Miss Jayney’s Mile High Boy Toy

JackassTales…Tale # 52 …Readers; this tale is sort of short but I think I have gotten a lot in considering that the majority of the story takes place aboard a transatlantic flight to England. Herein a virginal sixteen year old boy is introduced to the joys of sex when a thirty-something Englishwoman introduces him to the Mile High Club. I use minimal dialog because I don’t know how to translate English into American or visa versa.

P.S. Any resemblance between the sexual personalities of the Jayney and Jack of this tale and the Jayney(Redd) and Jack(assTales) of XNXX are purely intentional!

Miss Jayney’s Mile High Boy Toy

If I had my way I believe I would ask pants designers to invent a way for teenager boys like me to hide their hard horny dicks so female personages could not become aware of them. I often wonder if those people even know the fact that guys who are sixteen like me can develop a hardon at the least bit of stimulating arousal.

Speaking of arousal, why that ass…er woman standing in line in front of me at the airline first-class check-in counter was so erotically stimulating my dick had come to full attention at the first sight of her! By her accent I knew her to be English and by the fit of her summer clothing I knew her to be shapely and sexy. I had little experience guessing ladies’ ages, but I would say this one might be around double my own age. A fact I had read somewhere in time popped into my mind; a male reaches his sexual peak at sixteen while a female reaches hers at thirty two. Hmm, “Very interesting,” I would say.

Yes, very interesting indeed, I was thinking as I stepped forward not realizing the line had stalled. The full length of my hardened, unyielding dick settled itself into the soft, submissive crack of the very ass my eyes had been so enthralled with! Adding insult to injury, the woman behind me, my very own mother, unmindfully ran into me causing my stiffened male appendage to grind into the unsuspecting lady’s derriere split! Just when I thought I could stand no more embarrassment, the lady swiveled her head around to glance at me. Her one-eye stare seemed to study my blushing face intently. Satisfied I was harmless, I suppose, she began to turn back then stopped and, dear god help me, she winked!

She winked? What the hell did she mean by that? My answer came, not as spoken words, but as an almost imperceptible wiggling action. The pliant halves of her cracked ass cocooned my dick much like a bun might hold a wienie. This bun, or bum as we were going to England, wriggled against the pants-covered flesh of my erection so subtly only I was aware of it. And man-oh-man, was I ever aware! I did not think it possible, but my masculine penile flesh grew in length and swelled in girth! Good god, I had never been so turned on horny in my life!

Whether or not this lady was actually doing it or not, I didn’t know, but to my teen mind it seemed to feel as if the cheeks of her ass were actually squeezing and massaging the elongated dick sandwiched between them. Although I suppose I was still a boy, I certainly had enough maturity of age to realize my male member couldn’t grow any more in either length or breadth without exploding all over the place. As if realizing my dilemma, and perhaps not caring, the lady backed against my body even more firmly and then ass-squeezed my dick with several strong clutches.

Just as my testicle seeds began jumping around like popcorn popping in a hot, greasy skillet and my seminal fluids bubbled and boiled, the cockteasing lady pulled away from me and rejoined the already moving line. When a public address speaker announced a short delay, the woman entered a lounge. My parents and I followed. My eyes glanced at a sign which read “Virgin Airlines, Upper Class Clubhouse.”

Oh how fitting this was! At the age of sixteen, I was still a freakin’ virgin who had not long ago been a member of an exclusive ‘boys only’ treehouse club! But goodness me, this wasn’t a crude room with few amenities. No, this was a luxury clubroom with amenities galore. I felt way, way out of place. I began wondering if I would ever get used to the perks of being the son of a newly-elected United States Congressman. I suppose my father’s story was one of those rags to riches tales you hear about. My mom and I came along for the ride from eating cornbread and southern fried chicken to dining as guests at the White House and consuming fine cuisine.

No sooner had we settled in when it was announced the delay was over and we could board. A uniformed aide led us through an effortless boarding process. The Upper Class accommodations were magnificent. Plush, side-by-side lounge chairs would seat our asses for the long journey to Heathrow Airport.

Speaking of asses, the lady with the ass in which my dick had played walked up beside the empty seat next to me. Mom and Dad had taken middle row seats leaving me the window seat for sightseeing. My sightseeing eyes were sort of busy right now thank you. Damned if that mounded protrusion in front of the lady wasn’t even more erotically stimulating than the rear! I would bet every dollar I had there was a fine piece of English Pussy hidden within those finely-tailored pants!

“Young Sir, I believe I have this seat beside you,” the erotic feminine apparition spoke. Between stuffing wayfaring baggage into compartments and taking her seat, other words escaped when they could, “Excuse me, but you know women. By the way, my name is Jayney. And you are?”

I think my head was secretly talking to my brain, “Huh? Hell, I don’t know women! And, I are what? Oh shit, dumbass, she wants your name! Get your head out of your asshole and stop thinking about pussy! Boy, she’s way, way out of your league!”

“Oh, I’m Jack,” I managed to stammer aloud. “I’m going to England…I mean my parents and I are going where this plane goes, but our final destination is in the region of Southern England. Do you know it?”

The woman’s radiant face alighting had nothing to do with the sunlight steaming through the cabin window. “As a matter of fact,” she nearly sang. “My homeland is there! Perhaps we will be neighbors or friends.”

Neighbors or friends? Hey, why not lovers? Damn, I’m glad I didn’t say this out loud! The plane was already taxiing rapidly down the taxiway when I heard a female voice say something I didn’t expect. “Yes indeed Jack, why not lovers!” the lady beside me emphatically agreed. As my mind debated its sanity, a question quickly followed. “Jack,” it inquired unbelievably. “Is your cock still hard?”

For the answer to this one particular question the Englishwoman at my side touched my summer shirt softly then allowed her fingertips to slide down the fabric. As the powerful jet engines roared, this lady’s hand slipped beneath my pants waistband. Slim, feminine fingers wrapped around meaty male flesh. The heft and the elongated length of both the massive jetliner and my swollen hard dick raced for the sky.

No airplane ride, no rollercoaster loop-de-loop or turn, and most certainly no handjob I had ever had could have prepared me for this. How Miss Jayney managed to get my dick completely out of my pants is a mystery known only to her, but here I was at the top of the world with this gorgeous female pumping my manhood enthusiastically. Mr. DeCaprio might have said the famous line about being the King of the World, but if I had words in my breath, I would say, “Watch out God, I’m shooting through Heaven!”

If there was one thing I knew for pretty damn sure it was that mine wasn’t the first dick Miss Jayney had pumped in her life! Her hand seemed to exude experience of form and technique. Her eager manipulations had my penile nerve endings standing up and dancing to the rhythm of her intoxicating touch.

At the zenith of our airliner’s rise from the earth, my body began experiencing the final tickling which precedes orgasmic release. I suppose it’s some kind of instinctive impulse which causes the male of our species to look for a safe place to deposit his seed. In my case, damn, I just needed a place to shoot my cum! For the life of me, lying back in the seat as I was, I could find no such place! I refused to allow the thought of telling Miss Jayney to stop to enter my mind. Good god, I would just as soon stop breathing up here in the rarified air outside the plane! Devil damn the consequences, but if I must, I will blow my wad all over the place!

My rescuer was neither God nor Satan but it was certainly a creature with a heavenly body. Once again the mystery woman sitting beside me surprised me beyond belief. Somehow Miss Jayney clawed her way against gravity, threw a jacket over her head, and then plopped her covered head into my lap. Without further ado this woman vacuumed the head of my swollen dick into her mouth. She then, saints bless her, started sucking!

A real-life, flesh-and-blood woman was sucking my cock! For this momentous, earthquaking experience the name of ‘dick’ is just too lame. I was no longer an innocent boy, hell I was a cocky rooster who is damned worthy of the name! My ten fingers entwined themselves into Jayney’s curly mane of hair. Under the cover of her jacket, I held her head while she devoured my cockflesh with the ferocity of hungry cougar needing her fix of tender penis meat.

I was soon finding out Jayney wasn’t really all that gentle about getting what she wanted. Fingernails were leaving gouges. Sharp teeth were causing scratches. Vacuuming lips were leaving hickies. And lastly, this wonderful, cocksucking angel from a teen boy’s wet dreams was leaving an indelible wound on my heart and a death-do-me-part memory in my mind.

When I had her right where she wanted me, this Englishwoman fulfilled my wildest fantasy. Jayney sucked me hard, she took me deep, and then she swallowed my hot, churning cum. She milked my balls for more of my reproduction cream and allowed this last to slowly slide down her throat.

I suppose Jayney and I were well matched. I wasn’t being all that gentle with her either. In an effort to forestall my orgasmic exhilaration I had taken a headfull of hair in a handhold strong enough to pull it out. A bit of fur may have flown, but I’d say more of hers than mine! Whatever the end being, at least my orgasms ran their course without other passengers becoming aware of my ecstatic euphoria.

That Miss Jayney was a real trooper, I would say without equivocation. I might even add, she was a bit of a magician, too. With only my bewildered awareness, my cock was licked clean and neatly tucked back into my pants. As the airliner reached its cruising altitude, my lady’s jacket came off her head and she straightened up in her seat. A hairbrush appeared out of an oversized bag and began to briskly run through the woman’s lustrous locks. “Zip up, Jack,” spilled out of the corner of her mouth.

Seeing as how I had not taken my eyes off this incredible female’s face since her mouth surrounded my cock, I was the one to notice words were not all spilling out from between her sensuous lips. One drop of my cum then one or two more seeped out of the place of its oral confinement. A serpentine tongue flicked out and recaptured the wayward escapees. Jayney eyed me accusingly then winked and charged, “You young men are so damn full of seed!”

I’m awfully glad Jayney didn’t make her accusatory statement any louder than she did. Just to be sure my parents weren’t aware of what had happened here, I peeked around the body of the nice English cocksucker sitting beside me. Mom peered around Dad, smiled, and waved. Being a manlier thing to do, Dad didn’t wave. Instead, this father of mine did a thing which sat me back in my seat with astonishment. Out of sight of my mother, the man winked and gave me a ‘thumbs-up’. He knew, god help me, he knew! And, bless his ancient old soul, he didn’t care!

Before I had fully recovered from the shock of my father’s unspoken approval, the lady at the center of my marvelous misery asked me a sobering question. “Sweet Jack,” she queried. “Can you tell me how long it will take before your young cock will be good and horny hard again? My pussy has need of it.”

Good god, if these shocks and aftershocks keep coming I’m going to be so strung out punch-drunk I won’t know up from down! First there was a wiggling ass dancing and playing with my erection; second there was the greatest handjob and cocksucking the world has ever known; and third I had my dad’s endorsement of it all. And now, dare these words be true, a sexy woman wants my cock inside her pussy!

I have no idea where the words came from, but I finally acquired the sanity to speak. “My dear Miss,” I answered. “I have been dreaming of getting my cock into your pussy ever since I first rammed into your ass with it. Just snap your fingers whenever I can have a piece of it and I’ll be horny hard and raring to go at your command!”

Jayney lifted an arm and threw her hand towards my head. My bedeviled mind’s first thought was that she was intending to slap me for my sexual misconduct and then banish me from her life. Instead of this, her fingers touched my ear and I heard a clear, distinctive ‘snap’. What? Here? How?

My sexy, seductive Englishwoman scooted away from me then hopped up out of her seat. I watched with a dumbfounded stare as she stepped into the aisle and walked away. About ten steps away she turned back to me and caught my eye. A single index finger pointed straight at me then it began to crook back and forth in one of those irresistible ‘come hither’ motions. She then turned and continued on.

What the hell! Where is she going? Well, wherever it is, I’m following. Like a sacrificial lamb being led to slaughter, I was blindly escorted to an uncertain fate. Up ahead I saw Jayney slipping several English pound notes to one of the air hostesses. I had no idea as to their denomination but the hostesses’ face was smiling broadly. The girl led my lady to an unoccupied lavatory and then hung an ‘out of order’ sign on its door.

I walked up to the door of the ‘out-of-use’ bathroom Jayney had disappeared into. Tentatively, I knocked. A hand shot out, grabbed mine, and pulled me inside. There wasn’t much space inside this room, but it was as sparkling clean as the ones in some of the Capitol Hill offices. If this lady had any ideas for hanky-panky playtime in here, she had her work cut out for her!

“Jack, have you ever made love in an airline restroom?” she asked with only a hint of hesitancy. “I guess, since our time is limited, I could state it more bluntly. Mr. Jack, I want you to fuck me now! Shall I snap my fingers again?”

The cocky rooster in me raised its hackles. Without seeking permission, I wrapped my arms around the woman and pulled her feminine body tightly against my muscular male frame. I stood only two, maybe three, inches taller than her. Ah, perfect kissing height! This woman had dared to be bold, therefore, so would I. Lifting her chin with my fingers, I kissed her unpainted, pouty, luscious lips. I hadn’t had all that much kissing experience, but I had never had a female to turn me on like this one did. I kissed my lady with the ardent fervor of a boy becoming a man. I’m not sure if Jayney felt my impassioned joy, but she seemed to be responding in kind. Her return kisses were so enthusiastically given I swear I could feel her amorous arousal. Without a doubt, I knew she could feel mine.

I was an unfucked virgin flying high on Virgin Airlines, but being virginal didn’t mean I was stupid! I broke our kiss and spoke only these few words, “Jayney, let’s get naked.” Those words sparked a furious race to shed clothing. The ensuing striptease was comical and we both began giggling and snickering. I told my striping partner about the Old South difference between ‘naked’ and ‘nekid’. ‘Naked’ meant you were wearing no clothing. ‘Nekid’ meant you were wearing no clothing and you were up to some kind of sexual shenanigans. I added clearly, “Sweetheart, you and I are getting ‘nekid’!” I was rewarded with a nice, wet kiss for all my mischievous tomfoolery.

As my last article of clothing fell away, I found myself sitting on the commode seat with Jayney standing before me ‘nekid’ and awaiting my touch. I had seen pictures of nude women, but nothing had prepared me for the wonder of this real life one. My hands dared to reach out and cup my lady’s pussy mound. Today was the day when I discovered that not all shaved pussies were found in pictures. Damn me to hell, but I had hold of a nice, smooth one now! The supersoft pussyflesh was warm and inviting. Dripping moisture seemed to magnetically draw my fingers into a soaking-wet vaginal hole. Knowing time was limited, I played with Jayney’s pussy with a vigorous, hurried enthusiasm. I squeezed, I tickled, and I fingered-fucked excitedly. My fingers became coated with feminine moisture.

I wasn’t so pussy-excited that I lost awareness of a pair of ripened melon-shaped breasts staring me in the eye. My lips kissed them repeatedly then sought first one nipple then the other to suck. From this moment on tittie-pink would be my absolute favorite color. Jayney’s deliciously warm nipples were of a rosy pink shade surrounded by sizeable areolas of a pale pink hue. When I touched these buds with my drippy-wet fingers, I had my first ever taste of pussy juice. Whether the thin mixture was Campbell’s or not didn’t matter, it was still Mmm-Mmm-Good!

“Jack, get your fingers out of my pussy and get your cock into it!” the woman standing before me demanded. She hastily added, “Hurry the hell up and fuck me! Oh god, I need your hard manhood deep inside me!”

How could any man, boy, or beast of the field or forest resist such seductive urging? I certainly couldn’t. Yet, as one last rebellious act, I rammed my fingers up into Jayney and almost savagely dug at her pussyflesh. My lips clamped onto a nipple and I chewed and sucked as if I were trying to remove its surface color and swallow it down my throat.

By her actions, I would not say my woman was some genteel English Lady. She jerked her nipple out of my mouth then reached between herself and me and ripped my fingers from her pussy. Jayney leaned over me, grabbed my hips, and then pulled my butt out to the edge of the commode seat. Taking a step forward, she stood over me in all her nude glory. With slim fingers she spread her pussylips wide. At this very moment in my young life, tittie-pink moved down a notch and was supplanted by the incredible magic of pussy-pink as my number one favorite color.

In the few seconds it took my mind to change its preference in colors, it also realized something was happening to my cock. Awareness slowly came. A drip, drip, drippy wetness was falling upon it. In an intuitive motion, I lifted my rock-hard erection straight upward pointing it towards the source of the magnetic moisture. The warm drippings fell upon the tender flesh of my cockhead and soaked it to the point where the overflow leaked off and began saturating my cockshaft with a coating of slippery lubrication. Finally, my mesmerized brain allowed me to understand it was droplets of English Pussy juices falling on me.

Whether or not English firemen slide down poles like American firemen do, I have no idea, but if they did then Miss ‘fucking amazing’ Jayney was surely kin to one. This woman lowered her sweltering hot pussy onto my penile pole and slid down it with the urgency necessary when a house is aflame. Out here over the ocean there wasn’t a house in a thousand miles, so it must be this lady herself afire. As soon as she bottomed out on me, she rode back up my pole and then slid down it again. I never was so proud of the length or the girth of my erect, swollen penis than I was on this first day a woman rode it!

It was a good damn thing my cock was well-lubricated because my lady would have certainly rubbed its skin raw with her wild pole riding. I grabbed myself two handfuls of fine English Ass and hung on for my dear life. Without my hands to hold them, Jayney’s unfettered breasts began swaying so uncontrollably my face and chest were battered brutally. I released one handful of ass and captured a tit. After sticking its nipple into my suckling mouth, I held the other boob in my hand and massaged its strawberry point.

Proving she was no refined, proper Englishwoman, Jayney’s lust released all inhibitions. Feminine cum squirted from within her body and bathed my cockshaft in a blistering bath. She squealed as silently as possible in my ear as frictional fires caused orgasmic euphoria to carry her away. Without missing a beat, this lady’s superwet pussy continued to ride my superslick cockpole with an energized delight.

The same frictional heat causing Jayney’s vaginal fires was also responsible for the penile inferno blazing between my legs. Even though my cock was lubricated with pussy fluids aplenty, it still felt the mating magic of a man being fucked by a woman. My seminal reservoir was not yet fully replenish, but what semen and sperm there were in there was now released in a pressurized torrent. Me, myself, and I were experiencing a triple dose of heavenly orgasmic rapture the likes of which my young male body had never known. If my breath was not robbed from me by the glory of it all, I believe I would be shouting “Halleluiah” louder than the loudest Holy Roller’s fanatical plea!

I was guessing that the pressure and heated fullness of my cumflow, added to the swollen volume of my cockmeat, must be causing Jayney to begin having more orgasms. I suppose the woman was making every attempt to keep herself from screaming aloud, but hell, was it completely necessary for her to bite down on my ear with her teeth! Despite the discomfort, I was blissfully happy when energetic pussymuscles clamped themselves around my cockshaft and attempted to milk my masculine body of every cumdrop it had. Gladly, I conceded to the additional assault and was rewarded by something I had not thought possible. I had read that only women have multiple orgasms, but here I was, a man at heart, having one more myself.

As unbelievable as these sexual passions were making me feel, I couldn’t help but rejoice in the knowledge that I was now a member of the Mile High Club. Technically, I recalled the captain of the airliner announcing the cruising altitude of 35,000 feet, which is nearly seven miles high, just as Jayney was brushing her hair after sucking my cock. I smiled thinking I had probably hit the actual ‘mile high’ mark with my cumming erection inside this woman’s mouth.

After getting off in a cocksucking woman’s mouth AND her cockfucking pussy, I just don’t believe any one guy could ask for more. Or, perhaps I was wrong. Jayney’s teeth had released my ear and she was gently kissing the indentions her biting had caused. She kissed my cheeks, first one then the other. “Kiss my lips, Jack,” she softly whispered. “Oh, kiss me, kiss me, please kiss me!”

My lover’s hands caressed my face and I kissed her with the impassioned zeal of a man kissing his very own woman. Jayney kissed me with the obsessive infatuation of a woman kissing her man. My wondering mind waxed philosophical into territory far beyond its reason. Young, old, what did age matter in the timeless game of lust, love, and passion. What did it matter that a mature woman’s vaginal lips still enfolded and lovingly embraced the slowly shrinking symbol of a young man’s growing maturity.

My slowly shrinking symbol still had one last defiant burst of rebellion to it. Moving almost imperceptibly, my hips lifted from the toilet seat and wadded my half-limp penis up into its vaginal home. A spark of hope was kindled. As incredibly unimaginable as it was, a hint of masculine stiffening occurred and a new drip of feminine moisture was born.

Once more, my hips lifted. This time with more vigor. My manly symbol had changed in the blink of an eye from half-limp to half-hard in more than a symbolic way. Semantics aside, the difference between the two conditions can often be significant. Such was the case now. Once again, my poking pole rose up thrusting its abbreviated length into a moist vaginal cavity. With delicate pussylips kissing and weary pussymuscles compressing it, my cock squeezed out two or three more seminal drops. Jayney’s vagina excreted another couple of squirts of feminine juice.

I made an assumption there were no more than extremely faint orgasms running through my woman because this is all I was having. It was enough. Oh bless all the Angels and Demons in the heavens; it was way past being ‘enough’! Tears of joy dripped from my eyes and pooled on the flawless skin of Jayney’s shoulder. My own neck and shoulder would have bite-&-suck-mark hickies as trophies of feminine surrender.

For time immeasurable I held a woman in my arms and allowed lusts to run their course. Finally, sexually spent and exhausted, Jayney and I broke our embrace, cleansed our loins as best we could, and clothed our nude bodies. Few words had been spoken in our Six Mile High fornication clubhouse, yet few words were all that were needed.

I suppose, being a woman, Jayney had to have a last word. “Jack, my love,” she whispered with her head on my shoulder. “Why have you done this to me? I wanted only a quick, meaningless romp in the hay! Why have you bewitched my heart with your tenderhearted innocence and why did you satisfy and sate my womanhood with the bedeviling stamina of your youth? I know we must part, but oh dear god, how can I breathe without you!”

Jayney opened the door, stepped through it, and disappeared. Looking at the closed door, I wondered what the woman meant by her parting words. I didn’t bewitch her heart, hell, she bewitched and captured mine! God, I loved her! I believe she was asking me why I screwed her. The answer was simple, wasn’t it? Didn’t she ask for it! Didn’t she wiggle her seductive ass against my dick at the check in desk; didn’t she remove my erection from my pants and suck it; and didn’t she say the words, “Mr. Jack, I want you to fuck me now!” just a little while ago?

I stopped my dilly dallying and wondering then followed my love out the restroom door. With a smile on my face, I beamed with the knowledge Virgin Airlines had claimed another virginal sacrifice. My smile disappeared in the blink of an eye. My mother stood outside the door. She spoke words which were calm, collected, short, and succinct, “Let’s not let your dad find out about this…this dalliance of yours.”

To say I was speechless with shock would be an understatement. I didn’t dare tell my mother about how Dad already knew. Perhaps they might compare notes later and then together decide to correct my wicked misbehavior. In a daze, I followed Mom as she took a few steps then headed up the ladder to the second level Upper Class deck. Upon stepping on the ladder’s highest step, my stunned eyes beheld my dad sitting on a couch engaged in a lively conversation with a woman. Of course, curse my luck, it was Jayney!

Introductions were made all around. My mind was supposing everyone knew what no one was supposed to know. My face might even be blushing. Dad stood, kissed Mom’s cheek, then announced to her, “Oh guess what good fortune, dear? Jack has been eager to do some English countryside sightseeing. Jayney here is driving down to Cornwall and she is taking the scenic route. While I have explained you and I have to fly immediately down, this kind woman has offered to allow Jack to accompany her. It will take several days of round-about, leisurely travel but Jayney knows of several quaint inns and out-of-the-way bed & breakfasts along the way where they can spend their nights.”

“Oh, how wonderful,” Mom exclaimed. Despite my astonished stare, she added, “Jayney, you must allow Jack to pay his way. He has his own means and need not be a burden. We must insist you take care of our young man to the best of your ability.”

How she did it I couldn’t guess, but my woman, my lover, the love I will never forget, kept a straight face when she responded assuredly, “Oh please do not worry. I will take such good care of your young man he may never wish to abandon the English countryside. I’m sure my young American friend will be such a blessing to me on the lonely drive home. Oh, and I’m not worried one bit about Jack’s ability to hold up his end of his responsibilities during the journey.”

I nearly choked. Surely Jayney could not guess my parents were well aware of the double-entendre each and every one of her words carried. Oh but how could she know with there being so much not-knowing going on around here! Mom didn’t know, but Dad knew I had gotten a blowjob. Dad didn’t know, but Mom knew I had some powder-room pussy.

Maybe what really matters is the knowledge of what we all knew. Mom and Dad both probably knew their teenage son was going to get a European vacation he would never forget at the hands of and between the legs of an English woman. Jayney most certainly knew she had a willing and eager young man whose body and cock she could mold to her will over the next few days. Lastly, I believe even God himself knew if he came to earth to claim a busload of Heaven-bound souls, I would spit in his face and tell him to go on without me and I’d be on later after I had my share of Jayney’s sweet pussy!

All of a sudden, I realized, shit I had tasted my Englishwoman’s pussy juices on my fingers, my cock had sampled its glories from deep inside, but I had yet to taste her pussyflesh with my mouth! During a lull, when Mom and Dad spoke to some other passengers, I mentioned my observations to Jayney. That woman sat right there looking me in the eye and simply said, “In due time, my young Lothario, in due time, Sweetheart.”

After cleverly draping a magazine over my lap, Jayney brazenly brushed her fingers against my hardening erection beneath. She leaned towards me and swept her supersoft feminine cheek against my face in an innocent gesture. The words she whispered in my ear held no hint of virtuous propriety, “And Jack, the sooner you can get my cunt into your mouth and eat my clit and pussyflesh up, the sooner I’ll damn well like it!”

M’lady, I might be American and you might be English, but by George, we’re for sure talking the same language now!

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