Mike's Pet: Meat

I met the cutest guy at the club last Saturday night. His name's Mike. We really hit it off. Now, I don't usually go back to a guy's place when we first meet, but he was really cute, and wouldn't take my number, saying it's either now or never. I didn't want to miss my chance at him.

So I text my friends not to wait up for me and he drives me to his place. It's a bit out of the way. It's got one of those really long driveways, where you can't see the house at the end because of all the trees. It's very quiet there. Once we get inside though, he fixes this by blasting some music.

"Aren't your neighbors gonna call the cops on you?", I shout.

"Nah, I soundproofed the place, and there's a bunch of trees between me and anyone else. They can't hear nothin'!", Mike shouts back.


I follow him down the hall to his bedroom. He's got a king size bed on the right, an old weird looking metal chair on the left with a closet behind it, and a dresser on the same wall as the door.

"What's up with this chair? Looks real uncomfortable!"

"That used to be an electric chair! People were executed sitting on that thing! Doesn't work anymore though!"

"That's awesome!"

"Wanna sit in it? I can strap you in! It'll be fun!"

I hesitate for a moment, noticing the frayed wire sticking out of the back of it, obviously not plugged into anything. "Maybe later!"

We sit on the bed and he leans in for a kiss. Our lips lock and tongues intertwine. Mike wraps his left arm around me and starts massaging my left tit with his right hand. He smells great. Pulling back from the kiss he pulls my shirt right off and expertly unhooks my bra. I tilt my head back as he squeezes and sucks on my tits. He pushes me backward onto the bed and removes his own clothing as I remove the rest of mine, tossing them to the floor. He lies next to me and resumes sucking on my tits. Suddenly I feel his teeth as he bites down on them.


He smiles back at me, "Just teasing."

Then I feel his dick entering my pussy. He thrusts and thrusts until we've both climaxed, his cum shooting inside me. We gaze into one another's eyes, having just made passionate love. I break the silence, "That was very good".

"Yes, it was.", he smiles back, "You know what would make me really happy right now though?"

"What?", I ask.

"To see you in that chair. That image would just be so hot to me right now."

I look back at the chair, and at the frayed wire. There are no usable wires coming off of this thing, but it's still a bit intimidating. "I don't know"

"Come on, the thing's broken. It hasn't been powered up since before I got it. The wire's even completely snapped. Just for a few seconds. Please?" He looks at me with a real sad expression, giving me "puppy dog eyes" as it's called.

I hesitate a bit, looking back at the chair. "Ok, fine, but don't strap me in tightly."

"Of course!", he smiles a big smile, obviously ecstatic at the idea.

I reach for my panties to start getting dressed first and he interrupts, with a big grin still on his face "No no I want to see you on it completely naked."

"Ok.", I reply as I step in front of the chair and lower my ass onto it. I quickly hop back up. The metal of the chair is just so cold. I lower myself again, this time expecting the cold and sitting down. "How's this?"

"Good, good", as he steps over and loosely fits the leg straps around my ankles. Then he loosely straps in my left wrist. Then my right, but he pulls it really tight.

"Too tight!" I tell him, completely unable to remove my wrist. I hear him laugh as he tightens the strap on my left wrist and finally my ankles. "What the fuck?!", I yell.

Mike stops for a moment, putting his hand on my chin, looking into my eyes and explaining, "Remember when I mentioned soundproofing my house? What if that wasn't done for the music?" He smirks and binds the final strap tightly around my neck.

I freeze in fear for a second, but then try to move, to shift my weight, knock the chair over. I scream a few times. But he just laughs and walks behind me where I can't see him. "It's bolted into the floor." I hear the squeak of a hinge as he opens the closet door.

When he comes back into view, he's got a pair of pliers. "Who the fuck keeps pliers in their bedroom?", I ask.

As an answer to my question, he grabs my right hand, with his left, and grips the fingernail on my index finger with the pliers. Then he rips the nail off. "IEEEEE!" I scream, at the top of my lungs, followed by "HELP!" and "THIS MAN IS CRAZY!". I let out a lot more screams as he rips off the rest of my fingernails, moving down to my toenails. By the time he's done, my throat hurts from screaming, all my fingers and toes hurt with my blood dripping down from them. My face is completely red and soaked with my tears. I'm still trying to scream, but it comes out very quiet. "help." "dear god, help me."

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it?"

I lift my head to look at him and glare at him. In a quieted hoarse voice, I reply "You're a sick fuck and I hope you rot in hell!"

"Heh, if there is one, sure. For now, I think I'll just enjoy myself." He goes back to the closet and I hear him moving things around. "I've got some good news though I'm gonna unstrap you from that chair."

"Good," I think to myself, "This will be my chance to escape."

Mike comes back with what looks like a wide metal tube and a big plastic bowl. The tube has a wire coming from it. He points the top of it to me, and I see the blades inside it. "What are you going to do to me now, you sick fuck?"

He laughs, "Patience Patience And you shouldn't talk so much. Your voice needs to heal from all that screaming earlier, and all the screaming you're about to do." With this, he bends down in front of me. I begin to hear the whir of machinery. Sounds like a fan or something. Then he unstraps my right ankle. I immediately kick forward, hoping to hit him, but my bloody toes are met with whirling blades.

"AAAHHH!", I let out a pitiful cry. He grabs my leg and holds it still as he moves the device up my leg, grinding up everything below the knee. He quickly bandages it before doing the same for the left leg. This time though, I hold my leg against the chair, hoping he can't get a good hold with the grinder, but he's stronger than I am and pulls my leg right into the device as I scream and kick around with my right leg's stump.

Then he gets up, and places a big bowl of chopped meat on my lap. For a brief moment, it doesn't even register. I don't want to know that this is me. But it is. He unstraps my right hand and grinds up each finger, passing the bones through a hole in the center, followed by the hand, all over the bowl as I watch in horror and scream. He bandages it and repeats for my left hand. Leaving my neck strapped in, he takes the bowl and walks out of the room, leaving the bones on the floor.

I fight to try to unhook myself with my stumps, but it's no use. The straps are like belt buckles, and require fingers to open. A few minutes later, he comes back with a collar and leash. I try to bite his hand as he hooks the collar around my neck and unstraps me from the chair, but without any luck. Holding the other end of the leash, he starts walking out of the room. "Come", he calls to me. How humiliating! I'm being treated like a dog.

I try to walk on the stumps of my legs, but he quickly pulls me leash to knock me down. "No!", he commands. I awkwardly figure out how to walk on all four of my stumps, hurting the fresh wounds with each step and follow him, able to do nothing else. He brings me to the kitchen and sits me at the table, tying my leash to a hook on the wall of the room. I smell something cooking. He brings over two burgers and puts one in front of me. "You'll need to eat to regain your strength after going through all that."

I can't believe what's going on. I can still feel the phantom parts of my body where they're missing. This guy is a complete psychopath. If I play along for a while, maybe I can leave while he's gone or something. He takes a bite of his burger, and holds up my burger for me to bite. I bite it and it doesn't taste like anything I've eaten before. After I swallow the bite, before he gives me my next I ask, "What kind of burgers are these? They're sweet."

"Do you like it?"

"Yeah It's very good."

He smiles, "I'm glad you like it. These are made from the extra parts you didn't really need."

"You mean These are my legs?!"

"And hands. And this isn't all of it. There's plenty more." He takes another bite of his burger as nonchalantly as if it were simply made of beef, and raises mine for me to bite. I hesitate, but take another bite. I don't want him to kill me. I need to play along for now.

After the meal is done, he brings me back to his room, ties the leash to a hook on the wall near the closet, which he locks shut, and goes to bed. I wait a bit and try to get the leash off the hook. I can't. After struggling for a while with this, I eventually fall asleep.

I wake up feeling something moving in and out of my pussy. As I gain coherence, I realize that Mike's fucking me. He just started while I was sleeping and didn't bother waking me up. "Good morning!", I hear, as I turn my head to look at him.

"Whu? Why are you-"

"It's called 'Morning Wood'. When a guy first wakes up, he needs to have sex."

"I know what morning wood is. I mean, don't you ask first?"

"There's no reason to ask. I own you now. I will do whatever I want to with you, and you're lucky to even be alive right now."

I don't say anything after that. Once he cums, we have burgers again for breakfast. This is followed by a shower. He brings me into the shower with him. He has be lie on my back while he stands over me. Looking upward at the water coming down, as well as the water dripping off of Mike means a lot of squinting. He ties the leash to a hook in the shower and begins to wash himself.

While he's washing, he starts pissing. "Ew, that's disgusting!", I let out, as his hot piss begins to warm my tits. He looks down at me and smiles as he grabs his dick and aims it a bit higher, pissing all over my face. He gets some piss in my eye and mouth before they're closed tightly. It tastes like extra salty Cheerios. I turn my head to try not to let it in my nose, but then he aims for my ear. I can hear him laughing as I keep moving my head around with my eyes and mouth shut trying not to let any more of his piss into my body. "That's the last of it", I hear. As I open my eyes to look up at him again, he blasts a final shot of piss into my other eye and laughs.

"Roll over", he commands, making a rotating gesture with his hand.


"Roll over! Onto your four legs! You've made me horny again. It's time to fuck."

I hesitate, but with a kick of his foot into my side, I realize that I must do as he commands, for now. I turn over onto my stumps and he gets on his knees to fuck me again. As he fucks me, he washes my body. Once he cums, he pulls out denying me an orgasm again. Once we're both clean, he dries us both off.

For the rest of the day, I just keep watching for an opening to escape. Mike always keeps me in the same room as him though, the leash either in his hand or tied securely to one of many hooks in the house. Even when he goes to the bathroom he pulls me in and has me sit in the tub.

He watches TV for a while, and has me stand as a footrest for him. We have burgers again for lunch and dinner, and he rapes me after each meal. Each time he rapes me, he simply holds down my arms and fucks my pussy until he cums. I'm not initially wet when it happens, so it's very uncomfortable.

Tomorrow is Monday though. He's gotta have some sort of job, so he'll have to leave me alone. Tomorrow I will escape. I wake up to being raped again. The daily pattern starts out the same, but instead of watching TV, he brings me to an office he has set up. He moves his office chair aside and has me stand where it was. He sits on my back while he works. It turns out that he works from home. I have no idea how I could escape.

After lunch, when he starts raping me again, I'm wet, so it doesn't hurt so much. "Starting to enjoy being an animal, huh?" I don't respond. I'm starting to accept that I'm stuck here as Mike's pet. After the rape, he explains to me that all the meat he took from my legs and hands was used up, so we won't be having burgers tonight. Instead, he cuts off slabs of meat from my inner thighs and grills them like steaks. He slices off the rest of the meat from my legs while they cook, strapping the back of me to a doggy wheelchair.

Over the next couple days, he grinds up meat from my arms for burgers for breakfast and serves some of my slices off thigh meat for both lunch and dinner. Each time that he takes more meat from me, it's excruciating and the entire time I'm there I just want to die, but he keeps me alive for some reason.

As I lose my arms, he removes the doggy wheelchair and just carries me where he wants me. He stops using my for a footrest or chair. When he rapes me now, he holds me up by my sides and moves me up and down on his dick. He starts raping me while doing other things, and therefore more often. He'll lean to the side and watch TV while bouncing me up and down on his cock. He'll do the same while on the computer, stopping whenever he types, resuming whenever he reads. The days just seem to blur together.

On Thursday morning, the 5th morning I woke up there, he tells me during his wake-up rape, "Hey, I've got someone coming over later, so you better behave."

I think to myself, with someone else in the house, wherever he stashes me, they should be able to hear me scream. Maybe I'll get out of this alive after all. This thought renews my lost hope. The pattern continues as normal. During lunch, my captor lets me know that we've just eaten the last of my limb meat. "This is my only chance", I think to myself. If this friend of his doesn't get me out of here, I'm going to die.

When the doorbell rings, he simply leaves me on the dining room table. I hear my captor welcome his guest. "Hey, Steve! How've you been?"

"Pretty good, Mike! So where is this week's morsel?"

"Oh, you'll like her She's got great tits."

"Fuck," I think to myself, "This guy's in on it too. He's not gonna help me. I'm completely fucked."

They walk into the dining room and Steve immediately grabs my tits and squeezes them. Then I see Mike walk over with a tenderizing mallet. I scream as he pounds away at my tits, making lots of tiny perforations in them. After he's done, he picks me up and puts me face down on a flat surface with an opening for my tits. In the opening, I see a yellow, bubbling liquid. He puts me down, and I scream as my tits go into the hot oil. I feel each tiny hole from the mallet hurt twice as bad from the oil. Mike holds his hand on my back until he decides I'm done. He flips me onto my back and puts my on the table. I hear Steve over my sobs, "Don't you just love the sound of a woman's screams?"

"Yeah. If you ever took my advice, you'd get to hear it a lot more."

"Yeah, well"

"I keep telling you, the breast meat is the blandest part."

"I doubt that. Deep fried titties are the best thing I've ever had."

"Yeah, they're great, but imagine how much better the rest of a girl must taste. You should really get a girl yourself and have all of her, at least just once."

"Maybe eventually. I'm not sure how I'd even catch one."

"Come with me on Saturday night. I got a bunch of numbers and pics off this girl's cell. I think you'd like her friend April. I'll text her and Amanda to meet us from her phone."

At this news, I speak up, "Those are my friends, you asshole! You can't go after them!"

The two of them immediately start laughing and brush it off. "So you saw a pic of this 'April' on her phone?"

"Yeah, she's definitely got Ds if not double Ds. I know how much you love breast meat. So I'll go for Amanda this week because she's more petite. Less meat, since I wouldn't be sharing."

I interrupt again, "Amanda's 16 you fucking asshole! She's my sister!"

Mike responds to this news, "Nice!"

"So, think she's cool enough yet?"

My captor presses his hand into my cooked tit. I can barely feel it. "Yeah, let's eat."

My tits are pretty much numb from the cooking, but I can still kinda feel the knife as it cuts triangular slices from my tits like they were cakes. Mike makes sure to feed some to me while the two of them eat and discus my friends and various recipes to use on them, completely ignoring anything I yell out. Once my tits are gone, Steve leaves and Mike begins his after dinner rape.

The next morning, after my wake up rape, he shaves my head and washes me thoroughly. Then he covers my body in barbecue sauce. He opens the closet and pulls out a long metal bar as I plead, "Please don't go after my friends. Do whatever you want to me, but please leave them alone." He ignores me as he holds the bar with his knees and lowers me onto it carefully, the pointy tip entering my anus. "PLEASE!", I scream, as the point pierces my intestinal wall and he guides the pole to my throat. I must be bleeding in a dozen places on the inside, as I watch the pointy metal rise from my mouth, unable to breath. He gets me onto a fire in his backyard. I don't know whether I died of suffocation, internal bleeding, or getting cooked, but while being rotated on that spit was when I fell into the deep sleep of death.

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