An Akane To Remember

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An Akane to Remember
Story #: Ani-Can 6
Copyright ©2006
Written: October 26 2006

Proofed by: KaosAngel
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"Akane!" Called Kasume from the kitchen of the Tendo house, "Dinner is ready" she added as Akane stood up from her bed where she sat for the last several hours thinking of Ranma and her final moments over the fire, "Now I got to go down there try to put on a happy face and eat Ranma" she said to herself quietly and started down the stairs to the kitchen.

Akane entered the kitchen and saw Ranma staring back at her, Ranma was on the kitchen counter on her knee's, hands and feet unbound being held in position on all four by a short stool that had been placed under Ranma's chest to hole her in place, with the spit still inside her, "She has a look of excitement in her eye's" Akane thought, "What’s so exciting about dying?" she added to her thought.

"Ranma is almost done" Kasume said as she used her knife to slice a small piece of Ranma's meat off of her rump and passed the hot piece of meat to Akane, "Try some Akane she is quite delicious" Kasume said, Akane just stood there staring at the cooked flesh, "Come now Akane this was her role as a woman, we been over this, now your role is to eat this meat until it is your turn to give up your meat the way that she did" Kasume said while Akane turned and ran from the room, "That one's gonna be a fighter" Was all Kasume could say to herself as she ate the piece of meat and started humming her little tune.

Ranma was placed on a large serving platter in the same position she had been in on the counter the platter was placed on a cart that would allow Kasume to wheel her into the dining room to the table to be carved and served with the spit still inside her, this would be removed by Soan at the start of the dinner when everyone was seated ready to eat, "Akane we are ready to eat come down now" Soan yelled from the dining room.

Not wanting to anger her father anymore then she already had over the passed few weeks Akane decided to leave the comfort of her room and join the family in the horror awaiting her in the dining room, dinner of Ranma, "Ok im here, lets get this over with" Akane said as she took her place at the dinner table, "AKANE!, show some respect for our dinner" Soan said as he stood up and took his place at the head of the table where Ranma's roasted body waited him.

"Now for the removal of the spit that gave us this dinner" Soan said as he reached in between Ranma's legs and took hold of the spit still inside her pussy and pulled it hard until the sharp point of the spit went back inside her mouth, steam was now coming from Ranma’s mouth as the spit moved further out of her body, When the spit was fully removed steam could also be seen coming out from between Ranma's Legs, Even Akane could not help herself from staring at the sight of Ranma's pussy, cooked, gaping open, pouring delicious smelling steam.

A quick prayer was chanted by Soan while Soan, Genma, Kasume, Kuno and Akane however forced as she was, bowed their heads in silence, Akane only did this as a sign of respect and wishing Ranma didn’t have to be roasted to ssave herself, "Ok everyone, dig in!" Soan said as everyone jumped in ripping bits of flesh off of Ranma's body like a pack a ravenous wolves, Soan calmly picked up a large filleting knife and sliced Ranma's pussy from the rest of her roasted body with some rice and pickle on the side he sat to eat while the other continued to rip the roasted body apart and gnawing on bones.

Akane sat and stared sickened by the sight she was seeing, not touching a single piece of the roasted Ranma for herself, "This is totally barbaric" Akane though to herself as P-Chan a tiny black pot-bellied piglet jumped into her lap, "P-Chan, where have you been all this time" Akane said as she hugged the little black piglet, P-Chan smiled as he watched the family rip Ranma's body apart and eat her, "Now Akane is all mine" P-Chan though to himself as Akane started to kiss him all over.

"Well what’s the matter why aint you eaten?" Akane heard from behind her and P-Chan jumped from the sound of this person's voice as well, Standing behind Akane was male Ranma, "RANMA!" Akane screamed and jumped up to throw her arms around him, "ahh huh" was Ranma's answer since Akane's hold was too tight he could hardly breath, "Ranma my boy" Genma said as he stood up and walked over to Ranma with a roasted leg in his hand, "You were delicious my boy" Genma added as he stripped the leg clean and tossed the bone away.

"Ranma, how is this possible?, they just cooked and ate you" Akane said when she released him, "I know its weird I just woke up in my room like this and I heard you all eating, It took me a few minutes to relies I wasn't dreaming and it really did happen, then I came out here" Ranma said as he took a seat next to Akane and grabbed a thigh steak for himself and started eating it, "Umm I really do taste delicious" Ranma said as he ate his meat.

"I guess after I died when you cooked me on that spit the Jusenkyo curse died with female Ranma and brought me back like this" Ranma said, "Dose that mean your cured of the curse boy?" Genma said as he grabbed Ranma by the collar of his shirt and threw him into the pond outside, "SPLASH", "HEY WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR" Ranma screamed and then reliesd he was still a guy.

Ranma jumped out of the pond grabbed hands with his father Genma and started chanting, "Im cured, Im cured, Im really really cured" while they did a little happy dance, "Wow boy do you think if I got roasted the curse would leave me too?" Genma said as he splashed himself with some cold water turning into a large black and white panda bear holding a sign that said, "What does panda meat taste like?".

"I don’t know pop, it's illegal to eat panda's" Ranma said while sitting at the table to enjoy a little more of roasted girl Ranma, “Illegal to roast panda’s?” Akane said, “Why isn’t it illegal to roast girls?” She added but got no answer while Kasume started to clear away the dishes and Soan packed the rest of the uneaten meat into a large freezer for the week ahead, after Ranma's dinner he went upstairs to take a bath, Ranma filled the tub and jumped in, "Wow that’s cold brrrr" he said shivering in the cold, "But im not a girl" he added looking down at his cold shrunken cock and balls.

The days that followed went as one would expect, Akane felt more at ease now that Ranma was back, She no longer felt guilty for having put his female side in that terrible situation of getting cooked to save her, She even forgot about the fact that she would one day have to meet the sharp end of her own spit until that is when she heard her sister Kasume yell out those all too familiar words she so dreaded to hear, "Father were out of meat" Kasume called to her father and Akane shuddered as she thought about what this could mean for her.

Soan entered the kitchen to inspect the freezer to be sure of Kasume's declaration of meat shortage, "Now how can we be out of meat, their was five thigh stakes, and two hams in this freezer yesterday" Soan said, "I know father I checked the freezer before I went to bed last night it was all here" Kasume said as she turned her head and saw Ranma and Genma trying to sneak out of the kitchen, Soan also saw this, "Well while you figure this our father ill be in the bath" Kasume added, "Saotome, Did you and Ranma have something to do with this missing meat?" Soan asked turning to them as they continued to sneak out.

"Now Tendo, why would you assume we had something to do with it?" Genma said as he turned to face Soan but still backing away, "Yep he did it!" Ranma said moving away from his father, "Why you ungrateful little–- you ate as much of it as I did" Genma said going after Ranma who dodged the attack, "Well we will have to replace the missing meat sooner then expected, AKANE!" Soan said and Akane already knew what was about to happen as she entered the room.

"What now dad?, as if I didn’t know" Akane said as she entered the room holding P-Chan, "Akane you know there comes A time when---" Soan started to say but was interrupted, "Dad spare me the talk just get it over with" Akane said giving her father an angry look, "Well Akane we need meat, you are meat so we will spit roast you tonight" Soan said, "But dad, I don’t want to be roasted" Akane said looking in to her fathers eye's, "You don’t have a choice Akane" Soan replied, "Go to your room and wait to be called for tenderizing.

P-Chan's eye's grew wide when he heard the word tenderizing he jumped out of Akane's arms, "P-CHAN" Akane called but he was already down the hall and out of sight, "What’s gotten in to him" Akane thought as she went up to her room, P-Chan ducked into the bathroom at the end of the hall and found a tub full of hot water and jumped in.

Akane was siting on her bed much like she was the night Ranma had been roasted and thinking about how she was going to get out of her own roasting problems when Ranma came into the room, "Hey Akane" He said as he sat down on the end of her bed next to her, "What do you want Ranma?" Akane asked, "I been wanting to tell you something, but didn't think the time was right until now" Ranma said while Akane just sat there staring at him, "Your not gonna tell me that you enjoyed having a sharp pole shoved through your body and roasted, are you?" Akane replied.

"Well kinda" Ranma said looking away from Akane as she started to get that glow of anger in her eye's, "HOW COULD YOU HAVE ENJOYED THAT?" Akane screamed loud enough for the rest of the people in the house to hear her, "Im not sure Akane, I think it's a girl thing, I was really scared and didn't want to do it but when they put the spit in my pussy and started it though me it's like something took control of my body, Im sure when they get that spit inside of you your going to feel the same way, just let it happen and enjoy it while you can" Ranma said and then looked up at Akane who was now fuming mad.

"GET OUT, GET OUT" Akane screamed, "But Akane im only trying to help, I cant take your place on the spit this time, tonight you will roast and there is no stopping it this time" Ranma replied only to hear a repeated chorus of "GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT!" from Akane, "Alright, gee Akane im just trying to help" Ranma said as he left the room and closed he door a large crash was heard from the inside of the room, Akane had thrown something at the door that shattered to pieces.

Ranma went down to the dining room with the rest of the family and found that they had picked up not one extra person for this roast but TWO!, "Kuno, Ryoga, what are you two doing here?" Ranma said to the two boys siting at the table next to Soan and Genma, Tatewaki Kuno we already know having been present at the tenderizing and eating of Ranma the Pig-tailed-Girl, Ryoga however is a new face, Ryoga Hibiki the eternal lost boy is Ranma's number one rival always fighting and trying to get even with him for causing his problem, "So Ryoga how's P-Chan?" Ranma said with a laugh, "Your gonna pay for that Ranma" Ryoga said with an angry look, Ryoga was cursed in the same way as Ranma and Genma and is forced to take the form on a black pot-bellied piglet named P-Chan(Cute-Pig) when ever he is splashed with cold water, like Ranma and Genma hot water reverse's the change, This is unknown to Akane.

"I heard that Akane Tendo was to be roasted here today so I came to help tenderize her" Kuno said looking to Ryoga, "I don’t know why he's here" Kuno added, "Im here for Akane, she needs me in her hours of need" Ryoga said balling his hand into a fist and punching the table, "She don’t need either one of you" Ranma said, "Why is that?" Both Kuno and Ryoga said in unison, "Because she don’t want to be roasted, so she is gonna fight the whole process" Ranma said while siting at the table across from the two boys, "Then she should not be roasted, only girls who want to be roasted should be" Kuno said, "Tell that to her father" Ranma said looking toward Soan Tendo who gave them a look of uninterest, "Tell me nothing she roasts tonight and that’s final" Soan said and Kuno retook his seat.

"Well what do you men think about getting the little roast down here and TENDOrize her?" Soan said as he stood up from the table, "Yes Tendo let get her down here and on to roast im starving" Genma said looking toward Ranma who gave him a nasty look back, "Look Mr. Tendo Akane doesn’t want to be roasted why not just leave her be?" Ranma said standing next to Soan as they both walked into the hall, "I will have no more of this Ranma, she will be roasted tonight get over it" Soan said, "AKANE!" Soan yelled up the stares, "Its time to get you ready for the roast!" He called again.

At the sound of her father's voice Akane's heart sank, "OH NO, I-Im not ready for this" Akane said to herself softly as she looked to the door not wanting to get up and go down to what waited for her at the foot of the stares, "AKANE WERE WAITING!" Soan yelled again and then he heard Akane's door creak open and saw her peek her head out of her room, "Get down here now young lady" Soan said when he saw her looking at him with tears in her eye's.

Akane slowly left her room and started to walk down toward her father waiting for her with Ranma still standing next to Soan, "Akane I know you don’t believe me but it really was an enjoyable experience" Ranma said as Akane approached them and reached the bottom, "Since you have no say in what will happen to you just try to enjoy it don’t fight it" Ranma added and then ducked quickly to avoid the punch and kick Akane threw at him.

Akane had no intention of going quietly as she attacked not only Ranma but her father as well the fight lasted several minutes until all five men, Ranma, Soan, Genma, Kuno and Ryoga were able to get a hold of her and hold her down while Kasume Akane's older sister used cooking twine to bind both of her wrist's behind her back and her ankles together so she could no longer fight back, "Let the TENDOrizing begin" Soan said as they threw Akane onto the same bed that they had used to tenderize Pig-Tailed-Girl Ranma and shut the door behind them.

"Dad please don’t do this" Akane tried begging her father, "Sorry Akane you know this has to be done to make your fillet nice and tender for me to eat later" Soan said as he stripped off the clothes from his youngest daughter until she was laying there bound and nude on the bed before him and then stripped off his own clothes before she knew what hit her she had been unbound and her wrist's and ankle's rebound to the four corners of the bed with Soan between her legs, "Lets skip any kind of four play im only interested in getting this over with and getting this fine cunt on to roast" Soan said as he stuck two fingers into his daughters pussy, "OH MY, My little girl is a virgin!" Soan said as he felt the resistance of her hymen inside her pussy.

"I get to pop my little virgin daughter right before her spit ride" Soan said with a smile as he positioned himself just at the entrance to her pussy and pushed the head of his cock into her love hole and without waiting pushed his cock to the hilt into her in one fast hard thrust causing her to scream out in pain and thrash about under Soan's weight as he held her down with his cock embedded deep inside her pussy until she stopped thrashing about and adjusted to the pain in her belly.

"Just a few more hours and it will all be over" Soan whispered into her ear as he started an in and out thrusting motion fucking her for the first time in her life, over the next few hours Soan finished with his daughter and Akane had been TENDOrized by both Kuno and Ryoga one by one at first, then both at the same time used her in ways she had never been used before, and now it was Genma's turn, Soan thought that Genma would help in the tenderizing as he had done with Nabiki and Pig-Tailed-Girl Ranma in a way Soan was right but in another way he was also wrong.

Genma entered the room not as a human but as a giant black and white panda bear holding a large wooden sign that read "Im ready, let me at her" as he got closer to the bed Akane saw him and started to scream, "OH NO PLEASE ANYTHING BUT THAT!" as he got on the bed and got between Akane's legs to do to her the same thing that Soan, Kuno and Ryoga had done just moments before, "Please Mr. Saotome turn into a human before you do me" Akane begged and Genma held up a sign that read, "Sorry Akane, I want to try this as a panda" and then he pushed himself inside of her thrusted a few times and held up a new sign that said, "Oh YA, its more fun this way".

Ranma entered the room with a pot of hot water and splashed it onto Genma who then turned back into a human while still inside of Akane and pulled out of her as jet after jet of sticky white cum shoot out of the head of his cock and started to land all over Akane until she was almost completely covered in it, "Thanks a lot boy" Genma said sarcastically, "I really wanted to see what it was like to cum inside a young girl as a panda bear, you ruined that for me" Genma said as he got up and walked over to Ranma still holding the tea pot, "She is a girl not a panda have some respect and fuck her as a human" Ranma said and walked away, "Ranma don’t you want your turn at her?" Soan asked.

Ranma went out to the backyard and found that the fire pit had already been set to burn while they were working on Akane's tenderizing so it would be ready by the time her spitting was complete but looking around Ranma saw there was something new in the yard that hadn’t been there when they roasted Nabiki or at his own roast, "Ranma don’t you want your turn with Akane?" Soan asked again as he came out of the house and stood next to Ranma in the backyard, "She doesn’t want to be roasted so im not gonna help tenderize her" Ranma replied, "Hey what’s that?" Ranma asked pointing to the strange piece of equipment that now sat in the backyard the item he had found interest in when he came out here.

"Ohh that?" Soan said pointing to the device, "That is a Jessica 3000 spitting machine, use to spit an unwilling meat-girl, Akane will be bound tightly to the machine and then it will spit her weather she wants it or not" Soan said, "B-B-But that’s wrong, the girl should be willing not forced into it" Ranma said looking to Soan and then back to the machine, "Well Ranma sometimes a girl, like Akane will refuse to accept her role in our society so this machine was invented to make sure that every girl accepted her fait one way or another, this is the another" Soan said as Ranma walked over to the machine.

Ranma started imagining himself as a girl bound to the machine fighting to get off and hearing Soan say, "No use in fighting Ranma its time to roast" he could swear he could feel the spit enter his pussy and come out of his mouth and instinctively placed his hand over his mouth expecting to feel the spit sticking out of it Soan saw this and knew what he was thing, "Ranma to bad you cant become a girl again and take this Jessica for a spin" Soan said and walked back inside Ranma smiled.

When Soan came back out he was dragging Akane nude behind him her wrist rebound behind her back with cooking twine with a collar around her neck and a leash connected to it the other end of it in Soan's hands, when Soan and the others walked out to the backyard they got a little shock Ranma was nude and strapped onto the Jessica 3000 the machine was not active but the loaded spit that was intended for Akane was deep inside Ranma's anus ready to spit him when the kill switch was flipped, Soan laughed and walked over to the machine, "What do you all think should I hit this switch?" Soan said indicating the red kill switch that would drive the spit into Ranma spitting him for a second time, "Spit roasted Ranma Soatome?" Kuno said with a look of disgust, “That doesn’t sound like it would taste good" Kuno added and everyone had a laugh.

Ranma half hoped that he would do it he wanted to feel the spit again even as a male now he had a taste for the spit and wanted to experience it again, "Well Ranma the Meat Agency has strict laws prohibiting the roasting of men so I have to let you out of there" Soan said as he hit a green switch that released all the straps and pulled the sharp tip out of Ranma’s anus the machine then discharged the dirty spit and loaded a clean one while Soan placed Akane onto the padded machine, "NO I WONT LET YOU" Akane screamed once her wrist were unbound she started to fight but by now it was too late the machine came to life as soon as her legs were in place and pushed her forward crushing her chest painfully to the padded rest forcing her arms forward to be locked into the front restraints and then the straps locked her in place.

"Dad please don’t do this" Akane said as the loaded spit was pushed into her pussy nine inches until she could feel it at her cervix, "This is it Akane any last request? other then letting you go I mean" Soan said and Akane though it over for a moment, "Ranma never fucked me, I want him to do me before I go on the spit" the last thing she really wanted was another fucking but she was trying to think of anything that would get her off this machine and back to a fighting position, "Ok Akane you can have your last request, RANMA!" Soan called out and waited for Ranma to return from getting dressed, "Akane wants you to fuck her as her last request get to it" Soan said, "But I don’t wanna" Ranma replied, "Please Ranma" Akane begged.

"Ohh OK, I guess" Ranma said and he walked over to Akane and started to loosen her straps, "No don’t release her, Ranma just mount the machine and fuck her, you should already know how to mount the machine" Soan said with a laugh and everyone else joined in the laugh, "WHAT?" Akane yelled, "I want him to fuck me on the bed, not this machine" Akane said, "Sorry Akane im not giving you a chance to fight again, now Ranma get up there and give Akane her last request" Soan said as Ranma once again stripped off all of his clothes and mounted the machine behind Akane, "But her pussy is full of spit" Ranma said, "Use her ass, that spit stays in place until she is ready to carve" Soan said as Ranma pushed his cock into Akane's anus causing her to scream out in a new level of pain having never before been penetrated this way.

Ranma lost himself as he fucked Akane for all he was worth not caring that he was hurting her or that she was bleeding, "The bleeding doesn’t matter she will be dead within the hour" Soan had called to him when he asked about hurting her and when he was done he pulled his cock from her anus and covered her in even more ropey white cum and dismount the machine, "MMM more flavor" Soan said, At this point Akane was almost glad for the spit that would end her suffering as she saw her father come toward her and whisper, "Ok its time sweet meat" Soan said as he gave Akane a slap on the ass and then flipped the kill switch the machine came on and she could feel the spit still inside her pussy come to life and push passed her cervix causing her enough pain to scream out but she did not, now all she wanted was for her ordeal to be over and laid there silently as the machine did its job pushing the spit into her deeper and deeper rubbing her clit the whole time causing her to cum, "NO I refuse to enjoy this" she said to herself as the spit continued to slide over her clit causing her to cum again, But I just cant help it" she said to another cum.

Ranma Walked over to her and whispered into her ear, "I know your enjoying this, I can see your clit pulsing as it touches the spit I felt the same way" Ranma said as Akane looked at him, "I can feel the spit in my stomach, it hurts, but for some reason I cant stop cuming" Akane said as the spit got closer and closer to her throat, "That is your natural female instinct finally coming out Akane" Kasume said as she came out of the kitchen with a bucket of barbeque sauce she had made to baste Akane with.

Ranma and the others watched as Akane moaned in pleasure and had one orgasm after another until, "ITS ABOUT TO COME OUT" She screamed and Soan jumped up to make sure the alignment was right and just at the last moment he moved her head slightly to make her throat straighten and then the spit popped out and grinded a bit over her teeth, for a moment Akane couldn’t breathe and started to thrash about trying to get a breath and Soan hit another switch witch opened the ventilating holes in the spit allowing her to breathe again, "Oh my god this is heavenly, to bad I can’t Apologize to Ranma, he was right" Akane though as her spit was discharged from the machine and Soan and Genma started to get her ready for the spit, a stabilizer was attached and shoved up Akane's anus and then her knees were bent and tied to the spit, she was ready.

"This is it my last moments of life" Akane thought to herself when her spit was picked up by Kuno and Ryoga who then carried her over to the fire pit and placed her onto the support frame the heat was very hot and unbearable at first and burned Akane terribly but started to feel good as Kasume basted her with the barbeque sauce and started her spit motor on the frame to rotate her to cook her evenly, "You look very delicious Akane" Kasume said and went back into the house to get the rest of her dinner ready, "I feel delicious" Akane thought to herself, "WHAT, DID I JUST THINK THAT?" she mentally screamed she dwelled on these thoughts for awhile and faded away with Ranma siting next to her with a smile on his face. Thinking to himself, "She will be An Akane To Remember".


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