Monster Lab 2: Bloods Thicker Then Fear

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How did everything go so wrong? How did the human bat escape? They guards were on the ninth floor where they were being kept but the human bat had to of gotten to the tweleth floor to let them out. The creature was dumber then a bag of hammers she thought to herself, so how did it do it. It had to of had help.
The Swedish born women in a doctors coat wondered pacing back and forth with a finger pursed against her full pink lips. She pulled her bun letting loose her bleach blonde hair. She had flawless porcelain skin and a kind face. She took off her glasses that she used for reading and unbuttoned the top button of her blouse using her hand to cool off, she wanted to just take the whole shirt off and run down the hall screaming in horror, but she was a logicical women, she knew that wouldn't be appropriate in this situation. Her breathing was heavy and filled with nervousness. Her ample chest heaved as the young 26 year old, kicked out of college for her genetic work, pulled a pistol from her desk as gun fire was made outside the door.
The door busted in as a man in a hasmat suit barged in.
"Doctor Axel! We need to get you out of here." the man yelled,
She managed a smile, "This place is fucked, call me Terri."
"Look mam, we need to get you out of here." he said.
He turned around lifting his MP5 machine gun.
"Hold on." he whispered looking around. He heard roaring from his right he turned over firing the weapon.
"Orcs!" he yelled as a creature came up from behind him. She lifted her pistol and pulled the trigger as the monster with tons of long sharp teeth and nothing but raw flesh for skin, it's claws were massive and had large bulbous eyes lifted it's claw to strike.
Her gun gave a loud metalic sound as no bullets came out.
She gasped in fear reaching down to cock the slide.
The monsters claw came down as blood sprayed acoss the creatures face.
Terri cocked the weapon and fired at the creature a few time blowing the top of it's head off. She ran into the hall and ran down the hallway as orcs roared and ran after her. She turned her gun back while running in high heels firing the pistol.
Unlike most people she learned to run in high heels for reason such as this. She also knew martial arts and how to use her heels as weapons.
There was a score of orcs behind, when her gun went dry she pulled the clip out and realized she didn't grab the rest of the ammo. She turned back to see 12 orcs still standing with swords and axes roaring and screaming at her to slow down that they wouldn't hurt her. She knew better then to trust orcs. They may have been fairly dumb, but they were decietful. Goblins were the smart ones even though they were alot weaker then orcs.
She turned a corner and saw an open door that she ducked into. She had to remain completely quiet as the orcs sped by at full speed wondering where she went. This was only one group of orcs. There were still more, bigger and stronger ones that they based off of Lord of the Rings Urkhai. Smarter and stronger they were a force to be reckoned with. And these orcs were only one tribe of four they had.
She froze in terror hearing a squish come from behind her.
The Therinoid saw her. A creature with a gasmask of flesh, dull brownish-orange eyes and a bald head. It's skin barely hung onto it's bones. It was revered for stalking. It clentched it's 10 inch long spindly fingers as every single one of them cracked. All seven joints seperating the finger bones. It's fingers were no more then a centemeter or two in diameter. The 7 foot tall thin creature in rags took another step forward as it's fleshy feet made another sickly squishing sound.
She knew exactly what it was. It liked to torture it's victims by tearing them little bit of flesh by little bit of flesh. She turned around and whipped her empty gun at and running back into the hall way and sprinting, knowing she had to get away from it.
She knew it would follow, it's a stalker, but perhaps if he could find another monster, or one of the fatter staff still living, there's more flesh on fatter men, so it attacks them more.
Terri turned the corner and stopped in horror at first, but then smiled, a fat ogre was in front of her. The Therinoid pounced out and spotted the ogre. It sprinted past her and attacked it. She went back down the hallway to get after the gun she had lost and back to her office to get more ammo. She went back around the corner and back into the room to retrieve the weapon. She picked it up when the door slammed shut behind her. She jumped and turned around.
A creature from the Lovecraft section, biologicly created. The Nyarlathothep, nicked named Chaos Bringer. The creature had the face of a stone face of an old pharaoh. It's body was thin and decayed looking. With the body of a human the skin was pulled tightly omits bones and it's body had no muscle, no stomach only skin surrounding the spine and large muscled arms and legs. Large green eyes that were like disks and white clean teeth. Wings on it's back withered and dried his bearing looked like a fallen angel.
It took a step toward her.
This creature liked to rip people apart and place the parts in certain spots for loved ones to find them to drive them insane, it would then let those people live to help bring back the dark ages. It stimulated the worst of human instincts.
The creature stood completely naked and took another step closer. She then noticed it's large phallus hanging between it's legs swinging as it walked.
An idea popped into her head.
She helped develop each and everyone of them. They were based off of human DNA, part of them was still human, even if it was just the primal side.
She slowly lifted her hand and unbuttoned another button of her blouse.
The creature stopped in curiousity.
She unbuttoned another then finally she ripped the rest of the buttons off opening her blouse exposing her ample cleavage in a white lace bra. The creature tilted it's head. She unbuckled her black pants and lowered them, she wore only white lace panties. She stepped out of her pant leggings and slowly glided a hand up her belly and grabbed one of her breasts.
She saw the creature get hard.
She smirked.
She took a few steps forward and the creature ran at her.
"Stop!" She screamed,
The creature didn't, it grabbed her by the shoulders and whipped her to the ground ready to rip her to shreds. It had feelings in it's gut and it's penis, it didn't know what they meant though. It was only a day old, fully grown by genetics but still didn't understand because it hadn't been taught anything about humans yet like every single creature was taught.
Terri landed on her stomach, she felt her lab coat over her head. She brought her knees up unknowlying lifting her ass into the air trying to get her bearings.
The creature looked down upon her perfect apple ass and her untouched suculant thighs. It went down and licked her ass with a foot long tongue.
Terri gasped as she felt a twinge in her pussy.
The Chaos Bringer smelled a sweet musky fragrance. It grabbed her panties and ripped them off with little to no effort. It's penis burned in excitment. Her bottom lips drooled. It went down letting it's long tongue lick the outskirts of her velvet pussy. She moaned which excited the creature more. Its tongue entered her folds and loved the way she tasted. It went farther, deeper licking all around. Soon it's entire tongue was inside of her, it's tongue wiggled a little only teasing her. She moaned getting frustrated. It began to rub it's penis with it's meaty but rock hard hand. It took it's tongue out and growled in pain staring at it's penis.
She turned around and smiled.
Too easy, she thought.
"Your hands are too roughy for that honey. Let me try." she said suductively taking off her bra.
She put the penis between her firm ample breast and the head of the 10 inch cock into her mouth, sqeezing her tits together with her palms and locking her fingers. She began to go up and down as the creature gasped a gurtal breath. She sucked on the head using her tongue to swirl around it's head. Then flicked the entry of it's penis with the tip of her tongue.
It roughly grabbed the top of her head grasping her hair.
She stood up and licked it's stone face grasping it's penis and lifting a leg resting it on it's hip. She put the penis to her pussy lips. Her loins burned wanting a cock to enter her. She honestly didn't care that it was this thing.
She lowered herself on it.
Creature roared in pleasure grabbing her lifted thigh.
She lifted her other leg and rested it on it's other hip holding it by the shoulders nearly impaling herself on it's massive spike in which she gasped that ended in a loud moan.
The creature grabbed her other leg as she used her ab muscles to lift herself up partialy and go back down on it. She moaned more starting to go faster and beginning to grind the monsters penis. She moaned louder screaming like a banshee.
The creature held her thighs tight sqeezing the juicy legs feeling her cleavage bounce off it's face everytime it lifted herself. The creature was beginning to understand sex. It's primal nature, the implanted nature that Terri Axel was waiting to kick in, began to show itself. Terri's dates never wanted to anal her. Or were ever able to keep up with her sexual desires. Many scary, many sick, many would get her killed in the middle eastern countries of Muslims.
The creature opened it's mouth and inhaled her breast sucking firmly. It then grabbed her by the hips and threw her to the ground and pounced on top of her sqeezing her throat while shoving it's dick inside of her drilling her mercilessly. Her smooth white face began to turn red as it choked her feeling it was natural. Although every natural thing it felt was really unnatural compared to society's standards.
She came and squirted a fountain, she had never had such an orgasm in her entire life. It let go of her throat and twisted her around sticking most of her right ass cheek into it's mouth biting down while licking it. It then spead her ass cheeks apart and licked her asshole frivolously. Terri moaned out loud loving the feeling. The monster then pressed it's penis against her asshole, she giggled expectingly.
It pushed it inside of her.
She moaned deeply taking a breath, she had never had a cock of such size inside her ass before.
She nearly came immeditly.
The creature sqeezed her asscheeks together pulling in and out. It lifted it's hand and spanked her ass harshly.
"Uh! Fuck me!" she screamed out, begging for more.
It kept going until finally it jizzed inside of her asshole. She bit her lip cumming to.
It creature fell over panting as she scooped some of the jizz from her ass with her finger. She then licked her finger clean. She stood up picking up the pistol and walked out of the room. She started down the hall and back to her office.
A scraping came from behind her.
She turned around to see the Therinoid. She gasped seeing it holding the ogre head picked clean of flesh. It took a step closed when a ghost came around the corner and so did many monsters. Her screaming attrached them. She immeditly ran when the Therinoid turned around to regard them. A hasmat squad member jumped out of a room shutting the door and firing at it with his machine gun. He turned around to see all of the creatures staring at him.
Slowly he pulled the empty clip out and slid another back in. His breathing was shivered in fear. He cocked the weapon slowly and then quickly lifted it firing as they attacked him. He screamed for less then five seconds.

Terri entered her office locking it with her eyes shut and leaned her head against the wooden door.
A pained gasp came as the sound a slice sounded.
Terri slowly turned around to see one of the creations of the serial killer section.
The man-thing wore a black ratty trentch coat and had long wild black hair. It's had a hasmat suited guard on the table was was cutting him to pieces with a custom designed knife. He turned around revealing it's face. It's face was skeletal, there was no skin, on muscle left, it's teeth were sharpened by it's own knife. It had no eyes but could still see. It's body also had no skin but was mainly covered by layers of dried blood. It loved to play with it's victims, disect them part by part, piece by piece.
Victims would yell "STOP!" and he would, just to gaige a reaction. They only every stared at him in wonder. Then he struck while they were dumb-founded.
It started to come forward, it's bloody skeletal fingers shown, but hands covered by bloody olive green mittens with the fingers cut off.
"Stop." she said knowing it would, having studied this one quite a bit.
It was grim who was taken off guard now
Because she approached him. She walked around the serial killer and looked at the almost dead body on the table.
It turned around.
"I've always admired your work Grim." she said suductivly.
It lifted it's knife approaching her.
"I want to give you a reward for all your hard work."
"Wat 'ind 'e'ard?" it asked sickly sounding, barly teilligable.
She turned around taking off her lab coat.
It looked her up and down as she rubbed her clit with a grew hard just looking at her. He walked forward and suddenly lifted it's knife sliding it under her bra, with a small pull the bra cut like a tether.
It pulled out it's dick, no skin, only the whiteness of what was underneath. This creature felt no pain, only pleasureable things, which most of the time came from pure murder.
She closed her eys letting her lustful side take over. She grabbed it's dick forcefully and shoved inside of herself grunting in a moan as she licked it's bare muscled face. It lifted he onto the table and sat her on top of the dying man and starting pounding her pussy.
The killer breath outward in pleasure that sounded more like a growl. She grabbed it's head and pulled it into her titties. It licked anxiously between the breasts and then bit the side of her right breast. She felt the blood ooze onto her tits, she felt it's bloody dick go inside of her.
She realized how fucked up she really was when she discovered that it's bloody member was the most appealing lube she'd ever used.
She pulled close whispering into it's ear begging it to fuck her butt.
It pulled out of her and turned her around slamming her down on the dying man.
"Bite my ass!" she cried,
Had it lips it would have smiled evilly.
It grabbed her ass with both hands biting down on ome cheek. She moaned at the pain, feeling it's teeth sink into her tender flesh, her other ass cheek being slapped very hard. It rose back up as it pressed it member against her ass and shoved it in. She moaned viciously as she pulled the gas mask off of the dying man and kissed him passioniatly. Her tongue down his throat, her hands scratching his face. The man triednto cry out but her lips were all over his and her tongue was stronger then his.
She immeditly came and cried out an orgasm feeling the killers bloody serrated knife gliding up the back of her thigh as it pounded her ass hole.
The knife glided up her thigh, it's teeth grazing her tender flesh.
It turned her one more then ever as she bit her bottom lip hard.
It grazed it over her apple ass and pressed down once as the teeth of the sickly weapon dug into her ass cheek. She cried out another orgasm. Her legs began to quake as the knife glided her splendid arc. It started humping faster and faster as it drew near an orgasm. It slowly lifted it's knife over the 27 year girl. She moaned like crazy. He was getting ready to stab. Suddenly she came and he jizzed inside of the girl and stabbed downward. His knife tore into flesh, he raked his sickly knife across the body as blood squirted everywhere. He tore his knife free and stabbed again and again. Making sure this wasn't a survivor. It pulled out of Terri. He back away panting.
"Did you like your reward?" a voice asked.
It nodded gravely.
"You made quite a mess. I like it when a man gets messy."
Terri said approaching the killer with the blood of the guard splattered all over her face.
"I certain that guard won't be getting back up." she said with a smile.
She went behind the desk and pulled the empty gun from her jacket pocket and reloaded. She cocked the weapon and knew exactly where to shoot Grim to kill him.
But why? He fucked her like crazy, he was good. She walked up to him and licked his face again while twirling his hair around her finger.
"I'll see you later hansome. I can't wait to fuck you again." she then whispered in his ear, "Go out there, kill for me baby."
She left the office as Grim did too. She walked down the hall with a broad smile.
She knew they were men, sort of. Everyone of them had a lustful instinct that just needed to be woken up. When ever she was confronted with something shebcouldnt kill with bullets. Her body would have to do.
She wondered if Venessa was still alive. Terri had always noticed the monsters staring at her body.
There was only one other woman who was fairly pretty in the building. A woman named Lira, an African American woman in engineering who asked Terri once about the monsters staring at her body. Terri asured her they weren't but Lira had always a strut around them and seemed to dropped thing alot more often around them. She liked that idea of something so dangerous being attracted to her.

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