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Jake wiped Sheeka's neck and face down again with the awful smelling salve that Trully had left him. Jake was trying his best not to gag from the almost shit like odor of the salve. Shrugging his shoulders he just kept at it, he still hadn't decided what exactly he was going to do about her. She'd risked her life saving his; this didn't call for something as piddling as a reward. Sheeka stirred a few moments later though she had no pain he knew she was terribly uncomfortable. Looking at Jake she smiled briefly and said, "I am sorry Master Jake I thank you for restoring my healing power, at least now I don't feel weak and completely powerless. I will try to get up and start to work again."

Jake's face held a horrified look; gently he kept her from trying to rise. "No Sheeka for now I want you to rest, I have gone over most of what you did. With the exception of a very few towards the end I could see that you did not want to destroy or kill. I wish for you to tell me the truth, was all this for your sister? Were you truly trying to only save her?"

Sheeka could only stare at Jake, he knew? In a low almost whispering voice Sheeka replied, "Yes Master Jake all was for my sister, both I and my sister fought for the council. In the last battle the fighting had been fierce almost all of the last of the legion of bad Jinns had been defeated. It was finally down to a handful, my sister and I were advancing upon their position when she was caught in a blast from the leader. Being distracted Rasmir and the rest of the council started to move in and destroy the last of them, when the leader tried to flee my sister badly injured threw a final blast at the leader distracting him again. Enraged he hit her with all he had, I could only watch as she vanished in the onslaught of his power."

Sheeka's throat was starting to hurt as I gave her a drink, I told her to rest but she shook her head no. "I have to continue I have to let you know why. The leader had destroyed my sister and was advancing on me when there were several blasts that hit the leader. Screaming he turned as several more hit him, knowing that he could easily destroy me I also fired at him. Within moments he was nothing more than a pile of ash. All but two died that day, Tankena and another."

Finally Jake made Sheeka stop, "Your throat still isn't that healed, rest now and you can continue the story later."

Nodding her head Jake noticed that there were tears, (what few she could shed) and a true look of gratitude in her eyes. Sighing Jake knew he was going to have to make a decision soon, once she was better he'd call the council. Looking at his watch he saw that it was getting close to the time that he'd told that Faith woman yesterday that he'd be over today, damn it but he didn't want to leave Sheeka alone. Rubbing the bottle Jake thought of the doctor, of course Trully appeared instead, (it was obvious that she still had him prisoner). When Jake asked her to look after Sheeka she happily agreed.

Walking outside he could see that his girls (as he now called them) had done another fixing up of his truck. God he loved this little truck almost as much as he did his Jinns. Climbing in Jake smiled as he could feel all three of his Jinns close by, after yesterday Rashala would hardly let him out of her sight. Driving to the same address that he'd been at yesterday Jake turned into the long driveway.

Nuha and Fatin were waiting at the front door when Jake arrived. The jet haired beauty's dark eyes were flashing she was more excited than she thought she would be. Her entire body was tingling especially between her legs. Nuha flipped her long auburn colored hair from her face as she watched Jake approach in that mechanical beast of his. Suddenly she too was starting to feel an almost overpowering attraction to the man that was coming closer.

Jake stopped in front of the women as he studied them both he found that they were far more attractive than he thought they would have been. "I'm Jake Freemon I believe we have an appointment. Hello again Faith I hope yesterday was ok?"

Fatin's eyes were wide; ok did this sex machine not know just what he had done to her yesterday? Though at the moment all she could think of was getting him naked and as deep as she could get him. Nuha was amazed the amount of sexuality that was pouring off this man was starting to even effect her! Looking at the man made it three times as bad and look she was, by the great Jinn her pussy was starting to leak. Drawing in a ragged breath she tried to regain control of not only her emotions but her body as well. As the two women led Jake into the house, Abla watched becoming jealous the fact that her pussy was almost on fire didn't help the situation at all.

In the bedroom Jake turned back to the women only to find that they were both already naked and rapidly advancing upon him. Growling Nuha advised him, "You have very little time to get unclothed before we rip the clothes from your body." Jake's eyes were wide in surprise when Fatin growled panting and staring at his crotch. Quickly undressing Jake was quickly pushed back onto the bed as Nuha climbed up his body and drove her sopping wet hole all the way down his cock. Screaming out in pure lust Nuha started to pound herself upon his erection.

Once again Jake found that he'd been surprised, this new woman was far more aggressive than the other but Christ she was the tightest he had other than Gen. As the woman started to pick up speed Jake reached up and grasp both of her breasts, the contact causing Nuha to orgasm immediately. Panting, feeling she had to regain control she tried to slow or stop, nothing she did worked. All she could think about was having the man buried deep within her and feeling his hot seed filling her. Finally after her third orgasm the woman slowed a bit and Jake took over and rolled them both as he started to plunge into her as hard and fast as he could. Nuha was beside herself, what was this man?

Nuha felt her fourth orgasm building that in itself was amazing, but it was when she felt his cock start to swell that she knew he was about to fill her. With as deep a push as he could Jake roared feeling his cum start to pump out in a damn near continuous stream. Nuha's eyes grew wide as she felt his hot seed fill her and her fourth orgasm started to overcome her. ‘I have never felt this before’, was her last clear thought as her orgasm peaked then the world went dark.

Three or four hours later Nuha awoke with a start, her whole body was tingling, shocked she felt too good to move. Shaking her head she looked over at Fatin she too had passed out. Shaking Fatin, her sister's eyes opened and she stared at Nuha, "You see what I was talking about I have never had a male Jinn or otherwise effect me like he did. It was obvious that neither had you judging by the screams you were emitting." Fatin said a wide smile on her face.

Nuha looked down, the man had cleaned her up and covered her, again she shook her head this was going to take a hell of a lot of planning if even she lost control when he was near.

Alba appeared a moment later and shook her head, "You should have let me taken care of him. I would not have lost control, dear sister." Nuha smiled we'd see about that she thought, she'd have to set up another meeting with the man for Abla
and they'd see if Abla could withstand the sexual power that this male possessed. Smiling, she again tried to get out of bed but still found that she was just too comfortable.

Laughing Abla leaned over both of them, "You both are so weak willed, sister let me have this male alone I will kill him for you. After I have then we will be safe from the power of men! They are so disgusting sister I don't know how you could have submitted to him!"

"Enough Abla you will have your chance soon, we will have to wait though I am afraid this Master Jake may become suspicious." Nuha told her sister. "You'll have your chance soon enough, this male has an extraordinary amount of sexual energy around him, beware Abla lest you become entangled in it." Nuha told the Golden haired, blue eyed beauty.

"Fear not sister, when I am through with him he will beg me to kill him, though I am ashamed that I missed him last night. I did manage to hit that traitorous bitch of a Jinn Sheeka, she had no power, she was pathetic, and with any luck she is dead and suffered for many hours from the hell fire I used." Abla told them.

Nuha's eyes went wide, "Abla! You know that you can't use that often! It will be a week before your power is full again! That was dangerous and foolish Abla." Abla's head was bent low.

"I am sorry sister I was so close, I knew I wouldn't miss, but that bitch Sheeka pushed him out of the way. I know you told us not to use the ancient magic but I had to if I was going to kill him. He has three layers of magical protection around him, I was afraid that had I not used it I would have been found out and possibly captured." Abla conveyed her head still bent fearing that her sister was going to punish her.

"No dear sister I am not angry but we have to be much more careful with this one; the sex Jinns aren't as much of a worry as the warrior Jinn. I have seen Rashala at work before; she is no weak worthless Jinn. She is far smarter than you think; I suggest that we plan for her just in case." Nuha told both of them as they gathered close and she detailed what they needed to do.

As Jake drove home he was worried it seemed that every woman he had sex with now ended up passing out. He'd thought on this for a few days and knew he had to talk to Gen about it before he went to bed with another woman. Jake was afraid that he was putting a strain on the women and might actually kill one before too long. It also seemed that whatever it was that there was about him was starting to grow stronger. It seemed all a woman needed to do was look at him and was almost immediately panting, drooling, or both! Not the most desirable of visions in his mind.

Arriving back at his house he immediately went in to check on Sheeka, Trully was still there watching over her. Jake motioned her to him so they could speak out of the hearing of Sheeka. "Trully is she doing better? Earlier she was talking to me but I felt that it was a strain on her throat."

"Actually master Jake it helped her voice and throat to heal faster. You have to remember Master Jake that we Jinns are completely different to you humans therefore we heal in far different ways. I would say that Sheeka is about 65% healed right now," Trully told Jake. She was thankful that talking about a patient kept her thoughts and body from reacting as strongly to Jake as it usually did. The problem was that the second she stopped she started to have an overpowering urge to literally throw Jake on the bed rip both of their clothes off and take him as long as her body would last, plus the more she thought about it the harder it got to resist.

Jake looked at Trully and backed up a bit as he could see her starting to pant and rub between her legs. Shit! Jake thought if I didn't know better she was going to attack me if I don't back up from her. For a moment Trully's lust started to abate as Jake backed up. She almost had control back but what little she had was starting to fail. Lowering her head she whispered, "Master Jake I am sorry but I I can't resist!"

With that she took both of them off their feet landing on the bed as she started to rip first Jake's then her own clothes off as fast as she could. Trully’s vagina was on fire her every thought was only of Jake grabbing his member she drove her hips all the way down 'til her ass was resting on his legs. Screaming she started to pound Jake's member as fast as she could but this wasn't doing her any good as the almost fever she was feeling was continuing to grow. Growling she almost hissed at Jake, "Take me Master Jake it is growing uncontrollable please!"

Rolling them both Jake started to pound into Trully as hard as he could; her screams and grunts bringing his three Jinns. Gen's eyes got wide then a huge smile spread across her face as well as Rosalinda's. Rashala was starting to pant watching the scene before her the heat rising between her legs. Ripping her clothes off Rashala climbed on the bed and commenced to kiss Trully. Jake could only stare; the scene was driving him crazy as the two females shared a deep passionate kiss. Finally Jake felt his release surging forward filling Trully, who started to scream as her own release washed over her, kissing Jake, she whispered a thank you and closed her eyes.

Rashala helped Jake move Trully as gently as they could then she laid back and beckoned Jake to her. Kissing her he began to go slowly down her body paying special attention to each and every spot he kissed. When Jake reached her woman's core she was already wet and ready but this time Jake was going to pleasure her before he took her. Flicking his tongue gently across her clitoris Rashala almost rose off the bed at the sensations. "Please Master." Rashala almost whined, "Please take me master I need you so badly."

Rising up Jake moved up and kissed Rashala then drove in as deep as he could, Rashala cried out into his mouth as Jake started to slowly withdraw then slowly re-enter her. Rashala's eyes grew wide as she sighed then locked her legs around Jake’s waist. Pulling him into her faster Jake took the hint and started to move faster drawing more grunts, and then sighs from her. Rashala felt so full finally her master was hers forever as she was his she'd never leave him NEVER. Then she screamed out in orgasm then she felt Jake emptying into her causing her multiple orgasms. Looking into Jake's eyes she dreamily said, "I love you Master." Jake was surprised his eyes wide and was about to speak when Rashala sighed and closed her eyes also.

Jake moved off Rashala covering her alongside Trully, looking at Rashala he had to admit he was falling for her. Gen smiled whispering into his ear, "I am so happy Master that you love her also, we all love you so much, Thank you." Jake just looked at her, she was thanking him? He hadn't really done anything but he had to admit his feelings for all three were definitely growing.

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