Dawn the dick tease

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A quick per story before the action starts. I meet Dawn at my friends Bob’s house. It was a party for me for completing my six-month anniversary from my divorce. I am 6 feet tall 180 lbs, good physical shape, 32 years old and an above average cock (12 inches long & 4 inches in diameter). Now Dawn is 30 she only looks 14, 5 feet 2 inches tall, 100 lbs, small tits 34 B, her measurements are 34-22-32 a very small lady but very cute & looks very young.

Once I arrived at the party Bob handed me a drink & said I want you to meet Dawn. I though OH shit another fix up, most likely just divorced and bitter towards all men. What surprise a cute 14-year-old girl came bouncing up to us. I thought shit what the fuck is he up to (this is jail bate). Bob introduced Dawn to me, gave me a quick run down on Dawn, she was 30 (Dawn showed me her ID) divorced for 2 years and had a daughter (4 years old). All I can say is I was fucking amazed & extremely interested in her from what I could tell she felt the same.

Dawn & I seat had a few drinks, talked about our lives, family & work. We talked for about an hour or so. I told Dawn I had to go to the bathroom for her not to run off & play with the other kids (she laughed at me). As I walked towards the bathroom Bob stopped me for a minute and told me that Dawn loves to fuck (NOT just a little but loved to FUCK a lot). As I turned to go to the bathroom I noticed Dawn was not seating their any more.

I walked towards the bathroom & turned the handle, shit it was locked. I heard the door unlock as I waited a small hand crabbed mine & pulled me into the bathroom. It was Dawn she said I have been waiting for you. I can’t wait any longer and want your cock in me NOW. She bent down unzipped my pants, pulled me cock out, got on the counter & guided my cock into her pussy. I told her I was a little large for her pussy & didn’t want to hurt her. She said, “shut up stick your cock in me & tell me when you are about to come).

I slid my cock into her very wet pussy as I pushed it in I thought I had hit the back of her pussy. She said push it all the way in I can take it, as I push against the back of her pussy her cervix opened up. I pushed some more & had my cock buried deep into her pussy. She let out a little sigh and said fuck me hard NOW. As I started to slide my cock in & out her pussy was squirting her seamen on my cock to lube it even more.

After about 15 minutes of this my balls ware filling up with my seamen. I told Dawn I was about to come, she wrapped her legs around me & locked me in her pussy. I couldn’t move I felt her muscles of her cervix start to massage my cock starting from the base up to the head. It was fucking amazing she was pulling my cock deeper into her pussy. I could only take this action for about 2 minutes & started to shoot my come in her pussy. Once the first squirt hit the walls of her cervix. Her muscles went to work on the head of my cock, sucking & pulling on it. Dawn was draining over drop of cum from my cock.

I could barely stand up her pussy muscles were sucking the strength out of me. Dawn keep working her cervix muscles on my cock continuing to suck & pull on the head of my cock. I asked Dawn to stop using her cervix muscles on my cock head that I could barely stand it any more. Dawn said that she wanted to give me a good fucking that I would remember and that I would be amazed on what her pussy can do.

Dawn let my cock slid out of her pussy; she got off the counter and sucked it clean. She kissed me & put her panties in my shirt pocket. She told me that if I wanted more of the same for me to leave her panties for all to see. Dawn told me to leave the bathroom first she had to clean herself up a little.

I returned to the party and Bob saw the panties. Bob asked was her pussy as good as he has heard, I told him I have no idea what he had heard but she was fucking amazing. A few minutes latter awn came out of the bathroom & set next to me. She smiled & said I had filled her pussy with a lot of seamen, it toke a couple of minutes to drain it all out. Since she was not wearing any panties she didn’t want to leave my seamen on Bob’s furniture.

We continued to talk and enjoy the party; Dawn started to introduce me as her Uncle Bill to all of her friends and people that just arrived. Dawn loves to act as if she was only 14 and I thought it was cute. It didn’t bother me at all, so I started to introduce Dawn as my niece.

It was about 1:00 AM and the party was coming to the end. I handed Dawn her panties, she pushed them back into my pocket and told me that she had drank to much & needed a ride home. I drove Dawn back to her apartment & of course up we went together. Dawn told me she wanted to change her clothes into something more comfortable. She disappeared into her room a few minutes latter she returned completely naked. What a sight standing in front of me was this very cute 14 year old girl, small tits (no problem), a bald pussy (makes her look 14 years old) and a firm ass.

Dawn told me she wanted to go to the pool. I told her I had nothing to put on; she told me that this apartment was for adults only. She though a towel to me, wrapped one around herself. I striped down wrapped the towel around me, off we went to the pool.

When we arrived at the pool there was one other couple there. The couple was at the other end of the pool; the girl was laying on her back by the side of the pool. As her boyfriend was in the water with his face deep in her pussy licking and sucking like there was no tomorrow. They had no idea we were even there her eyes were closed and she was playing with her nipples as her boyfriend ate her pussy.

It was like being in a porn movie; this couple was fucking as we watched. I noticed that my towel was now sticking out and my cock was rock hard. Dawn pulled my towel off and said I can see you are ready again “Uncle Bill”. Dawn dropped her towel and jumped up on me, she wrapped her arms around my neck & slid down my body until my cock was at her pussy lips. Dawn let go of me neck with one of her arms and guided my cock into her pussy. Once I was inside of her pussy I could feel her cervix open up again. She continued to push her pussy on my cock as it slid into her cervix. I was all the ways in my balls were up against her pussy lips. Dawn started sliding up & down on my cock, her pussy was getting wetter and it lubed us up even more.

We noticed that the other couple was now fucking, she was seating on her boyfriends cock riding him. Both of them were watching Dawn & I fuck as Dawn was sliding up and down on my cock. I heard the girls boy friend that he was coming she started riding him even harder and faster. I heard a moan from the girl as they both had come. She just continued to seat on his cock as they watched Dawn & I fuck.

Dawn had her cervix muscles working on my cock sucking and pulling on it. Dawn knew the other couple was watching us, which got her even hotter. Dawn could tell I was ready to cum; her cervix muscles went to work on the head of my cock. Squirt after squirt her muscles were sucking the seamen out of my cock. Dawn was locked on my cock and milking me dry I could barely stand up.

With Dawn locked on me I had to seat down on the lounge, she continued to work her muscles on my cock. I could know longer take it & asked Dawn to let me lose. She let my cock slide out of her pussy; she laid back on the lounge and told me to finger fuck her. Dawn opened up her legs I could see my seamen dripping out of her pussy.

I pushed one finger in her pussy, then two fingers as I worked them in & out of her well-lubed pussy. Dawn told me to use more fingers I started to finger fuck her with four fingers, she keep telling me more fingers and harder. I had all five fingers now in her pussy; she grabbed my hand & pulled it deep into her pussy. My complete hand was now in her pussy.

Dawn told me to push more in her, as I did I felt her cervix. She grabbed my arm and pulled it against her cervix, her cervix opened up. I was now inside her womb, I looked down at her stomach and I could see my fist. I repositioned myself between her legs facing her; Dawn had both legs wide open in the birthing position. As I started to push my fist in and out she started to cum. At first it was a little squirt, then it turned to a massive flow. Her seaman was squirting me in the face, so I opened my mouth and drank as much of her love juice as I could.

The other couples were done fucking and came over to see the action. The girl got on her knees and started sucking on Dawn nipples. Dawn was out of control pushing up against my arm and was forcing it in even more. Dawn had her hands grabbed to the lounge and was fucking back at me. Her seamen continued to squirt in my mouth and all over my chest; it was also splashing on the girl sucking here tits.

The girl’s boy friend started to lick Dawns seamen from his girl friends back. I noticed that his cock was stand hard as a rock. He knelt down behind his girl friend and shoved his cock deep inside her. He grabbed her waist and started fucking her hard and fast, Dawns seamen was getting all over the three of us. The boy’s girl friend started shooting his cum deep inside of her pussy.

Dawn gave out a little moan and said Uncle Bill please stop I have no energy left in my body. I slowly pulled my hand out of her pussy as Dawn just laid there. Dawn looked up at me and said I was the first man to ever do that to her before and she loved it. Dawn asked me to carry her back up stairs. I picked her up and Dawn said we both needed a shower for me to carry her to the men’s locker room. As I entered the locker room I found the shower, I seat Dawn down on the bench. I started to wash my face and body; Dawn got up and walked over to me.

She opened her legs and my seamen started dripping out of her pussy. We washed each other and Dawn spent a lot of time on my cock. I washed Dawns little tits and pussy very well, I lifted Dawn into my arms and carried her up to her apartment. We both were completely naked and neither one of us really cared.

When we got into Dawns apartment we went into the bedroom. I dried Dawn off as well as myself, I started to get dress and Dawn asked me to spend the night with her. So off to bed we went we both slept naked I fell a sleep with Dawn in my arms and her hand holding my cock.

We spent the weekend fucking in every position you could think of. We stayed naked until Sunday night when I told Dawn; I had to go home to get some sleep that I had to work in the morning. I told Dawn I would give her a call so we could have lunch.

Monday I was at the office thinking of Dawn and the exciting weekend we had, no matter what I did I couldn’t get her off my mind. I didn’t want to seam over excited so I waited until Wednesday to call her. I called Dawn she answered her phone out of breath, I asked if she was OK she said she was perfect and told me she missed me so much. She went to the market and did a little shopping. Dawn told me she was in the meat department and saw a large beef salami.

She said it was the same size of my cock. That she just got home from the market put the groceries on her counter. Dawn grabbed the salami off to her bedroom she went, toke her clothes off and started shoving the salami in & out of her pussy. Dawn told me that once it passed through her cervix her muscles toke over. It started pulling it in like it was my cock, but this time there was no stopping point. Her womb / cervix was pulling it deeper inch by inch; the salami now had passed through her pussy lips completely.

The salami was now completely inside of her. Dawn said that she could no longer control her muscles and how much she missed my cock in her. The salami was slowly being pulled inside of her womb; Dawn looked down at her stomach and saw the salami working it way inside her womb. She said her legs were wide open now and she was squirting seamen every ware.

Then the phone rang (it was her Uncle Bill) just to hear my voice caused the salami to be pulled all the way in her womb. She said she was out of breath do to the orgasms she was having. She said now she was a little worried that the salami would not come out. I told her to just relax and start to push the salami down towards her pussy lips. As Dawn pushed I could hear her voice saying it is moving down, that it was passing through her cervix now. She said she could see the end of the salami now and was pulling it out. Dawn said that the salami was out of her now laying on the bed next to her.

I said WOW that was fucking amazing, I also asked her to meet me for lunch at 1:00 I gave her directions to my office. Dawn said she had to take a shower, had to put the groceries away and change the bed sheets. She said she had to hang up the phone and hurry. But had one last question to ask me “WAS MY COCK HARD”. I said of course it was and said good-bye.

12:30 my office assistance walks in my office and told me that my niece was here to have lunch with her Uncle Bill. I just smiled and said have her come into my office while I finish up my work. Dawn walked in my office with a schoolgirls uniform on, it was a white blouse with a dark blue skirt and a dark blue blazer. I said you sure look the part of being 14, she laughed and said she loved to do this to people.

Out the office we went, Dawn was holding my hand and told my office assistant how much she loves her Uncle Bill. I heard the word LOVE and was not real sure what to say or do. I just smiled and we left my office not another word was said about the LOVE word.

We got to the restaurant it was busy; Dawn asked the waiter if we could have a quite table, so she could talk with her Uncle Bill. Off to the table she requested, we seat down and the waiter brought the menu. As we looked at the menu I asked Dawn what she wanted to talk about, she said I just wanted to be alone with you and tell you how much I missed you.

The waiter takes are order and Dawn grabbed my hand and shoved it under her skirt. She had no panties on and rubbed my fingers all over her bald pussy. She grabbed my other hand and guided it under her blouse to play with her little tits. As I was rubbing her pussy and tits I saw the waiter returning with our drinks. I stopped playing with her tits and Dawn said in a low voice please don’t stop Uncle Bill.

The waiter left and Dawn said she was thirsty she got under the table unzipped my pants and pulled my all ready hard cock out of my pants. She went right to work on sucking it; the waiter brought our salads and said Dawn under the table. The waiter started to bend down to help Dawn and luckily Dawn popped her head out from under the table and told him she had finally found what she was missing for the past couple of days.

Once the waiter walked away she smiled at me and went back to work sucking my cock as fast as she could. Dawn was squeezing my balls as she sucked my cock. It didn’t take long before I was shooting cum inside her mouth she sucked it completely dry. Dawn got up from under the table with some of my seamen on her chin. I reached over to clean it up; she stopped me from helping her. She scoped it up from her chin and put it in her mouth, she said she didn’t want to waste a drop. She kissed me and stuck her tongue in my mouth to share my seamen. She said she thought that I might enjoy what she loves to eat of mine.

Our lunch arrived and Dawn said she was starving, she said she didn’t eat breakfast because she was busy masturbating. I smiled and said I missed you to and if I was not in my office I would of masturbated with her. She said I thought you missed me also and wanted to release my sexual desire as soon as she could. Dawn turned to me and said I think I am falling in love with you. I said WOW that was fast; she looked at me and asked are you falling in love with her. I didn’t know what to say she had that look in her face like a child waiting for the bad news. I kissed her and told her how much I missed her and enjoyed the weekend we had. I also told her I hope we could have more weekends, breakfast, lunch and dinner together.

Dawn and I finished our lunch; we walked back to my office hand in hand. Once at my office she jumped up on me hugged and kissed me good-bye. She turned too my assistant and told him how much she loves her Uncle Bill. All day long my assistant keep calling me Uncle Bill and before we went home he told me to tell Dawn to make sure to ware panties. That he was able to see her cute, little ass and bald pussy lips plus her little tits though her shirt. He said some men would think she is a dick tease and this could cause lots of problems for her.

Friday morning I called Dawn to meet me for lunch again. I told her what my office assistant said about her clothes and the way she acted. Dawn said she just likes to play as a 14-year-old girl and she really is a big girl that she can take care of herself, but thank me for my concerns.

Dawn arrived at 12:30 again & told my assistant that she was there to have lunch with me. He buzzed my office and told me, I told him I was on the phone have her wait a few minutes. He told Dawn what I had said, Dawn bent down with her ass to him and had no panties on, she stayed like the wiggling her ass and letting him have a good view of her hairless pussy and firm ass. Dawn looked back and saw his eyes glued to her ass.

Dawn stood up and turned to him and said like what you saw? Then she toke her coat off and had a see through blouse on, her nipples were hard and sticking out, her little tits were there for all to see. Dawn asked him would you like to play with me for an hour alone? He said of course and Dawn asked him are you hard? Dawn walked around his desk and saw his hard cock though his pants. She smiled and said I knew you were a horny old man. My assistant told her she should not be a dick tease or one day she will get what she really doesn’t want

Dawn came into my office and said are you ready to eat? I said I am starving so she stripped her clothes off seat on my desk, open her legs and said it me. It didn’t take me more then a minute before my face was buried deep in her bald pussy. As I was sucking her clit she was playing with her nipples, pulling and pinching them.

Then Dawn asked me to fuck her, off my clothes came off my dick was hard as a rock and I slid it in her little pussy. I felt her cervix she wrapped her legs around me a pulled me in deeper. Dawn said I want you all the way inside of me; I want you in my womb. As I pushed my cock in more her cervix opened up and started sucking my cock on deeper. Dawn said she has no control of her cervix muscles it was on autopilot.

Her muscles were pulling and sucking on the end of my cock, just behind the head of it. Her muscles keep up this action as Dawn had her orgasm her clit was hard and started lubing us up even more. It didn’t take me long before I was shooting cum in her womb, squirt after squirt her muscle sucked me dry. I could no longer take the attention on the head of my cock so I had to pull my cock out.

Dawn told me she has to clean her pussy out; she opened up her legs and asked me to suck cum from her pussy. Of course I did, I stuck my face in her pussy and started to lick and suck her clean. I bit her clit and sucked on it so she could know the feeling that it caused on the head of my cock. She had to push my face of her pussy and said I got the idea.

We got dressed and off to lunch as we left my assistant said good-bye to Dawn and hopes to see more of her soon. Dawn said I am sure you will see more of me, we will be back after lunch and she laughed at him. I told her she should not tease this guy so much and be nicer to him.

After lunch we returned to my office, Dawn was very polite and treated my assistant with respect. Dawn told me she had to go to the bathroom and my assistant showed her the way and I went into my office. My assistant said stop playing your little fucking games little girl, I have dealt with teenage pussy before and I know what you are doing.

Dawn went in the bathroom and waited a few minutes. Then she called my assistant and asked for his help, he walked up to the door. Dawn with her little girl smile said she hurt her finger and couldn’t button her skirt. She said could you please, please, please help her. He said sure little girl as he walked into the bathroom.

Dawn locked the door, when he turned to see her she was naked, she grabbed his hand and pushed it down to her hairless pussy. Then she gabbed his other hand and told him to play with her little tits. As he started to play she said I have never seen a penis before will you show me yours. He said hell yes and pulled his cock out, Dawn asked what is that liquid on the tip of it. He said it is pre cum a natural lube so when a man sticks his cock in a little girls pussy it want hurt, Dawn said OH that is sick now stop or I will yell for my Uncle Bill. This really pissed him off he said you big dick tease you are going to get it one day. Dawn laughed at him and said never from you and slapped him. Dawn got dressed and walked out of the bathroom, stuck her head in my office and said good-bye.

I called Dawn and picked her up to spend the weekend with me. We did the typical couple things, dinner, move and a lot of fucking. On Saturday I showed her my house it is in a gated communicate a very quick are with lots of room between the other homes. Danny the pool guy, he is in his early 20 a great tan not a bad looking kid. He was very nice to Dawn I told him this is my niece and to treat her very well. He said of course he would she is a very cute little girl and off to work he went.

Dawn said she wanted to talk to Danny a little more and going swimming. There was a football game on and I didn’t want to miss it. Off to the pool Dawn went and off to the TV I went. Dawn put on her bikini and off to the pool she went. Danny was cleaning the pool and asked Dawn to wait 30 minutes until he was finished. She laid on her stomach on the lounge, untied her bikini top and bottom.

As she lay there she heard Danny working and she saw him checking her out from time to time. Dawn asked Danny to rub some oil on her back; Danny dropped what he was doing and went right over to Dawn. Dawn handed him the oil, he dripped some oil on her back and rubbed it in. She said a little lower please I don’t want to burn my butt. She pulled her bottom down so Danny could rub oil on it for her, as he was rubbing it Dawn was moaning. Danny heard Dawns moans and dripped some oil on her ass hole he worked the oil in and slipped a finger in her ass. Dawn said wow and Danny stopped, Dawn asked Danny to stick his finger back in her ass hole it felt pretty good.

Dawn rolled over on her back and covered her little tits and pussy. She asked Danny to rub oil on her front now. Danny went right to work on her front and very slowly he worked her bikini top off. Once her top was off he started rubbing her nipples and telling her how nice her tits are. Dawn just lay there as Danny worked the oil down her stomach and slowly worked her bottoms off.

Dawn was now completely naked as Danny was working the oil on her tits and her pussy. She opened her legs and asked him to rub oil on her pussy lips, Danny slipped one finger in her pussy; Dawn said that feels great. Danny grabbed Dawns hand and put it on his hard cock, he said wouldn’t you like this in your pussy then my finger. Dawn said that is sick, grabbed her bikini covered herself and ran into the house. When she was in the sliding glass door, she turned toward Danny, dropped her bikini and stood there naked. She stuck her tongue out at him like a little girl would and off to the shower she went.

Danny knocked on the door and told me he had finished. I asked dawn to please pay him the money ids on the table. Dawn picked up the money and handed it to him. Danny said look little girl we aren’t finished yet and one day he will stick his cock in her teenage pussy. Dawn just laughed at him and shut the door on his face.

We spent most of the weekend fucking and sucking each other. Monday arrived and I toke Dawn home. Off to the office I went, Dawn came to lunch everyday and everyday she teased with my assistant. I could tell he was getting very upset with her and I asked Dawn not to bug him, she said sure Uncle Bill.

The week was very good we went to lunch and dinner everyday. We fucked in my office, her apartment and my house, I was in heaven great exciting pussy everyday. The weekend arrived and Dawn spent the weekend with me. Saturday I told Dawn I was going to golf with my friends I asked her if she wanted to go. She said no she wanted to lay in the sun and relax, I told her Danny would be over around 12 and I wouldn’t be home until 4 or 5.

Dawn heard Danny in the backyard and out the door she went. This time Dawn had a summer dress on and said hi to Danny. Danny saw Dawn and just said hello, she heard a noise behind her it was my assistant (Danny’s cousin). Along with him were a four of his friends. Danny said today is the day you are going to get it you dick tease.

My assistant grabbed Dawn by her hands and pulled them above her head. She was on her tiptoes barely touching the ground, she started to yell and one of his friends put his hand over her mouth. Danny said hold her mouth open and pushed in few pills, he said what is that. Danny said his uncle said one would make any women want to fuck and I gave her four.

Danny stepped back and said let me show my friends what you have under that dress. She kicked at him and Danny grabbed the top of her dress and ripped it open. The other guys started grabbing her dress and tore it off her. Next they tore off her panties and bra, by now the drugs were taking effect, but she keeps fighting back. After a few minutes she stopped fighting and Danny asked her are you a dirty little dick tease?

Dawn now enable or not will to fight back said yes I am a dirty dick tease. Danny asked her do you need to be washed all over? Dawn said yes please wash my body I want to be clean so all of you can fuck me, I don’t want to be a dirty dick tease anymore. Danny walked over to his bag to clean the pool and picked out some liquid soap

Danny had his cousin (Bills assistant) tie Dawns hands above her head to the patio cover. They tied her legs wide open; she was hanging their spread eagle. Dawn’s nipples were hard and her pussy was getting wet, she was excited to get washed by these six men. They poured the dish soap in her hair, then down her chest and on her back. All of them started rubbing the soap all over Dawn and she loved all the attention. They worked the soap all over tits pulling and pinching her nipples. They asked Dawn are you still a dirty little dick tease she said yes. They moved down and worked the soap on her clit, pulling and rubbing it. By now the drugs were completely in control, she didn’t care what they did she just needed to be fucked.

They squirted the liquid soap up her pussy and slid their fingers in her. Each one finger fucked her working the soap in her wet pussy. They asked are you still a dirty little dick tease Dawn said yes. They squirted the liquid soap by her ass and each toke a turn at washing her ass hole. Sticking their fingers in as far as they could, pushing the liquid soap deep in to her ass hole.

Danny toke a plastic hose out of his bagged and attached it to the garden hose. They slowly rinsed the soap off of her hair and body, pinching and pulling her nipples. Dawn said the soap is burning her pussy and ass hole. They toke turns rinsing her pussy pinching and pulling her clit; they shoved the hose up her pussy and washed it clean. Danny toke the hose and shoved it up her ass and washed her ass hole clean.

Dawn now was begging to be fucked asking them to fuck her hard and deep. They told Dawn she has to masturbate for us first. Dawn said I would do anything to get satisfied. They untied Dawn; Dawn looked around and saw a plastic full size-bowling pin. She picked up the bowling pin walked over to the lounge. Dawn spread her legs and shoved the small end in her pussy; she was working the bowling pin in and out of her pussy. Dawn was pinching and pulling her nipples, she was moaning and breathing hard.

Dawn’s first orgasm rolled through her body, she was begging for more. The six men wore naked with their cocks ready to fuck her. Dawn said please fuck me hard and deep, stick your cocks in every hole I have. One of them titled her head back and stuffed his cock down throat. Two of them grabbed her hands and suck them on their cocks, they told her to go work on them.

Two more grabbed her legs and pulled her wide open, it was Danny’s turn. Danny looked down at Dawn’s pussy with the bowling pin still in it, he just about just his cum right there on the spot. He pulled the bowling pin out and got between her legs shoved his cock in her; he said I hit the back of her pussy. But to his surprise her cervix opened up for him to go deeper. Danny said you guys want believe this I am in her womb and I going to fill her womb with my seamen and knock the dick tease up. Dawn’s muscle went to work sucking and pulling on his cock deeper in her womb.

It didn’t take long before the guy fucking her throat started to cum shooting straight into her stomach. Danny was now filling her womb with his baby making seamen. Dawn’s muscles were milking every drop out of his cock. During the next 4 hours they each toke their turn fucking her throat and pussy filling it with their seamen. When all six had fucked her pussy and throat, they rolled her over and went to work on her ass. Dawn just keep begging fuck me more I need more.

After 4 hours of fucking her all six men had come in her mouth down her throat and in her pussy. Once one man was done the rotated so all of them had there turn at her. Dawn still wanted more so they rolled her over on her front Danny opened up his bag and picked up some Vaseline jelly, put a large gob on her ass hole and worked it in with his finger, then he shoved his cock up her ass pumped his cock in and out of her tight ass hole. Each of the other guys had a turn at her virgin ass hole.

Danny and his friends picked up her torn clothes grabbed his tool bag and off they went. Bill arrived home called for Dawn and saw her out by the pool. Bill asked Dawn did Danny come and she said YES and he had five of his friends come with him (she smiled). Bill asked how long were they here, she said about four hours (smiled again). Bill asked what did they do here for four hours; Dawn smiled again and said they did everything you could think of. Bill asked I hope you had clothes on when Danny arrived. Dawn smiled and said yes, a dress, bra and panties.

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