Alice and the Big-Girl Rapist

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It was ten in the morning when the man who had called about the sofa Alice was selling arrived at her door. Alice is a pretty BBW in her mid forties. Blonde 5' 3" tall weighing about 210 pounds, she is dressed in black slacks and a sensible blouse. She answers the door with a smile and the anticipation of getting rid of that old couch taking up space in her spare bedroom.

The Big Girl Rapist smiles back and steps into the home of his next victim. He looks her over. Gorgeous: large bust, hips and a bubble ass that so excites him. He admires the sway of her ass as she leads the way to the back bedroom.

The Big Girl Rapist had been trolling through For Sale ads in the local paper for the last month looking for a victim. None of his stops had yielded anything until today. God, she is perfect he thought as he felt his erection grow in anticipation.

He does a quick check of his inner jacket pocket to make sure his rape kit is ready and, as they enter the bedroom, he pulls his knife from the holster on his belt, puts a hand over Alice's mouth and presses the knife to her throat.

"Be good and I won't hurt you, Alice." He presses the knife deeper onto the flesh of her neck.

Alice's eyes grow wide with fear as she feels the sharp blade on her neck. She moans feebly.

"If you do everything I want, then you will make it out alive. If not, I will take what I want anyway and then kill you. Understand, Alice?"

Alice nods, careful her movement does not allow the knife to cut her. What does he want? Does he want money?

Then she feels his free hand groping her right breast. She moans as the Man pulls her tight to him so she can feel his erection against her bottom. The Man is a rapist. I am going to be raped; she thinks and tears flow down her face.

He grabs her by the hair and turns her around.

"Strip, Alice."

"Please don't do this. I have cash…."

The Big Girl Rapist slaps Alice across the face. "I don't want your money, Alice. I want you."

He cruelly grabs her right breast and puts his knife under Alice's chin.

"I am going to rape you. I am going to enjoy every inch of your sexy big body. The question for you is: DO YOU WANT TO LIVE THROUGH IT?"

Alice cringes as the he yells in her face.

"Answer the question, Alice."

"Y…y…yes," stammers Alice.

The Big Girl Rapist grins. " Then strip. MOVE!"

He releases Alice and she begins the long humiliating process of undressing for her Rapist.

The Big Girl Rapist enjoys every moment of the show. When he first became a rapist, he always forced his victims to strip faster. Sometimes he ripped off clothes. Now, he enjoyed watching as his victim made her shaky hands do what he wanted.

Now naked, Alice covers herself with her hands.

"Please let me go. I won't tell anyone. Please," pleads Alice.

The Big Girl Rapist laughs. "Everybody always say that."

He puts his knife back into its holster and pulls Alice's arms behind her. He secures her wrists with a plastic handcuff tie.

"No please don't tie me. Don't hurt me, " begs Alice.

The Big Girl Rapist reaches around her body and grabs both her breasts.

"I don't want to hurt you, Alice. I just want you. I so love big girls."

He reaches down and frees his erection from his pants. He pushes his stiff cock into the crack of Alice's butt. She cries out.

"This is all for you. This is how much your sexy body has excited me. I want you, Alice and I will enjoy raping you."

The Big Girl Rapist pushes Alice down on the couch. He kneels before the sobbing woman.

"Spread your legs, Alice."

Alice obeys and feels her rapist tongue on her thighs. This is it. I am going to be raped. No last minute rescue. She was totally helpless.

The Big Girl Rapist licks and kisses Alice's sexy big thighs. He kisses up her thighs and put his lips on her clit. He takes it into his mouth and begins to suck.

Alice cries out in shock, disgust, and… pleasure? No, not that. Just because she likes oral does not mean she was not being raped.

She fights the feelings of pleasure his tongue and mouth were giving her and is successful until he pushes his finger deep inside her vaginia. She moans as her rapist finger begins to manipulate her cervix.

"Please…STOP. Don't make me, cum. You can't make me cum for you, you bastard. I WILL NOT…NOOOO…"

Alice's orgasm overpowers her and she screams in frustration, pleasure and, as the euphoria of her orgasm wanes, shame.

The Big Girl Rapist smiles up at her.

" I told you I liked big girls."

"Fuck you," says Alice.

The Big Girl Rapist pushes Alice back on the couch, forces her legs apart, and rams his cock into her pussy. Alice grunts and then begins to sob.

"No, " breathes the Big Girl Rapist as he pounds into Alice's pussy. " Fuck YOU."

The Big Girl Rapist pumps in and out of Alice with slow measured strokes. Several times he pulls all the out only to ram back in just to enjoy her grunts. He gropes her huge breasts, leaning down to suck and nip at her nipples.

Alice feels the thrust of his cock move faster. She hears his heavier breathing. She closes her eyes and bites her lower lip as she feels her rapist semen spray inside her. It is finally over. She is now a rape victim.

The Big Girl Rapist lies on top of Alice. "God you have a wonderful tight pussy, Alice."

"Just leave me alone. Please just go." Alice keeps her eyes closed not wanting to see the disgusting leer on her rapist's face.

The Big Girl Rapist climbs off of Alice, grabs her by the hair and pulls her to her feet.


The Big Girl Rapist just pushes Alice face down over the arm of the sofa. Alice begins to fight, pushing up her body, trying to get free.

The Big Rapist lets her fight on; knowing that it excites him. He wrestles with Alice until he feels his second erection grow stiff. Now he pins her down and forces his cock into her ass.

"NO. NO. PLEASE NOT IN MY ASS. DON'T RAPE ME AGAIN. NO…AHHHHH!" Alice screams in pain as her Rapist's cock breaks through and into her anus.

The Big Girl Rapist puts his hand over Alice's mouth and rapes her ass with slow strokes. He savors the hot breath of her muted screams with every brutal thrust of his cock inside her ass.

"I so love a big ass, Alice. I love a nice…big…tight…ASS."

The Big Girl Rapist pulls his cock almost out of Alice's anus with every word and then slams it back inside.

Alice wants to fight, but can't. She welcomes the second flow of her rapist's semen inside her knowing that the ordeal was finally over.

The Big Girl Rapist is panting as he finishes. He looks down and admires Alice's curves. She is so sexy, he thinks. Pity he has to go.

He sits on the couch next Alice, grabs her hair and pulls her into his lap. Alice bumps across the arm of the couch. The Big Girl Rapist pulls his knife from its holster and places it on Alice's neck.

"Understand: you tell anyone about this, I will return and rape you with a plastic bag over your head. So you will keep this to your sexy self. RIGHT?"

"Yes. Please don't kill me."

The Big Girl Rapist other hand gropes Alice's breasts. He turns her body so her face is right in his crotch.

"Lick my balls, Alice."

Alice tongue extends and she obeys. The Big Girl Rapist moans.

"Yes, now, suck my cock."

Alice opens her mouth and takes in her rapist's cock. She feels it come suddenly erect in her mouth. She moves her head up and down his shaft knowing that she is about to raped for a third time.

The Big Girl Rapist grabs Alice's hair, pulls her off him and to the floor in front of him.

"Mount me. NOW."

Alice climbs on the couch. Her rapist steadies her as she climbs into his lap, on top of his erection. The Big Girl Rapist moans in pleasure as Alice settles into his lap, his cock buried into her pussy.

"Move your hips, Alice. Rape yourself."

Alice obeys. She begins to rock back and forth on her rapist's lap, moving his cock inside her. She is totally submissive knowing this is the only way she will survive.

The Big Girl Rapist sucks her nipples and her neck enjoying the tightness of Alice's pussy. He puts a finger on Alice's clit and begins to move it in fast circles.

"Faster. Move faster."

Alice gasps as her rapist's fingers touch her. As she moves her hips faster, she feels a second shameful orgasm beginning to build.

"Yes. Cum for me. Give yourself to me." The Big Girl Rapist thrusts up, matching Alice's movements.

"OH GOD NOT AGAIN. AHHHHHHHH!" Alice screams in pleasure as she comes.

The Big Girl Rapist cries out and releases inside Alice.

He holds her for a moment as she sobs. He whispers his warning of dire consequences if she tells anyone about what happened, lays her on the couch, gathers her clothes and leaves.

Alice never tells anyone. She never sells the couch; she has it burned.

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