The Visitor_(2)

I sat down at my table, alone in my cabin in the hills of Arizona. Sipping my chicken soup, the night was cold, Golden Valley had a very empty, cold feel to it. The nights were filled with shining stars, and you could easily see the Milky Way from my home.

I always believed that there were more than just us…aliens I mean, out there, living among the stars. I just never expected them to come pay me a surprise visit…or rather, just her. It was on a chilly fall night in my house, that I heard a faint noise, coming from somewhere above. I dropped my spoon, looking around, trying to find out where the noise was coming from. It could have easily been my air conditioning system, that thing was always making noise. But tonight it was only making a slow, and low humming that kept the dead of silence out. No, this sound was a bit louder, and it kept getting louder.

I decided to take a look outside, donning my thick windbreaker coat I opened the door and peeked my head out, the wind making a chill on my rough face. Still no source of this sound, I stepped out further, looking around. Was it a wayward teenager running through the night in a 4x4? A low flying airplane? Or perhaps an experimental jet fighter fresh out of Area 51…? None of these things seemed to make sense, the noise became clear that it was something from the sky, I looked up, and nearly jumped back as a comet flew through the sky, streaking past my house almost 50 feet above and landing about half a mile away from my home. I was on the ground now, the object had made an obvious explosion, but I expected the end of all life…or something. Instead, an ominous silence filled the air, like all deserts, the dead of silence was very common, but this was a little different. A bit more nerve wracking, and mind bending…it was only until my A/C kicked on again that I was brought back to reality.

I jumped to my feet, my human instincts kicking in, I dashed inside of my cabin for a flashlight and my truck keys, running out the front door and throwing open the door of my 94’ Dodge Ram. I fumbled with the keys, shoving them into the slot and twisting with force, the massive V8 roared to life and I gunned the accelerator, taking off into the night. Even with the high beams on, the darkness consumed the light, making it hard for me to see where I was going.

I reached the point of impact, my heart racing, expecting an explosion, I was surprised the military hadn’t raced in and dragged me away. Carefully holding the metal flashlight in my hand, I held it up like a cop would, clicking it on, the dust from my truck slowly blowing away. In my rush I forgot that I could have just pointed the headlights at the area, lighting my way, I probably should have done this, because my flashlight was just about dead…

I stumbled over to the crater that had been created, inside was…a pod, a small metal pod, small enough to fit in the massive bed of my pickup, but far too large for me to move on my own. I slowly approached it, expecting to be burnt by extreme heat. I may have lived out in the middle of frickin nowhere, but I knew that when something comes from space down to Earth, that something was gonna be HOT! Unbeknownst to me, I found out that the contents of this pod would turn out to be hot as well…just…not in the context of heat.

The pod was silent, no movement, whatever was inside, alive or dead, was obviously not in a hurry to get out. I got close enough to look inside of the small port hole that showed…little more than fog. I took the initiative, and grabbed what looked like a handle, and tugged. Nothing…I tugged again, this time using more force. The door creaked, but wouldn’t move. I dropped my flashlight and put both hands on the handle, putting my foot against the pod and jerking back with all my might, the door flew open and I almost yelled, falling on my behind on the disturbed ground. Fog slowly emanated from the pod, again I was awe struck, half expecting a face hugger from Alien to jump out at me and impregnate me with some sort of parasite. My fears were put to rest after five minutes of sitting there with an idiotic look on my face, as I slowly got to my feet, I took my flashlight and peered inside the pod. What I saw next, nearly made me black out. A thin, well built, clearly alien, girl laid curled up in the pod, completely unclothed. Her skin was a light blue, on her back was a thick black stripe that ran from the back of her head to her tail, continuing down only to be interrupted by thin white stripes that ran along its length. On her front was clearly a thick white stripe, going from the top of her neck clear down to between her shapely legs. She almost looked completely human, she had fairly large, at least C cup breasts, perfectly round, with large black nipples on the end of them, her hands were tucked between her legs, covering most of her mound, I shifted my view, and sure enough, I saw two lips of a vagina, curled up inside of her. Her slit was clearly in view, my eyes wandered to her rounded buttocks, a small anus clearly in view, soon interrupted by her long striped tail. Her head was almost flat on the front, she had a small nose, but her eyes were like closed slits, I expected cat’s eyes or something… Her head was angled backward to a point, I was guessing she was built for speed, as her legs were very well built, and her body seemed very aerodynamic.

I waved the light in her face, trying to wake her up, she didn’t move, I leant forward, putting my thumb gently on her eyelid and peeling it slowly up, shining the light in her eyes. She had shiny silver pupil-less eyes. They didn’t move or stir, nor did the rest of her body. She must’ve been knocked out on the impact. Being me, I was a very kind and hospitable person, but…this alien, was on a different level. Not only that, but the feds could easily take interest in me, and her. But…she was clearly in need, and I couldn’t just leave her lying there in the cold. I looked back at her, her blue skin beginning to form goose bumps, if I didn’t know any better I would say she was just a human in a costume!

Ignoring my own objections to taking in an extra terrestrial, I slowly cradled my arms around the alien girl, pulling her slowly out of the pod, she didn’t move or stir. She was light, and as I carried her to the warmth of my pickup, I couldn’t help but glance down at her little white slit, which had only a touch of hair above it. Her hands hung at her sides as I carried her, she was beautiful…breathtaking, but, it was not in my nature to take advantage of a woman, let alone an alien woman…

Slowly loading her into the large seat of my truck, I scooted her down, laying her head on the passenger door, turning the heat up, finally closing my door and shaking the cold out of my system. I didn’t realize my hands were numb until I slowly flexed my fingers, grabbing hold of the shifter just past the steering wheel and pulling it down to Reverse, I backed the truck out of the rut I got it in, then shifted back into Drive and headed back to the cabin. I tried to make the ride as smooth as possible, which wasn’t easy since those trucks in the 90’s had really rough rides to support lots of weight.

Finally arriving at the cabin, honestly trying to keep my eyes on the road and off of this alien knockout, I crawled out of my side, circling around and pulling her out slowly. Cradling her in my arms, I wedged open the door, sliding in sideways, hefting her over to the couch, and gently setting her down. I wasted no time in warming her up, I turned the A/C off and retrieved a large blanket, and covered her up to her shoulders, her nipples were hard from the cold, understandably, but I still couldn’t help but take one last look at her stunning body before covering her up and tucking her in. I sat down in the chair across from her, turning the TV off and setting myself deep in thought.

For what seemed like hours I sat there…watching her chest rise and fall as she slept, I kept my thoughts of her beauty aside and focused on what might happen to me if someone else found her…I could be in such deep shit. Shit so deep I may never be able to return to my cabin.
My thoughts were interrupted by a groan, my heart skipped a beat, my breathing stopped, even the house’s heater stopped. I waited…one minute…two…another groan. I looked around frantically, realizing the groan came from the girl. I didn’t move, so as not to surprise her, her shiny white eyes revealed themselves, that’s when she panicked. She threw her arms up, looking around and spotting me, huddling in the corner of the couch, I held my hands up.

“Please, don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you.” I spoke softly.
She still sat there, clearly frightened, but she seemed to understand me, hell she even knew English… “Who…who are you?” she stuttered. I didn’t dare move, “I found you in the desert, your…pod crashed just a half-mile away from here, I found you, unconscious.” That obviously didn’t answer her question, but she nodded anyway. I slowly stood up, she twitched, but didn’t run, slowly taking small steps toward her with my hands up, I got within arm’s length of her, “My name is Nathan…” I held my firm hand out, a gesture of friendliness. She obviously caught on, she slowly extended her small hand out, and gently squeezed my hand, we shook slowly, and then she quickly retreated her hand beneath the blanket. I walked backwards toward my chair, keeping firm eye contact, slowly sitting down and looking into her clear white eyes.
She finally spoke after another two minutes of silence, “My name…is Korin.” She said in a tiny voice. The name repeated itself in my head, a unique name, obviously, because she wasn’t human anyway. I nodded and smiled at her, trying to ease her mind, she was a little less shaky now, but the fear seemed to stay in her bright eyes.

I sat motionless for at least ten minutes before finally standing, she flinched, I raised my hands again, and walked around the couch this time, headed for the kitchen, she looked at me, bewildered, I could see her back clearly, her thin figure clearly visible, her tail poked out from behind and sat level with her head, she was swaying the edge back and forth in curiosity.
I retrieved a soda from the fridge, and held it above the door for her to see, she cocked her head at me, I made a motion like I was going to drink it, lifting it to my mouth, she understood and nodded her head. I retrieved a second can, walking around the closed door back into the living area, handing the cold can to her. She let the blanket hang over her chest as she took the can in her hands, clearly confused. I kicked myself in the face for forgetting that she was obviously not familiar with human technology, and I carefully took the can from her hands. Pulling the tab back, the can hissed, and with a final jerk of my finger, the can opened, she swayed her tail in curiosity as I handed the can back to her. She slowly took it in her hands and sipped from the open end, smiling, enjoying the crisp taste. I smiled and raised my can, opening it and taking a long swig before setting it down on the table. I looked over to her and smiled, she kept her eyes wide, staring at me, almost in fear. "Sowhere do you come from?" I asked, trying to break the ice that seemed over 20 feet thick
"I'mfrom a planet, outside of this system, my ship was attacked, I managed to flee in an escape pod, thoughthe battle kind of caught me at a bad time" she said weakly

I remembered she was naked, and stood again, this time she didn’t flinch, but watched me as I walked into my room, retrieving a long T-shirt that would easily fit her. I walked back in and handed her the shirt, she looked at it, then me, confused. I tried my best to explain it to her, but she still gave me a very confused look, clearly her people wore different clothing than we did. I stood up, and took the shirt from her, then, carefully put my hands on her shoulders in a reassuring grip, she looked at me. The glassy white eyes inspiring awe in my soul, I opened up the neck of the shirt and slid it over her head, she watched as I gently took each of her arms and slid them through the holes in the shirt, the blanket had slid down to her waist now, and her rounded breasts were clearly in view. I tried my best to keep my eyes on her eyes, as I put her arm through the other hole, and slid the shirt down over her chest. I let out a sigh as I got the shirt down to her waist, she took the initiative and looked down, covering her mound with the rest of the shirt, it easily went down to her thighs. I smiled at her, she smiled back. “Thank you.”

I nodded, almost inclined to kiss her, but…the thought seemed kind of awkward, who knew what she had in that mouth of hers. I let the thought slip from my mind as I went to sit back at my chair, suddenly feeling a tug at the back of my jacket. She had her hand bunched up in the material, she clearly wanted me to stay around. I obliged and sat down a few feet away from her, she shirked the blanket and let it fall on the floor, curling up her legs she sat quietly and studied me. Korin looked at me, observing my every detail, from my head to my toe. She was clearly intrigued. I was well built, then again I had to be, I lived in the middle of nowhere. I kept a six pack of abs, fairly well built arms, and a broad set of shoulders. I was no body builder, but I was easily capable of doing heavy lifting.

She continued to stare at me, which, was a little awkward, but, being an alien visitor I felt it was only natural of her to study me. I reached forward and grabbed the remote to my TV, turning it on and glancing at her, smiling, I looked back at the TV and cycled through the channels. Keeping my mind off of her, trying to keep any kind of hard-on at bay, I absentmindedly watched TV, taking the time to pull off my jacket, revealing my well structured body. She stared at me continuously, looking over my shirt, which hid my pale white skin, her tail swaying in curiosity. She scooted closer to me, I purposely ignored her, but secretly kept aware of her gazes. I relaxed a little, hunching down in the couch and putting my hands over my stomach, she followed my hands, and looked over my pants. They easily covered my own member, which was slowly, but surely, growing in size from all this attention. She looked down my legs, but couldn’t see much, I wore loose pants so I could move around, it wasn’t my fault she couldn’t check me out.
I don’t know if I would offend her by checking her out, but I let her make the moves, her being my visitor after all. Suddenly, I felt her hand carefully grasp my arm, I looked over, she was observing it carefully, looking back at me in worry, I gave her a reassuring nod, allowing her to continue. She looked down my arm, to my thick hand, my fingers weren’t thin, but compared to hers, they were like sausages. She examined each finger, noticing the small cuts and scars that had been obtained from all the work that came with living alone.

Korin looked at her own hand, then turned mine so it was palm up, I turned to watch her as she placed her own hand on top of mine. They were tiny in comparison, but other than the blue and black hues, they looked exactly like human hands. I took a gamble and folded my fingers slowly inward, she looked at me, I smiled, wrapping her hand in mine, she smiled back, intertwining her fingers with mine. She held my hand like this for almost 15 minutes, reveling in its warmth. I glanced at her from time to time, she was concentrating on the TV now, her eyes carefully watching it. I began to study her, starting from her head, down her thin neck. I kept moving my eyes downward, past her rounded chest and flat stomach. My eyes found the bottom of the shirt, while in her exploration of me, she had let hike up slightly, I could barely see in between her shapely legs, the very bottom of her slit peeking out at me.
I gulped, averting my eyes, she looked at me and smiled, she was watching me check her out. “I’ve never seen a human before…let alone…be this close to one. I can tell you’re just as interested in me as I am you.” she smiled at me and relaxed her grip on my hand, and I released hers. I looked at her nervously, searching her eyes. She smiled at me and leaned closer, slowly resting her head on my shoulder. “HOLY CRAP!” I thought, this alien girl was in to me! The feeling was incredible, I could not only attract human girls, but even knockout alien girls like her.

Korin let her hand rest on my lower thigh, she was totally relaxed now, content with her surroundings, again my hand found hers, and I gently gripped it. I began to hear a sound similar to purring, I cocked my head, the sound was coming from her! Now, I’m not that big on animal sex, but her purring took me to a whole new level of “turned on”. I listened to the sound of her purring, the TV being drowned out by the epic silence that surrounded us. Her hand pulled away from mine, and I almost let out a sigh of despair, but she slowly moved her hand carefully, and very slowly, up and down my thigh, going from me knee, to about mid thigh. I was shocked, she was REALLY in to me… “I’m about to score with an alien chick…” I thought again. My hand took its own course, gently gripping her uncovered thigh, she sighed and shifted her legs to allow me to slowly move my hand up and down her leg, her tail swayed around her leg and curled around my wrist.

The touching went on for another half hour, time seemed to just seemed to ooze by…among other things, and I paid no attention to the TV, just the feel of her round thigh, and the sound of her content purring. One thing led to another, as her hand started to move upward on my leg, and mine did the same, we were practically about to touch each other’s genitals when she suddenly pulled away. My mind gave a shout of disdain, but that shout was suddenly dulled, her hands carefully gripped my head and she turned it toward her face, I looked her in awe, her face was beautiful all in its own.
I slowly moved toward her, and she moved toward me, a voice in the back of my head told me to stop, this was an alien I was about to kiss, that’s just sick! But I paid no heed as our eyes slowly closed, and our lips met. The feeling was electrifiying, her mouth didn’t open and she didn’t try to eat me, nor did she yell in disapproval, she relished the feeling of our kissing, and relaxed totally. I put my arms around the small of her back, pulling her closer, she put her hands around my neck and continued to kiss me back.
I was in heaven, but I was feeling bold, my tongue slowly snaked forward and tapped her lips, she didn’t freak out, or even mind for that matter, her mouth opened, and my tongue met hers, twisting and dancing together as we traded saliva. “Yup, her tongue is normal too.” I thought.

I was frenching a smoking hot alien woman…that’s a whole new level of awesome, I was excited like no other person could ever be, and my hidden member responded by quickly pulsating and growing. I could only imagine her slit becoming swollen and moist at our kissing. Indeed my hopes were fulfilled, as she slowly spread her legs, putting her hands on mine and easing them slowly downwards as she kept me locked in a long never ending kiss. “I entertain her, let her make the moves, I reap the rewards.” I thought. She was certainly rewarding me, because she allowed me to slip my hands under her shirt, I felt the ultra soft skin of her flat tummy, she shifted once more, spreading her legs a little wider, my mind yelled and screamed for me to open my eyes and take in her clearly excited body, but, letting myself relax, I ran my hands up and down her sides, I relished in the feeling of her soft skin. Her arms were now locked around my neck, pulling my closer to her than ever before, she continued to play tongue tag with me, as my hands moved upward and brushed against her rounded breasts.

Korin gave a muffled moan of approval, and kissed me with more and more vigor, our heads were swaying back and forth, kissing and exploring the depths of our mouths, my hands cupped her large tits, finally feeling her swollen glands in my hands gave me a huge rush of confidence and excitement, and I began to gently massage them in my hands. Again she gave another moan, and her arms locked themselves tighter around my neck, I massaged her tits for what seemed like an eternity, tweaking her engorged nipples in my hands, sending shivers down her spine, and down to the tip of her tail.
She broke our kiss, pulling the shirt off of herself, giving me a spectacular view of her rounded tits, her legs were a little closed now, but I managed to catch a glimpse of her well kept pubic hair. I was in love now, and I leaned my head forward to suck on her beautiful breasts, she was a little confused, and watched me carefully, and after taking in one of her tits in my mouth, flicking my tongue over her swollen nipple, she grabbed my head and held it firm over her breast, not letting me stop for a second. She began to moan with pleasure, spreading her legs slightly, I used my other hand to massage and squeeze her other breast, and she was in heaven now, taken over by the massive feelings of lust. Korin gasped and sighed with every long lick I took of her magnificent breasts, trading sides every few minutes, licking each one with more and more vigor. Her hands began trailing down my body, and she tugged at my shirt. I grabbed the bottom of my shirt and lifted it over my head, she was awestruck, my well built body was now in plain sight, and she took me in. Finally throwing her arms around me again, she locked me in another passionate kiss that seemed unending. I could care less if the feds stormed my house now, I was in pure sexual bliss with an alien!

Korin wasted no time getting herself ready, as she spread her legs and took my hand, sliding it down her flat stomach, past her trimmed bush and over her swollen mound. Her pussy lips wet and thicker now, she moaned at my touch, and I wasted no time in satisfying her needs. My hand caressed her cunt, rubbing up and down her wet slit, her juices were flowing freely, and my cock was raging hard, it was painful being stuck inside of my pants…

She must’ve sensed this, because her hand moved straight toward my prick, trapped inside it’s denim prison, she gently caressed it, I could tell she almost had no idea on what to do. I was sure her males were about the same as ours, but she just seemed so innocent, I didn’t doubt she was a virgin. I let her probe my pants, rubbing and squeezing, trying to please me, which wasn’t hard, because I was having the time of my life rubbing her sweet little pussy.

Her breathing became ragged, her tail swaying from side to side, and she looked at me, almost worried, as if she had no real idea what I was doing to her, I gave her a reassuring smile and kissed her tenderly, her hand left my crotch and wrapped around my bare back. I didn’t mind, I was too preoccupied in rubbing her cunt than to pay attention to my own needs. She began to moan in my mouth, her breathing becoming faster, in synchronicity I rubbed her back in time with her breathing. She inhaled to meet the touch of my finger, and exhaled as it slid up and down her soaked cunt. I became even more daring, and I ever so carefully pushed a finger between her wet lips into her waiting cunt, she gasped, almost sucking the air out of my own lungs as she broke our kiss and set her head on my shoulder, grinding her hips into my hand. I was now finger fucking the little minx, her moans were innocent and so heart-melting, I thought I was going to get off on my own accord.

Her body became hotter and hotter, and her pussy oozed sweet juices as her orgasm built, her moaning became louder, and the couch creaked as she humped my hand. Korin’s head shot backwards and she groaned in lust, arching her back, straightening her tail, she became stiff, and I could feel the warmth on my hand that was her cum, sliding over my hand and forming in a pool on the couch. She kept her head up high, breathing heavily and squeezing me damn near to the point of suffocation as she was slowly let back down. I slowly and tenderly rubbed her sweet little puss as she relaxed, finally withdrawing my hand from the warm and wet sanctuary, I brought it to my lips. Sniffing it, it smelled sweet, I tentatively stuck my tongue out to lick my fingers, and tasted her sweet nectar. It damn near tasted like strawberries, as I devoured my own hand, sucking all the juices off of it as she watched me.

She looked at me and giggled, slowly moving her hand up and down her cunt, spreading her juices. I could tell she trusted me now, because her hand moved back to my enclosed cock, it needed to be freed, and I desperately wanted it to be. I quickly unzipped my pants and yanked them off myself, my thick member making a tent in my boxer shorts, I slowly pulled them off as well. Her eyes widened as I revealed a long 8” swollen member, pulsating and slowly oozing precum. She reached out to touch it, and it twitched as her fingers dabbed the head, she giggled, and touched it again, this time getting precum on her fingers. She looked at them carefully, almost playing with the stuff between her fingers, she carefully drew her hand to her mouth, licking off the ooze. She liked it, I could tell, her tail was wagging back and forth, her face filled with joy, she had to have more. She leaned her head down over my cock and carefully licked it. The feeling of her tongue on my cock was incredible, Korin licked it like a frickin lollypop as she carefully wrapped her hand around the shaft, slowly stroking it. She seemed to know what she was doing, though, I knew she was a virgin, her pussy was so tight, and I could make out a sort of hymen a few inches in when I fingered her. Virginity aside, she took me in a few inches, sucking and reveling in my cock’s taste.

My head was spinning, my hand carefully gripped her neck as I gently massaged it, urging her on. She became bold in her own and moved her head up and down faster and further, consuming my cock in her wet mouth with ease. I was in heaven now, and I could feel my own orgasm building within me. She cradled my sensitive balls, gently squeezing and rolling them in her hands, this set my mind into “fuck mode” and I began to slowly shove myself into her mouth. She made no protests and took me in and out of her mouth, almost holding her head still as I fucked her face. I groaned and rose my hips up and down with her sucking, she tightened her lips and began purring again, and the vibrations set me off as I groaned and forced myself into her, unleashing a torrent of hot sticky cum. She squealed, but kept her head down, swallowing my load with ease, not even bothering to come up for a breath, she milked me dry, and lifted her head. Smiling, I heard her swallow, and I sat back for the first time, breathing heavily.
She beamed at me, a tiny bit of my cum sliding down the side of her mouth, she stuck her tongue out and licked it clean, licking her lips at me and giving me a look of pure ecstasy. “I think she really wants it…” I thought again, and she smiled at me and began to stroke my softening cock, her tail swaying slowly to the side. I winced at the tiny amount of pain from being drained, but I sighed and let her work my cock hard again. Korin carefully stroked my dick back to full thickness and carefully licked it again.
“Humans, have a way of showing great compassion for one another…I’ve…never actually experienced this before, even with my own kind.” She admitted.

This fact made the conclusion, she was a virgin, I wouldn’t mind going easy on her, but the thought of penetrating this wanton alien babe was almost too much for me, and my dick became harder than ever. I put my hand on her shoulder and kissed her, giving it a reassuring squeeze, “I won’t hurt you, just lie down and let me guide you.”

She looked at me, she had placed her trust in me now, and an enormous weight was on my shoulders. She did as she was told, and slowly laid back, her stunning body on display for me, she laid her tail down flat between her legs. I couldn’t help but just stare at her beautiful tits, her tight thighs and stomach, and her glistening wet pussy, now swelling and oozing with cum. She was excited like all hell, and she wanted it now, but, I had to get her ready, my girth was of pretty decent size, and I didn’t want to hurt her.
I carefully licked her beautiful breasts again, working my way from her chest down to her naval. Licking her flat and ultra soft stomach, she moaned quietly and shivered. I continued to lick down her belly, past her waist line and over her pubic hair, down to her wet pulsating pussy. She gasped and shuddered in anticipation as I inhaled her musky scent. She spread her legs even wider to allow me access to her mound, I eagerly obliged and passed my tongue over her sweet cunt. She inhaled sharply and pulled my head into her cunt with her hands, my tongue dancing over her swollen lips. Working my muscle in and out of her snatch with ease, her hips gyrated and squirmed, her breathing became heavier and louder, she was going to cum again, very soon. I stopped my oral assault, and she groaned from the loss of my tongue in her pussy. I smiled and spread her legs even wider, positioning my throbbing cock outside of her blue and white entrance. Her juices were oozing out of her hole and forming a nice pool in the couch, she was moaning and watching me as I rubbed the tip of my cock over her pussy lips, giving off a wonderful tingling sensation for the both of us.

My own cock begged me to continue, and looking into her silvery eyes, I knew she wanted more. I exhaled, and slowly, delicately, pushed my way into her tight, wet cunt. The feeling was incredible, I had done other women before, but her pussy was exhilarating, it gripped me, and her inner muscles contracted and stretched with the movement of my cock. Her pussy was deep, but at halfway, the usual barrier of the hymen stopped me, and I looked at her eyes. She had a concerned look, I leaned down without moving my cock any further and kissed her, whispering to her, “Everything will be alright.” She nodded and gave a tiny whimper, then leaned back. I put my hands on her hips as carefully as I could, and tapped her hymen…once…twice…and, with a final small grunt, I pushed forward. Korin bit her lip and tears streaked out of her eyes, she couldn’t help but let out a squeal of pain as she began to cry, her tail was now wrapped around my leg like a snake.

I leaned down and kissed her over and over again, kissing her tear streaked face but holding my thick cock in a firm position. Her cries of pain soon faded away, I kept kissing her face, and she moaned and spread her legs wider. Korin’s pussy was now sucking on my cock in its own way, milking and squeezing it. She was soon moving her hips around, trying to push me further, I smiled and licked her neck, then pushed myself in the rest of the way. Towards the end her pussy caved inwards, and I hit her cervix around the same time my cock slid to the hilt. The feeling of her pussy milking me was incredible, and I knew she was enjoying the feeling of having a massive cock inside of her. Instinct kicked in, and I began sliding my throbbing member in and out of her cock gripping pussy, her muscles expanded and contracted to accommodate me, her tight wet puss making my cock feel right at home.
Plunging in and out of her, we both began to moan in unison, Korin began to purr again, and she muttered small words in her own language, wrapping her arms around my neck and staring deep into my eyes. Our bodies were one, and my nether regions became a blur as my cock dove in and out of her tight little cunt faster and harder. Her moans turned to high pitched squeals, every time I pushed in, she pushed back just as hard, and made a little mewing sound with each thrust.

I could feel a tensing in my cock, I was getting close to cumming, and I searched her eyes, I finally managed to get out, “I’m…gonna…cum…real soon!” Her moans subsided and she looked at me, nodding her head with my thrusts, “Fill…me…up, I want to…feel your cum…inside me!” her moaning continued again. A quick image flashed in my mind, she was alien anyway, I could probably cum in her as many times as I liked and get away with it…

This thought reinforced my fucking, and she kept moaning, and crying out, “Fuck!” every third or fourth stroke. Her “Fucks” turned to “Fffuggd!”s, as her cum built up and struck her like a ton of bricks. She arched her back and wailed, her hot cum washing over my cock and balls as her pussy spasmed and convulsed. Her tail shot out, straight as an arrow. Her yelling was soon drowned out by mine, and I rammed myself into her hot little cunt and exploded inside of her. Korin’s eyes opened wide and she grimaced and moaned, my cock let out a river of white hot cum and drenched her pussy, flooding her cunt so much it began to seep out the sides and slide down her ass crack.

I was leaning back, fucking her with abandon now, ramming my still cumming cock into her tight grasping pussy. She was thrusting her hips back into me as I shot 6 to 7 streams of boiling cum into her willing cunt. I groaned and leaned forward, she looked back at me, drool oozing down the side of her mouth. She was in pure bliss, but my cock was still very hard, I had to have more. I pulled out of Korin, her gripping pussy fighting to keep my cock inside, made a sloppy pop as I pulled out. Her juices and mine mixed as they flowed out of her, I carefully grabbed her ass cheeks and flipped her onto her stomach, letting her legs hang off the edge of the couch, and I had a perfect view of her tight round ass. Her pussy gurgled and oozed slime as I rubbed my cock between her cheeks, smiling as her tail swayed slowly over her back.
Korin was soon pushing back at me, begging, “Put it in me…please…I need more.”
Her pleas went fulfilled, and I shoved my throbbing cock back into her tight, swollen and very fucked pussy. Korin groaned and pushed back, my cock quickly bottoming out and tapping her cervix once more, the excess cum drained out of her pussy between the gaps and oozed down her legs. Her expression was vacant, her mouth hung open as she grunted and groan with each shove, she wrapped her long tail around my waist, trapping me inside.

I pushed in and out of her, squeezing her ass, no longer was she a nervous, lost little alien, but a wanton minx full of fire and lust. She fucked me back, thrusting her ass into me as I penetrated her. I leaned forward and caressed her swaying tits, Korin groaned and moved her hand past mine to rub her swollen cunt. My cock was bottoming out in her tight snatch, her legs were shaking, her arms hanging uselessly at her sides, the only thing holding her up now was her head. I thought her tail might suffocate me as she squeezed harder and harder with it, but the pleasure of again fucking her sweet little pussy was overwhelming, and I soon began to feel my cum build up again.

Korin’s back straightened, her tail constricting me as her juices washed over me again, she came once, twice, three times in a row as I fucked her little pussy to the point of making it sore. Her thrusting combined with mine made this the best fuck I had in my life…and here came the finisher.
Korin’s cum washed over my balls to the point of it dripping off of them as they swayed and slapped her spasming cunt, I groaned and grunted as I fucked into her, she recovered from her previous orgasms quickly, and turned her head back. “Fuck me…fuck my tight little pussy Nathan! Fuck it hard!” Her words were like thunder in my loins as I brutally squeezed her ass, she moaned louder, yelling my name and screaming dirty words.

“Cum in my pussy baby! Cum inside of me, fill me up with your spunk baby!” she wailed as she banged her fists on the couch, lost in another orgasm. I rammed into her again and again, and pushed in as deep as I could, penetrating her tight little cervix.
She groaned and screamed as I filled her womb with my spunk, her belly expanding as I flooded her cunt with my cream. Her pussy literally grabbed at my cock, flexing around it and making a gap between the outer lips and my cock each time she convulsed. Her pussy opened wide and almost gnawed on my cock as I continued to flood her insides. Her womb was full to the brim of my sperm, and it began flowing out of her pussy in small globs. Her head twitched and she collapsed on the couch, her fingers and tail twitching, as my cock spurted a few more drops of hot steamy cum into her puss.
After I collapsed on her back, her sweaty body sticking to mine, I slowly inched my hips back and slid out of her now reddened cunt. Her lips again sucked my cock clean and the wet plop of pulling out gave me a wave of satisfaction. Korin’s head rolled to the side and she looked at me, her silver eyes searching mine, “That was incredible…”

I nodded and smiled, kissing her forehead, looking down I noticed how big her belly had gotten, and she almost looked 5 months pregnant! Slowly rubbing her now bulging tummy, I kissed her face, her body still bent over the side of the couch, with her ass and swollen pussy for all to see.
The blue skinned minx crawled up the couch and sat down, and I sat with her, cradling her in my arms as she hopped on top of my lap, purring softly. I rocked her slowly as if she was my child, I stared down at her pubic mound, watching her belly slowly flatten as the cum that I had injected into her flow out of her soppy cunt and down her ass and tail.

We were in love, I knew it, she held me tight and purred contently, wrapping her tail around my arm as I slowly rocked her. The silence of the cabin engulfed us, and we were in pure, unadulterated love.
10 minutes later…her eyes popped open, feeling something pushing against the small of her back, she smiled again.

“Ready for another run, huh?” she grinned
I nodded, “I think I’m ready for more.”

To be continued…

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