Janet in Training 03

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For the next few months, Janet's life took on a strange double existence.
After her first weekend with Mistress Erica, she had been given a strange looking
ring that had a chain around it's entire circumference. Janet had slipped the
ring on her index finger, where Erica had ordered.

From Monday through Friday she worked at her regular job in NY as a
secretary. On Friday night, however, when most people were looking forward
to a normal weekend Janet would be preparing for something quite different.
She would shower and clean up, shave her legs and eliminate as much body
hair as she could. No bikini lines for a slave girl!

She had asked a neighbor to keep an eye out for her apartment when she was
gone for the weekend. Her neighbors thought that the limo that picked her
up every Friday might be taking her away to meet a rich date. How
surprised they would be to know instead that it was instead taking her away
for a night in Erica's Dungeon!

Once, while exploring NY on her lunch hour after a power failure had
cleared her building she heard of a strange shoe store near her job that
stocked unusual shoes. She almost ran there, and nearly passed the place.
It was small but neat. Displayed inside were the same kind of shoes that
Mistress Erica had forced her to wear as a slave. She bought a pair that
could be locked on her ankles (a visit to a hardware store for the little
locks was next); a pair of calf high boots; and finally the clerk showed
her a pair of thigh high boots as well. Janet was overjoyed and bought all
three. Finally she would be able to get used to wearing such high heels at
home instead of just for a weekend. It was a good thing that she had never
put down carpeting on her apartment. This way she didn't have to worry
about tripping on the carpet while perched on those shoes!

When the limo finally pulled up on Friday, Janet was glad that it had
arrived. She had wondered just what might happen if she were to refuse to
come to Mistress Erica's Mansion. But instead, every weekend, she
dutifully entered the limo and entered her double life of slavery.

When it finally arrived at Erica's, Janet knew that she was late. She
exited the car and walked briskly up the stairs to the door. Andrea knew
when she had arrived since the gate had to be opened, and she was waiting
at the front door.

"You're late," observed Andrea.

"There was an accident on the Bridge."

"You don't want to keep Mistress waiting," said Andrea.

Janet followed Andrea back to what she called the "outfit room." This was
where she and Tiffany would exchange their clothes for collars, bracelets,
and heels. For two days Janet knew that she would be naked while in the
Mansion and Dungeon. The only people who would be wearing anything would
be Erica and Andrea.

Once there, she saw that Tiffany had preceded her. Tiffany was already
naked and prepared, kneeling with her wrists and ankles locked behind her.
She was chained to the ringbolt set in the wall, and inside her mouth was a
red rubber ball gag.

"It's all your fault," Andrea said.

Janet said nothing as she removed her clothes and let Andrea examine her.
She kept quiet as Andrea probed her underarms and breasts. Then she was
made to bend over and Andrea roughly examined her sex.

"Wet already," commented Andrea, "you're some little Bondage Slut."

In no time at all, she was wearing her collar, bracelets, and heels. Made
to kneel on the floor with her wrists joined behind her back, she wasn't
surprised when Andrea produced a ball gag that was soon buckled in the
back. Andrea than chained her to the same ringbolt as Tiffany, then left
the two girls alone.

There was no way that Janet could communicate with Tiffany. Both girls
were bound and gagged, and all they could do was to stare at one another
and think in their imposed solitude.

After what seemed like an eternity, Andrea reappeared. She quickly placed
blindfolds on both girls, then unchained them. She made them stand up, and
chained their collars together. Then she led them down to the dungeon by
pulling on a leash. Since she felt an occasional tug on her collar in both
directions, Janet guessed that she was in the lead this weekend.

Once they entered the dungeon, both were separated. They were secured to
the stone wall, and Janet could hear Tiffany's heels as she stamped her
feet in frustration about what was going to happen next.

Janet shivered in her nakedness. All week long she had debated what to do
next. Should she return to being trained, or send the ring back to Erica?
She had decided to go back since she had been bored with her formally
normal existence.

Abruptly, Janet's blindfold was removed. She saw her Mistress standing
before her, dressed this time in a black leather corset, stockings, and
thigh high leather boots. The corset had pulled her waist in and stuck her
chest out for a beautiful effect on her figure.

Janet saw that Tiffany was chained as she was to the other wall. She
wondered who would be first tonight to feel the whip of their Mistress.

"Ready for tonight, dear?" asked Erica.

With the ball still in her mouth, Janet did not reply except to nod her

"Pity I can't issue ballgags in the many companies I own. It just might
keep the phone bills down," observed Erica.

Erica then reached around Janet's neck and unbuckled the ball gag. Even
though Janet had not worn it long, she was glad when the hateful object was
finally removed.

"Since you're still in training, you know that I'm going to hurt you

"Yes, Mistress. Please punish me harshly."

Erica then traced the outline of Janet's breasts. It was quite apparent
that she was leading up to something!

"A slave girl can either be punished for something she has done, or for
nothing at all. In addition, you can be punished for my pleasure alone.
Now, what do you want to be punished with? The whip or the riding crop?"

Janet did not expect the question. It was an interesting dilemma that she
had never been asked before. How could she choose the instrument of her

"Whatever my Mistress desires shall be my method of punishment. Please
use whatever will hurt me more and make me scream."

"Good. I think that we shall use the riding crop today. It can really
hurt a naked girl."

Erica then produced a key from the belt around her waist and unlocked
Janet's collar chain from the wall. She then led Janet over to another
section of the Dungeon. Janet did nothing as her wrists were secured to a
bar hanging from the ceiling, and then her ankles. Janet realized that she
was bound in the manner that she had first seen Tiffany.

The spreader bars that held her wrists and ankles were about three feet in
length. That meant that every part of anatomy was exposed and vulnerable
to whatever the Mistress chose to do. She shivered with anticipation.

Andrea had unchained Tiffany and had led her away to the other Dungeon.
Janet wondered what form of torment her companion would undergo tonight.

Erica stood silently for a few moments, admiring the position of her
latest slave girl. She watched the skin crawl on her exposed body,
wondering what would occur next.

Erica had the riding crop already on her belt. She brandished it in front
of her helpless captive. Had Erica been in the horsey set, the crop would
have been used on one of them. Instead, it was far better used on naked

"Are you ready?" asked Erica.

"Yes, Mistress."

This time Erica began by striking Janet just once with the riding crop.
The crop was a simple piece of equipment. A long slender piece of bamboo
was encased in leather with a woven leather handle at one end, a loop to
hold while riding and at the end of the rod a small loop of leather. It
would be either the rod or the loop at the end that would make contact with
the slave.

Janet screamed. All week she had been wondering if being whipped again
would somehow hurt less than any week since she had been in the Dungeon.
Instead, when she again felt the pain when the crop struck on the outside
of her thigh did she realize that it didn't hurt any less then before.

Mistress Erica worked methodically, placing new stripes on Janet's back,
behind, legs and breasts. Janet heaved and cried out with each impact,
straining against her bonds. In no time, she had begun to sweat from her
exertions. Erica noticed the droplets running down Janet's body.

"Are you having a good time?" asked Erica.

"Yes Mistress. Please continue," Janet cried.

"But first, I have to see something, darling."

Erica then placed her right hand over Janet's sex, kneading the sex of her
captive. Janet knew that she had become excited by her ordeal. She could
feel herself submitting to her own body.

"Well now. You're quite wet already, aren't you, Janet?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Do you want me to continue?"

"Yes, Mistress, please. I've been looking forward to feeling your riding
crop all week."

Janet didn't know what had come into her. The crop had hurt worse than
the whip, leaving red welts wherever it had struck. She did not know how
many strokes she had taken, and she wondered how any girl could possibly
take so many. Tiffany had taken twenty-five.


"Yeeoh," Janet cried.

Erica continued where she had been before, leaving further marks on
Janet's skin. She was taking her discipline well, and it was only Friday

"Janet, I will offer you a choice. I have placed Tiffany in a rather
painful position. If you take five more with the riding crop, I will let
you see her. If you take five more, for a total of ten, I will free her
and you can take her place."

"Is it very painful, Mistress?" Janet asked.


Janet considered her next move carefully, weighing the alternatives. She
had to make a novel bargain: ten strokes and Tiffany's bondage. Still, she
had caused her friend to endure pain on her behalf before, and now she
wanted to make up for it.

"Mistress, I accept."

"Good. Do you know what part of a girl is the most sensitive to

"Her sex, Mistress," Janet answered.

"Correct, on the inside of her thighs. And that's where I'm going to crop

Erica then struck once, harshly. The stroke sent a jolt of through
Janet's body and she screamed terribly.

"Was I right?" asked Erica.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good, then I'll continue."

Erica then struck again, this time on the other leg. She watched as the
crop left a thin red welt where it had struck.

Tearfully, Janet realized that she had made a mistake. How could she bear
such agony? It was one thing to be brave about taking another girl's
punishment. Quite another to be tormented first with the promise of more
to come. She had only taken two between her legs, and she wondered if she
could take any more.

"Janet, I want you to count each stoke."


"That's a good girl."


Tears streamed down Janet's face as she counted the most painful form of
discipline that she had so far endured. She never knew that such erotic
agony could exist.



Janet struggled in her confinement, every movement making her breasts


Finally, the magic number had been reached. Janet's thighs hurt terribly
from the crop. She was glad that the agony of the crop was over, and
fearful that another was about to begin.

"Well now. You've been such a good little girl," Erica observed.

"Yes, Mistress."

When it was offered to her, Janet kissed the crop promptly and thanked
Erica for being her slave and being punished. The last thing that she
wanted to be punished for was neglecting the rules.

"Well now, I always honor my promises," said Erica.

Janet was released from the hated bars, and she was again standing with
her hands locked behind her back. Erica grabbed one of the D rings on her
collar, and gently pulled her charge along.

Janet found herself walking to the other Dungeon, where Tiffany was now
confined. Janet's thighs hurt where the crop had struck, and she couldn't
imagine how anyone could bear such agony. She wondered what other torments
awaited her in her new role as slave.

When she saw Tiffany, she gasped at the sight of her friend. Janet was
sitting on two black slabs that had been joined at the top like the letter
A. Tiffany sat at the apex, with her entire weight resting upon her sex.
Her ankle bracelets were locked to chains from the thing, and her joined
wrists in back were locked to a ceiling chain. She chain was pulled
forward, forcing Tiffany forward into a truly agonizing posture.

"Enjoying yourself?" asked Erica.

"Please Mistress, release me," cried Tiffany.

"It's been some time since you last went riding the horse. Surely you've
forgotten that you preferred it to the rack?"

"No, Mistress," Tiffany tearfully answered, "please don't place me on the
rack. It's just too painful to bear."

"As you can see, I've brought Janet here to show her just what a slave
girl must endure."

Erica pulled Janet by her collar directly in front of Tiffany. Janet was
aghast at how her friend was bound. She began to wonder if seeing her
friend was worth the additional strokes. And if taking even more to take
her place was a good idea.

"Would you do anything to get off the horse?"

"Yes, Mistress," Tiffany cried.

With her sex resting on the apex of the A and her shoulders wracked by
being pulled taut, she would do almost anything to relieve her predicament.

"Well now, I've already taken care of that. I was cropping Janet, and I
offered her a deal: take a few extra strokes to come see you. Take a few
more and take your place."

"No Mistress, please don't put Janet on the horse. She has no idea just
how painful this can be to a girl, resting on her sex."

"Why don't you two girls talk for a while. I'll be in the next room.
When I come back, I'm sure that you two will have come to a decision."

True to her word, Erica walked away. She did not even secure Janet to
something, so she was somewhat free. Even if her wrists were bound behind
her back, Janet could still walk.

"Janet, you mustn't do this. I'm already used to it, and you're not. But
you're not ready yet."

"How do I get ready? I've just been cropped, and I'll be on the thing
sooner or later, so why not now?"

"But it hurts terribly."

"So did the riding crop. I took additional strokes just to take your

"You don't know the agony you'll be letting yourself in for."

"Look, I have to do this. I made a bargain with Erica. There's no
telling what may happen if I back out now."

"You stupid girl," said Tiffany.

At that moment, Erica returned as if on cue.

"Well, have you reached a decision?"

"Yes, Mistress," answered Janet, "please allow me to take Tiffany's place
upon the horse."

"Tiffany, is that your wish also?" asked Erica.

"Yes, Mistress," Tiffany answered.

"Good. I'll fasten Janet for a bit, then you can help me place her on the

Janet's collar was locked to the wall, and she watched as Tiffany was
slowly released. First her arms were lowered and the bracelets unlocked.
Tiffany straightened up, and massaged her hurt wrists. Then her ankle
bracelets were released, and she could lower her legs to the floor. Erica
helped Tiffany to get off the horse.

"Thank you Mistress," said Tiffany.

"Now Tiffany, I want you to unlock Janet. Then I want you to help me put
her on the horse."

Erica handed a key to Tiffany, who unlocked her collar chain. Tiffany led
Janet over to the horse, and unlocked her wrist bracelets. Janet slowly
climbed up on the horse, lowering her sex where the two slabs met. She
took a deep breath when her sex took her weight.

Erica then secured one leg and then the other. Walking behind Janet, she
joined her wrists together again. Finally, she attached the ceiling chain.
Next she activated something that began to draw Janet's arm upwards.

Janet was cruelly thrust forward as her arms were drawn upwards. As her
legs were chained, there was nothing for her to do except place her weight
upon her sex. Janet gasped in pain.

"Janet, is your curiosity satisfied?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Do you think that you can ride the horse for a while?"

"Yes, Mistress. Please let me stay on the horse."

Erica turned towards Tiffany who was free of any sort of confinement.

"Tiffany, hands behind your back," ordered Erica.

"Yes, Mistress."

When Tiffany did as she was ordered, Erica locked her cuffs together and
attached a leash to her collar.

"Janet, why don't you just stay here for a while since I want to entertain

"Yes, Mistress."

"I won't even gag you since this is your first time on the horse."

"Thank you, Mistress," gasped Janet.

Janet watched in pain as Erica led Tiffany away. She didn't say any kind
of farewell, as it would have seemed trite and silly. She had asked to
ride the horse, and here she was.

It did not take long for Janet's shoulders to begin to hurt, but she was
not ready when her sex began to throb also. By design, Erica had whipped
her thighs to excite them. Now they ached, as her pussy had to take her
entire weight! Her sex throbbed with a regular painful rhythm, making
Janet moan on the horse.

Janet rested upon the horse, sometimes raising her head to survey her
surroundings. There was little to see in the Dungeon.

There was nothing so frightening for Janet as being alone. She twisted in
her bonds in the hope that they would somehow fall away and she would be
free of the horse. However, it was all to no avail.

Bound in that position, she could only draw short breaths. She cried
softly in her pained solitude.

Never again would she ask to take another's punishment. She had learned
her lesson that there was nothing either noble or altruistic in being

For the horse made it seem as if Janet was being split in two, with the
focal point being upon her sex. She never knew that a girl's sex could
take something like this. Tears streaked her cheeks as she began to cry.
There was nobody here to dry her tears and comfort her and that made it
seem only worse. She shifted her position again, hurting from the
slightest movement. All that she could do was clench her fingers, since
that was the only movement that didn't seem to cause her any pain.

Janet had not been aware that someone else had entered the dungeon, since
she did not hear the click of any heels on the stone. She knew she was not
alone when she felt one of her breasts being fondled.

"Who's there?" she cried.

"Just me," said Andrea.

For the first time she noticed that Andrea was without the shoes that were
usually locked on her feet. Janet still had hers locked on.

"Andrea, what are you doing here?"

"Just thought I'd come down for a visit. See how you liked riding the

"Why it's terrible. I feel like I'm being split in two. What next can I
look forward to?"

"Why, you could be whipped where you are. Sometimes Erica attaches a
dildo to the horse, and when you sit there it goes all the way into your

"Has she ever done that to you?"

"Of course. I've been her slave for a long time. After being trained,
then you'll know what it means to be a slave girl."

"Could you release me?"

"If she knew that I even had the keys to my shoes, I'd be punished. If I
would let you down Erica would probably put me on the horse for a month,
then whip me every day for good measure."

"Do you like being whipped?"

"Well, you get used to it," replied Andrea, "I have to leave now. I can't
risk being discovered here. Bye."

Andrea fled. Perhaps she had heard Erica returning, and it may have been
forbidden for Janet to have visitors. Never before had Janet ever felt so
alone and dejected in her entire life.

The next sound that Janet heard was the click of heels on the stone floor.
Erica walked into view, and Janet could see that her bare flesh was
covered by a sheen of sweat.

"Well now, having a good time?"

"Mistress, I hurt terribly. Please let me down?" plead Janet.

"Only if you tell me if the pain was worth it to see Tiffany."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Would you like to sit on the horse a little while longer, or get a few
more strokes with the crop?"

"Mistress, please take me down from the horse. I'll take a few more
strokes. It's just unbearable for a girl to have her sex split in two."

"Good. I'll take you down off the horse now, and I'll give you the
strokes immediately in front of Tiffany."

Erica began to release Janet from the agonies of the horse. Janet moaned
with pain when she was finally standing again in her heels on the stone
floor. She would do anything to get off the horse. Even if it meant the
riding crop again!

Erica did not leave her charge free for long. Janet's wrists were soon
locked behind her back, and her collar again leashed her.

When they entered the first Dungeon, it was apparent that the two slaves
had traded places. Tiffany was now receiving the crop that Janet had
bargained for the horse.

There was a similar setup awaiting Janet as Erica quickly chained her in
the same position as she was before. The bars and chains already stretched
Tiffany, and fresh marks adorned her skin. The riding crop was hanging
from a D ring on her collar, and a red rubber ball gag prevented her from
making a sound.

Erica walked over to Tiffany. She casually took the riding crop from her
collar, and began to fondle the bound girl's breasts. Tiffany squealed
through her gag.

"Well now. Two girls chained in the Dungeon. Tiffany here has taken the
crop like a good girl. And since Janet has offered to take the crop again
instead of the horse, I'm only too happy to oblige," said Erica.

Erica walked over to Janet and offered her the crop. Janet kissed the
crop without being ordered to. By now, she was getting used to the routine
of being a slave girl.

Janet moaned when the crop struck her again. She strained against her
bonds but to no avail.

There was nothing to compare to the pain that the riding crop produced.
Janet yelled and screamed, plead and moaned as the hated object struck her
flesh again and again."

"Please Mistress," she cried, "mercy!"

"You're still new at this, Janet. When you've been a slave like Tiffany,
then you can ask for mercy. For now, I have to test your limits."

Tiffany could do nothing but watch, as Janet had to take the riding crop
for the second time that night. She felt sorry for her companion in
slavery. She knew that while Janet was in agony from her torment, she was
perhaps secretly enjoying it. She had seen many slave girls in all her
years of being one. Tiffany had learned to recognize the signs of when a
girl complained about her ordeal, yet really liked being punished.

"Please stop!" cried Janet.

"Well now! Rebellion amongst my slaves?" laughed Erica. "I have a
perfectly good way to deal with that!"

Erica produced a ball gag from somewhere, and proceeded for force it into
Janet's mouth. Before, Janet had accepted the gag willingly.

"I don't want to gagged!"

"Silly girl, it doesn't matter what you want," replied Erica.

Erica tried to force the ball into Janet's mouth, and Janet resisted by
keeping her jaws closed. Erica then pinched Janet's right nipple, making
her yelp with surprise. When her mouth was open, the gag was forced in and
pulled back. Erica quickly buckled the straps in back.

Janet could do little but moan through the gag. In the weeks since she
had been a slave, she had not yet grown used to the gag as yet.

She thought that there was never such a perfect device. Unlike what she
had seen on TV or in films, this gag was really designed to keep a girl
quiet. The ball was round, and fit a girl's mouth perfectly. The straps
pulled the ball back into her mouth, and all Janet could do was to moan.
There was no way that she could ever get the thing out of her mouth.

"There now, enjoy the gag?" asked Erica.

Erica continued to deliver repeated strokes with the riding crop.

"Now I'm almost done, so hold still while I give you a few more strokes to
remember," commented Erica.

The dominant was not exaggerating when she struck Janet especially hard.
This caused Janet to heave and strain against her bonds, and tears again
fell down her cheeks. Janet's flesh burned under the repeated impacts of
the crop.

Finally, it was over. Erica unlocked the gag, then offered the crop to

"Kiss it, you silly slave girl. Or would you prefer a few more?" asked

"No Mistress."

Janet placed her lips around the crop's handle, and proceeded to slowly
kiss the hated object. Just a few seconds before, her mouth had been
felled with the gag. Now she was embracing the instrument of her torment.

"Now then, for being such a bad girl, I might just give you over to Andrea
for the rest of the night. She has some quite definite ideas on what to do
with unruly slave girls. However, I have a better idea."

Erica then called Andrea over. They both unlocked their respective
slaves, Erica leashing Tiffany and Andrea taking Janet. As both were
gagged, neither could communicate with the other except for stolen glances.

Janet suddenly realized the value of silent films, which she had
previously despised. All she could do was to look at her companion in
slavery and despair that they could not talk to one another.

Erica then whispered something in Andrea's ear. The maid nodded her head
at the instructions that she had been given. She pulled Janet along, and
she had no alternative but to comply with the pull of the chain.

The two arrived before a steel door set in the wall. Andrea removed a key
from her uniform, and she unlocked the mysterious door. Janet was led

It was a smaller room, which had against the far wall a small door with
bars. The space inside was small, like a closet laid on its end.

"Now hold still," instructed Andrea as she removed Janet's gag.

"Thank you," said Janet as she took several deep breaths.

"You've got to hurry up and use the bathroom before I put you in
solitary," explained Andrea.

"That what this room is?" asked Janet.

Andrea hurriedly unlocked Janet's wrists. She pointed to a toilet set in
the wall.

"Please use it. If I don't report back within a certain amount of time,
it'll be my turn on the horse. And wash your face, you look terrible."

Janet did as she was ordered. She was grateful for the chance to pee, as
she was ready to burst from all the excitement she has undergone while
being cropped. She looked at herself in the mirror. Was the naked striped
girl that looked back at her really Janet Davis, the same one who had felt
embarrassed and shy about her body?

Andrea opened the cage, and Janet climbed in. It was lined with stuffed
vinyl on five sides, except for the door of steel prison bars.

"Your arms and legs can remain free, but you'll have to wear those shoes
all night," said Andrea as she locked the door behind Janet.

Janet grabbed the bars and shook them without effect.

"What did I do to get here?" Janet cried.

"Resisted Erica," answered Andrea, "and for wanting to be a slave girl."

It was the last thing that she heard before Andrea turned down the lights
and left Janet alone in solitary. The cell was long enough so that Janet
could stretch out lengthwise. It was annoying to have to wear the heels
all night.
* * * *
"Had a good night?" asked Erica. "It's morning, Janet."

Janet stirred in her prison. She rolled over in her jail, and pulled
herself over to the bars. Grasping one bar in each hand, she looked
eagerly at her Mistress.

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you for putting me in solitary."

"Perhaps Andrea did not tell you about this punishment. You're to be
locked in here all day. Don't worry, Andrea will be down with a tray for
you a little later. Of course, you won't be let out, so you'll be given a
bedpan to use. That's punishment for bad slave girls who don't know how to

Erica walked out of the lit room. She closed the massive door with a
bang, and it echoed in the small space that held Janet. All that Janet
could do was to flail at the bars uselessly.

Janet wondered what had happened last night to Tiffany. Had she received
more punishment? Had she been placed somewhere in a special confinement?
All sorts of ideas flooded into Janet's mind. She had come to realize
anything was now possible when one was a slave girl.

No matter what she tried to do, avoiding punishment had proved to be
impossible. First she was harshly whipped, then offered the chance to see
Tiffany. She had taken it, at the price of additional strokes with the
riding crop. Her agony from riding the horse was something that she would
not forget for some time. Then she had been whipped later anyway.

She knew that any attempt at eluding a thrashing was useless. No matter
what she could say, there was nothing except for the reality of the whip.
Besides, Mistress Erica could always silence her cries through the use of a

For Janet, her day in solitary was long and boring. Andrea who passed the
tray through a slot in the bars fed her. A bedpan took care of her toilet
needs. The room was kept lit, and there was little to do except try and
sleep. She supposed that she could play with her own sex, but there might
be a punishment for doing that without permission.

There was nothing so frustrating as the lack of a clock. Janet had wished
for one when she had been on the horse. She had wanted to know her
endurance on the hideous device.

Janet decided not to ask Erica. She guessed that her question just might
land her on the horse again, on a whim of Erica's.

She longed for a visit from Tiffany, except that she was either in
confinement or under orders no to. Tiffany said that she had been punished
many times, and that Janet should get used to it.

From what she had already seen, there were many ways of bringing a slave
girl to agony. The devices that Erica possessed were meant to be used in
the training of slave girls, and Erica had the desire to use them. Janet's
usual feminine wiles were useless here, when confronted by a strong
determined Mistress.

Janet grasped at the bars again, straining her hurt muscles against them.
It was a futile gesture, and it did little to help her escape solitary.
Her plastic and steel prison was rather bearable. She was not forced to
maintain a painful position, nor was she surround by cold steel. She
remembered seeing Tiffany locked in the metal cage, and wondered when it
would be her turn!

Andrea appeared outside the bars. She carried a small cup of coffee,
which Janet eagerly drank when offered.

"I'll bet that you're lonely just now," observed Andrea.

"There really isn't much that a naked girl can do in a cage," Janet

"You'll get used to it. I spent many hours in there, alone and crying.
You'll find that a slave girl can get used to anything."

"What time is it?" Janet asked.

"The one item that I was told would get me a whipping would be if I told
you what time it was. So don't ask again. You're not waiting for a train.
It's not as if you're going anywhere," Andrea observed.

Andrea vanished as quickly as she had appeared. Janet wished for her
return, as at least she was some company. Andrea outranked Janet and
Tiffany, since she outfitted them for their bondage rituals. Though she
had never seen Andrea wielding a whip, it was very possible that she was
allowed to do so. Janet had learned not to find out by provoking her.
Having already been both whipped and cropped (she wondered what other
methods of pain awaited her) she had learned not to risk any additional

She hoped that the entire day had elapsed when Andrea appeared again, this
time to unlock her vinyl prison.

"Out," ordered Andrea.

Janet eagerly jumped out of solitary, and Andrea closed the door behind

"Wait," said Andrea.

Janet was soon confined again, with her wrists behind her back and led by
Andrea's leash. The one thing that a slave girl was not allowed to feel
was free.

She was led out of the Dungeons, the only sound being that of her heels
clicking on the stone floor. At least Janet wasn't gagged yet, but that
minor detail could change quickly.

Even though the Dungeon was deserted, Janet somehow knew that it was again
her turn to be disciplined.

Andrea than pulled her along to the usual bars. In no time at all, she
was locked again, spread-eagled to receive some form of punishment. She
took short shallow breaths in anticipation.

Erica appeared, this time alone. She was wearing another leather outfit,
one that exposed her breasts and hugged her every curve.

"Well now. Had a good night?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Enjoyed your time in solitary?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good. Someday in the future, you'll enjoy another stay in there all by
yourself. Maybe for a whole week?" Erica suggested.

"Yes, Mistress," meekly answered Janet. To stay in solitary for a night
had been restful. But being confined there for a whole week seemed just
too much to take!

"Now then, what shall I do with you today?" asked Erica.

"Whatever my Mistress desires," answered Janet.

"Do you like being punished?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good. I'm sure that I can oblige you then. The only question is how. I
can cause great pain in a girl, if I so choose. I can also provide great
pleasure, also."

Janet kept silent. Any answer might just produce an unwanted result.

"I think I know," said Erica.

Much to her surprise, Janet found herself being lowered to the floor
again. She did not know what was in store for her, but it might be
something new.

After Janet was released, her hands were cuffed behind her back again,
with the leash attached to her collar.

"Come over here," ordered Erica.

Janet was pulled over to the wall, and stood there while Erica looked for
something in the wall cabinet.

"There it is," said Erica.

It was an exact duplicate of the chastity belt that she had worn before,
except that attached to the center strap was a phallic object simulating an
erect male member. Janet gasped at the sight of it. Surely Erica was not
thinking of using that on her!

"Ever seen one of these? It's a dildo, designed to keep you occupied for
a while."

"Is that for me, Mistress?" asked Janet.

"I thought that it might make a nice change from the whip. I was planning
on using the dildo next week, but you're such a willing slave."

"Yes, Mistress. Please use it on me?" asked Janet.

"Good. Now just stand still and open wide."

Janet watched with mounting anticipation as Erica first buckled the belt
around her waist. She pulled the belt tight, and Janet had to exhale in
order to accommodate it.

"Here it comes," said Erica, "open wide."

Janet bent down slightly, opening her legs. She felt as the dildo entered
her sex, and she gasped and moaned as Erica gently pushed the thing in.
She was astonished as it penetrated deeper into her sex, moaning the deeper
in it went.

Erica finished her unusual task by buckling the strap in at Janet's back.
Janet could now appreciate why the belt around her waist had to be so
tight. This way there was no chance of her removing it, and it kept the
phallus in position.

"Now walk," said Erica, as she released Janet's hands.

Janet began by taking a few hesitant careful steps, under Erica's watchful
gaze. She was by now used to hobbling around in the high heels. But
having the dildo inside her sex kept her in a constant state of sexual

"Like it?" asked Erica.

Janet paraded in front of Erica, her cheeks flushed and her breaths short
and fast. She knew that if she stopped, she might be chastised for it.
Far better to do as Erica ordered, rather than being whipped again.

The dildo produced one climax after another and it rubbed against her at
every step. Janet knew that she was already wet from the dildo, and she
had only had it inside her for a few minutes.

"Yes, Mistress. It's like nothing I've ever had before."

"All the girls say that. Since you like it so much, I'll leave it locked
inside you for a while. Would you like to come upstairs?"

"Yes, Mistress, please?" Janet asked.

After being in the Dungeon, she wanted to see something besides stone and

"It's really late afternoon," said Erica.

"Thank you, Mistress."

Janet was blindfolded again, and after a few minutes, they were upstairs.
Erica had not cuffed her wrists, since it was hard for Janet to maintain
her balance with the addition of the dildo inside her.

Erica then released Janet's leash, and Janet found herself free inside the

"Andrea is cooking dinner, and Tiffany should be around someplace. If you
need something, just find either of us," advised Erica.

"Yes, Mistress."

For Janet, every step produced a climax. She had once gone into a sex
shop and seen the dildos lined up, and fantasized what it might be like to
use them. Now that she had one inside her, it was quite a new experience!

Janet stood in the library, wondering if she had the courage to try a walk
outside with the dildo inside her. She heard the click of heels, and saw

"Hello there," greeted Tiffany. "Enjoy your stay in solitary?"

"At least I wasn't whipped," Janet replied.

"That will come," said Tiffany.

Her companion was naked like before, wearing only her bracelets and heels.

"Got something inside you?" asked Tiffany.

"How can you tell?" said Janet.

"From the way you're standing, I'd say that there's something inside that
belt of yours. Dildo?"


"Nothing to be ashamed of. Before I met Erica, I had my own vibrator to
keep me company. Besides, there's no secrets between two naked slave
girls, are there?"

"No, I guess not."

Tiffany picked up a glossy magazine from the table and sat down on the
couch. Janet hobbled over and joined her, trying to sit comfortably with
the phallus inside her.

"You'll have a time getting used to it," offered Tiffany.

Janet idly pulled at the leather straps and the little padlocks that kept
it inside her. Her nails had no effect against the leather and steel of
the belt.

"I feel so aroused," said Janet.

"I was once in a slave contest where were had those belts and we were made
to run races and do other contests."

"What did the winner get?" asked Janet.

"She was awarded to another Mistress for a week."

"What did the losers get?"

"Punished, of course."

"Did you win?" asked Janet.

"I was the property of Mistress Stephanie for a week," answered Tiffany.

"How was she?" Janet asked.

"You're not supposed to ask about another Mistress," cautioned Tiffany,
"there's a punishment for that."

Having the dildo inside Janet made her feel intensely aroused. Idly, she
began to touch her breasts, finding that her nipples were erect from the
state of excitement that she was in.

Janet found that droplets of sweat were running down her body. She felt
hot and flushed in her condition.

"I want to walk outside," said Janet.

"It's a bit chilly. You'll catch a cold if you go outside."

"Maybe I can wear something," ventured Janet.

"Silly, slave girls don't wear clothes. What we've got on is all we're
going to get," said Tiffany.

"Tiffany?" asked Janet, "suck my nipples, please?"

"No. There'll be a terrible penalty if we're caught. And I'd like to
avoid any unnecessary stripes if I can."

"I think that we'll be punished anyway. Please?"

"No!" Tiffany replied, "look at me!"

Tiffany displayed her marks, tracing the path of them on her skin. It
wasn't worth it giving Janet what she wanted, knowing that a penalty
awaited her.

Tiffany wanted to be confined somewhere so that Janet couldn't get her
into trouble.

"Bonding together, dears?" questioned Erica as she entered the library.

Both girls looked up from the couch at their Mistress.

"Keeping out of trouble, Tiffany?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Janet, what are you doing?" Erica demanded.

Janet did not realize that she was still fondling her right nipple.

"Did I say you could do that?" asked Erica.

"No, Mistress."

"There will be a punishment for that tonight, after dinner. Since you're
becoming such a bondage slut."

"Yes, Mistress," answered Janet.

"Are you a bondage slut?" asked Erica.

"Yes, Mistress. I'm a bondage slut," answered Janet.

"Good. Just the response that I wanted to hear."

"Mistress?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Janet."

"Can I go to the bathroom?"

Janet had not asked for years if she could go to the bathroom. Erica
accompanied her, and she unlocked the dildo portion of the harness, leaving
the belt locked around her waist. Once Janet was finished and had cleaned
herself up, she was soon locked into the harness again.

"Let me show you something," said Erica.

Janet followed her Mistress into the library. She opened wall panel to
reveal a TV set. She popped a tape in the VCR, and Janet saw something
that made her gasp with astonishment.

On screen were girls dressed in some kind of costume! They were wearing
thigh high boots, a leather bodysuit with their hands locked behind their
backs, and bridles!

The girls were made to act like horses, and were made to pull carts and
have races!

"They're called pony girls," said Erica.

"It's fantastic, Mistress."

"I don't do that sort of thing, but Mistress Cheryl does. She has a pony
girl camp during the summer. Perhaps I'll send you there for a while if
you've been bad. Or good for that matter."

Dinner was an interesting affair. Andrea served Erica in the main dining
room, with both naked girls in attendance. Janet was still wearing her
harness, and it was agony to wear the dildo in her pussy for so long. Both
girls assisted Andrea in serving their Mistress, who wore an evening gown,
made entirely of rubber. They were taught how to serve, pour wine, display
themselves, and remove the dishes.

"One day, I will be entertaining other Dominants," said Erica, "and you
have to be ready to serve them. Naked, of course."

Janet was extra careful not to drop or spill anything. That was made more
difficult by the heels and dildo that she wore. It was a victory that she
managed to get through the meal with doing anything wrong.

When she was replacing Erica's coffee cup on the serving trolley, Erica
got up behind her and started to massage her behind.

"You've been a good girl, Janet."

"Yes, Mistress."

"You didn't do anything wrong."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"I've got something special in mind for you, then," said Erica.

"Thank you, Mistress. I'm sure it will be interesting."

Later that evening, after Andrea and the two slave girls had eaten and
rested, it was again time to go to the Dungeon.

Janet stood leashed with her hands cuffed behind her back and a ball gag
in her mouth, in the Dungeon. Her only companion was Erica.

"I think that the paddle on your behind would be suitable?" said Erica.
"Don't you?"

Janet's eyes widened in surprise when she saw that Erica was holding a
leather paddle in her hands.

She pulled Janet over to a vinyl covered saw horse and first secured her
ankles, after having first drawn them apart. Unlocking her wrists, Janet
was bent over the horse. Her wrists were secured.

Her behind was sticking up in the air. She squealed when she felt Erica's
hands probing her sex.

"You must be pretty sore and horny after had that dildo in your pussy all
day," said Erica, "once I sentenced one of my other girls to wear it all
day at her regular job. I'm told that she was quite efficient that day."

Janet felt her behind pushed and probed her ass cheeks separated, and her
flesh kneaded. She moaned from behind her gag. Then she felt lubricant
spread into her asshole, and became afraid.

Erica had put on a pair of rubber surgical gloves, and gently inserted her
finger with lubricant into Janet's asshole. Janet was really not ready for
this, so Erica probed gently and did not force her finger inside.

"Calm, dear. Calm. Don't get excited, I'm not going to hurt you there.
Since your behind is in such an excellent position, I just thought that I'd
take this chance to explore. They'll be other times when I'll use your

Janet whimpered from behind the gag. If it had not silenced her, she
would have been screaming by now. Still, it was more from fright than
actual pain. Erica slowly inserted her finger, lubricating Janet's
asshole, only moving her gloved finger inside when she felt that Janet was
open and ready for her.

Even though Janet's asshole had almost clamped shut at first, Erica was a
talented Mistress. She calmed and soothed Janet, putting her at ease and
relaxing her so that she could probe her behind.

"You did very well, Janet," complimented Erica when she had completed her

"Mmmmmmmph," Janet answered from behind her gag.

Bent over the horse, Janet had gradually relaxed while her behind was
being probed. Erica had been gentle and soothing, and Janet had soon
cooperated with having her asshole fingered. She had been afraid that she
might be torn open, but instead she had merely been frightened of nothing.

"Now for the paddle," said Erica.

She displayed the leather paddle to Janet. It was a thick heavy paddle
that bent. Erica showed it to her captive.

"Ready dear?" asked Erica.

Janet shook her head no as the first blow struck. It was a light blow,
not the devastating one that she had feared. It stung, and the broad
leather had left a large footprint where it had struck her behind.

Erica continued slowly, delivering each blow with the precision that she
used with the whip. Janet felt the skin of her naked behind heat up slowly
with each blow, feeling ever more erotic as the paddle impacted on her

"Your skin is turning a lovely shade of red, Janet," Erica observed.

Janet bit down on the gag. Somehow, the gag gave her the dignity to
accept her punishment, since she might plead and embarrass herself if she
was free of it.

First one cheek, then the other felt the sting of the paddle. Erica used
slightly stronger strokes, which made Janet moan and squirm. She pulled at
her bracelets without effect, marveling at the sheer practical nature of
their keeping a girl utterly helpless.

Bent over, she felt so embarrassed. Helpless, with her behind in the air,
she was at Erica's complete mercy.

Having had her asshole already probed made her concerned for what might
happen next. When Erica said that she was totally owned by her Mistress,
Janet realized that it was true.

"I'm finished," said Erica as she replaced the paddle on its hook. She
bent down and released Janet's ballgag.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Janet.

"That's good, dear," answered Erica.

"May I ask a question, Mistress?" asked Janet.


"Where's Tiffany?"

"Tied up somewhere, I should imagine. Andrea is entertaining her just

"Thank you, Mistress."

* * * *

Monday morning found Janet getting ready for work. Getting up early to shower,
she admired the marks from the whip and the crop. She fingered her pussy and
felt herself wet from the memory of having the dildo inside her. Her behind
was a little tender, but sitting was possible.

How am I going to keep my mind on my work today? Janet asked herself, when
I'm so sexually charged?

The End of Chapter Three

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