Digimon Rise and Fall: Chapter 6: Failure

Joe washed his hands slowly but thoroughly. The water was scolding and burning his skin. Joe didn’t care for he was miles away. He looked at his life as though he was watching a movie. It was not his own it couldn’t his own. Joe would never be in this situation. He had a bright future and spent all his life studying to be a doctor. His father believed in him and provided all the support he could ever need. In the end he let him down.

Despite being a fighter and hero he couldn’t stand the idea of possibly hurting another person. He couldn’t even stand the sight of blood. Despite this his father pushed him to the path of a surgeon. He couldn’t let him down so he did as he was told. He graduated medical school and went to work at his father’s hospital. He spent his first few weeks there doing his best to fly under the radar. That was until one fateful day.

Joe was sitting in the break room. He was silently enjoying a sandwich well reading the newspaper. He let out a small sigh of happiness. Despite all the fear going in he had settled into the hospital quite well. The most challenging thing he had done was removing a lawn dart from a man’s shoulder. The day was truly peaceful. A code black screamed over the radio. Joe’s heart skipped a beat. Code black signified a life or death situation. Instinct took over, Joe forgot about his lunch and sprinted down the hall. Joe arrived on the scene to discover a man on a stretcher clutching his heart with blood everywhere. The nurse turned to Joe.

“He’s been shot in the chest. We believe the bullet to be lodged just below the aorta. We need to get that bullet out and seal the wound immediately. He has minutes to live.”

Joe could hear his heart beating in his chest. This man needed him and yet he wasn’t sure if he could help. Joe merely nodded and they moved the man to the operating room. The nurse ripped open the man’s shirt and Joe stared at the entry wound. He watched as the blood slowly oozed out of the body. He felt his stomach churn and he managed to catch vomit in his throat before it escaped. Now was not the time to panic. He had to save his life. The nurse knocked the patient out and now it was all up to him. He picked up his scalpel and moved it towards the wound. Joe’s hands were shaking uncontrollably. He froze on the spot. The nurse turned to him in fear.

“Dr. you have to do it now! His vitals are fading.”

The nurse’s words came out as though she was merely mouthing them. Joe could only hear the beating of his heart in his chest. He had to act. He moved his hand forward and it slipped. The knife ripped a large gash in the man’s chest. Joe dropped the knife and backed away. The man began to flat line. The doctors and nurses rushed to him and tried to revive him with the paddles. Joe watched in horror full well knowing that they would not succeed. He failed.

The man indeed died. The medical court ruled the man’s death was unlinked to the scalpel cutting him. No charges were placed against him. However Joe knew that his life as a surgeon was over. He could never be put in that position again. His father was extremely disappointed in him and threatened to disown him. However after some time he came to his senses. He set Joe up at the only clinic that would take him a morgue. If Joe had told his teenage self that he would be working with dead bodies he would likely pass out from the idea alone. Now he welcomed it. He could do no harm to them they were perfect.

Joe finally looked at his beat red hands and shut off the water. He walked over to a fresh body set out for him. The cover was still over it. He picked up the clipboard and examined it.

“Tomo Korari, 18 years old female. Died in a car accident. Oh wow so young such a waste of youth.”

Joe pulled off the cover and was left breathless at what he saw. Tomo was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life. She had long jet-black hair and her body was luscious and perfect. She had curves in all the right places and her breasts were firm and perky. Aside from the slight head wound her body was in perfect condition. She looked as though she could open her eyes and speak to him. He gazed at her naked body and could feel blood flowing to his private area causing a bulge to form in his pants.

Joe shook his head. He dismissed his erection as a natural bodily function. Any man would have the same reaction to viewing a beautiful naked woman. He had a job to do so he grabbed a sponge and began cleaning up the body. He moved his hands over her body and across her naked breasts. The contact caused the bulge in his pants to grow and it was now pressing against the edge of the table. He moved his hips backwards and continued his work. He moved down to her underside and began washing her vagina. As he worked something odd caught his eye. He noticed a small red bump of flesh sticking out of her vagina.

“It couldn’t be.”

Curiosity began to get the better of him and he slowly reached out with his fingers. He felt the little tag of flesh and gave a tiny pinch. He could feel that it was in fact part of her. He was right it was a hymen. Joe couldn’t believe his eyes how could a girl this beautiful be a virgin? Was she religious or perhaps she was simply waiting for the right moment. Perhaps she had been on the way to see her boyfriend and lose her virginity at the time. What a pity that would be to come so close and then fail right before the end.

Joe began to feel a connection rise between them. They both failed at their dreams. Not only that but they were both virgins. Joe devoted all of his time to studying and never found time for relationships. It didn’t matter anyway no girl had ever shown any interest in him. He had come to terms with the fact that he would die a virgin just a like this girl. They were both destined for loneliness forever.

“But does it have to be that way?” A dark voice in Joe’s head called out.

Joe filled with both fear and curiosity.

“What do you mean?”

“There is a solution to both of your problems. The two of you could help each other.”

Joe stared at her naked body lying defenceless on the table. His heart began to pound. All the other doctors had gone home already. He was completely alone. No one could interfere. Joe shook his head violently.

“No what am I thinking? This is disgusting and wrong.”

“Is it? What harm can be done? She is gone and no pain could come to her. This is why you took this job so you couldn’t do anyone any harm.”

“I took this job so I couldn’t harm anyone not to defile corpses. This isn’t right.”

“Is it right that you devoted your life to helping others and have nothing to show for it? You are a shining example of a human being and yet women ignore you. Is that fair? If the living won’t give you what you want then why not take it from the dead?”

Joe fell to his knees and covered his ears.

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear this anymore!”

“You can’t shut up what is in your own heart. She is ripe for the taking. Do you think that she wanted to end her life like this? Would you deny this girl a chance to experience the act of love? You could give yourselves to each other.”

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Please!”

“Ask yourself one thing. Who would it hurt?”

Joe’s eyes were forced open in realization. It wouldn’t harm anyone. No one would know. It was unfair for him to struggle despite his pure heart. He could feel his body tremble in anticipation. He moved over to Tomo’s body and gently stroked her naked body with the tips of his fingers. A rush of lust flowed through his body. There was no turning back now. Joe panted and frantically kissed down her neck. Despite being dead for hours her body was still warm.

Joe put his face into Tomo’s breasts and began shaking his head. He wanted it, he wanted it all. He wanted everything he had seen in the porn and movies. He was going to finally have his way. The bulge in his pants was now tearing into his zipper. Joe could contain himself no longer. He tore off his pants jumped on the table. He smiled down at Tomo and forced her mouth open. He forced his tongue in her mouth and let it wiggle around like a wild serpent. Her mouth was completely dry but he didn’t care. Nothing could ruin this moment.

Joe looked down at Tomo’s luscious breasts and smiled. He fondled them gently. They were so firm and bountiful. He was amazed that an 18-year-old girl could have such wonderful natural breasts. Joe placed his hard penis between her breasts and began to thrust back and forth. He began to feel dirty and he liked it. He grabbed her head and tilted it up so that at the end of every thrust his penis entered her gaping mouth. Joe moaned loudly he felt power for the first time in his life and he was going to use it to the max.

Joe got off the table and grabbed the body. He leaned the corpse against the lab coat hangers. He positioned her arms in the hangers so that she would hang limp. Joe smiled for it had always been his dream to have sex standing up. Joe reached up and felt her slim pussy. It was dry as a bone. Joe went to his desk and grabbed some lubrication that they traditionally used for their instruments. He squirted out a large glob and slathered it all over his penis. He moved over to Tomo and smiled.

“This is for the both of us.”

He positioned his penis over her vagina and pushed it in. He held nothing back knowing that it wouldn’t hurt her. He felt pressure and pleasure like never before. Her vagina was perfectly tight and incredibly warm. He grabbed her limp leg and put it over his shoulder. He began pumping into her with full force. He dripped with sweat. He felt dirty and yet he felt right as though he was truly alive for the first time. He looked at his limp lover and smiled. She was perfect no complaining about pain or lack of pleasure. She couldn’t say no and no harsh words would come from her. Joe increased his speed and could feel her limp body slap against his. It wasn’t long before he felt an eruption of lust spread through his body. He made no attempt to withdraw for nothing bad could come from it. Joe felt his body spray his nectar inside of her.

Joe felt his legs weaken as he dripped with sweat. He smiled he had finally done it. He turned around his eyes widened in fear. Standing in the doorway was the cleaning lady with a look of utter horror on her face. Joe tried to speak but no words came to mind. The cleaning lady screamed and ran down the hall. Joe fell to the floor. He knew that he was finished there was no defense nothing that he could say that would save him.

The family of Tomo was horrified when they learned of his actions. Tomo was a devoted Christian and refused to have sex until marriage. At the trail they called him a monster and he didn’t argue with them. His father fully disowned him and swore to never look upon him again. His whole life was crashing down upon him. The guilt ate at his insides like a shark. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 5 years in prison. So now he lay in his cell bed staring at the ceiling. He had finally become what he was always meant to be a failure.

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