapearence. And don't even think about escaping" She pulls some leg bracelet out " This is the latest escape equipment prisons use on their inmates." She snaps it on my leg "This bracelet will shock you if you even get out the door, which would be quite impossible, with 10,000 volts of pure electricity. And if you somehow manage to get through that, it has GPS tracking service so I will know where you are. So basically you will never escape here, the closest town is 20 miles and there are no houses in between. Overall, you are here to stay and be my baby and my sex slave and you will pleasure me and my friend whenever we want you to. You will act like a baby at all times. We will be lieniunt on you for the first week, but after that if you do not behave or follow directions you will be punished." With that she gets up and kisses my cock and moves over to the stirups and moves them over by my legs. She puts each foot in the stirups. She then goes to the shaving cart and pushes it over by my hip. "Now babies don't have any hair except on there head so we need to do some work, don't squirm or you will get an owey" She grabs a aerosal can of cream and sprays it all over my pubes by my balls and cock. She grabs a razor and begins. After about 5 mins she works her way around to my leg hair, my arm hair, my armpit, and lastly she uses an electric shaver for my ass. "There all done. I think it is time for your bath." She unties my hands and the thought of running goes through my mind but I soon remember our earlier talk and glance at my bracelet. "Walk on your hands and feet like a good boy" I comply, and we walk out of the exam room down a hallway to a bathroom. We enter and I see there is no toilet only a faucet and a bathtub. It was a big tub, with enough room for four people. She turns the water on and we wait for it to fill about halfway. She turns off the water. "Get in the tub" I comply, the feel of the water on my freshly shaven body feels good. I'm suprised I have not gotten hard yet. She starts to get undressed. Her big C breats are superb for her age and her pussy is nice and neat. Man why am I not getting a boner!? She says to scoot up and she gets in and sits behind me. She has a bar of soap and starts to wash me with a lot of effort on my balls and cock. After about 15 minutes of soothing in the tub she gets out and starts to drain the tub. "Get up, are going to go across the hall to your room" We go over to my room. The door opens and there it is, a real nursery but for teens. "Everything from the clothing to the furniture comes from a company that makes baby stuff for teens" She signals me to a changing table and she lifts me up (She is pretty strong) onto the table. She lifts my legs and opens a disposable diaper that has a picture of a teddy bear on the front and puts it under my bottom. She then grabs a bottle of baby oil and lathers my bottom and cock and balls. Then came the baby powder. She then straps the diaper tight. She put the oil and powder away and moves to a dresser with a lock on it. She pulls out a plain onsie and puts it on me. She lifts me off the table and over to a high chair. "You must be hungry" She pulls her breast out of her robe and moves over by my face "Drink up, if you bite you will be punished" She takes by pacifier gag off and let's me begin. I start and milk starts to come out. After about 10 minutes she stops and puts those scumptious breasts away and gets me out of the chair and moves me to the crib. This isn't the average crib, it has a top on it that locks with the sides. She puts me in there and hands me a teddy bear and a pacifier. "Sweet dreams, tomorrow is your big day you loose your viginity" She leaves and turns the light out. I eventually fall asleep and sleep like a baby.

Part Two Coming soon!

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