Suite life my version

This story is fictional.

My name is Cody, I'm 14 and I have a twin brother, Zack. Our parents are divorced and we live with our mother in Boston. We live in a suite at the hote mom sings at she has the most amazing voice.
Last night mom was working late, as she does every Friday and Saturday night. Me and Zack got home from school just in enough time to say hi and by to mom. When she left I started working on my homework and Zack went back into our bed room to play video games as he always did. After about an hour or so I was getting hungry, so I went back to ask Zack what he wanted to eat. When I got near the bedroom door I heard moaning. The door was cracked open so I snuck up to the door to see what was going on. I got up to the door and I could hear the moaning clearer. Slowly I look through the crack in the door careful not to make a noise. I looked in and I was shocked at what I saw. Zack was naked on my bed watching a porn video on the lap top and rubbing his dick, he was rubbing it with his left hand and he played with his ball with his other. He had a good sized cock it looked about like mine about 5" - 5.5" his balls hung low. While I was watching Zack pleasure himself I started to get hard so I started to rub my cock over my shorts I felt pre cumm start to leak out. Zacks nuts started to tighten up and he took his finger on his right hand and sucked it then he stuck it in his ass, I couldn't believe he did that I almost lost my load but I held off. I looked back up just in time to see Zack shoot his load all over his chest and face I have never cam as hard as he did. Then Zack took some of his cum and licked it off his finger. I couldn't take it anymore I had to go and release my load. So I went to the bathroom as quietly as I could when I locked the door I pulled my shorts off as fast as I could my boxers were wet with precum I stood infront of the mirror I never thought about Zack when I beat off but he was I'll I could think of. I closed my eyes to picture Zack eating his cum I couldn't hold my load back any longer I felt my wad rushing through my cock I shot load after load each as strong as the last. After 5 shots I stopped and opened my eyes, there was cum all over the sink and mirror. I took what was on my hand and licked it off. I have never done that before and I liked the taste I cleaned up my mess and went for the door it was cracked open. I thought to myself I know I locked it how is it open? I shut the door again and locked it I grabbed the handel and the door popped open? Oh shit I wonder if Zack saw me jacking off. I started to get hard thinking of him watching me like I was watching him. I calmed myself down and went into the livingroom and Zack was sitting on the couch watching tv. "are you hungry?" I asked him when I walked pass him as if what all just happened didn't. "yeah how about a pizza" Zack said. "you order I have to finish my homework" about an hour later the pizza was there I paid for it and we sat on the couch watching a poker game and ate our pizza. When we finished our pizza we both just stayed there watching the tourny. "I'm board." Zack complained "I've got an idea, how about we play a game of poker?" I suggested "that sounds like fun" Zack got up and grabbed a deck of cards, he shuffled the deck and dealt out a hand of hold em poker. I had 2 aces in my hand "what are we going to bet with" I wanted something cuz I knew I would win the hand. "we can bet our cloths, like strip poker" "ok then I bet you your shorts and shirt" I was for sure I would get to see Zack naked again and I couldn't wait. Zack called and dropped the first 3 cards I couldn't believe it another ace was dealt. So I bet him all of the cloths on his body. Zack called I couldn't believe it. What did he have in his hand? We both turned over our cards and Zack dealt the rest of the hand "I win Zack now you have to take all your cloths off." Zack got up and took his shirt off first, I loved his chest it was nice and smooth he had the most amazing nipples. Then he took off his shorts he was rorck hard and his dick was stcking out of the hole in his boxers. "a little excited?" I asked Zack. "I can't help it, I'm always horny" then he pulled down his boxers his dick flung up and smacked him in the chest I laughed a little but I couldn't stop staring at his balls they looked big and hung low "you deal the next hand" Zack said as he sat down. I dealt the next hand and I lost all of my cloths. I look just like Zack naked but I have a 6 pack and he doesn't "you look like your excited too" Zack said as I pulled off my boxers. I sat down "what now we are both naked what are we going to bet on the next hand?" I asked Zack. "dares, the winner of each hand gets to dare the looser to do something, anything and the looser has to do it" now I was really excited,I couldn't wait to see where this was going to go. The next hand Zack dealt and I lost. "you have to do whatever I tell you to do, no backing out" "I know, I know" I said "Jack me off!" wow I can't believe it score no need to dare my. I thought to myself I reach over and grabbed Zack's cock it was warm and soft yet, hard as steel. I went up then down slowly at first. Zack closed his eyes, so I leaned down towards his cock and I spit on the tip to lub it up. Zack opened his eyes as soon as my spit hit his dick, he looked me in the eyes and smiled I smiled back and continued to rub him. I knew he was about to cum so I stopped. "why did you stop?" Zack demanded. "next hand" was all I said. I dealt the next hand and I won. "jack me off" I dared Zack. He reached over with his right hand and grabbed my dick. Wow it felt amazing I allmost lost my load right then. I closed my eyes enjoying the pleasure Zack was giving me. I didn't think that I would last much longer then I felt a warm wet feeling on my cock I opened my eyes and Zack had my cock in his mouth he was bobbing up and down it felt amazing. I couldn't hold back my balls tightened up close and my cock spasmed and I emptied load after load in my twin brothers mouth. Zack took my entire load with just a little leaking out of his mouth. He pulled off of my dick and looked up at me. "Cody did that feel good? Zack asked me. "it was great like nothing I have ever felt before!" "will you do me next?" he asked me. I didn't responses I just grabbed his cock and lowered my head to it I stuck my young out and tasted the head of his dick. It didn't tast bad so I sucked in the head of his cock in my mouth and Zack let out a moan. I was sucking on his head while I moved my young around in circles then I released his head and went down to his balls and started licking they started to tighten up and I knew it wouldn't be long before he came so I took all of his cock and started bobbing up and down. Zack started to move his hips thrusting his dick further down my throat. I felt his cock start to spasim and next thing I knew he was cumming in my mouth. I swollowed as much as I could with only a little getting out. When Zack stopped I moved up to him and kissed him to share his cum. Zack kissed me back and put his toung in my mouth. It was great. This was the first of many times Zack and I had fun together. Stay tuned for more to cummmm.

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