Aren't you afraid? Part 4

The air on Moraband is thick and red. Rey stares through the window as they descend through the atmosphere. She leans her forehead against the glass, watching little dust storms sweep through the barren landscape.
She hears Kylo Ren moving around the room behind her. This was one of those moments where she could almost forget she was surrounded by enemies. She could momentarily pretend they were a couple going on vacation to a… desolate planet. She sighs.
Rey turns around, leans her back against the wall and slides into a sitting position. She watches Kylo Ren dress himself, putting on the dark uniform that made him so intimidating.
She was learning what she could get away with from Kylo Ren. She could say practically anything to him, shout insults, break things in anger, and he would just laugh it off. If anything, Rey's fury seemed to calm the raging inferno in him. The only topic she absolutely needed to avoid was his past. Any mention of the name Ben Solo would result in absolute fury.
Kylo Ren finishes putting his boots on. He sits on a chair at the table. He holds out the leash and looks pointedly at Rey.
She keeps hoping it will get easier. But as he holds the chain out, she realizes that subservience will never come natural to her. She stands up and walks slowly over to him. She kneels in front of his chair.
Kylo Ren clips the leash onto Rey's collar. He cups her face in his hands and bends down to kiss her gently on the lips. "You should be proud. There are many people who would envy to be where you are."
"Where is that? At the end of your leash?" she snaps. Feeling suddenly glad about the scar across his smug face.
Kylo raises an eyebrow. "You would be surprised how many would love to be at the end of my leash." Kylo Ren pulls the leash so that Rey is forced closer to him. He pulls her into his lap.
"Are you sure you're not deluding yourself? Using the force on people doesn't count," Rey says, trying to be defiant even as she melts into his chest, enjoying the warm feel of his body and his strong arms around her.
Kylo Ren grins and pulls her close. "You want proof?"
Rey rolls her eyes. "I'd rather not know."

The journey from the Starship to the ground is the most tense ride for everybody in the shuttle. Rey stands in front of Kylo Ren, who stands next to General Hux. Captain Phasma leans off to the side.
Kylo catches Hux staring at Rey, glancing at her, his eyes roaming her body.
"Don't you fucking look at her." Kylo Ren's voice seethes with anger.
Hux doesn't even bother to hide his gloating expression. Hux is a careful man, but can't resist the thrill of poking a dangerous beast. He chose war as a profession for a reason after all.
"My dear Kylo Ren…" He says the name mockingly. "Jealousy doesn't look good on you. It's not my fault there's only one man in the whole universe your pet has slept with willingly."
"You took advantage—"
"Of the situation you set up? You practically pushed her into my arms."
Kylo grits his teeth. Rey is uncomfortable and tries to move away from the two men, but is stopped when Kylo puts his hands over her ears. Kylo leans ominously towards Hux. "You're lucky I don't cut off every limb on your body and leave you nothing but a husk of charred meat—"
Hux smiles and snaps his teeth at Kylo. "Sounds like an exciting challenge, if you weren't leashed to your own master—"
Captain Phasma steps into the middle of them. "There's a private space in the back if you two need to make out."
Kylo Ren rolls his eyes and steps away, wrapping his arms around Rey. Moving them both into a corner away from Hux.
"Phasma, I am going to murder you in your sleep," Hux threatens.
"Sorry, Sir. I forgot I was in a MILITARY for a moment. Your conversation brought me back to a time when I was ten—"
"Enough, Captain," he says sharply. Hux turns away from Kylo Ren. "But you're right. I shouldn't be arguing with this gundark. It is BENEATH me."
Phasma waves her hand, mockingly, as if cooling herself down. "Whew, the tension in here. This space is too small for the two of you."
"Both of you," Kylo Ren says in a dangerous voice. "Are treading on dangerous ground."
Hux smirks. "You're lucky you have the ONE job in the universe that views your fits of rage as a positive thing," he says to Kylo then turns away. "The one fucking job."
Suddenly, Hux's throat constricts. He's choking from an invisible hand. Kylo's face is concentrating on Hux. Hux's face turns beet red.
Rey tries to stop him. "Kylo! Stop it!" she screams, grabbing onto his outstretched arm. He pushes her away and continues concentrating.
Captain Phasma steps in front of Kylo Ren. "KYLO REN! The SUPREME LEADER would not approve of this. Get yourself together!" she says in a commanding voice.
Kylo's eyes flick from Phasma to Hux. Hux slowly running out of oxygen. Kylo drops his hand and Hux falls to the ground. Phasma helps him up. Hux glares at Kylo Ren. "Wise choice, knight."
The spend the rest of the shuttle ride in a tense silence. Nobody looks at anybody else.
The shuttle settles onto a landing pad in the middle of a sprawling city. The landing pad is at a giant red stone temple. The passengers disembark.
Rey looks over the city in awe. It is a sprawling metropolis. All reds, oranges and faded colors. She thought it looked dead, but when she looked closer she could see people moving through the streets. Life. She'd never been in such a big city before and was curious what lay beneath them.
She feels a tug on her neck. She looks up to see Kylo Ren looking annoyed. She's forced to go with him as he stalks away from the small group on the landing pad and into the red stone structure.
When Kylo Ren and Rey depart, Captain Phasma approaches Hux. "Sir, the Supreme Leader has an urgent message for you."
Hux glares at the spot where Kylo Ren and Rey disappeared to. He nods to Phasma. "I'll be on my way immediately."

Kylo Ren walks at a brisk pace through the corridors of the Sith temple. The walls are blue sandstone, the corridors lit by an eerie blue light that didn't seem to come from anywhere in particular.
Rey doesn't know where he's taking her. Being on this planet gives her a feeling of doom. She had escaped from Starkiller Base before and the rebel alliance hadn't been far from her. Somebody had COME for her. But here… she doesn't know where she is. She doesn't have any friends here. She is in the heart of evil itself, she thinks. Nobody's going to come for here here. Nobody.
"KYLO REN," booms a deep male voice from the shadows. "Welcome back."
Kylo stops abruptly. Rey senses his annoyance. Kylo's shoulders slump slightly and he looks like he's been caught doing something he's not supposed to do.
A man in black robes, almost taller than Kylo Ren, with silver hair and a young face steps out of the shadows. "You're not trying to sneak in without saying hello, are you?"
"Enoch," Kylo says. He cocks his head to the side. "If I wanted to see you I would seek you out. Clearly I didn't."
Enoch stands directly in front of Kylo Ren. Rey feels nervousness in the pit of her stomach. She gets a bad feeling from Enoch. When Enoch looks at her, Rey instinctually moves to hide behind Kylo Ren's back.
Before anybody can say anything, a rambunctious woman jumps out of the shadows. "Kylo Ren! You're back!"
Kylo sighs. "Hello, Tawna," he says flatly.
Tawna throws her arms around him. Tawna has blonde hair and a deceptively happy demeanor. She wears red and black robes, similar to Kylo Ren's and Enoch's.
Kylo pushes Tawna away from him. Tawna frowns. "You're just as sociable as ever, Ren."
"And you're both just as nosy. Maybe you both should go back to whatever useless thing you were doing before I got here."
Kylo Ren starts to walk away. Enoch stops him. "Aren't you going to introduce us to… your…?" he motions to Rey.
Kylo Ren shakes his head. "No, I wasn't. Get out of my way." Kylo tries to step around him. Enoch won't let him pass.
"This is your pet Jedi?" Tawna asks, a loud pitch in her voice. Kylo Ren flinches, seemingly annoyed either at her voice or her question. Rey can't tell which, but she knows she doesn't want the attention on her.
Enoch looks at Rey. "Is this the whelp that beat you?" he asks mockingly.
"She the one who hurt you?" Tawna shrieks.
Tawna whips her hand out to SLAP Rey— Rey cringes back, her eyes flinching… she squeezes them shut. And nothing comes. Rey opens her eyes.
Kylo Ren is holding Tawna's wrist— stopping her slap in mid air. Kylo shoves Tawna back violently.
"Don't you. Dare. Touch her," Kylo says in a low, menacing voice.
Tawna cowers back, nursing her wrist. Her expression hurt. She glares at Rey and then bows low to Kylo Ren. "I'm deeply sorry," she says. "I never want to displease you, master."
Kylo turns and sees that Enoch has stepped between Kylo and Rey. Rey is backing away as Enoch bears down on her. Rey's back hits a wall. Enoch looms over her.
"It's nice to meet you, little Jedi," Enoch says.
"Get away from her," Kylo orders, rage beginning to build.
"And if I don't?" Enoch asks. He reaches up and touches Rey's cheek lightly.
"Get away from me!" Rey demands.
Enoch smiles. "So you CAN speak, after all. You're quite a feral thing, aren't you?"
"Master Kylo, it is so rude not to introduce us to her!" Tawna says. She touches Kylo's shoulder.
Kylo pulls out his light saber. Tawna cowers away.
"Ah, of course, the angry blade…" Enoch grabs Rey's arm and thrusts her towards Kylo Ren. Kylo has to move his sword out of the way to prevent hurting Rey. He wraps his arm around her.
"You two are a perfect savage match," Enoch says, disdainfully.
Kylo pushes Rey behind him, holding his saber in front of them both. He glares at Enoch.
Enoch bows. "Forgive me, master. I was merely curious about your… pet."
Kylo Ren shuts his sword down. He grabs Rey's arm and heads down the hall.

Kylo Ren leads Rey through a maze of corridors until they finally arrive at a room with a huge wooden door. Kylo puts his hand on the reader and the door slides open.
Rey follows him in to a giant chamber. Red and orange curtains hang on the walls. There is a large ornate bed in the middle of one wall, a massive fireplace, and a big chair— like a throne, Rey thinks. The chamber feels ancient. The room of somebody important.
Kylo stalks in and begins taking off his gloves and throwing them onto the bed. He moves around the room while Rey stands at the entrance, staring in awe. Taking in all the little details.
Kylo Ren disappears into a room, which she assumes to be the bathroom. He shuts the door behind him and Rey hears water running.
Rey takes the opportunity to inspect the room. She walks the perimeter, looking behind the curtains. And finds what she was looking for — what she KNEW would be there. A door! A hidden door! She runs her hand along it, not finding any discernible way of opening it. Just an outline in the wall.
She steps back, assuming that there is a hidden latch somewhere.
When Kylo Ren comes out of the bathroom, he finds Rey inspecting around the fireplace. Looking up into the chimney. He laughs and she turns around, surprised, and hits her head on the top. Soot falls down onto her head and shoulders.
Kylo Ren laughs, a deep, rich sound. "Come out of the fireplace, Rey."
Rey steps out and dusts herself off.
Kylo Ren is freshly clean, looking relaxed, in comfortable black slacks and long sleeve shirt. He sits down on the throne and makes himself comfortable. He crosses his arms and stares at Rey, who is still standing at the entrance awkwardly.
Rey's breath catches as she looks at him. He looks like some evil prince, she thinks. She thinks he looks good when he's relaxed. He would be handsome, were he not so cruel. Were it not for that smug expression on his face.
"Who were those people?" Rey asks.
"Those people…" He raises his eyebrows. "You'll meet them soon enough."
"Are they the Knights of Ren?"
Kylo nods his head once and sighs. He leans back with a bored expression on his face. "Take your clothes off," he orders.
A chill goes down Rey's spine. She stands about ten feet from where he sits. She unlaces her boots, pulls them off. Takes off her jacket, shirt, and pants. She piles her clothes neatly to the side and then stands facing him.
Rey feels intimidated as he looks at her. Pleased with what he sees. Watching as the chill in the air hardens her nipples. Rey wants to cover herself, but doesn't want to anger him.
"You're so dirty, Rey." He leans forward. "Crawl to me…"
Rey takes a deep breath. She feels moisture growing between her legs as she falls to her knees. The floor is made of hard stone, chafing her knees.
His eyes light up as he watches her crawl to him. She reaches him and kneels between his legs. Kylo Ren cups her face in his hands and kisses her softly.
He runs his hands down her chest, cupping her breasts. Squeezing her nipples.
"Don't be afraid of anything here, Rey. I'll protect you," he says in a gentle voice.
Rey shudders, as her body responds to his touches and kisses. "But who's going to protect me from you?" she asks in a whisper.
He smiles devilishly. "Nobody can protect you from me." Kylo leans back in his chair. "You know what I want, Rey."
Rey moves her hands to pull his pants down.
Kylo shakes his head. "Use your teeth."
Rey is surprised. She puts her hands down. Leans forward and grasps his pants in her teeth. Pulls them over his hard member. He pops out majestically.
Kylo laughs at her hesitation. "Don't look so intimidated by it, Rey."
Rey frowns, feeling like he's making fun of her. Kylo Ren shakes his head. He pulls her head into him.
"Open up, Rey…" Rey opens her mouth and wraps her lips around Kylo Ren's penis. Kylo sighs in pleasure. He wraps her hair around his hands.
"All the way in…" Kylo Ren holds her head down, forcing his cock all the way to the back of her throat. He holds it there, watching the struggle in her eyes. He releases her and she GASPS for breath.
He fucks her mouth softly, enjoying the sight of her lips around his cock. She looks so innocent He pushes her away, pulling out of her mouth.
He turns her around and pulls her onto his lap, her back to his chest. He works his knees between her legs, spreading them apart, giving him easy access to enter her. He penetrates her, holds her against his chest. He runs his hand along her neck, smoothes her hair out of the way and kisses her neck.
Rey leans her head back against his shoulder, enjoying the feel of his hands kneading her breasts and gently squeezing her nipples. He moves in and out of her and then abruptly pulls out.
He stands up, swings an arm beneath her legs and carries her to the bed. He drops her, pushes himself between her legs, and kisses her deeply. He spreads her legs apart and pushes himself into her.
Kylo Ren watches as her cheeks flush with pleasure. She runs her fingertips down the muscles on his arms. He drops down, putting his elbows on either side of her head, wanting to look at her.
They stare into each other's eyes as he fucks her softly. He brings her to the tip of orgasm, maintaining eye contact, and releases himself inside her. Her own pleasure breaks over her in waves. The intimacy is overwhelming for Rey and she loses herself in the moment, wrapping her arms around his neck, holding him close.
Kylo kisses her and they lay there like that, kissing and staring into each other's eyes. Rey loses herself to the moment, forgetting where she is. Forgetting who he is. Kissing him back and enjoying it.
Until the collar around her neck pulls her back into reality. She breaks the intimate eye contact and turns her head. Kylo Ren kisses her on the cheek. He pulls a blanket over them both and wrap his arms and legs around her.
Rey drifts into sleep, feeling uncertain whether she feels safe or trapped.

Hux leaves the meeting with Supreme Leader Snoke feeling unsettled. Meeting with the man in person was far more intense than the giant hologram he presented on Starkiller Base.
Hux never claimed to be a moral man. He's interested in conquering, in establishing order in the universe. Uniting people to create something greater than himself. He's always trusted the Supreme Leader's judgement.
But his current mission unsettles him. Not the morality of it. He is fine with that. He worries about Kylo Ren - that the man might actually try to kill him. Worried that Snoke wouldn't be enough to assuage the young man's fit of rage if he found out what Snoke ordered Hux to do.
Hux sighs. Feeling frustrated. Trapped between two equally real dangers.
He shook his head. Rey was nice enough. He thinks she's a sweet girl who has survived more harshness than most. It would be interesting to see her turn to the dark side. To see the light in her crushed. A voice in the back of his head wonders if they are being too brutal, that maybe Kylo Ren has her under control? But he can't worry about that.
He heads to the security camera room, in order to find the most opportune time to accomplish his secret mission.

The marketplace overwhelms Rey. Coarse, guttural music made of a thousand different languages filled her ears. Loud banging, exotic music, lights flashing, demanding attention from passersby.
Moraband was all red dust and white-washed walls. Rey and Kylo Ren were in the grimy part of the city, the part where vendors hawked their wares and you could get strange creatures skewered on a stick.
Rey hurries to keep up with Kylo Ren, afraid to lose him in the crowd. He had strictly told her to stay by his side. He's not making it easy for her, weaving effortlessly between throngs of people, forcing her to struggle.
If Rey could see Kylo's face, she would see that he is pleased and has a barely perceptible smile on his face. Kylo Ren could feel Rey's emotions, feel her panic when he disappeared into the crowd, her struggles and relief when she's back at his side. Her discomfort at the large crowd and the safety she felt when she was back at his side.
He was testing her and she hadn't thought of escape once. Not once. The only times he almost lost her was when she got distracted staring at things she had never seen before— or at food. Mostly at food.
Rey was chewing on a skewer made of questionable meat. The delicious, oily meat melted easily in her mouth. She clutches her belly, wanting to eat more, but full from all the other things she tried.
Kylo Ren looks at the half-eaten skewer in disgust and shakes his head. He grabs it from Rey's hand.
"Can I save it?" she asks.
"You're going to be sick," he says, and tosses it into a garbage receptacle. Frowning at the thought of her taking a half eaten piece of meat back to the ancient temple of the Sith.
Rey stares at the garbage longingly, hating to see food go to waste. She suppresses a glare towards Kylo Ren. How could he be so indifferent to the temptations surrounding them? Indifferent to all the food. She wants to yell at him, to tell him off— but she restrains herself and her face settles into an uncomfortable, dismayed expression.
"Just say it, Rey," Kylo says, exasperated.
Rey looks at him in fear. Experiencing trepidation that he's going to punish her in some way.
"Say it. I'm not going to punish you for thinking what you think," he says matter of factly.
Rey shakes her head and crosses her arms. "I'm not thinking anything."
Kylo Ren rolls his eyes and gives her an expression of disbelief, and the kind of patience you would have with a petulant child.
"I just think you're— well, you're spoiled. And you take things for granted." When she's finished she stares at his face in trepidation. Worried about antagonizing him.
He nods. "That's understandable— coming from your position. Smaller life forms always envy the portions of greater beasts."
Rey frowns and grits her teeth at his depiction of her as a smaller life form. She tries to keep her cool. She turns away. Looks down at the ground. "You've got the 'beast' part correct," she mumbles.
Kylo smirks and turns to keep walking, meandering through the crowd, forcing her to hurry after him.
Rey continues, still aggravated by his comment. "I don't understand why you were born with everything and you threw it all away."
Kylo begins heading towards a shady looking tavern. "I'm thirsty."
She stumbles through her words. "I'm serious. I don't understand— you had the best people— you had people, and—"
He voice cuts her off. "Go ahead, Rey. Keep saying whatever you want, so long as you keep doing what I say."
Rey falls silent, picking up on the silent threat in his voice. She's dismayed that every attempt to communicate with him— to really talk— falls flat. She feels more helpless in these moments than anything he did to her physically.
She follows him into the tavern. Rey's senses are hit with loud music and the light roar of conversation. The hall is filled with aliens and humans of every size and shape. They gamble, drink, scheme, negotiate, argue - a rough crowd.
Kylo Ren picks a table off to the side. He sits in a large chair and leans back comfortably. His eyes scan through the tavern.
Rey senses his cold shoulder and she wants to fix it. She wants to open up to him. She starts to sit in a chair next to him and tries again to communicate.
"Kylo, I'm sorry about what I said—"
Kylo snaps his fingers and points down to a spot on the floor next to his chair. When Rey hesitates, Kylo says, "Just because you're not on a leash, doesn't release you from it." He points at the ground again.
Rey kneels beside his chair. She tries to make herself comfortable on the stone floor, but it doesn't work. She doesn't feel comfortable being degraded in a place like this. The tavern customers were a rough lot and they frightened her.
"Waiter! Drinks please," Kylo Ren calls. A bug-eyed looking waiter comes over. "I'll have some wine—" The waiter looks questioningly at Rey. Kylo Ren shakes his head. "No, she won't have anything." The waiter leaves.
Kylo Ren relaxes, content to observe the environment. Ignoring Rey.
Rey makes another valiant attempt at communication. "Kylo, please, I didn't mean it the way it came out. I just want—"
Kylo Ren puts his finger on her lips to hush her. She stares at him with a wide eyed vulnerability. HIs expression is indifferent as he picks up a small orange from a fruit basket in the middle of the table.
"Open wide…" he says, sadistically. Rey opens her mouth. He presses the orange into her mouth, filling it, effectively silencing her. "Unless you're going to suck my dick under the table, don't open your mouth again."
Rey's cheeks turn red. She squeezes her eyes shut and looks down at the ground in embarrassment, trying to drown out the madness around her. Wishing she were sitting at the table, drinking like a normal patron, instead of on her knees, gagged with a piece of fruit.
After only a few minutes, a voluptuous Twi'lek brings a glass of wine to the table. The Twi'lek's skin was red, her bosom ample, and she was dressed in a scant, seductive dress that didn't leave much to the imagination.
"Your drink, sir," she says, bending over the table as she sets the drink down and staring into Kylo Ren's eyes. Kylo's eyes follow her curves. "Is there anything else I can get you? Or help you with?" She smiles, clearly interested in Kylo Ren.
"Perhaps there is something." Kylo Ren takes her hand and kisses it. "You could tell me your name."
"Candelaria. I already know who you are." She smiles at him and gives a slight bow, giving Kylo Ren a peek down her bosom.
"What a beautiful name. It suits you."
Rey rolls her eyes and grunts in frustration. She wants to get up and leave. Is angry at having to stay by his side while Kylo Ren flirts with some… with some alien hooker in a bar.
Candelaria motions to Rey. "Who is this? Your servant girl…?"
"Slave girl," Kylo Ren says in a low and dismissive voice. "I might sell her if she keeps boring me."
Rey's heartbeat speeds up. She looks at Kylo Ren, horrified. Looking for some assurance. He gives her none. He stares with interest at Candelaria.
Candelaria raises an eyebrow at Kylo Ren. She cocks her head playfully. "Perhaps you need someone more exciting then?"
Kylo Ren pets the top of Rey's head. "She doesn't like it when I see other women. She gets jealous easily." Kylo Ren turns back to Candelaria. "Especially of women as beautiful as yourself."
Candelaria smiles seductively. She leans over the table into Kylo Ren's face. "That's very kind of you…" she whispers.
Kylo cups her face in his hands and pulls her closer to him, pulls her head until she's forced to come closer, and then he pulls her onto his lap, straddling him. As she sits on his lap, Kylo Ren kisses her softly.
Candelaria pulls away and smiles, dreamy. "I have to get back to work."
"No, you don't," Kylo Ren says and pulls her in for another deep kiss.
Rey tries to get up to move away from the uncomfortable scene. Kylo reaches out and grabs onto the collar, forcing Rey back down. All without breaking his kiss with Candelaria.
"Come home with me," Kylo Ren says in a deep, low voice.
"Right now?" Candelaria asks, breathless.
Kylo Ren nods. Candelaria leans in and kisses him again. "Okay."
Rey can't believe her ears. She crosses her arms and bites down on the orange. Juice spills out of her mouth down her chin.
Kylo scoffs at Rey. "See this? She's so undisciplined, I don't understand it." He says in a stern voice, "That's not how I taught you to sit."
Rey is angry and it takes every ounce of will power to put her hands down onto her thighs and spread her knees— like Kylo taught her. She glares up at him, wanting to punch them both.
Kylo senses the rage emanating off her and smiles. He pats her head. "Good girl." He turns back to Candelaria and hugs her around the waist. "Let's get out of here."

Rey kicks the glass wall. She stands outside of Kylo Ren's chambers in a corridor enclosed with glass walls, allowing for an unobstructed view of a desolate, red valley. Kylo had taken Candelaria home with him.
Candelaria felt uncomfortable with Rey's presence, so Kylo had sent her to wait outside. "Do not move from this spot," he had told her firmly.
Rey leans against the glass wall, staring at the desolate landscape. She wanted to pulverize everything. If only she had the power. Being shut out from Kylo Ren confidence was infuriating. He kept her on such a short leash, literally and metaphorically, but he wouldn't allow her to talk to him.
It felt… humiliating, degrading. She felt like a pet. Kylo Ren's pet. Rey closes her eyes in shame. Wondering if she was truly broken? What was he doing to her? She knows he's still her enemy… But her friends abandoned her. She really didn't have anyone now. She didn't know whose side she was on. At this point, she couldn't even remember what life was like before Kylo Ren.
Tears began to stream down Rey's face. First, a life of scavenging on Jakku. Lonliness. Desolation. Waiting. Then, when she met Finn, she had friends for the first time. Finn, Poe, Maz Kanata… It was a spark of light in her otherwise desolate life. Discovering the force within her was something she had never imagined as a scavenger on Jakku.
She'd had a family for the first time since her parents abandoned her. When she was training with Luke Skywalker, it was intense, but she was happier than she had ever been in her entire life. It had felt good to know people, to have people she cared about and who cared about her in return.
She watches a small tornado blow red dust around outside. She bangs both fists on the glass. Then Kylo Ren came. She divided her life into three sections. Life on Jakku. A brief spark of happiness with the resistance and with Luke. And then Kylo Ren.
Her time with Kylo Ren has been relatively short. Two months, at most? But it felt like the longest. It felt like the only part of her life that was real. Her life before seemed like an illusion. A dream to make herself feel better when she despaired.
Kylo Ren was an overwhelming presence she couldn't escape from. He came into her life and swept her up like a tornado, destroying everything in its wake. And filled her life with the most intense pleasures and pains. He had awakened her sexuality and she desires him, despite herself. She craves his touch… wants to run her hand along his hard chest, twine her fingers in his hair… Feels herself respond at the mere thought of him. And she feels a deep shame for it.
Had she really defeated him in the forest once upon a time? It didn't feel real anymore.
Now, she waits outside his door while he pleasures himself with another woman. How can those two events happen in the same world?
She puts her head down onto the glass and sobs. Alone in her misery. Wishing she had a friend… somebody who understood the turmoil within her.
"Are you all right?"
Rey jumps at the sound of the male voice behind her. She starts to turn around, but feels a pair of strong hands hold her in place. "Don't turn around," Hux whispers in her ear.
"Hux?" she asks softly. With Hux, Rey was never certain whether to be scared of the leader of the First Order, or grateful that he was the only person who had shown her any kindness since she had been captured.
"Shhh. Why are you out here? Where is Kylo Ren?" he asks. His voice sounds kind to Rey's ears.
"He's inside… with somebody," she says sadly. "He told me to stay here. Right in this spot." She swallows a lump in her throat and struggles to hold back tears.
"Then you'd better stay right here," Hux grabs her wrists and places her hands on the glass. Rey shudders as he breaths down her neck and plants a light kiss on her earlobe. "I don't want to get you in trouble."
"Thank you, Hux… " She shudders at his kiss, craving human contact.
"You look so sad… So alone…" Hux runs his hands down her abdomen and begins loosening her belt.
"What are you doing…?" she asks, alarmed. Rey grabs his hands, trying to pull them away from her belt.
Hux grabs both her wrists again and places her hands back on the glass wall. "Keep your hands on the wall," he commands her, in a firm tone.
He continues kissing the back of her neck. "He's got you wrapped around his little finger, doesn't he? You want to please him… Afraid to disobey… Haven't even considered escape, have you? Impressive."
"Hux, please…" She whispers. "I'm afraid of what he'll do if he finds out."
He wraps his arms around her waist. "Don't worry— He'll never hurt you, Rey. He'll fuck you, humiliate you, frighten you—" Rey gasps as Hux sticks his tongue in her ear. "But he'll never hurt you. And he won't hurt me… as long as it's consensual. As long as you want me."
Hux speaks softly, reasonably. "He's trying to make you jealous. Are you okay with that?" Hux moves his hands back to her belt and undoes it. Slowly pushes her pants down past her hips.
"What if somebody comes?"
"Then it's just that much more exciting, isn't it?" He inches his hand down her belly to the place between her legs… "Do you want me, Rey?" he asks, his finger hovering over her clit. Rey feels exposed in the glass walkway, terrified of someone seeing.
Rey moans and leans into his chest. He slips a finger into her, feeling the slick wetness between her thighs. "Yes…" she breathes.
"Beg me to fuck you."
"Say my name. And beg me." He pulls her pants down around her ankles, trapping her feet together. He pushes her shirt up above her breasts and cups them in his hands, kneading them and playing with her nipples.
"Please, Hux, fuck me…" she says, still leaning against the window.
"Gladly," Hux says. He bends her over and pushes her face into the glass. Puts his hands on her waist and enters her from behind.
Rey's heart speeds up and she pants heavily at the sensation of fullness. Hux runs his hands all over her body as he fucks her from behind,
"No wonder Kylo Ren uses you as his personal little fuck toy. You practically beg for it," he says, in a cruel voice that she doesn't recognize.
"Why would you say that…" Rey says, panting. She is confused. Suddenly deeply uncomfortable with him inside her. She removes her hands from the glass and tries to push him off. He grabs her wrists and pushes her hands back onto the glass.
"Keep your hands on the glass," he commands. "Or I'll make sure Kylo Ren finds out that you begged me to fuck you." He continues pounding himself into her.
Rey squeezes her eyes shut, feeling a deep sense of shame. "I thought you were nice…"
"Oh, Rey, you are bad. You thought I was your friend? I am the closest thing to a friend you've got. You really do belong with us. Your friends saw that— that's why they left without you."
"Stop…" she protests. She feels her breasts hitting the glass as he pleasures himself with her body. She's not strong enough to push him off and can only endure. And resent the pleasure she experiences.
"You're a good little slave of the First Order, aren't you?" he says maliciously.
"No…" she says weakly. Rey is uncomfortable with his sudden change of attitude and tries to push away from the glass and fight him off. He covers her mouth with his hand, cutting her protests off. He presses her chest against the cold glass.
He continues fucking her, bringing them both to the peak of orgasm. He stops, right before he has to cum, and pulls out. He turns Rey around and pushes her to her knees. Her pants are around her ankles and she stumbles, falling hard onto the ground.
He strokes himself, holding his penis in front of her face. "Beg for my cum."
She looks up at him. Startled. Confused. She shakes her head. Glancing at Kylo Ren's door. Paranoid. Worried.
"I'm not asking you. I'm telling you. Beg. For. My. Cum." He spits out each word. Commanding her.
She's disappointed in herself for not fighting, for not resisting. "Please give me your cum…"
"Where, Rey? Your mouth?" He continues stroking himself in front of her face.
"Please cum in my mouth…" she says breathlessly, her cheeks pink.
Hux sticks the tip of his penis in her mouth and strokes himself until he's emptied his seed down her throat. She closes her mouth and swallows it down.
Hux stares down at her, putting his penis back into his pants. He smiles at the grimace on her face as she swallows his seed. Enjoying the sight of Rey on her knees, shirt pressed up past her breasts, her pants pulled around her ankles. Her lithe body exposed in the open corridor.
Hux's uniform looks perfect. One wouldn't know the activity he just exerted himself in. Hux fixes his uniform, satisfied.
"Wait until I walk away before you get up," Hux tells her. He walks away without saying another word. Rey watches him disappear. Her mouth goes dry and she almost forgets where she's at until she feels a light breeze on her breasts.
She jumps up, paranoid that Kylo Ren is going to storm through the door. She pulls her pants back up, fixes her belt, pulls her shirt back down. Smooths out her clothing trying to look normal.
She wipes her mouth with the back of her hand. Wishing she could wash out the taste of Hux's cum with a glass of water. She glances at the door, worried. She had to erase Hux from her mind.
She could still feel him pushing into her, still feel her breasts against the cold glass, still feel the helplessness when he covered her mouth with his hand. But most of all the confusion and betrayal.
Why would he do this? Did he want her to get in trouble with Kylo Ren?
Rey straightens herself up and stares out the window. Focusing on the little red twister blowing dust around. Filling her mind with it in order to forget what just happened.
She imagines the twister inside her, hollowing out her out from the inside. Making within her an empty vessel. She was nobody.
She straightens up when she hears the door open.
Kylo Ren comes out and closes the door. He looks irritated. He smooths his clothes down. His cheeks are flushed red.
"I've been interrupted," he says.
He looks at her with a serious expression and Rey panics. She feels her heart rate speed up and her cheeks flush with trepidation. How could he know already? No, no, no! She looks at the ground as he walks over to her. He tips her head up, making her look at him.
"I've been ordered to introduce you to Snoke," he says. "Right now."

Supreme Leader Snoke is more intimidating in person than as a giant hologram. His voice sends chills down your spine, gets under your skin. His sunken face a mocking parody of life.
But Rey doesn't cringe. Kylo Ren has shoved her into the middle of a circle. Snoke sits on a throne above everybody. The Knights of Ren in their black cloaks and masks surround her. Rey senses their gazes upon her, their curiosity and their hostility to the light within her.
Rey was terrified when she entered the arcane Sith temple. The temple that had changed inhabitants but had always been a center of darkness in the galaxy. The giant chamber was a mass of jagged stone, an ancient ruin that felt like it had existed since the beginning of time. Stone that radiated darkness.
Rey doesn't know where where gets the courage, the backbone. As she faces Snoke, she is defiant. She stands straight and tall, forgetting about the restraints around her wrists, the collar on her neck. They didn't matter. She stands in the circle knowing who her real enemy is. She has no illusions.
They were trying to unsettle her, to brutalize the light out of her. Rey determined that they would not succeed.
Snoke leans forward and sneers. "You are strong in the force… But don't count your success against my apprentice as a victory…"
Snoke stands up and walks towards Rey. Looming over her. Rey doesn't react as his spindly hands reach up to touch her face. She can feel his overwhelming power… pressing against every cell in her body. But she doesn't react… she lets his power run through her… but it doesn't harm her, for her SELF has disappeared… her mind is clear and focused.
Kylo Ren thought he had broken her, but had unwittingly made her stronger. Being forced to abandon any shred of dignity, her ego, abandon any sense of identity had somehow made her stronger.
And now Kylo Ren has shown her the real enemy. The person whom she vows to destroy.
"Your connection to the light is not as strong as you think, padawan. The seed of darkness grows in your heart…" Snoke moves back to his throne. He sits down.
"Kylo Ren," Snoke says.
"Yes, Supreme Leader," Kylo Ren bows.
"You have failed to find and kill Luke Skywalker." He pauses. "But you have succeeded in capturing his padawan… Young padawan, YOU will kill Luke Skywalker."
Kylo Ren nods.
"You may go now," Snoke says.
Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren take a knee, bowing to Snoke. Rey remains standing, cutting a defiant figure against the darkness.
Kylo tries to pull Rey to her knees. Rey kicks him away and stares defiantly at Snoke. "I will never bow to you. I will never bow to the darkness."
Snoke leans forward and laughs. "You have the makings of a powerful force user, child. You will bow to the darkness, just as you will kill your former master."
"I will not," Rey says.
"I tire of this," Snoke says. "Get out."
The Knights of Ren leave the room. Kylo Ren pushes Rey towards the door.
When they leave and Rey hears the door close behind her, she lets out a breath she didn't realize she was holding. She pants slightly, feeling a release in her body— a sensation of relief after being nearly crushed by the power of Snoke. He won't crush her, she vows.
"You're going to kill the last Jedi?" asks a rough, female voice.
Rey looks up to see one of the Knights with their mask off. A woman of olive skin and dark hair, and a confident, roughness about her. The woman catches Rey's gaze and smiles. "I'm Emerald. " She walks towards Rey and looks her up and down. Her gaze is approving and she nods. "I see it. I see the killer in you."
Rey frowns and shakes her head, backing away. "It's not going to happen. You can't CHANGE me." Rey glances at Kylo Ren. "As much as you try."
Emerald looks amused. "OH, you're definitely going to be strong. Perhaps you will outpace the rest of us… and even your master." She nods at Kylo Ren, turns on her heel and walks away.
Kylo Ren follows after her and pulls Rey along. "Where are we going now?" she asks. Rey can't perceive anything past his mask, but senses the frustration growing within him.
He calms himself. "We're going to meet the Knights of Ren," he says in the electronic, calm voice.
"Are they all as mean as you?" she asks.
He says nothing. Continues leading her down the hall. After a silence, he says, "You did well in there."
She frowns. "What? No, I didn't. I refuse to cooperate with you."
"You will. By the end of this day, you will."
Rey tries to stop walking, she braces her feet on the floor. Kylo forcibly drags her along. "It's not going to happen." In her anger, she takes a risk. "Ben," she says in a mocking voice.
Kylo Ren stops. He turns to look at her. Rey inwardly cringes, expecting the worst. Kylo motions to a door. "We're here."
He waits patiently for her to enter. After staring at him defiantly for a few tense moments, she turns heel and enters where she's directed.
There are five of the Knights of Ren inside. They sit around a giant stone and glass table of an ornate and arcane design. They all have their masks off.
Rey only recognizes Emerald and Enoch. She almost missed Tawna standing in the shadows behind Enoch. She's quiet. An apprentice?
Enoch regards her coldly. His eyes are a cool blue, and combined with his silver hair give him an icy countenance. Rey doesn't like the way he looks at her. It makes her feel like she's a mere insect, an annoyance to him. Rey is NOT happy to see him. She suspects that he might be more cruel than Kylo Ren.
Emerald leans way back in her chair, her feet up on the table, irreverently. She wears an expression of boredom, but Rey can tell she keeps an eye on everything. Emerald was beautiful, but there was a roughness to her that told Rey she wasn't from a privileged family, like Kylo Ren. Rather that her background was closer to Rey's - savage, unstructured, a struggle just to survive.
The other three are a tall, well muscled blonde man, a skinny one whom Rey couldn't tell the gender of, and an elegant, dark skinned woman. None of them seemed particularly frightening. Though, Rey reminded herself, neither did Kylo Ren with his mask off.
Kylo Ren sits at the largest chair at the head of the table. He motions for Rey to stand next to him.
Rey tries to keep her gaze serious and defiant as the Knights of Ren all turn to look at her.
Emerald leans forward. "So the Knights of Ren are now seven."
The dark haired woman speaks. "She's one of us now?" she asks, pointing at Rey.
Enoch shakes his head. "She's not one of us."
"She is one of us now," Kylo Ren says.
"Is she too dangerous for you, Kylo Ren?" Enoch asks, indicating Rey's collar.
"Dangerous enough," Kylo Ren says sharply.
Enoch smiles and leans back. "Intriguing."
"Okay, important things!" Emerald says loudly and leans towards Rey conspiratorially. "What is it like living with Kylo Ren?"
"Hey, Emerald," Kylo say. "I've got a great idea for you — it's called get your feet off the fucking table."
"Great idea, Master," she sits up straight and looks back at Rey. "Be honest! You can be candid here! Tell me."
Everybody goes silent and leans forward to hear Rey's answer. Rey glances fearfully at Kylo Ren. Kylo's arms are crossed and he glares at the group around the table. Rey feels frustrated with him and turns to Emerald.
"He's like living with a gundark," Rey says. The table erupts into laughter.
Emerald leans back, satisfied. "Like a gundark…" she chuckles softly. "Kylo Ren, what have you been doing to the poor girl?"
Kylo waves his hands for silence. They settle down to pay attention. "Snoke has ordered us to begin training her tomorrow."
"To kill Luke Skywalker… why her? Why not us?" Emerald asks.
"I'm not going to kill Luke Skywalker!" Rey shouts indignantly.
"You're an assassin now, darling," Enoch says. "Snoke has decreed it."
Rey shakes her head. "It's not going to happen."
Emerald says, "Your stubbornness only proves your strength. The more you resist, the further you will descend to the dark side. You're one of us now."
Kylo Ren stands up, towering over Rey. Rey looks up at him fearfully, looking into his eyes, trying to connect. Trying to find safety somewhere. Kylo's gaze is soft as he reaches up to caress her face.
"You are one of us now," he says.
Rey is terrified. She shakes her head and backs away. Kylo moves with her and she PUNCHES him in the side, right where he was wounded on Starkiller Base. Kylo doubles over, gripping his side, agony gripping his face.
"I'll never be like YOU, Kylo Ren," Rey says. She calmly walks out of the room. Kylo Ren glaring daggers at her back side.
Emerald bolts up out of her chair and looks at Kylo. "Should I go after her?"
Kylo waves for Emerald to sit back down. "I need you here," Kylo Ren says. He sits back down. "She'll cooperate. By the end of the day, she will be one of us." Kylo motions to Tawna. "You go get her."
Tawna looks surprised. Startled that Kylo Ren had spoken to her. She bows and runs out the door.

Rey runs through the corridors. She doesn't know where she's going, but finds herself back in the glass corridor. Right outside of Kylo Ren's rooms. Finds herself staring at the ravaged landscape of Moraband. She hits the glass with both her fists. Feeling trapped. Alone. Always alone.
Always in some desolate awful place.
She jumps at the sound of Hux's voice. Hux runs over to her. "What are you doing? What happened?"
Rey shakes her head. "Nothing," she says, wiping tears from her face.
Hux reaches out to touch her shoulder and she pushes him away violently. "Don't touch me!"
Hux backs away. "Of course. Is there anything I can do?" he says, concerned.
She looks at him through tears. "Get me out of here."
Hux swallows a lump in his throat, feeling for her. He stands next to her, shoulder to shoulder, and leans against the wall. He had never disobeyed the orders of Supreme Leader Snoke. But it wasn't until this very moment, seeing Rey break down like this that he realizes how truly evil Snoke is.
He stands there with her in silence for a few minutes. Listening to her breakdown
It had never bothered him to be called evil before. But now he knows what evil looks like… sees the human cost. He reaches out and she flinches away.
He grabs onto her arm and whispers. "Don't let them break you. You can endure this." He grabs both her shoulders. "Look at me. Just one more day."
"What?" she asks through tear filled eyes.
"Just one more day. I want to help you, but—"
"But you hurt me." She wipes the tears from her eyes.
Hux nods and looks down, fighting back his emotions. A weight in his chest. "Yes, I did."
Hux shrugs. "I'm sorry." He doesn't know what else to say. Knows there's no real way of making it up to her.
"Why would you help me now?" she asks, a sense of betrayal in her voice.
"I don't like to be used," he says simply.
"I don't believe you."
"Oh, Rey…" Hux grabs Rey's shoulder, pulling her close, and puts his head up against hers. "You can see what's in my mind…"
Rey closes her eyes and lets herself relax against him. She gasps and pulls away suddenly, shaking your head.
"He… Snoke, told you to do it…" Rey shakes her head and turns away from Hux. "So you only… with me… because he told you to?"
Hux shakes his head and wraps his arms around her, hugging her tightly. "You know that's not true."
"Are you going to help me?" Rey whispers against his chest.
"I can't help somebody with a tracking device around their neck."
Rey's eyes widen. She touches the collar around her neck, realizing how it's almost become part of her, so much she doesn't realize she's wearing it most of the time.
"Whatever it takes, Rey." Hux releases her and steps away.
Rey reaches out to him. "Hux, I don't know if I can—"
"How dare you address me so informally?" Hux snaps. "It's General Hux."
Rey's mouth drops open in surprise at the acid in his voice. The utter indifference. She starts to speak—closes her mouth when she sees Tawna coming around the corner.
Hux shakes his head reproachfully. "I want to help you, Rey. I really do. But you're a complete mess."
Tawna laughs. "Is she bothering you, General? She is rather unpleasant, isn't she?"
"And quite insolent," Hux says, sneering down at Rey.
Rey is shocked at the sudden change. She hopes that Hux is sincere in his offer to help, but the ease with which he changed demeanors is unsettling.
"I've come to collect her… But I'm afraid she's dangerous." Tawna holds out a pair of manacles.
Hux takes them and says graciously, "Of course, Tawna, I will help you." He turns to Rey. "You shouldn't have to deal with this filthy. Desert. Scum." He draws out each word, disdainfully, so much that Rey thinks he means each word.
Rey is still shocked at the abrupt change in attitude. As Hux moves towards her with the manacles, she tries to get away, too fast and almost falls— until Hux catches her by grabbing her roughly by the arm.
Hux twists Rey's arm behind her back and pushes her up against the glass. He snaps the manacles on her wrists. Hux moves his hand from her back to her neck, pushing her face against the glass. Pinning her, helpless. And confused.
"Thank you, General!" Tawna exclaims. Tawna twirls a finger in her hair, and looks up at Hux. "General, I heard a rumor…"
Hux raises an eyebrow. "A rumor? Gossiping again, Tawna? It really looks bad on you to pay attention to such petty things."
"I'm sorry! I was curious—"
Hux rolls his eyes. "What did you hear?" He sounds utterly indifferent.
Tawna's face flushes and she rocks back on her feet, and clutches her sleeves uncomfortably. "Ah, well, I heard that you and her," she motions to Rey. "There's something between you."
"That's a dangerous accusation, Tawna."
Tawna's face turns red. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I shouldn't have asked, please forgive me—"
"Don't worry about it. I'm just disappointed you think I would stoop so low. Soil myself with this one. We just had a very long and agonizing journey from Starkiller Base. Of course rumors would start."
Tawna casts her eyes to the ground. "I'm very sorry for implying—"
Hux continues as if Tawna hadn't spoken. "And of course, when rumors spread," he looks pointedly at Tawna. "Weak minds believe them."
Hux pulls Rey away from the wall and pushes her into Tawna. "I think you had a task?"
Tawna grabs Rey, surprised. Rey tries to keep her balance, but can't help falling into Tawna's chest.
"Oh, of course," Tawna says. Tawna loops her arm into Rey's and pulls her along.

The Knights of Ren have erupted into chaos after Rey left. Kylo Ren was annoyed. He wasn't pleased to be back. Somehow a discussion about an upcoming raid on a rebel base had turned into a discussion about food.
"Is there food there? You know, free snacks, wine?" Emerald asks, trying to sound reasonable.
Kylo shrugs. "I don't know. Maybe."
"Why are we sent to these awful places? Can't the rebels base themselves someplace decent? Why do they hide in caves?" Enoch says.
"And Snoke doesn't have to worry about decent food—" Emerald starts.
"What does Snoke eat anyway? Does he eat ashes? Baby hearts?" Tierra snickers.
"Yeah, he ate Kylo Ren's heart. That's how he ended up with us," Emerald says with a serious face.
Kylo Ren looks bored. He flicks his hand and force throws Emerald from her chair. Her chair topples over and she goes flying. Hits the wall with a THUD.
Emerald gets up and ambles back to her chair. "I love a little rough play, but ouch…" She rubs the back of her head. "I don't like that, Master."
Kylo Ren starts to roll his eyes when Enoch shouts, "And I don't like you sending my apprentice to collect your little pet."
The Knights of Ren erupts into a fury of argument, their voices drowning out the others.
"She's still rebel scum—"
"Does she bite?"
"Why don't we vote HER Master Ren—"
"When I see her in the blood of our enemies, THEN I'll trust her—"
Kylo locks all five of them in a force choke. The room is silence and the Knights stare at Kylo Ren in fear.
"Do you challenge my decision? Do you challenge the Supreme Leader?" Kylo asks.
Enoch breaks from the force choke. Kylo Ren narrows his eyes suspiciously. Enoch walks around the table to approach Kylo Ren.
Kylo sends the other four flying and turns his attention to Enoch.
Roark takes a knee and bows to Kylo Ren. "Nobody is challenging your decision, my liege. You have my full and sincere trust."
Tawna enters with Rey. Enoch gets up and moves back to his seat.
Tawna tries to push Rey down to her knees, but Rey swings her leg around and KNEES Tawna in the belly. Tawna's breath is knocked out of her and she wheezes, her eyes bugging out.
Tawna lashes out in anger and tries to hit Rey, but Kylo force freezes her and she's paused in the door way. The room is silent, every pair of eyes on Rey and Tawna. Enoch looks outraged.
"Rey, come over here," Kylo Ren orders.
Rey wants to resist. But she senses the threat in Kylo Ren's voice and finds herself walking over to him. Kylo Ren pulls Rey down to kneel between his legs. He holds her like that, trapped between his knees.
Kylo runs his fingers through Rey's hair, petting the top of her head.
"Where was she?" Kylo asks.
"I found her talking to General Hux," Tawna says.
"Did you?" Kylo's fingers grip into Rey's hair, pulling it painfully.
Rey gets chills down her spine, suddenly apprehensive.

"Are you having trouble controlling your Knights?" Hux asks.
Hux waits with Kylo Ren outside Snoke's grand chamber, awaiting their audience. Kylo Ren looks at Hux in disgust. The man doesn't understand the powers of the force, or what it was like to lead a group of powerful force wielders.
Kylo stares forward, not wanting to acknowledge Hux's presence. He had to work with the man, but he didn't have to talk to him more than necessary.
"I could give you some leadership tips. We're supposed to work together, after all." Hux smiles winningly.
Kylo Ren snaps. "You have an ARMY, Hux. They march, together— in neat little rows! Knights of Ren are like cats… You can't herd them. It's completely different."
Hux sighs. "Right. You have all the knowledge and experience you need. You have nothing to learn from the supreme military commander of the First Order."
"You don't understand. I wish you could try my position and see how difficult it is." Kylo crosses his arms.
Hux laughs. "I'd gladly change places with you, Ren. But even a day and you'd fuck up my system."
"Why do you always question my methods?" Kylo asks.
Hux shrugs. "They're blunt. Often cruel… and stifling for all parties involved. Perhaps you should give your young apprentice more freedom—"
"So she can run and fuck you?"
"Perhaps she prefers a more sophisticated lover— Or she has good taste."
"Tread carefully, General. I won't tolerate you putting your hands on her. Stay away from her, or—"
Hux interrupts, turns to face Kylo Ren confrontationally. "Or what?"
Kylo's face goes ashen and he turns away from Hux, towards the door. Hux smiles, satisfied, and turns away. "And if you got rid of me, you wouldn't have the knowledge to lead. You think your knights are bad? Try a whole universe with no army."
"Hux, you mother fucker—" Kylo seethes in anger.
"I haven't had a chance with your mother yet, Ren. Just wait. I'm sure she's as delightful as Rey." Hux's maintains his self-satisfied demeanor, unthreatened by the rage building inside Kylo Ren.
Kylo wants to hit the general. He balls up his fist, the rage boiling within, about to boil over. He bares his teeth at Hux. "You are a disgusting prick—"
"Plenty of women enjoy my prick, young Ren."
Kylo would continue, but the giant doors begin to open with a RUMBLE. The two men prepare to walk through. "Just keep going, Hux…" Kylo says through gritted teeth.
Hux looks at him innocently. "Why? Are you taking notes?"
"I'm going to tell Snoke about this," Kylo threatens.
"Yes, yes… run and tattle," Hux says, shaking his head mockingly. "Same as you did the first time Rey beat you at your little mind games. Yeah, I remember that…"
The two men walk forward and take a knee in front of Snoke's throne.
"Do you question my choices, Knight of Ren?" Snoke asks.
Kylo Ren pales. "Of course not, Supreme Leader."
"What is your progress with the girl?" Snoke asks, not bothering with formalities.
"I introduced her to the Knights of Ren. I believe that we are swaying her to the dark side. We will train her to be our assassin."
"That's an optimistic assessment," Hux says.
Kylo Ren turns sharply to look at Hux. "What do you mean, General?"
"You are falling for her. You care too much about her, Ren." Hux says.
"I do NOT," Kylo snaps. "Supreme Leader, I am merely following your orders. I am making progress with her."
"Perhaps you are too easy on her? You give in to her desires too easily. Do not let your compassion for the girl distract you from what you must do."
Kylo Ren nods, bows his head. "Yes, Supreme Leader."
Kylo Ren turns around, glares at Hux, and then leaves.
Snoke and Hux wait for the door to close completely behind Kylo Ren before speaking.
"Did you succeed with the girl?" Snoke asks.
Hux nods. He pulls out a hologram device from his jacket and flips it on.
A life size hologram of Rey appears between the two men. It is Rey on her knees, her shirt pushed up past her breasts, her pants around her ankles, looking very helpless and vulnerable.
Hux plays the hologram. The hologram Rey says, "Please cum in my mouth…" Hux rewinds the hologram and Rey is pushed against the window. "Please, Hux, fuck me…" Rey's cheeks are flushed.
The hologram replays. "Please, Hux, fuck me…" from a helpless Rey.
"You don't seem pleased, General," Snoke says.
Hux turns the hologram off and snaps to attention. "Of course not, Supreme Leader. I'm being used as a tool. The girl was an easy target, allowing me to fuck her right outside of Kylo Ren's room."
"We cannot allow his compassion for her interfere."
"Understood. I will release this at the most inopportune time for them both."
"I trust your judgement, General."
Hux salutes and turns to march towards the door.
Military leaders don't use sex to get people to cooperate. It is a method too blunt for Hux's taste. He is convinced that if Kylo Ren had not become physically involved with Rey, that Hux would have been able to easily convert her to be loyal to the first order. Any military by its nature specialized in turning civilians into soldiers.
But Hux will follow the Supreme Leader's orders. Hux understands power, he understands order. He doesn't understand the dark side. He acknowledges that while he can turn anyone into a soldier, he doesn't understand turning someone to the dark side.

Rey waits for Kylo Ren to return. She kneels on his bed. Her hands are tied behind her back and her ankles are tied together. Emerald and Enoch guard her.
Emerald sits on the throne and has her feet over the arm of it and she reads something that Rey can't see. Emerald glances over occasionally, but nobody says anything because Kylo Ren has ordered them not to speak to her.
Enoch rests against the wall by the door. He waits impatiently for Kylo Ren to return. He looks angry and Rey does NOT like the way he looks at her, like he wants to rip her apart.
Enoch catches Rey looking at him and smiles. He begins walking towards her. "What are you looking at, little Jedi pet?"
Rey's heart pounds in her chest. Enoch continues moving towards her. He pulls out his light saber and fires up the red blade. Rey cringes back.
Emerald puts down what she was reading. "Hey! We were told not to talk to her!" She starts towards Enoch—
Enoch force throws her away from him and she slides across the floor. "My curiosity has gotten the better of me. I am curious how this little pet managed to defeat our master, Kylo Ren." Enoch reaches the bed and points the saber at Rey, holding it in front of her face. "And yet," he says. "Here you are so helpless before me…"
Rey falls onto her back and rolls off the bed, landing on the opposite side from Enoch, landing on the floor.
Emerald yells at him from across the room. "Quit being a dick, Enoch!"
Rey slides her bound wrists around her butt and pulls her legs through, so that her arms are in front of her body. Enoch moves around the bed, looming over her.
"You don't want to protect this little girl," Enoch says. "She's not going to kill Luke Skywalker. One of us will do it."
Rey draws her knees up to her chest and PUSHES her feet into Enoch's knee. Enoch cries out in pain. Rey tries to crawl away, but Enoch grabs the front of her jacket and hauls her onto her feet.
Enoch grins. "I see why he likes you, scavenger." He throws her onto the bed. He pins her down with his knee, so she can't wriggle away. He holds the light saber back in front of her face. "Maybe he won't like you so much without your pretty face," he says, menacing.
Rey feels burning against her face as Enoch holds his saber, inching incrementally closer.
Suddenly, the red blade SHOOTS across the room. Enoch looks up in surprise. Kylo Ren stands in the doorway, Enoch's light saber in his hand.
He force throws Enoch off of Rey. Enoch crashes against the wall. Emerald rushes towards Kylo Ren and kneels before him. "Master, I am sorry. I couldn't prevent him—"
Kylo Ren silences her. "Stay there, Emerald, " he says, leaving her on her knees.
He moves towards Rey on the bed. Rey has never felt so relieved to see him. Kylo Ren leans over her, touching her face. "Did he hurt you?" Kylo Ren asks.
Enoch is getting up from where he crash landed against the wall. He glares at Kylo Ren and Rey. Kylo force freezes him in place.
Rey shakes her head. "He didn't. Then you got here— I'm okay."
Kylo sits her up and puts his arm around her. "What do you want me to do to him? Do you want me to cut his face open, like he was going to do to you?"
Rey shakes her head. "I just want him to go."
"Are you certain? I could cut off his hand. Anything. Just say the word and he is at your mercy," Kylo says, a chilling smile on his face.
Enoch looks worried as he strains against the force hold.
Rey leans into Kylo's chest. "I don't want to hurt anybody," she says.
Enoch looks relieved.
Kylo Ren sighs. Disappointed in Rey's answer. Disappointed with Rey, he decides. "You heard her. Get out." He releases Enoch from the force hold.
Enoch kneels, "Please forgive me, Master."
"I said— Get. The fuck. OUT of here."
Enoch nods and moves towards the door. Emerald gets up and follows him out the door.
When they are left alone, Kylo Ren gets up and regards her coldly. "Do you want to be here, Rey?"
Rey is taken off guard by the question and doesn't know how to respond. "What do you mean?" she asks.
"Stand up," he orders.
Rey wriggles off the bed and stands, struggling to keep her balance. She's worried about the tone in his voice. Kylo Ren grabs her bound wrists and pulls her forward, forcing her to hop to not fall down.
Kylo uses the force to send the chain that usually went to her collar up into the ceiling. He pulls her wrists and ties them to the chain, so that Rey's arms are pulled upward, hanging from the ceiling.
Kylo Ren puts his hands on her waist to help her steady her balance. He lifts her chin up to his face and kisses her softly on the lips.
Rey remembers that she still has the remnants of Hux's cum in her mouth. That what happened in the corridor was only just this afternoon. Remembers that her thighs are still covered in the juices from what they did.
"I can't keep my hands off of you, Rey. But…" Kylo Ren moves away. "I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to do."
Kylo undoes the fastening on Rey's jacket, pulling the zipper down. He grabs her shirt in his fists and RIPS it apart, exposing her bare breasts. He kisses her on the lips and touches her softly, moving his hand over her ribs and down her belly.
His touch sets Rey's body on fire. Her breasts aching to be touched. She moans softly as Kylo undoes her belt, unfastens her pants and pushes them down around her hips.
Rey tries not to be reminded of the afternoon— on her knees while Hux spent his seed into her open mouth. Her pants around her ankles, trapping them together. The memory sends a new flood of moisture between her legs.
The conflict in Rey is intense. She wants Kylo Ren— wants to feel his strong body between her legs. She wants to give in to him fully. She wants to beg for his touch. She trembles as Kylo slides a finger between her legs, feeling the slick moisture there.
Kylo Ren says sadly. "Maybe I should give you up. Let somebody else train you."
The words send cold chills through Rey's body. Her eyes fly open. "What? Why?" she asks, alarmed.
Kylo continues as if she hadn't spoken, musing to himself. "Enoch is the second most powerful— would you like him to train you?"
Rey has trouble focusing on his words. Kylo's hand cups her breast and he rubs his thumb over her nipple. Squeezing it lightly, sending waves of pleasure. Rey shakes her head.
Kylo whispers. "What do you want, Rey?"
"I want—" She moans as Kylo squeezes her nipple. "I want to stay with you."
"So you agree to kill Luke Skywalker then?" Kylo puts his forehead on Rey's and looks intimately into her eyes.
Rey squirms and struggles against her bonds. "But Luke… He's your uncle! What has he done to you? I can't do that!"
"Luke is a threat to the galaxy, Rey." Kylo holds her nude body against his own and envelopes her in a hug.
"Kylo, please…" Rey begs, struggling harder against the ties, binding her wrists and ankles.
Kylo releases her and walks away. He moves towards the bed, talking as he walks away. "The term 'rebel' is over glorified. They're terrorists. They bring disorder. I'm not proud of where I come from. I don't like to be reminded of it."
Tears pool in Rey's eyes. "Kylo Ren, please untie me." She wants to go to him, to wrap her arms around him, though she doesn't understand why.
There is a KNOCK on the door, startling Rey. Kylo smiles at her. It is not a kind smile. "I've already invited Candelaria."
Rey struggles again. "No!" she shouts, her heart sinking. Despairing.
Kylo opens the door. Candelaria jumps into his arms and begins kissing him. Kylo wraps his arms around Candalaria and picks her up. She wraps her legs around his waist and he carries her to the bed.
He drops Candelaria onto the bed, leans over her and kisses her, running his hands down her body.
Rey cannot stand what she is seeing. She shouts at Kylo. "Stop it! Please, Kylo, stop!" She wracks her body against the chain, struggling in vain. Her breathing grows more erratic as her cries become more frantic. She does NOT like what she's seeing.
Kylo ignores her and strips Candelaria of her clothing. He removes his own clothing, without even breaking his kiss with Candelaria.
Rey is crying hysterically now. "I'll do it! Please, Kylo! Stop!" She pleads.
Kylo turns Candelaria over, positioning her on her hands and knees. He enters her from behind, grabbing a fistful of her hair and ramming himself into her. Candelaria moans in pleasure.
"I'll kill Luke Skywalker!" Rey screams.
Kylo pauses inside Candelaria— staring at Rey, his jaw dropped. Surprised at what she just said. Unsure if he heard correctly.
"What did you just say?" he asks softly.
"I'll do it," Rey cries, dropping her head. "I'll do anything for you. You're… you're a monster."
Kylo grabs Candelaria's hair again and pounds relentlessly into her. He pulls Candelaria up against his chest, kissing her neck, and groping her breasts, all while staring at Rey.
"You are quite the monster," Candelaria says, breathless.
Kylo twists Candelaria's head around, forcing her to look at him. "Look at my face." He points at Rey. "She did that."
He continues fucking her until he finishes, spilling himself inside of her.
When he's done, he pushes Candelaria away from him. "Now get out," he says, rudely. He sits on the edge of the bed, staring at Rey, while Candelaria gathers her clothes and scurries out the door.
Kylo approaches Rey, pulling her body into his. He looks down at her, making eye contact. "Did you mean what you said?" he asks.
Rey's eyes are soaked in tears. She nods.
"Why?" He lifts her face to look at him.
"I don't know…" she says, she chokes out the words through tears. "I love you."
Kylo Ren recoils in surprise, briefly pulling away from her. "What?"
She looks at him, emotion heavy in her face. "I love you."
He frowns. "You love me?" He says disbelievingly.
Rey nods. She closes her eyes and looks down, sobs wracking her body. She feels a relief in her arms when they are lowered back to her sides. She would have fallen, had Kylo Ren not caught her in his arms, steadying her back on her feet.
Kylo undoes the ties binding her wrists and ankles. Then he pulls off the rest of her clothes. When she is completely nude, he picks her up and carries her to the bed, cradling her in his arms. He laughs softly. "You love me," he says softly, chuckling.
Kylo wraps a blanket around them both. He holds Rey on his lap, smoothing her hair back, comforting her. She cries against his chest as he holds her tightly, rocking her back and forth.
He whispers to her softly, gently. "Do you mean what you said?" He feels Rey nod against his chest. He lifts her chin to make her look at him. Her gaze is tortured. "Tell me again."
"I love you," she says.
Rey fights the tears that threaten to overwhelm her. "And I'll kill Luke."
Kylo smiles and squeezes her against him. "You're so pathetic," he says. "You're so pathetic, I like it."
Rey doesn't react, only continues to cuddle against his strong chest, liking the feel of his strong arms around her. Suddenly, Rey hears a click. The collar falls from her neck, bounces across the bed, and clatters to the ground.

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