Sammy's Inner Discovery Pt. 1

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This work is purely fictional. Any similarities to real events or people may or may not be coincidental.

Ring, ring, ring. "Hello?"

"Jen, it's me!"

"Oh, hey, Sam!" she replied. "Wazzup?"

"Well, since it's officially the first day of Summer, I thought I should have you over!" I said.

And Summer it was. The weather had been growing hotter and hotter with each passing day, and my classmates had grown more and more anxious to get out of school. Since we had been in ninth grade, however, we had had exams, and Summer vacation was now sweeter and more refreshing than ever.

Since we had all been studying, however, I hadn't seen much of Jen recently even though we went to the same school. Now that we were free, though, I was anxious to have her over.

Jen giggled. "Okay. That'd be great! But I gotta go ask my mom, hang on a sec wait, right now, right?"

"Uh, yeah," I replied. "Oh, but make sure it's okay since my parents won't be here for a while. They went to Twin Peaks to watch some hockey game, and won't be back till late."

I heard distant footsteps over the line and faint speech. A moment later: "Yay! It's okay; she was going to check up on a house with some clients anyway."

"Well, great!" I squealed.

"I'll be over in five minutes, okay?" She lived a couple blocks away and often walked to my house.

"Mkay, seeyah!"


I pressed the red button on my phone and laid back on my bed. My room was upstairs, fairly large - 16' by 13'? - and my bed was in the center. It was the queen my father had used as a child, and it had a big white comforter on it, which was extra-soft and very warm. Even in the Texan Summer heat, I kept the A/C really high just so I could use it. I've always liked the cold anyway - though I know Texas isn't the best place to live for a girl like me.

Across from my bed was a niche in which my computer desk stood with my much-loved Mac sitting on it, asleep. To the right of the desk was the door to my bathroom - my own personal one, which I liked a lot. If I looked to my right, there was a fairly large window dominating the wall. It was always covered with thick brown curtains due to my disliking of too much light. The room was pretty dim, the dark wood facade on the walls helping contribute. My room was fashioned to like the interior of a log cabin, not like Lincoln Logs but more like dark, stained plywood - just fancier.

The left wall had a chest of drawers with my clothes inside, and, to the right of them, a door to the hallway. My small closet was to the left of my computer with sliding doors. The doors were huge mirrors, which I often used.

Still laying in my bed, I realized I was still in my pajamas. Though it was about four PM, I hadn't had the need to change as I had been doing my monthly chores all day, hence why I was just now inviting Jen over.

I sighed and got up to go change, pressing play on my Mac and starting Bloc Party's Silent Alarm. I opened the top drawer of my dresser and grabbed a plain purple tank top, shorts, and a new bra and pair of panties. I didn't have a great fashion sense - I mostly just didn't care. Sure, I made sure my colors matched and all, but I didn't really go for frilly stuff and dresses and all that. My clothes were mostly plain, the exceptions being the shirts I'd collected from my favorite bands. I was very into music, though most of what I liked was not very popular with my classmates. Jen shared my tastes, which brought us very close and was even what caused our friendship to start in the first place. One day in fifth grade, she'd said "nice shirt" to my Franz Ferdinand tank top. We started conversing and had hit it off right then.

With my plain clothes in hand, I turned to my right and looked at myself in the mirror. I had light brown, shoulder-length hair, blue eyes often described as 'piercing', and actual piercings in my ears. I was caucasian, descended from a mix of European cultures, and very pale. Jen often joked that I was a vampire due to my paleness and my hate of light - the latter of which she also happened to share. People whom I meet for the first time often ask if I feel sick, but I rarely ever actually am.

Still looking in the mirror, I pulled off my current pajama top. My white bra was revealed, and I unfastened that and took it off, too. It hadn't really covered much - my breasts were small A-Cup wonders. They only bulged out about an inch and a half, making me hope I was not done developing, though I was fairly sure I was, considering my age of fifteen. I momentarily studied my waistline, thin as ever. Though I ate often and in large quantities, I had always been nearly underweight. I suppose I had a very fast metabolism rate.

Glancing up, I noticed that my nipples were standing up, hard in the center of my half-inch-in-diameter areolae. I slowly put my index fingers to them and pressed gently, savoring the good feeling that had discovered many years ago. I began to rub them,eyes closed with m head back in ecstasy. I then cupped my breasts in my hands and played with them. Closing my eyes, I rubbed them for a while, moving them up and down on my chest, surprised I was so horny. My hand eventually wandered down to my pajama bottoms, and I found myself pulling them down along with my panties. Now fully in the nude, I could see in the mirror the pink of my inner labia slightly poking out of my pussy, hanging between my legs. In the habit of keeping up with a shaven pussy, I had shaved the previous day.

I laid down on the part of my bed across from the mirror and gently spread the fingers of my right hand on my mound. The supersoft comforter felt great and slick underneath my ass, and i moved back and forth on it. My index and middle fingers then slowly parted my lips and worked their way inside my pussy. I moaned in delight as my thumb began to rub my clit. My left hand was still toying with my breasts. My fingers worked in and out, and I could feel myself getting even wetter than before. watching myself in the mirror, some of my juices began to flow out. I liked to watch myself in the mirror; I didn't know why, but it was strangely sexy. More and more juices flowed as I moved faster and faster towards my orgasm, as my thumb grazed my clit again and again, as my fingers went in and out and in and out. I was moaning quite loudly now, and so close to cumming.

Many years ago, shortly before my first period, I had discovered while bathing the art of pleasuring myself, and it had only gotten better as I developed more and more. It took me a whole week to figure out that my clit was a center of nerves, and a month more to achieve an orgasm. I hadn't pleased myself long enough before that to get one. I'd had 'the talk' with my parents at the age of nine after I accidentally walked in on my parents making love. Before then, I had always considered all areas down south as dirty, but then I had learned that they had a purpose, and I got curious.

Because of my being deep in ecstasy and also due to Bloc Party's "Positive Tension" playing (an interestingly ironic song in the circumstance), I did not hear Jen walk in the door. I did not hear her as she walked up the stairs, nor did I hear her when she called my name. She also did not hear my moaning, either, and began to open my door.


This time I heard her. Seeing her hand on the side of the quickly opening door, I screamed and grabbed a pillow, putting it over my pussy as I sat up and removed my fingers from my own depths.

She screamed too, of course, since I had startled her. She then rushed into my room even more quickly, the opposite effect of what I had intended. Her eyes then widened as we both screamed again in unison.

"Sam! Omigod, I am SO sorry!" she said, backing up against the door, accidentally shutting it.

Since I hadn't gotten the chance to get another pillow in time, my arms were crossed, covering my breasts. She couldn't really see much of me, in fact. She was seeing about as much as she would had I been wearing a swimsuit. Still, it felt odd since I wasn't in a swimsuit, or anything else at that.

I caught my breath. "It's okay, Jen, not your fault"

Jen had dark black hair, also shoulder-length, and deep brown eyes. Fifteen as well, she looked slightly Chinese, despite her slightly darker skin. However, she was actually mostly white and only one-fourth Chinese. She was wearing a Bravery tank top that bulged over her chest and a very, very short denim skirt that only went about as far down as her wrists, revealing long slender legs that looked like

I stopped my train of thought. That had been odd, I thought, then shoved that train out of my brain.

Jen was talking. "didn't know.! What were you doing anyway?"

"Uhh I was changing" It wasn't a lie, just not the full truth.

"Oh, well, I'm sorry again" she said.

"It's okay," I replied. "It's just, no one's ever seen me naked before" And it was true. Since I was eight, my own parents hadn't even seen all of me.

"Why not?" she said with an odd half-smile. "You're gorgeous!" I smiled, and, unconsciously, my arms loosened from their places on my chest. "And besides, you're not technically naked; I can't really see anything." I had an odd feeling she was trying to. And then I realized my breasts weren't very well covered, and she must have, too, as her eyes widened as she said, "Omigod, your breasts they're-"

I grew red with embarrassment. "I know, really small," I muttered.

"Well, yeah," she said. "But that's good! I was gonna say they were gorgeous."

An odd feeling grew in me. "Gorgeous?"

"Yeah," she answered. "I think; I can't really see them well"

I slowly took my arms off my chest. It felt so odd, letting someone see me. I was usually very prudent about myself. Her eyes moved right toward them, and another odd feeling grew within.

"Yeah, they are!" she said, looking at them. "It's not bad to have small breasts!" she continued. "Some boys like that, and, personally, I like them bett-I mean I think they're cute, too" She looked down for a second, but I didn't notice at the time; I'd always felt bad about my chest, but some people can like them? It was news to me, and very good news, at that.

She continued, looking at my chest again. Strangely, it didn't really make me feel too uncomfortable. "I wish mine were smaller. They're pretty big, though." And they were, bulging four inches from underneath her tanktop. Hers had been the first to grow of most in our school, and many girls envied her. I personally wished I had her breasts, nice and large, fun to

I knocked that crazy train off its rails again.

I noticed she was still looking at my chest, and then she noticed that I noticed and looked up., looking slightly embarrassed. "I wish I had yours," I said. "I think your size is cute, too"

"Thanks!" she said smiling. Then she frowned. "I just hate it when people say I stuff my bra!"

"Oh, yeah, I've heard that rumor" I replied sympathetically. "I try to squash it when I do, but it still goes on"

"D'you tell 'em you know I don't?" she inquired.

"Well, no" I answered. "I'm pretty sure you don't, but, technically, I don't really know" I'm not sure what made me say that, but it seemed like the best thing to say.

Angry now, not at me but at gossipers, Jen said, "Well, now you can say you do!" And with that, she, slightly reluctantly, lifted up her tanktop, revealing a pink bra. My heart skipped a beat. I had never seen her naked either. She then undid her bra and showed it to me.

"See! No stuffing!" But I wasn't looking at her bra. My eyes were focused on her breasts, which were as large and voluptuous as I had expected. Her areolae were an inch in diameter and the nipples in the center were, I was surprised to see, standing up. I realized mine were, too.

"Sam?" I looked up again. I'd never realized Jen was so beautiful. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." I replied, but I was better than fine. Our eyes looking into one another's, we, as if from telepathy, suddenly cracked up. I didn't know why, or what was funny, but Jen's laughter was so contagious that it didn't matter. While laughing, my eyes found Jen's breasts again, which were shaking up and down on her hot chest. What was wrong with me? I thought. Since when had I ever been attracted to another girl?

But the laughter alleviated any discomfort we'd had, and Jen said, still half-laughing, "See? It's not so bad to be naked in front of your best friend!" I had to agree; it was, in fact, great.

Out of the blue, looking at my chest again, she then said quite quietly, "You may not be finished developing yet. They might not have grown their full size already."

"I doubt it," I replied. "I'm freakin' fifteen, how could I not be done? Anyway, I can't really tell"

"I can, she said softly, and slowly placed her hands on my breasts.

I breathed sharply in, not having expected that. This was going to be more easy than I had thought.

I was not used to anyone touching me there. It felt so alien, so weird, and so good. Her fingers pushed down on me as she searched for the nonexistent, fictitious signs. My hard nipples were touched again and again as she began to almost massage them, moving them back and forth the way I did.

It felt infinitely better than it did by myself, though. It was so sensual with someone else doing it, and I thought I was in heaven. It was quite a jump from having no one ever seeing you nude to having someone - another girl, at that - fondling your breasts.

My eyes were still wide open from shock, and, after maybe seven seconds, she let go and looked down, embarrassed again. "Umm sorry" she muttered. Smiling and empowered, I replied, "No problem." Staring at each other, faces inches away, we, as if from telepathy, suddenly kissed.

Don't get me wrong, I'd kissed a lot before. And many were very good kissers. But they were all boys. This time, it was so much different as our tongues wandered into one another's mouths, as our arms wrapped around each other's bodies. My pillow was still on my cross-legged lap, and she was kneeling on the bed in front of me, only dressed in her supershort skirt. We kissed for maybe fifteen seconds, which were at that point the best fifteen seconds of my life. Breaking off, our tongues still touching for a second, we looked the other way the way two characters in a sitcom would after having their first kiss. But this was no comedy, though it was quite a situation. I was slightly embarrassed, I'll admit that. I had no idea what she was thinking, if she had liked it or found it repulsive or what. Our deep breathing gradually slowed down as, after about three seconds, she said, still short on breath, "I think I think I love you!"

My heart swelled and I beamed. "I love you too!", and while it may seem silly reading it, it was a very dramatic moment for us, and we launched at each other. I found myself laying flat on my back (still with the pillow) with her laying on top of me as we kissed each other. While we did so, we also fondled each other's breasts, and, I have to say, the best fifteen seconds of my life kept updating. A lot.
It felt so good and so right. I loved her. She loved me. Skin on skin was the best feeling in the world, especially with supersoft comforter beneath my ass. Possibly after about two minutes, we broke off and declared our love for one another once more.

I couldn't believe how lucky I was. I never had known I was bisexual until now, and I was finding out with probably the most beautiful girl in existence. But the best had yet to come, by far. She moved down on me and I felt her huge tits on my stomach, which felt amazing. Then, experimentally, she brought her tongue down to my nipple and licked it. Oh. My. God. It was exquisite. Never had anyone licked me before, which sounds like an odd thing to say, however true it may be. Her tongue then began to trace circles around my nipple, and soon, my entire right breast was in her mouth, surrounded by her lips. She was sucking and licking so well that it was hard to believe that it was possible to pleasure oneself. She then began to move her lips slowly up my breast so that they eventually only surrounded my nipple, which she sucked extremely hard on as I moaned. She then put my entire breast in her mouth again, making her lips smaller until they surrounded only my nipple again and did it over and over again, still using her hands to fondle with my other breast. "Oh, yeah" I cried as she hummed. After a while more of ecstasy, she switched breasts and concentrated on my left one. Tongue still moving quickly, still sucking hard, she really knew how to please me. Again with her hands, she fondled my right breast now, and it was even better due to the fact that they were now wet with her saliva. Her hands became slippery as she rubbed me, and it was like a lubricant. Another new best fifteen seconds of my life.

After coming up again, we kissed again, and I flipped her over so I'd be on top. She laughed, having fun, and I started what she had done to me, placing my tongue on her nipples. This was better than feeling them with my hands. Since they were so big, it felt amazingly great to have her entire tit in my mouth, and I, as she had, moved up and down in it with my lips, making sure to suck hard.

My still-wet breasts were slippery on her stomach, my hard nipples pushing against her. I switched breasts and found myself loving to play with her lovely, slippery tit. I had a lot of fun pleasing her, feeling her moans escape from within her. We both knew at that point that we'd do anything to please one another.

After a while, I broke off to kiss her, that wonderful girl. Tongue-on-tongue, feeling each other's mouths, we spent a while doing that.

After breaking off, we hugged one another. "Oh god, you're amazing!" I told her.

"As are you!" she replied. Still in an embrace, we looked at each other, trying to take in each other's beauty. Did I mention she was beautiful? Smiling at each other in love, I realized I had always loved her. She was an amazing, kind, funny, and simply fun person. Just awesome. Thinking, I noticed her eying my pillow.

"Do you think" I began.

"Do you think we should?"

"Love knows no bounds," I quoted.

"And it's not like we can get pregnant or an STD!" she said laughing, and our fate was sealed. She pushed me down, and, with me lying flat, grabbed my pillow and threw it across the room. I laughed, and with huge butterflies in my stomach, she slowly spread open my legs.

Her face lit up. "You're beautiful," she purred. My pink inner labia were still sticking out between my legs. Shaking and breathing shallowly with anticipation, I smiled, too. With that, she put her hands on the insides of my thighs, making me want nothing more than for her to finally touch my twat. She finally placed a hand on my pussy and softly rubbed it, making me extremely wet as my pussy slowly opened. "It's so pretty!" she gasped. Still smiling and very curious, she opened my labia wide with her fingers, checking me out. She touched every other nook and cranny before her index finger slowly entered me. I gasped. As before, it felt infinitely better than when I had done it myself. I couldn't believe what was happening. It was amazing. As her slippery finger slipped further into my depths until in was fully in, her other index finger began to rub my clit. I almost came right then, but then it got better. She slid another finger into me, careful not to rupture my hymen, and then another. It was wonderful. Working in and out, her entire hand covered in my juices, she was fantastic. But then she brought her tongue and let it join in, too. Soon, it was entering me as well when it wasn't on my clit. It was orgasmic. Literally. I had then the most intense orgasm I had ever had. My entire body shook as she smiled above me, pleased with what she'd done, and with my tasty juices falling from her lips.

After lying there for a while, catching my breath, I smiled and said, "Now it's my turn." I pushed her down on the bed and got to taking off that extremely short skirt. Slowly pulling it down her legs, I then did the same with her panties, and gasped when I saw her beautiful vulva as her legs parted.

Her naked body itself was a heavenly sight, in its solid, dark color, her enormous, beautiful breasts hanging from her chest. But her pussy was magnificent. Her meaty outer labia and pink clit were quite a sight. Unable to wait much, I bent down and did what she'd done to me, starting with her thighs before exploring her beautiful pussy. Her inner labia had been hidden, but after some rubbing they had been revealed and were exquisite. I slowly took my index finger and felt her inside, slippery, soft, and warm. Her juices immediately covered my finger and began to seep out on my comforter.

My other index finger found her precious clit that I began to rub while pushing in another finger. Her moaning and breathing increased. "Ohh! Oh, yeah Oh, Sam" Soon enough, I couldn't wait any longer and brought my face down to her pussy, my tongue flicking her clit before entering her. She tasted different from me; I had been expecting the same taste. But she tasted a lot better. I went and licked every inch of her hot little pussy and sucked hard on her clit. Soon, she was moaning loudly and came, her entire sexy little body shuddering ecstatically. I loved that I had given her that much pleasure.

Still laying on the bed, she smiled and laughed, and I continued my tongue's path up from her twat to her chin and we kissed. This was certainly the best day of my life.

Still kissing, our legs ended up intertwining. It felt great to have skin-on-pussy, though it was annoying that we couldn't cum doing that. But, with an idea, I got off Jen and positioned one of her knees straight up. Her other leg was straight, parallel on the bed, and I sat on it, close to her hips. My pussy felt good on her leg, but I wasn't done. One of my legs was on either side of her, so I scooted over a bit. Pussies now touching, we shuddered and shook, clits rubbing together and labia spread. It was tiring and exhausting, but it felt amazing. Her pussy on mine felt so different from anything else, and it wasn't long before we both came in unison, juices flowing into each other's twats. Both sexually exhausted, we laid on each other again and kissed before laying side by side, breathing heavily.

"I love you, Sam," said Jen.

"I love you, too, Jen," I answered.

We smiled at each other, wondering how we could have gotten so lucky.

"So" began Jen. "Are we telling anyone?"

We smiled at each other again. "Not a soul."

Part 2, in which they bathe together and have much more fun.
Part 3, in which they sleep together without Sam's parents knowing.
Part 4, in which they buy some fun toys.

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