The Awakening Chronicles (Chapter 3)

Okay folks this is chapter 3, you should probably read the first two chapters first. I highly recommend it. I am away at work so this entire chapter will be typed on my iphone! Just shows my dedication to my future fans. I don't have very many right now but I am confident! Enjoy!

Chapter 3
=== ===

The rest of the work day went like any normal day for Nathan. For Rebecca however, it was an odd day. After the incident with Sheila she was very horny, and decided to see if Nathan had one more round in him by sneaking under the table to clean off the naughty bosses juices from his cock. She was very surprised when Nathan had told her to stop, but she was even more surprised when she was compelled to do so. Something wasn't right.

A genie is never compelled by anyone. She may have told Nathan he was a master of sorts but he shouldn't have any real power over her. Rebecca decided to test things further to figure out what is going on. After all, no one has used a human for an anchor in a few thousand years, maybe she doesn't know as much as she thought she did.

"Nathan, let's find someone else in the office to fuck?" Rebecca spoke aloud now that the door was closed.

"Rebecca I have already came too much this morning. And my libido is down, I'm sorry, but no." He said that word again. And again she found herself compelled by some inner force to stop talking about it. This was very strange indeed. Not wanting to upset Nathan, and not wanting to hear that word again, she decided to remain quiet in her invisible state, and wait for the questions that were soon to come.

Not long after her second failed attempt to get things started, Nathan spoke up. "Rebecca, this is all very new to me. This awakening, I am not really sure how to deal with this. Should I even be at work right now?"

"You can do as you wish, I assume that you will try to hold on to some of your routine, as most humans do when something turns their world on edge, but the truth is, I am an all powerful genie, you can do whatever you want as log as you provide me with the energy" her words brought up the many fantasies he had as a child. Now he could do them all.

"What if people find out about you? What would happen?" A question a genie always thinks about before coming to this world.

"Well, it's hard to say for sure. But from my experience with humans, they will likely hunt me down in a vain attempt to get my power. Worst case scenario is that eventually, if the entire world learns of us in some sort of mass awakening, they will hunt the both of us down and kill us." Her words made sense, historically humans kill what they don't understand, if Nathan hadn't already made up his mind about dealing with this covertly, this had secured it.

"But I thought you were immortal?" Nathan's next question was the next obvious choice, one that Rebecca was normally not inclined to answer, but with her mind connection with Nathan she knew that he would not use the knowledge maliciously. So she told him the truth.

"I can live naturally for as long as i want, some genies can't recall how old they are, or even the first few thousand years of their existence. But we are living beings, and we can be killed. Humans are exceptional at killing." Nathan was curious to know how you kill an all powerful genie, but decided not to press the subject for now. The work day was almost over.

Nathan logged out of his computer and started gathering his things, between his discussions with Rebecca and the sex with Sheila, the day went by extremely fast.

"Why did you instigate sex with another woman?" Nathan's question as he gathered the last of his belongings made Rebecca laugh out loud.

"Nathan I use orgasms for energy. As long as I am nearby I can gain the power of any orgasm. I am not human remember? Jealousy and monogamy are insignificant in my lifespan. I don't care who you fuck, in fact, when you cum with someone else it intensifies the power giving to me significantly. I have never felt stronger than I do right now."

The thought of having his own personal genie was amazing in itself, but to have one that would help him get with other women made him question for a moment if he was dreaming, a pinch on the arm quickly reminded him that this was real.

"Can you zap us home?"

"Of course"

And with a blink of the eye he was back in his living-room with the beautiful genie.

"Nathan if all you are going to use my power for is to avoid cab fare then we need to have a talk." She said half jokingly. Rebecca knew he had a curious side in him about her power, she just needed to give it a kickstart.

"Okay fine, I wish I had a Lamborghini in my parking space instead of my grand am." The wish wasn't what Rebecca had in mind, but at least he was trying, she was about to object to the dumb wish when the compulsion came back, and she felt a massive drop in her power as she replaced his car with the one he had a mental picture of. A beautiful red Lamborghini with suicide doors, white pen stripping to outline the features, and a massive 900hp engine. Creating a car is tough work apparently. The sudden drop in her newly gotten power was enough to bring Rebecca to her knees.

Normally she wouldn't even consider doing something that took that much out of her. Something about the way he worded his request made it impossible for her to ignore. She was now in a fierce debate with herself about telling Nathan about this hold he had on her, but decided against it until she knew exactly what was going on.

"What happened, are you okay?" Nathan asked as he helped Rebecca to the couch.

"It's been so long since I have materialized something so big and detailed, it took more out of me than I thought." Her fib was enough for him, he didn't know any different, how could he.

After making sure she was okay Nathan ran down to his parking spot and was awestruck at the brand new sports car in his spot, an identical twin to the one he drew up in his mind. And on his key chain was the key. After starting it up and revving the engine he decided that he should play with his new toy another time. He went back upstairs to tend to his genie.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Nathan immediately regretted the question.

"Silly Boy, you can fuck me. I need power and that's the only way I can get it." And with that Rebecca's clothes disappeared. She was standing naked with her perfect tits holding firm In the air.

"It hurts to cum so many times in a day, can you help out with that? Also, I like what you did with my cock, what else can you do with my body?" As he spoke he felt the pain disappear from his hardening cock.

"What did you have in mind master?" Although unnecessary, she knew calling him master turned him on.

"Well I want to be able to cum more than once, I guess you could say I want mental control over my junk. I want to finish when I say, and be able to go as many times as I wish." Something every man wishes for.

"As with anything mental it might take some practice before you have complete control, but the multiorgasmic thing should be instantaneous. Let's test it out." Nathan had to admit that turning this beautiful creature down was difficult , and now that his dick didn't hurt he found it even more so. He made a mental note to test out his new dick abilities and then walked over to his genie.

"How do you want me?" Her beautiful, soothing voice was an instant turn on.

"Bent over, in my bedroom, hands tied to the bed posts and face in a pillow with your ass in the air." Nathan only had time to blink before the magical woman disappeared. He rushed to the bedroom to see the perfect sight. Her big, round ass pointing straight at him, her dark brown hair falling around her head and shoulders as her face was rested into the pillow. As ordered her hands were restrained by ropes.

Nathan was still a little tired from this mornings sexual endeavors. His libido was not quite at it's peak, so he decided a little foreplay was in order. "Rebecca I need a few toys" the mental link they shared made it easy for the genie to gather an image of a black box full of toys. This time she decided to find all of the things in a warehouse not far off and zap them here, much easier than creating something from nothing, and she didn't even need to lift a finger.

A black box materialized on the bed and Nathan walked over to it. It contained all the toys he needed for tonight, and many more. The toy on the very top was the reason for him wanting this box in the first place, and it was obvious that Rebecca had read that from his thoughts. He picked up the toy in question and climbed on the bed, sitting on his knees just beside Rebecca's beautiful behind.

"Rebecca, I am going to ask you some questions, a lie will get you punished, the truth will get you rewarded." This was no direct order, and Rebecca could sense that if she needed to she could still lie. She made a mental note to pay closer attention to which words Nathan used when she was forced to comply. In the mean time, she loved foreplay and decided to play along.

"Yes sir" was all she needed to say.

"Can I stop you from reading my thoughts?" The question was simple enough. "Yes sir you can, all you need to do is ask and I will put a barrier between us, one that will let you know when I am inside your head." She told the truth, and was rewarded with the gentle rubbing of her pussy lips, already moist and ready. "Can you do that for me now?" She obliged.

"Will any think I do during sex hurt you?" Why are humans so worried all the time? "No master, unless you ask me to be hurt, you can't physically harm me. Any time you try it will likely just feel like pleasure to me." Another true answer and Nathan slipped his finger between her soft pussy lips to rub over her clit. Rebecca stifled a moan.

"I want you to make yourself able to feel pain on a normal human level, but keep the pleasure there as well for any punishment I give you." A lovely order, Rebecca gladly obliged.

'Smack'. The riding crop came down on Rebecca's right butt cheek and she jumped. It stung a little, and a red line was forming from where the whip had struck her. Her new mental block didn't let her foresee that. "That was a test to see if you were doing as I asked you" the smacks for punishment will be much harder.

"When you tried to blow me in my office today, and I told you to stop, you did so very rapidly, almost as if you couldn't go any further. Can you explain that?"

Crap! Rebecca hadn't thought he noticed her hands stop suddenly the way they did. "Um, I didn't want to upset you." 'SMACK' the whip came down hard this time on her let butt cheek, Rebecca had to grab at the ropes to avoid jumping again. the finger that was rubbing her clit was removed. That hit really stung, but her now dripping pussy did not go unnoticed. How did he know she was lying?

"I have been building our mental link. The mental conversations at work really helped. I can tell when you are lying. And I know that you are compelled to do as I say." Shit! How had she not felt him digging around in her mind!

"Fine, for some reason I have to do what you say if you word it right, I still don't know how, I've never heard of this before" the new power Nathan now felt was amazing, but tried to focus on the task at hand.

"You need stay quiet or I will punish you. You cannot cum without my permission. Understand?"

"Yes sir" his favorite response.

Nathan moved himself behind the big ass with two glowing red lines on it, and spit in his hand to lube his now massive cock. He pressed it firmly against Rebecca's slit and let it slide in. She couldn't repress an audible "mmm", and soon found Nathan's open hand being brought down hard on her ass. "I told you to be quiet." Even for an all powerful genie, this was difficult.

Nathan continued to ease into her until his pelvis was pressed firmly against the glowing red ass. Rebecca had to remind herself to stay silent. He pulled himself out almost all the way (which was quite a distance now that his cock was 11 inches long) and thrust into her hard, trying to get another noise out of the magical woman. Unsuccessful, Nathan began to thrust his newly enhanced man meat in and out of her tight little cunt. Increasing in speed until Rebecca let out another moan.

Nathan decided that she had been spanked enough. He reached out with one hand and pressed his thumb against her asshole, she moaned again. He slowed his pace of fucking her pussy so that he could move her pussy juices around to lubricate his thumb and her tight little rosebud. He slid his rock hard member out to the tip again, and as he slid slowly back In he pressed his thumb into her ass.

No longer caring if she would be punished Rebecca gave in to desire and let out a long throaty groan she had been holding in. "Oh yes Nathan push it in my ass, fuck me harder please"

Nathan forgot all about his request for silence and began one again pumping his member into her velvety flesh while his thumb applied pressure from within. His free hand was now wrapped up in her beautiful dark hair pulling the genie harder back into his cock. "Oh fuck me Nathan please fill me up with your big cock" Rebecca's taunts only made him pump harder. Nathan was going to cum soon.

Rebecca loved the feeling of a rock hard cock plowing into her, and since his modification, Nathan's cock filled her up perfectly. And now that her ass was plugged up with his thumb her body was begging for a release.

"Please sir, let me cum, I need to cum." Rebecca wasn't just toying with him. The way he worded one of his commands meant that she literally couldn't cum until Nathan gave the order.

Luckily for her Nathan had decided to test his multicum ability and gave the order, "cum with me slut" just as he released his first volley of cum deep inside her, causing him to grunt and jam his thumb deep inside her as well, Nathan could no longer control his thrusts as he dumbed his cum into her.

She felt his warm goo filling her up and came instantly, his fingernails dug into her soft flesh as she bucked from her orgasm. She moaned loudly "oh god yes baby make me cum, full me up".

Finally he slowed his thrusts and regained control of his own body, her orgasm subsided as well and he let his dick slip out of her. He rolled over into is back and gave another command and her restraints were gone. She lay next to him with her head inside the nook of his shoulder and neck.

Both of them simultaneously glanced down towards Nathan's cock. It was still rock hard. It was going to be a long night. But for now they both lay there in the after orgasm bliss and gently nodded off to sleep.

=== ===

So that's the end of chapter 3, I think chapter 4 will be up tomorrow. As I said I did this entire chapter from y phone, my thumbs are very tired. If you like the story PLEASE leave some feedback, these are my first public stories guys. Even if you don't like them I would love to know why.

I am also open to suggestions as to where to story should go, I have several different ideas, but would love to hear what y'all want. Thanks again guys! Enjoy!

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