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This is HillTop High School(HTHS). All of us, boys and girls have done something bad that made us come to this School. Well not me I'm only here cause my parents thought it would be best My name is Jamie Venn Lott. I'm a girl, 15, and just came to this school.

I have a crush on this guy name Zachary Pone. He's charming but he has a secret. I have four friends, Jessica, Olive, Jake, and Fin. Fins gay, he's here for his bi-polar disease. He hates it when people call bi-polar a disease. Olive, she's here for her constant want of sex, school slut you can say. Jake is here for raping a girl, I know Why am I his friend you may ask. I don't want to get hurt

Jessica is the bi girl. Slut, sexually active, and seductive. She's here for that.

^RINGGGGG^ everyone got out of class *tug* "Hey Jamie!" Olive said cheerfully. "Hi Olive" I said back, grabbing my test. A big, bold B- on it. Olive grabbed hers, "crap! My parents will kill me for having another F," Olive said.

I looked at her, "well study next time and maybe, just maybe you can get a D." She looked at me deeply with those huge blue eyes. "Um no. I'm going to have to get my grades my own way," Olive said. She turned around and winked at the teacher. She purposely drop her books that she hugs. She bend down very slowly and came back up. The teacher stared at her.

She pushes me away, "save me a seat at lunch, if I come" she said walking slowly towards Mr. Cain. I walked away so she can do her thing.


"Mr. Cain, I'm in a bad situation, I need you to change my grade to an A, and if you do that for me maybe I can do something for you" ^bites lip^. He got up from his chair tucking her blonde long hair behind her ear, "maybe we can arrange some deal or so" ^he starts kissing her neck^.

"Mhn" Olive said. ^He picks her up and puts her on his desk^. ^she wraps her legs around his waist^. "Well then we got a deal" Mr. Cain explains. ^ He starts to take his pants off and his underwear^ ^he leads her down to start sucking on his 7inch cock^.

^She puts her mouth around the head of it and starts to blow it, putting spit all over the cock she then strokes his big cock and licks all around it^ ^she gets it wet enough and gets on the desk taking off her uniform^. ^He then licks her pussy, and spits on it, putting his fingers in her vagina and then penetrating her with them^

^She does a slight moan, while heat comes into her, he then stands up and starts to slide it in deep, having it all in^ "Your loss, you seem like you done this a hundred times" he says, she looks at him and explains, "how often are you going to bang a sixteen year old girl?"

^He rams it in her deeply and starts pumping her, as if he's giving her a punishment^ ^^he takes it out and puts lots of spit onto his cock, and slide her body more upwards, and rams it in her ass^ "There we go" he says. ^She begins to moan loudly, she try's to push him away alittle but he kept on pounding her ass^

"Thats nice and tight" ^he said, ^she starts to play with her clit in a fast motion, ^she cums which drips onto his cock, making it smoother for him to fuck her ass^ ^he spanks her ass and making his balls pound against her ass^ ^he reaches for her tits twisting her nipples in a pleasure-able way, he then moans loudly pounding her HARD, he takes his cock out and starts to stroke it quickly cumming all over her chest and face making a little go into her mouth^

^he reaches for her test and marks an A+ on it^ "leave" he demands. She got dressed and ran to the bathroom cleaning herself off, runs to were Jamie is sitting, "got it! Got the grades!" I yelled!


"Has she been on crack?" I asked, Jamie started to laugh, "nope just on here back" she replied. Olive looks at Jamie, "on the contrary, back and stomach" she said confidently. "Oh well you proved her wrong!" I said as I started laughing. Olive sat down, and took a bite out of Jamie's apple, "damn right" she said. "Well I have to go, I need to meet Alex at the school park" I said. Olive gave me a hug and so did Jamie.

I started walking to the park, and then I saw Alex! Brown hair, beautiful dark skin, 5'10, brown eyes, and lean but mean body. I have so much lust for him. He's so talented in everything, best at soccer, subjects, and just everything.

*Tightly hugs*. He looked at my eyes and I looked at his. Then we both sat down, "wow, your skin is so soft" I complimented. He looked at me with a smile, "you keep on saying that when you hug me Or have Um" he stuttered. I quickly filled in the blanks for him, "sex?" he smiled at me, and then made a frown.

"what's wrong?" I asked, he looked at me and then looked down. "I've been meaning to talk to you about us, and I think we should break up" he said. I tighten my fist, I forced a kiss on him but Alex pushed me away. "I don't feel anything!" he started to walk away frustrated about what I had just done.

"FUCK YOU!" I yelled out. He turned around and stuck his middle finger at me. I don't know what grown inside me. I ran and pushed him on the grown, went on top of him, and punch him three times. Two guys got me off him and pinned me on the ground. "GET THE FUCK OFF ME!" I demanded. I saw him bleeding out of his nose and mouth.

I went back to normal. -he's crying- I said in my head. Later on "Mr. Netera, do you know what you done?" he asked. "well uh" I couldn't finish what I wanted to say. "You need to get 100GC to get out of here You were at 27, but I made the decision to deduct 27GC and now your starting over" the principle said. "WHAT!?" I yelled. "The decision has been made.


We were all done with school, me and Olive started walking to our campus home We are in like a military area. We can't go home home till we get 100GC. But that's besides the point. Olive went in our room and I went to go pick up food us.

It was about 10pm and it was dark, I went to one of the schools fast food area. *grabbed*. I was pulled aside by a masked man. I got punched and knocked out. Later on I'm on a bed Naked A man was sitting down watching me just a mask on. I tried to run to the door. He got me and threw me on top of the bed and got on top off me. He tied me up. And he put his cock in my mouth. I bit it, he slapped me and said in a deep voice, "if you do that again I will kill you."

^He stuck his cock in my mouth, and mouth fucked me. He pounded my mouth and took it out. He slapped me with his cock and put a dildo in my vagina. I pulsed up. I started to bleed he cleans it out with a clothe. He put on a condom. And then he put a bottle of lube in me and put all of the lube in me.^

^then he put his cock in me. I'd pulsed up again. "please stop! I'm a virgin! I can't do this! Please!" I yelled. He just started pounding me and pounding me he was moaning. I couldn't take all of this under so much stress. He fucked me harder and harder. I couldn't breath then he started choking me. He turned me over and stuck his cock in my ass. He pulled my hair really hard.^

^Then he scratched my back. And pounded my ass harder. He turned me back around and twisted my nipples hard. -I can't believe this I'm wet But that still doesn't erase the fact that I'm getting rape- I said in my head. He noticed it and paused. He stuck his cock in my vagina, and went slowly in it. He was rubbing my clit. But he went alot faster and faster. I started to cry cause it hurt to bad Or maybe my first time was rape but felt good He came in his condom.^

He knocked me out again Later on I woke up and then saw that I was on the ground were everyone saw me naked. Jake ran to me and wrapped a blanket around me. "why are you out here naked!?" he asked with a tone. I looked at him with tears drops coming out of my eyes, "I just Have Been Raped" I responded.

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