Let yourself go

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Let yourself go-massage,kissing,blow job, hand job ,fucking.
It was in the middle of summer when most women who love sun bathing and public
nudity lie around the green park in their colourful bikinis to get a sun tan
Richard had decided to take a walk to the park to get some fresh air.
Laura was totally partially naked as she lay in the green grass with only her bra on.
He stole a glance at her pussy as he approached from behind. He could see her pussy as he approached this total stranger from behind who was unaware of his presence.
She was a remarkably seductive ,sexy woman in her mid thirties with an easygoing and sociable
attitude towards strangers. Laura was a true exhibitionist who was not shy to show her
curves in public.
He scrutinised her body slowly. her eyes finally resting on the lower part of his body. Her pussy
Was shaven with a tattoo of a human heart on the left side of a hips..
She now turned round and laid on her back .She fondled her gorgeous tits as his eyes popped out in sheer admiration. The intensity of her gaze sent massive waves of excitement through his veins.
She was at least six feet tall. Richard had not had close physical contact with a woman since his break up with his ex-wife a few months ago. Why she dumped him after four years was something he had decided to put behind him. However, the problem was that they really had nothing in common.He enjoyed going to sex clubs, dancing and cruising on the Baltic sea while she was an introvert who preferred to relax at home with a book or just watch television in her free time.
Consequently, they grew apart from each other progressively over the years.
Laura has been single since she returned home after spending some years working in Africa.She was the outgoing and adventurous type of woman who did does not hesitate to take the initiative when she meets a guy she fancies.
It was in late August .The days were still long which is typical of the Scandinavian summer. Richard loved open spaces and the sense of freedom he got from being outside..
He was thankful that this chance meeting with a stranger was leading to a happy end.
Richard had a strong dex drive who would not miss a chance to bang a bambi. He liked to fuck and be fucked. For him sexual pleasure with the opposite sex just for the sake of it was something he would do everything to get.
Laura had really massive boobs, full lips, rounded hips ,black hair, brown eyes, long legs . His heart started racing in his chest as he their eyes met when he got closer. Initially,
he was just speechless unsure if she would snob him if he made the first move.
She was enjoying the last rays of the sun late in the afternoon before dusk. She had just finished reading a novel but was still lying on her stomach with her two legs outstretched. She felt a longing to someone to make love to her.
“Have you had a nice day?” he asked with a wink of the eye.”Just fine. The weather has been fantastic today. “
There was something in his deep voice that attracted her.
“Can I sit beside you for a while?” he asked with a smile on her face. Just need someone to talk to. Feels a bit lonely in my flat.Thats why I got out to get some fresh air, he said in a baritone voice. “That’s alright, feel free,” she said with a searching look on her face.
“My name is Richard,”he said nervously. “Laura is my name.. I am a cabaret dancer.I spent the last couple of years in West Africa.Visited, Ghana, Gambia, Togo among others.”
” What were you doing there?Were you working there as a dancer?”
“Sometimes, I worked as a stripper but I mostly stayed as a tourist.”
“Must have been quite an exotic experience being in Africa!,”
he exclaimed. His cock started swelling in his pants asthey shook hands. He imagined how it could feel just kissing her on the lips. “Having my woman just where I want her is the greatest turn on.” Richard said with a smile. .”Sounds good,” she said.
“Do you day dream sometimes?” he asked.” Of course! Most people do,more or less,” she said in a conversational tone. My favourite fantasy is to be french kissed and then sex doggy style. Things start off as usual but as my partner starts working his way up my legs, he suddenly slides his finger
Into my first into my anus and then next into my pussy. His hands slowly tease and caress my inner thighs as he turns me over and I yearn for his touch as he continues to work on my G-point .”she said .
The park was now deserted as it was getting dark. The two of them were now on their own.” Would you like to come over to my flat for a drink? “He asked with a broad smile.”Actually, I prefer to get to know a guy a while before I go to visit him.”
“ I understand.“he said,somewhat disappointed. “Can you give me a little back massage with my skin lotion?” she asked as she thrust a plastic container in his hand.
“With the greatest pleasure,”he said as he spread lotion oh her back shoulder and then worked his way slowly towards her bum.”How does it feel?” he asked.”Nice.”
She turned round.” Can you massage my breast also?” “Absolutely!” he said.
Slowly, she started to take off her bra so he could
have full access to the more intimate parts of her body. He moved his hand to her shaved pussy as she began to breath heavily.
Her cunt became moist as his right hand drew closer to her pussy.”Feels so good, hmmmmmm…..please carry on. sssshhhhhh….So relaxing!”
“He now started caressing her left legs gently, she responded by drawing closer, putting her hands around his neck and giving him a deep kiss.
He started massaging the lips of her slit with a gentle caress. She was lying on her stomach with her hands by her side.” You really drive me crazy with your gentle touch.”
Laura became even more wet in the pussy as he moved his hands to her inner thighs. Her legs started to shake and blood raced in her veins. She moaned as his fingers brushed her clit screaming out aloud “Aaaahhhhh……Please carry on. I feel so horny!”
Richard started driving his forefinger in and out of her wet pussy. After a while,Lauara turned her over on her back. He massaged her shoulders and then moved to her nipples which had become stone hard with passion.” I admire women with large tits,” he said. He rubbed lotion all over her breasts and pulled on her nipples.
She started stroking the front of his trousers.Richard took off his shirt and trousers .Pulling his underwear frantically to his knees,he took out his massive cock and guided him gently into her wet
pussy. She simply could not wait to get fucked.
Laua stroked his cock as he massaged her tummy . Then he went back to fingering her pussy after which he stuck a finger in her arse. Her mind exploded with intense pleasure he played with her anus.Finally,he fingered her to orgasm.
“Oral sex is the ultimate turn on,” Laura said with a laugh. She opened her mouth and sucked on his cock as she stroked his buttocks and balls. She commenced licking the shaft of his cock and scrotum as his erection began to reduce.
“I want to come in your mouth,” he said. She then took his cock in her mouth again, grabbing her head as his cum gushed down her throat. She tried to suck it all and swallow but some it came dripping from the side of her mouth which she wiped off with one hand.
At this juncture, she took the initiative.” I will show you a new trick,”she said with a giggle. She took off her underwear and climbed onto his lap straddling him in a kneeling position holding his shoulders as he sat on the grass with his arms stretched out behind him for support, legs crossed loosely. Then she started lowering her buttocks on his erect cock, leaning towards him in order to take control while keeping as close as she took control of the timing and speed of the penetration.
By alternating slow shallow strokes with deep thrusts she stimulated his emotions to the ultimate level, lowering herself down on his hard cock like a corkscrew. Both of them were now completely exhausted after fucking each other intensely.” Now I make you an offer you cannot refuse. “Would you like to come in to my place for a drink now?” she asked with a sexy smile.”Yes, of course. “She put on her bikini while he dressed up. It was totally dark in the park at this point. They walked hand in hand to her apartment.
She led him to a large black skin sofa in the corner of the hall.” You can sit here while I change into something comfortable.” She returned after some minutes in a pair of black shorts and a loose transparent blouse. He could see her full breasts underneath. “Would you like some Scotch? She asked in a gentle voice.”Yes. That’s very nice of you.”
He lit a cigarette as she handed over a glass of whisky with some ice in it. She subsequently served herself a glass of white wine” Now we can chill and have a good fuck. It’s a pleasure to have you around since I stay alone. It takes two to tango.” His heart started racing in his chest in anticipation of what was to follow next.
She went over to her lap top computer and set on a song from Whitney Houston “Saving all my love for you,” and then sat beside him.They kissed once more. She put her right hand on his left lap, drawing it slowly towards his flap. His cock started swelling in his pants as she slowly undid his zip.” Can we do a role play where you are mistress and I the servant who must obey all your commands.” he suggested.” That sounds perfect because I have been fantasizing about just that,” said
She unzipped his flap and then started massaging the shaft of his cock which gave him an overpowering hard on. Slowly, she took off his trousers and then his shirt. Being undressed by a lady gave him the strongest hard on of his life.” Please lie down on the sofa.” He gave her a deep kiss which made her pussy very wet.
“Bow down and give me a warming up lick of my pussy with the tip of your tongue.”The shorts she was wearing fell to the ground as she undid the buttons. He got on his knees, parted the lips of her pussy and started eating her cunt.
Her clitoris started to harden as she became increasingly wet from his stimulation .Having released an enormous amount of pussy juice, he now stuck two fingers into her pussy, bringing her to orgasm with an up and down movement of his fingers..
“Oh my darling, don’t stop please don’t stop.Oh! Oh!Oh!”
She turned around.”Stick your finger into my arse”she requested. “Damn it, I need anal stimulation!” He went on to stick his finger into her arse with a gentle movement of his finger. She bowed down and took his penis deep in her mouth while she ,teased the shaft of his cock. Having got his cock erect , she now sat on it while, sitting on his laps, face to face as they got oral stimulation by playing with each others tongue. she wriggled her waste around as she eased her warm pussy on his cock once again. His cum started to drip into her wet pussy. She now lowered her large breasts onto his erect cock.”Fuck my breasts, harder , harder”. He drew closer to her shaven pussy putting his hands between her legs in order to give her a massage to stimulate her even more. “mmmmmmmmm”she moaned. She stuck her fingers into her pussy while she massaged her G-spot simultaneously . She lowered her nipples into his mouth. He responded by sucking her nipples hard.”Come on now, give me a hard fuck,” lowering herself onto the floor. She raised her two legs and put them around his waist facing him for eye contact as he sat on the edge of the sofa ,his erect cock longing to cum inside her warm hole.He laid back on the sofa as she eased her slit onto his aching cock for maximum penetration. He started pumping hard on her wet cunt as she moaned with extreme pleasure. “Yes! Yes! Come on fuck me hard!”
The altered their position.She now sat him on the floor with his legs stretched out comfortably in front of him. She got him to lean back with his arms supporting his weight. With her back to him and her legs on both sides of his thighs ,she lowered herself onto his cock keeping her knees bent and feet planted on the floor while he moved his waist in round build up a rhythm. He kissed her neck.” Wow,I cannot take this anymore,I am coming…aaaahh” Laura got hold of his cock and each time Richard pushed forward ,she guided him further inside.He felt the ultimate approaching as she led him further on “Fuck me,fuck me, come into my cunt,stronger,stronger.” His cock k was now fully lubricated with her pussy juice.At that juncture he gave her three or four final thrusts. One more push and he felt his cum gush into her back passage.
He was overwhelmed with ecstasy while Laura kept screaming,”Shhhhhhh……I am coming, it’s so lovely. Goodness!”
They were locked together in that posture before she got off his hard cock .They made their way into the bathroom to freshen up from their sweat and bodily juices with a shower.

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