United we stand ch. 1

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this is my first time publishing anything i would like to know what you think i will also like the help of any girl willing to help me complete some gaps in the next chapters please feel free to contact me either through comments or through ()
have fun !

I opened my eyes to the usual sound of my alarm That awful song that has been my worst friend for the last seven years looking at the clock it says 6 am I have to wake up and get ready for school .as I waked up I felt the need to listen to some music to threw away that awful song from the alarm out of my head –god why haven’t I changed it to any other song- I grabbed my ipod and headphones choosing some pink Floyd tracks and the calm voice started making my day better already
I grabbed a towel a pair of boxers and walked sleepily toward the bathroom whose door was just beside my door i opened the door to the bathroom and as I stepped in I saw suzan my sister peeing in front of me at first she was shocked and just stared without giving a reaction and then she started putting her hand down there covering herself while shouting something I didn’t hear at first because of the headphones in my ears but as I stumbled back trying to make the situation less awkward the headphones fell and I started hearing her shouting “ WOULD IT KILL YOU TO KNOCK ON THE DOOR EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE YOU …. “ I closed the door trying not to hear what she was saying I went into the kitchen to find my other two sisters angelie –suzan’s twin sister- and sara my older sister already ready to go they both smiled at me and then sara said “ I tried to warn you didn’t hear me “ I just looked toward the headphones in my hand to tell her why I didn’t hear her so she added “ well we are already late you can use my bathroom if you want “ I thanked here and went to the bathroom in her room.
When I entered her bathroom I found her underwear on the ground I thought how hard of her to just put it in the laundry basket yet I can never say that to her . I can never actually blame sara for anything or accuse her of anything to say the truth I have to be very thankful to her since without her my family would have been torn apart 5 years ago when both my parents died in a car accident. Sara was only 22 then yet she carried full responsibility of her3 younger family members she learnt everything about father’s little company being offered the help of nikki my father’s assistant she quickly became able to manage the company she also didn’t stop at this point you see by that time I was only 15 years old and suzan and anglie were only 11 so sara had to work every day and still come home by time to make us or order dinner she made sure we have eaten and helped us with our homework I won’t say she was the perfect father or the perfect mother but she was both a mother and father and she was better at both than most of the normal parents. As the time passed over the five years we started to grow older and to help her with the house stuff yet she still feels responsible for everything and for that I should only be grateful.
I picked the blue panties that she left on the bathroom floor as I touched it I found it pretty wet but I didn’t know whether it was sweat –she used to workout everyday- or was it cum. I won’t blame her if it was cum though since with all that work she didn’t have any time to meet guys needless to say that tens of guys have tried to approach her why? well let me start by describing how sara looks… sara is a brunette after my mother she always left her brown hair flowing around her shoulders in a wavy way sara’s face if it could be summarized in one word that word would be cute with this small nose and those dimples in her cheeks, going down her face the word cute starts to fade and replaced by the word smoking hot sara’s breasts where a perfect round 32C … you can always spot how firm they are no matter what she is wearing they are just looking up high against what she is wearing… as I said before sara workout each day so her body was very fit with a flat stomach all that and we didn’t even start talking about sara’s best quality yet … her ass ! Oh god! Sara’s ass was perfect just a round perfect ass not that I have been looking or anything after all she is just my sister but I have seen her in a bikini, in a suit, and in jeans even in skirts and her ass always looked just perfect and what made here really perfect beside being round ass was that space between her thighs as they went down in perfect form.
Now after you have known all that you can just think of how many guys have tried to approach her over the years with her not allowing any one near her so if she wants to masturbate well I will gladly encourage her if she wants to use a dildo well she deserves it she deserves to do whatever she wants after that sacrifice she offered over the years
Stepping in the shower and letting the water run over my body I started to wake up I had the memory of suzan sitting on the toilet seat trying to cover her pussy up with her right hand while her left hand was behind her back I guess holding a napkin cleaning her ass at first I laughed but then I started to remember how both suzan and angelie looked just few years back when they were kids and now. Suzan and angelie were nearly identical except that angelie got mother’s brown hair and eyes same as sara while suzan got dad’s black hair I guess they try to look different by also doing different hairstyles where anglie leaves her brown hair flow down to its back while suzan ties her hair in a ponytail. both of them were beautiful with those full lips and small nose and small not fully grown breasts yet bigger than most of the girls their age 34 b I would guess. they both also had that perfect ass as sarah actually remembering my mother I think it is a family thing to have perfect asses. The idea of susan covering herself up from me made me think on how old we have grown over the years.
As I took a quick shower I stepped out and looked in the mirror I wasn’t bad myself I have a sports body that I got from playing football in school and from swimming at least twice a week with my black hair cut short and my short beard I think I look okay. I wore the boxers I grabbed and went into the kitchen to eat something I knew sara wont appreciate me walking into my boxers in the house but I went in any way to see the three of them sitting on the table in the middle of the kitchen eating some sandwiches I directly approached susan and I kissed her on the forehead saying that I am sorry she told me never mind just try knock next time we are not 6 anymore I replied that she will always be my little sister that I saw running from mom around the house naked not wanting to get a shower and she blushed calling me a liar but sara confirmed my story saying that both her and angelie would run naked with mom trying to force them toward the shower and dad laughing on the couch when she started talking about father and mother her face turned serious again and she told me to put my clothes on so that we could go before being late.
I put on my clothes and went out the three of them was already waiting for me in the car with susan and anglie in the back and sara in the driver’s seat I jumped in and we sara dropped anglie and susan at their school and the dropped me in mine and went along to the office.
After a long boring day at school I was glad to be finally home as I entered I threw my jeans away and stayed just in the boxers and the black basic t shirt that’s when my phone rang I answered it while walking around the house looking for everyone susan and angelie were at their room doing their homework while sara who was calling me was still at work I think
“hey sara what’s up”
“hey ! there is something urgent at work can you take care of home “
“is it a big problem”
“No just one of the customers cancelled a huge order and I have to travel to New York to convince him not to cancel. the problem is that it could take up to three days maximum I will be home by Friday will you be okay?”
“I guess”
“Of course you won’t I will send nikki and come back home don’t worry”
I was about to say ok when I thought again and I answered “No , you don’t have to I am sure I will be able to handle everything fine please go and have some fun too I will take care of everything here while you make us money”
She laughed then said “okay champ you are growing up to be the man of the house I am proud of you” then she kissed me and told me where I can find money to order food while she was away also to get everything we wanted.
I went into my sisters’ room and knocked the door before I enter
“That door he knocks” said susan smiling I laughed and told them what sara just told me
“Wow you are responsible that’s new !”
“Well where do I start?”
“Well you can start by punishing susan for getting a D on mathematics “
“a D are you kidding me!”
“I was sick all day” she sneezed after saying that I thought she was faking it so I replied “and sneezing is what got between you and the numbers, you are grounded”
“but sara never grounds us” said susan
I tried to remember what sara used to do when she was punishing me for a bad grade “you won’t watch T.V. then” I said it just before remembering how sara used to punish me when I get a bad grade or even not being able to solve an example while studying she would spank me ! there was actually a board called the spanking debt board where we wrote how many spanks I should be spanked at the end of studying so that I don’t have to stop studying every time I got spanked she always said that that is how mom raised her and that it worked just fine for her I looked over the wall and I saw the white board divided in two halves one of them titled susan and the other angline
I hold the marker and went to the board “a D huh! Well now your debt have just increased from zero to 10 spanks “she started rejecting when I told her that they could be 15 if she wanted so she closed her mouth and started studying I tried to make it more fun by asking them a question and who answers first debt decreases by a spank that will shift to the others by that time susan had already added 2 spanks to her debt while anglie added 7 all the time as we were studying susan kept sneezing I started worrying about her and we were nearly done so I told them that that was enough studying for the day I was actually very tired and heavy from the pizza we ordered to punish them but I knew that I had to or the next day they might not study plus I have to do exactly what sara does keeping everything going as it is while she is away so I sat on the big chair on the corner of the room in front of their twin beds and asked angelie to be first she came looking to the ground and standed in front of me wearing a pink matching pj with little bears on them I looked at her with her beautiful body and face I told her to come put her stomach on my lap and she started coming towards me still looking at the ground as she came close she started pulling her pants down I didn’t know I would spank her just in her panties she was wearing a cute white pantie with flowers on it she laid her stomach on my lap and that’s when I noticed it. My sister was sitting on a hard as rod 7 inch dick I couldn’t believe it I was aroused by the thought of punishing my little sisters as she rested on my lap she noticed and the jumped in surprise “ow did I hurt you? I read that those stuff are sensitive I am sorry” she said pointing at my hard dick
“No it’s fine just come and let’s be done with it “
She came back as she rested with her stomach on my lap I can feel my dick pressed against her tummy and her breasts resting on my left thigh wow that’s starting to get uncomfortable I better get over with it I removed her brown hair that was reaching till the beginning of her ass crack to the side it flew to the ground and I raised my hand and spanked her the first spank on her white round ass still covered In those cute panties i spanked her again and she yelled out “two” her voice was soft yet you can sense pain in it I raised my hand and spanked her the third one “three” her ass was very soft that as i spanked one cheek you can feel both cheeks pounding against each other “four” she yelled as my hand now rested on her ass cheeks “five” her white ass cheeks were not white any more they started to be hot red and you can spot where my fingers have landed when she shouted in pain “six” finally I throw her a last spank as hard as I can that my hand hurt a little she said the word seven in a low voice as she was standing but I punched her right cheek harder than I intended making her through herself back on my boner “I didn’t hear that last number” I said while still punching her ass cheek “seven seven big brother” “okay good, now you are allowed to get up” I said putting my hands between her breasts and my left thigh feeling her boobs while helping her stand as she stood she turned towards the door “where are you going ?” “to put water on it please it hurts” she said standing still in her panties and now rubbing both legs together and rubbing her ass with her left hand “no stay here till I am done with susan stand there by the wall” I said pointing at where susan was standing in her black sweat shorts and white tank top her breast almost popping out. She looked sick but at this point I was too horny and I wanted to spank some ass even if it was my sister’s.
Angelie walked to the wall and started rubbing her ass cheeks against the wall trying to make it feel better. Susan started walking towards me “stop” I told her “stand with your face to the wall and pull your shorts down I will spank you while you are standing up” “but…” she started “but what?” “do I really have to pull my shorts down I am not wearing any panties” “well then being spanked on a bare ass is your fault now pull down those shorts and stand with your face towards wall and let’s get over with it will we?” she blushed and as I stood up I realized that I was still wearing only boxers and there is a huge tent in them huge enough that both of them stared at it before susan asked “what is That? Why did it get that big” “just put your face towards the wall and shut up would you?” she nodded and did as I asked I went behind her and hold her waist and grabbed her waist towards me with her boobs still pressed against the wall making them flat on the wall which made me harder as I pulled her waist back her bare ass “accidently” pumped in my hard dick with only the boxer between us I could feel precum already on the tip of my dick I focused on her bare ass and couldn’t neglect her pussy showing from between her thighs I softly put my hand on her thighs and widened them apart showing more of the pussy she was trying to hide this morning I hold both her round cheeks and widened them looking at her ass hole well she seems as she has done good work cleaning it in the morning I removed my hand from her ass and with my left hand I pulled her pony tail down that made her head looking up and her boobs more pressed against the wall I then raise my hand and spanked her right cheek and she yelled “damn one” I raised my hand again still pulling her hair down and spanked her on her left cheek this time “uhhhh… two” she screamed the third one was a surprise for her as I swung my hand back and let it hit her pussy from the back “what the …. That counts for more than one” she yelled in some anger mixed with pain “talk more and I will spank you more” I warned her “how much till now” I said as I pulled her hair harder and pinched her ass “ three … just three big brother “ I spanked her on her right bare cheek then on the left then in between “four…five..six…sexen” with every blow her white ass just started turning into red “eight…nine…ten..eleven” her voice started to be louder that I was afraid someone might hear us and her pussy started feeling soaking wet that gave a splash sound when it’s spanked “twelve” she said as I threw a final spank to her pussy and put both my hands between her boobs and the wall hinting her that she could finally stand “go to the bathroom do what you want you are both of the hook” they both ran out the door I waited a minute before I followed heading to my room with my hard cock 7 inches in front of me
as I passed by the bathroom I noticed that they didn’t close the door behind them they must have been on a hurry to put cold water on their asses I looked inside to find them both standing just in their tops angeline’s panties thrown on the ground while she stood near the shower holding the water with her hand and rubbing it on her red cheeks while her eyes were close as she looked comfortable with the hot water flowing on her hot freshly spanked ass as for susan she was standing near the sink getting water from it and rubbing it hard on her pussy spanking her on her pussy must have harmed her really bad that she forgot about her red ass as I saw them my hand started moving into my boxers and around my hard cock and started stroking it all it took was six or seven times before I started shooting my ropes of hot cum in my boxers my knees was hardly carrying me when I was done but I wanted to show the girls that I was watching the so I popped my head in they both were surprised and quickly started hiding their pussy with both hands and I could see a look of both embarrassment and anger in their eyes but none of the talked so I just said “the rest of the pizza is in the microwave each one of you eat a slice for dinner and go to sleep when you are done here” they both nodded and continued what they were doing as I headed to my room that is going to be a long 3 days !

To Be Continued.?

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