Double Trouble? - Part II

Double Trouble? - Part 2

Saturday morning came early…at 5:30 I awoke…not fully rested but feeling exceptionally good. I rolled out of bed…shuffled down the hall to the kitchen and turned on the coffee maker. Next, to the john where I took a lengthy piss…and feeling the stickiness of my cock I smiled about the memorable night before.
Fuck that was hot! Visions of Ellen sucking my cock….then begging for my cum had me half way hard before I finished taking care of business.

Back to the kitchen and out through the back door onto the patio…where I stood stark naked and did my morning wake up stretches. While stretching I noticed that my pool had accumulated a lot of leaves during the last 24 hours and I resolved to dip them out after coffee.

One of the really cool things about my home is that it’s in the middle of a subdivision, not far from the heart of town, but is very private. Surrounded by woods in back and along one side and a tall privacy fence on the other side I could, and often did, walk around buck naked in my back yard. My lot is irregularly shaped with the left property line running almost 300’ along a flood plain boundary. The flood plain area was a so called “green belt” but in reality was abandoned by the developer and allowed to grow up in thick brush and trees. The only maintenance done by the county was to keep the creek bank free of undergrowth to assure adequate drainage. I wondered if I could get away with cutting a pathway through the greenbelt to my new rental property. A private pathway between houses might come in handy.

I returned to the kitchen, poured myself a cup of coffee, and went back out to the patio. Taking a seat at my table I enjoyed the sunrise, sipped my coffee and reflected on the previous evening. I almost wanted to pinch myself to be sure the last two weeks was not a dream. I had no idea what I might have done to deserve the two women that had entered my life….and within a few short days totally captivated me.

Ellen was smart, funny, articulate, and a great fuck! The best part was I knew that she had much more to offer and in time I would have all of her. That, to me, was clear. How much more she had to pleasure me with I had no idea, as I would come to learn!

Jennifer on the other hand was a conundrum of sorts. I already had grown very fond of her and was beginning to develop fatherly feelings toward her. On the other hand, the memories of her in the doorway, watching and masturbating as I fucked her mother’s mouth and pussy made my cock ache with desire to claim this young girl for my own pleasure. While I felt guilty in some regards, I was not at all sure that Jennifer would put up much, if any, resistance to any advance I made with skill and sensitivity. Jennifer was a horny young teenager and that was crystal clear. She was also no stranger to sucking and fucking! I imagined teaching her the finer points in the not too distant future.

Rousing myself from my musing I picked up the skimmer and cleaned up the pool. Maybe I could have the girls over Sunday night for a barbeque and swim after we got them moved. I also made a mental note to work on that pathway through the “green belt” which with a few strategically placed stepping stones in the creek bed, would allow for foot traffic between my home and Jennifer’s….err Ellen’s home.

I gulped down a quick second cup and headed for the shower. I wanted to get an early start this morning as I had to work 3:00 to close this evening. I had, fortunately managed to get the day off Sunday. In the shower I took great care to carefully wash my cock and balls…and in fairness I must confess to giving my cock a few extra stokes…just to be sure I was totally clean you understand.

Out of the shower and toweled dry I jumped into my jeans, threw on a tee shirt, sox, and sneakers, grabbed my wallet and keys a bolted out the door. I was in a hurry to get to the girls house although I’d be at least half an hour early as it was. Still, I wanted to get there before the helpers arrived to see how everyone was feeling this morning. I did remember to take my utility trailer with me. We were moving two women and a house full of furniture after all.

Pulling into their driveway I parked and made my way to the side door…I knocked and when nobody answered I let myself in. I knew Ellen was up anyway…coffee was brewed, some pasties were on a plate and I heard the shower running. Hmmm….Ellen….in the shower….hmmmmmm.

“Hi ya Bear”! cried Jennifer, as still in her shorty nightgown and panties, she made a headlong rush toward me to give me a big hug and a soft good morning kiss.

“Hi ya kiddo” I replied as I swept her up in my arms and pulled her slender body against my much bigger one. “Your mom in the shower”?

“Yeah…she overslept a bit this morning…I think you wore her out last night!” she chirped…giving me a cheeky smile.

During this lighthearted exchange she remained plastered against me, arms tight around my waist her head on my chest. My hands seemed unsure of where to be but finally they landed on the small of her back as her small but very firm breasts pressed into my chest. My cock meanwhile had an agenda of its own and was slowly growing in my jeans…pressing against Jennifer’s flat tummy.

“Ummm are you glad to see me Mr. Bear?” Jennifer purred as she rubbed her abdomen against my rising cock, “Cause I’m really glad to see you!”

I boldly leaned down and kissed Jennifer on her pouty lips…tenderly…but a good bit longer than was appropriate for kissing my lover’s teen aged daughter. “You know I’m always glad to see my best girl…no matter what I’m doing.”

“Good morning Doug, you’re up bright and early and corrupting my child already I see!”

“Well Ellen…she’s just so darn cute….what can I do?”

“You can start by giving me my good morning kiss buster!” smiling broadly she moved beside me and tilting her head upward presented me with her very kissable lips.

So, in spite having a 14 year old rubbing herself against my erection, I leaned over and gave Ellen what I hoped would be a soul stirring good morning kiss. It worked ‘cause within a few seconds her tongue was slipping into my mouth, her hands were holding my neck tightly as our tongues played a very sensual game of hide in seek in our mouths.

“Hey you two….break it up…there is an impressionable child in the room!” Jennifer chirped as she loosened her arms from around my waist and slid away from me…”I’m going to get ready for the shower, you two behave while I’m gone!”

No sooner had Jennifer skipped out of the kitchen Ellen was fully in my arms grinding against my cock. She pulled back and looked deeply into my eyes. “Is that for me….or for Jennifer?” she asked.

My blood ran cold. “Oh shit…I am so busted” I thought.

I think it was Vince Lombardi that said “the best defense is a good offense.” I like that thinking and plunging headlong into what might be very dangerous ground, I whispered hotly “turn around and bend over the counter and I’ll show you who this is for woman.”

Ellen was shocked at first…her mouth flew open and her eyes got very big….then slowly a big grin emerged on her face and she slowly turned around….pulled her gown up above her hips and bent over at the waist, resting her elbows on the counter.

“Like this?” she said looking back over her shoulder and wiggling her incredibly sexy alabaster ass….made spectacular by the contrast between the tan of her legs and back.

Oh shit…she called my bluff…now what I thought? Once again Coach Lombardi’s words saved me.

Grinning broadly I stepped up very near her protruding ass….unzipped my jeans and pulled out my fully engorged cock. Bending my knees I brought the shaft up between her thighs against her smooth vulva and began working it back and forth. “How do you feel about a quickie on the counter this morning” I hotly whispered in her ear.”

She moaned softly and spread her legs further…and looking back over her shoulder said “Fuck me now Doug! Take me hard and fast!”

Within an instant I positioned my cockhead at her entrance and forced the bulbous head into her tight little pussy…”Ohhh fuck baby….so tight…I woke up with a hard on thinking about you!”

“Ohhh Jesus “she said as she sucked in her breath… I was fingering myself in the bed this morning remembering how your big cock feels inside me when Jenn came in to wake me up….”now fuck me big boy….hard and rough!”

I did…holding her hips tightly I shoved my cock roughly into her sweet cunt and fucked her like an animal in heat! She whimpered and moaned as I ravaged her from behind….but kept her ass pushed back against me and rode my invading cock for all she was worth.

I slammed into her ass faster and faster…..ready to explode and sperm her hot cunt deeply as she began to whisper obscenities….begging to be fucked deep….filled with my cum….made my slut! Her words inflamed me to the point that I lost all control and simple made her my cum dump….spewing my goo deep in her as she began to cum too….muttering how much she needed my cock and that I could have her pussy whenever I wanted it!

Talk about inflating your ego….fuck me! How good can this get????

I partially collapsed onto her back….my cock still buried in her silken folds….moaning softly as she contracted her sex…milking my cock. Meanwhile my hands were cupping her beautiful full breasts swaying gently beneath her chest …softly stroking her turgid nipples.

We were adrift in post coital heavenly fog when the doorbell rang!


“Oh My God!” Ellen squealed, as she stood strait up suddenly, almost tossing me into the floor….”it’s the guys from the store….they’re EARLY!”

“I’ll get it mom!” yelled Jennifer from the front hallway.

“Thank god” said Ellen….”I really didn’t want to let them in with your cum running down my thighs” turning to face me and grinning wickedly. Pointing at my glistening cock she laughed and said “you better put that thing away baby or some people are gonna get ideas about us, and god forbid Jennifer get a good look at it, she’s horny enough as it is!” She leaned forward on the tip toes and kissed my lips, also giving my gooey cock a tender squeeze with her small hand.

“What store?” What are you talking about baby?” was all could think to say….

The furniture store dear…they are here to move us.

“Move you….what the fuck is going on…furniture stores don’t move people do they?”

I was now thoroughly confused and trying to think rationally as I tucked my cock back in my jeans.

“Only if your Daddy owns the store” Ellen replied, ‘actually three of them.” “I talked Daddy into sending over a delivery crew to take some of this stuff to our used furniture store, some to the new house and also to deliver my new bedroom furniture.” The old king size stuff, that my ex just had to have, won’t fit in my new bedroom and besides I want it and his memory out of my life for good!”

All of a sudden it hit me. Ellen was the daughter of the family that owned two huge furniture stores in our city and had a used furniture store as well. Damn…all her looks, brains and money, too. Somehow things were not adding up like I thought they should. I knew she worked at a furniture store in sales but I just never put her maiden name together with the store’s owner’s name. I decided that Ellen and I needed to have a long talk.

Shaking my head I followed Ellen into the foyer as Jennifer let two big burly guys in and Ellen started giving instructions.

Jennifer made her way over to me and snuggled against my chest as I put an arm around her. She nuzzled against my chest and then standing stretched on her tip toes whispered softly “I know what you and mom were doing in the kitchen…I could hear you two all the way down the hall.” “It sounded really hot!” Then she kissed my ear and whispered “I wish it had been me instead of mom.”

As she turned to go to her room she patted the front of my jeans softly and grinned as I stood there with my jaw on the floor. “I’m gonna hit the shower real quick…tell mom” she said over her shoulder as she did a highly exaggerated sexy walk down the hallway….swaying her little butt side to side and smiling over her shoulder at me.

Oh fuck…I was in trouble now for sure…Jennifer reaaly wanted me to fuck her but I was pretty sure that Ellen would be less than thrilled with that idea. What was I gonna do? Was there a way I could have them both….and get away with it? Cause god knows I really wanted to have a crack at Jennifer and she was clearly mine for the taking.

Having issued the marching orders to the troops, Ellen returned to me and took my hand, looked into my eyes and said, “Come with me lover boy, we got things to pack!”

Realizing that my life was officially spinning out of control, I croaked “yes Ma’am”, and followed her meekly down the hallway to her bedroom.

The rest of the morning was kind of a blur or furniture being moved, drawers being emptied, clothes sorted into “pack” and “donate” piles, boxes being packed and carried out to my trailer instead of the big furniture van. Things moved swiftly and I realized that we’d have most of Ellen and Jennifer’s stuff moved by lunch time. A good thing as I still had a full day at the store to get through.

During the moving frenzy there were two distinctly bright spots. The first was pretty soon after I got down in the floor and started packing boxes as Ellen passed me things to put in them. The way I was positioned I was facing the doorway and could see a distance down the hall. Suddenly a flash of tanned skin and a large white Turkish towel streaked across the hallway and I realized that Jennifer was out of the shower at last. I wondered idly what she had been doing in the shower for so long. I could only imagine and grin to myself.

The next time I looked up there she was….naked and glistening with water droplets…standing with her door partially open where I alone could see her. She looked into my eyes and then very deliberately traced her sender fingers down over her breasts….stopping to tweak her own nipples lightly….then down across her impossibly flat tummy and into the very thin crop of golden ringlets covering her mound. Her fingers slipped lower, then inside her sex for a few seconds. Tthen she extracted them and moved them slowly upward to her lips….where she very teasingly licked the shiny moisture off each one….all while staring into my soul. Then she smiled softly and slowly closed the door.

I almost came right there and then.

“Doug…Doug…earth to Doug…take this honey, its heavy.”

“Ohh yeah…sorry…I guess my mind was wandering a bit.”

“A bit…a bit…I’ve been trying to hand you this clock for at least 5 minutes” she said laughing merrily.

I took the clock and carefully packed it away…trying to shake the vision of my own personal Lolita from my mind. Trust me; Mr. Humbert had nothing on me, preoccupation wise.

The next “magic moment occurred an hour or so later when I was rummaging in the back of the closet and discovered a black leather bag stuffed into a corner. Pulling it out and taking into the light I knelt down in the floor beside it and said “what is in this Ellen, do we need to go through it?”

I heard a faint gasp and suddenly Ellen was in front of me, picking up the bag by its handle and trying very hard not to show how alarmed she was. “No…no…I know what’s in here….I’ll just take it with us as it is.” “Glad you found it though.” That said, she leaned over and gave me a really languid French kiss which temporarily derailed my train of thought. The next thing I knew the mysterious black leather bag was nestled in a corner under a couple of blankets, away from prying eyes, and fingers.

I was now eager to discover what was in that bag….I knew what I hoped was in there….but then…dare I hope? “What the hell” I said to myself…."go for it you old pervert."

The rest of the move went smoothly, we even had a nice leisurely lunch, and the heavy lifting and moving was over my 2:00 p.m. All that remained was putting things away and whipping the house into reasonable order, which the girls could do perfectly well without moi.

Besides, the DIY Palace was calling my name, so I kissed the girls goodbye, one very sexually, the other, not so much so, and told them I’d see them in the morning. They both hugged me and told me to not work too hard.

I slid into my truck seat and headed for home and a nice hot shower.

Work went well that afternoon and evening. It started raining just as I got to work and that always kills traffic in a DIY store. So it was destined to be a slow and fairly easy night, unless one of the “managers” did something really dumb. That was the good news.

The bad news was that I had way too much time to think…and you know what I was thinking about. First, there were my feelings toward Ellen. I was starting to fall for her…okay…I was already falling and pretty fast, too. What brought a smile to my face was that I sensed that Ellen was falling for me too…which really blew my mind!

Hell, I was easily old enough to be her father…what the hell was I thinking? Why on earth would a gorgeous creature like Ellen fall for an old geezer like me? I partillay convinced myself that it was just misplaced gratitude because I had been very helpful to her and Jennifer during a very difficult time. But my heart..

Then there was Jennifer. What on earth was I getting myself in to? On the one hand, she was becoming like a daughter to me and I so wanted to make her world perfect. On the other hand, she was a seductress….and she had me at “hello” as they say. Jennifer knew what she was doing and gave every indication that she knew exactly what she wanted…and that my cock in her mouth and pussy. She had made it plain that could have her whenever I wanted to take her.

Fuck! I was so conflicted I couldn’t think strait any more. I loved her like my own child and I wanted desperately to fuck her silly and teach her all about sex in its many forms. But I didn’t want to risk losing Ellen…or going to jail!

About 9:00 one of my buddies came up to me and said, “Bear, I don’t know what’s on your mind but you haven’t said three words since you got here and the expression on your face tells me you are in some kind of pain.” “What’s wrong buddy…is there anything I can do?”

I looked at Jack and simply said: “woman trouble!”

“Is it the babe you were telling me about renting your house to a few weeks ago?”

“Yep…it most definitely is, and right now she has me so confused emotionally I don’t know where up is!”
“The bad news is, I’m lovin’ it, I just don’t know if it’s real.”

“Shit Bear, that’s tough to deal with….wish I could help.” Let me know if I can…maybe we could grab a few beers after work and just talk?”

“Thanks man but I am bushed and going straight home and to bed, but thanks for the offer, you’re a real friend." "Another timeokay?"

At 10:00p.m. I asked my supervisor if I could leave early and since I had never ask before he let me go. Good thing ‘cause I was beat and not doing anybody any good.

Arriving at home I made a bee line for bed and slipped between the cool sheets, let out a deep sigh of relief and immediately dropped off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up to the best feeling a man can ever wake up to…a warm mouth wrapped around my swollen cock, gently sucking while kneading my balls. When I opened my eyes I saw the outline of a head bobbing over my cock beneath the sheet…I slid my hand down under the sheet and caressed Ellen’s hair….as she brought me closer and closer to release with her patient but very demanding sucking. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I decided to give Ellen a huge good morning kiss before I let her finish me off.

I ripped the sheet back and sat up…reaching for Ellen when I was struck like a thunderbolt by the realization that is was Jennifer… not Ellen that was sucking my cock!

I looked at her with eyes wide…mouth open when she released my cock and pounced on me forcing me back down flat on my back. She kissed me while her small hand wrapped around my cock and stroked me as she devoured my lips and slid her little pink tongue into my mouth.

I rationalized later that it was a normal involuntary reflex to kiss her back and begin squeezing her small tits through her tee shirt. Are you buying that explanation? Didn’t think so….

She broke the kiss and looked me dead in the eyes and said…”just relax Mr. Bear and let me do this….you knew it was gonna happen sooner or later…and I want it now!”

Back to my cock her mouth went and she continued stroking me as her lips and tongue drove me to and then very quickly over the edge. I just fucking went with it…in fact I reached down to her ass and started squeezing and kneading it as I shoved my cock upward and began pumping blast after blast of sperm into my 14 year old lover’s eager mouth. She moaned and sucked harder…the sound of her swallowing noisily after every spurt of cum drove me deeper into nirvana. I was shaking like a leaf as she persisted loving my cock with her cum coated lips and tongue as it began to grow soft in her mouth.

All at once she released my cock and landed back on my chest….grabbing my hand and pushing it into her crotch…ohhh fuck Bear….finger my pussy….I need to cum soooo much…do it pleeeaaasssee” she whined.

"In for a penny in for a pound" I thought as I quickly shoved my hand down the front of her sweat pants and went for her hot little teenaged pussy. I moaned when I felt how wet she was….I slipped in a finger ….my thumb rubbing her clit as I finger fucked her as deep as I could get….there was no barrier to break and I figured she had been here before so I went after that sweet little pussy with a vengeance.

She was bucking her hips wildly and almost screaming fuckfuckfuckfucksoooogooddaddyfuck my pussy, make me cum!”

If I had been erect I’d have ripped those sweats down and fucked her that instant…instead I just ripped them down and off and while fingering her gushing pussy lapped at and sucked her pink clit….groaning at how sweet she tasted….I wanted to lap her pussy for hours. Jennifer has the sweetest pussy I have ever tasted….like tangy honey on my tongue….and her scent is mouth watering…a cross between musk and vanilla. I can lick it for hours…..

Then she just went crazy and squirted her juice all over my mouth and chin while howling like a banshee…I was honestly afraid the neighbors might hear and call the cops.

Eventually we both came back to earth and I slid up beside her….pussy juice all over my face and kissed her deeply only then learning how my cum and hers tasted when mixed together. Fucking amazing!

“Baby girl how on earth did you get in here” I asked?

She smiled at me happily….her eyes still very glassy and said “mom gave me the key you gave her last week.” “She sent me to get you to come for breakfast.”

“Fuck baby, how long ago?” “How long have you been here?”

“Not real long…just long enough to wake you up and have MY breakfast in your bed, and I loved it, it was as yummy has I had dreamed it would be.” She looked at me and grinned broadly “any chance I can have seconds?”

“Jesus baby…we’ve got to get up….get you cleaned up and get to your house before your mom sends the Sheriff after me….errr us.”

“Daddy, don’t worry about mom…she said I could stay ‘til you were ready to come over….she trusts you and knows you would never hurt me.”

I just melted…she called me “Daddy”…oh my god! That’s when I knew I was totally hers to do with as she pleased. She called me Daddy.

Jennifer is a very sharp young lady.she sensed immediately how her use of the word "Daddy" had stunned me.

“You don’t mind if I call you Daddy do you….when were together alone” she asked, looking at me with those big blue eyes. “One day you’re gonna be my Daddy anyway, so we might as well practice.”

I just kissed her again very tenderly….there was nothing to say.

“Okay baby girl…let’s get me a shower while you put yourself back in good order”. Oh…if I haven’t said so before….thanks you so much for waking me up that way….it was the perfect way to wake up….and honestly, the fact it was you was really really special.”

“I know, it was special for me too…but I still want your cock in my pussy mister….first time we get a chance….and don’t worry…I’m on the pill!”

My cock twitched… she giggled… I groaned… rolled out of the bed, and headed for the shower. I just had to get away for a minute or “Lolita” would have me fucking her before I knew it.

Under the steaming water I suddenly realized that things, for the present, were just about perfect. I was semi-retired, had a good income, my own home paid for, an amazingly sexy and beautiful girlfriend, a sex starved 14 year lover and there were no screaming police sirens in front of my house.

Fucking perfect!

I got out of the shower and dried off with Jennifer’s help. See was very thorough…and dried my cock so much that it got hard….then she had to suck it a little, which got it wet again so there was more drying, then some more sucking and licking ‘til I finally made her stop….and I stopped fondling her breasts and pinching her pointy nipples through her tee shirt.

After all…fair is fair.

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