Her Worst Nightmare

Her Name Is Sammy.
His Name Is Tony.
They Had Broken Up 3 months Ago.

As time went past Tony decided he would have Sammy back. He came up with a great plan. He followed Sammy and knew her day to day schedule. He was going to kidnap her that way he could always have her. The planning began. He bought a cabin deep in the woods. With no trials or people around for miles. He sound proofed the whole cabin just incase. The two outside doors had six locks on them. There were booby traps outside the house. The cabin had a basement that’s were he would keep her. He put a bed down there with restraints. A bathroom. Which had no walls. It was one constant room. He had six hidden cameras. A open closet with some clothes for her.

The night came when he was going to grab her. He knew she would be home alone tonight. He sat outside her house and watched as the lights went out. He waited an hour to make sure she was asleep. He reversed into her driveway. It led to the back of the house where the backdoor was. He grabbed the clothe bag for her head and the rope he would tie her with and the small bottle of chloroform and a small rag to use. He put his black ski mask on and his black gloves. He got out of the car and found the door key hidden under the porch. He entered the house. He walked quietly to her bedroom. The door was open and the moonlight had her on perfect display. She was laying on her side facing away from him. Wearing nothing but a silky nightey. His dick jumped and grew hard as he caught a glimpse of his glistening pussy. He knew he would be able to fuck her when ever he wanted. With a smile on his face he poured some chloroform on the rag and placed it over her mouth. He waited 30 seconds and knew she wouldn’t wake while he gagged her and tied her up and got her out of the house. He placed another rag in her mouth and put the bag over her head. Securing it shut. He then tied her arms behind her back and her ankles together. He found her wallet and noticed there was a lot of cash in it. So he took it. Its not like she was going to use it without him. He threw her over his shoulder and walked to his car. He put her in the backseat and covered her with a blanket. Good thing he put the tint on his back windows. No one would even notice a body back there.

When Sammy awoke she was in a basement. She had to recognized to where she was. She began screaming as loud as she could. Maybe someone would hear her. She quit screaming as she realized someone was near her. The man turned around and for the first time she understood she was never going to see the outside world. There was her ex Tony. She knew he was obsessed with her. That he wanted to be with her forever. She knew she would never escape.

Tony smiled as she quit screaming. He didn’t say a word he just grabbed the rope that held her ankles together and untied it. He pulled her to her feet and led her to the toilet and let her pee. When she was finished he wiped for her, her hands were still tied. He led her back to the bed and threw her on her stomach. He Was Going to have a little fun with her. he grabbed a whip he had brought down with him. he was angry at her for thinking she could leave him. he would let her know she was his forever. He Brought His Arm Back And swung it forward hit her on her lower back. She screamed. he was going to enjoy this to much. he kept whipping her. finally he quit. there were at least 3 dozen welt marks on her back, ass and legs.

He couldn’t wait another minute. He had gone 3 ½ months without that pussy and he needed it. He dropped his pants and climbed onto the bed. He pulled her ass up till her knees went under her body to expose that luscious ass and pussy. His 9 ½ inch cock was throbbing. He rubbed it up and down her slit a few times. Making sure to rub her clit to get her ready. It was working her pussy juices began running. He knew she couldn’t resist. He put the tip of his cock at her juicy wet tight hole making sure just the head entered. He then grabbed her hips and pulled her into him as he thrust into her. Making her let out a blood curdling scream. He pulled out till just the tip was in and buried his dick all the way to the hilt again. She was crying and screaming she began to bleed from him hitting her cervix so hard. He couldn’t help himself he kept burying himself all the way in. he soon felt the familiar feelings in his balls and knew he was going to cum soon. He began thrusting harder and faster. He felt spurt after spurt leave his cock and enter her body. He slapped her ass as he pulled out. She was still crying. He firmly told her “ You belong to me, You Will never see another person. You are mind and will do as I Say when I Say It.

He restrained her to the bed. Turned the light of and headed up stairs. He went to the kitchen and made himself a sandwich and grabbed a pop. Sat down and began eating. He wasn’t sure if he was down with her. He thought about what he had done. That it actually worked. He got her back into his life and she would never be able to leave him.

Sammy lay there sobbing she couldn’t believe what just happened. She thought about how it made her felt. She felt dirty and used. But apart of her liked it. What was happening to her mind. She knew she wouldn’t be able to escape. Tony always thought of everything. that’s one thing she liked about him. Apart of her was still in love with him. She was kind of happy to be his again. She knew she wasn’t going to escape. She knew she would be his slave for the rest of her life. At least the sex wasn’t going to get old.

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