Jenny By The River

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She was just gorgeous; a mop of short curly blond hair, a very cute face with some freckles and pretty blue eyes, long tanned legs, tiny shorts that hugged her bum, and a plain T-shirt that drew attention to her very well developed breasts. She hung around close to me and flirting; I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.

I had ridden my BMW 900 into the rolling hills of northern Victoria, to visit friends at their house in a little town of only a few hundred people. My friend’s had two teenage kids and while we were all chatting some other kids dropped in. When I saw Jenny
our eyes met and locked. I was about thirty two with a beard, jeans, denim jacket and short boots. With the motorbike I must have cut quite a dashing figure, interesting to a young girl.

After a cool drink the kids decided to go for a walk. When Jenny invited me along I didn’t even think of saying no. She showed me the sights of the town while the group of six or seven others tagged along. She walked right beside me, so close that her shoulder often touched my arm. I was fascinated. We kept making eye contact, flirting. I made the back of my hand touch her hip; she glanced at me and smiled.

At the end of the tour Jenny asked me into a small playhouse the kids had built, like an Aboriginal gunyah. To my disappointment all the other kids trooped in as well. Framed with sticks and covered with branches and leaves, the gunyah was quite roomy inside, everyone sat on the ground. It was a diverse group, Jenny and my friend’s oldest, said they had just turned sixteen. A boy named Frank was fourteen and the others ranged down to about six. After chatting a while everyone decided to move on. Being first to come in, Jenny and I were the last to crawl out through the low opening. I got a delightful vision of her backside in those shorts; of her luscious thighs and the shape of her pussy as she crawled along in front of me. I stroked my hand down the outside of her thigh; she stopped and looked back, I continued stroking her thighs and bottom, kneeling close and gazing at her pussy. Outside again, her face was flushed and she stood against my side. I reached my right hand behind her and stroked her bum and the tops of her legs, my fingers found the crevice between the tops of her thighs and her arse.

The group were standing in a circle. Frank wanted to talk to Jenny. He was visibly upset and Jenny moved away from me to comfort him, putting her arm around his shoulders. Among other things he said there was a rumour going around that she had already had sex. She didn’t deny it. After Frank calmed down everyone went home for dinner.

Next morning all my senses were alert, and I saw Jenny and the other kids coming to the house about nine o’clock. I was sitting talking with my friends as they got ready to go out for the day. Jenny stood near me. I was so enchanted with her that my friends could see it, and were somewhat disapproving when I offered to take her for a ride on my bike.

My friends went out with their kids mid morning; Jenny took me up on the bike ride. We cruised around the back roads. I gave her my crash helmet but she took it off, to feel the wind in her hair. I found a track along the river and went that way for several kilometres till I found a good place to stop. We sat on the grass sheltered by overhanging trees. I told her I couldn’t help overhearing what Frank was upset about, the previous day (I had been listening), and asked had she had sex. She said ”Yes, only once a few weeks ago.” “Did you enjoy it?” “Sort of, it hurt at first and he finished just as I was starting to like it.” “Was he a young guy” “He was seventeen.” She was looking nervous and peeping at me through her eyelashes. I said, “How about showing me your boobs?” She blushed and said, “Ok.” She had on jeans and a button up shirt. She hesitated not sure what to do, I said “Can I undo the buttons?” She nodded. I moved closer, cupped her chin and kissed her gently. She smiled and relaxed. I began stroking her cheeks, neck, and arms; put one arm around her and kissed her again lingering this time. She put her arms around my neck and we kissed deeply. While still kissing her I moved my right hand up along her side, brushed lightly over her breasts and started on the buttons. Jenny trembled as the top button opened; my cock was so hard it was very uncomfortable. The next button was difficult and we stopped kissing while I used two hands. The shirt came open and I caressed her tits through the bra, she was breathing fast. We kissed again tongues entwined; my hands went behind to her bra clasp and undid it, then around front to hold both breasts in my hands. I broke the kiss and leaned back to look at them, moving the bra up out of the way.

Her breasts were splendid, medium/large, firm, nicely separated and standing up proudly. Her nipples were erect and she gasped as I touched them, stroking all over her breasts with my fingers and palms. I pulled her shirt out of her jeans, took my jacket off, spread it for her to lay on and eased her down. Next I took my shirt off and leaned down to kiss her again pushing my chest against her tits. We lay on our sides and kissed passionately. My leg went between hers and I drew her upper leg over my hip, caressing her thigh and bottom. We stayed that way for some time. I touched her everywhere I could reach. Her hands were on my back, my chest and my face. I pushed her onto her back again got up on my knees with one leg between hers and nuzzled into her tits licking and kissing both of them in turn back and forth, then sucking her nipples in between my lips, teasing them with my tongue as she writhed and whimpered. I rubbed my hardon against her thigh and she moaned. I moved it up against the side of her pussy and she thrust against me. I got between her legs and humped hard on her crotch, she pushed back and clutched me with her arms, scratching my back. She cried out and humped wildly against me gasping and squirming as she had an orgasm.

When she recovered we kissed some more then I sat up, holding her legs around me. She opened her eyes and, holding her gaze; I reached for the button of her jeans and undid it. I slowly pulled the zipper down, smiling at her. I took hold of the waistband and she raised her hips. I pulled her jeans off then her nickers, held her feet up each side of my face and slowly nuzzled down between her calves, knees and thighs. I could smell the delicious aroma from her drenched vagina. Jenny held her head up watching me; I pushed her legs wide while gazing at her face, then settled down full length on the ground and dipped my mouth towards her pussy. I rubbed my face all around her crotch, licked firmly along the crease where her thighs joined her belly and then lightly along her pussy lips. Jenny exhaled and laid her head back down. I licked and nuzzled up and down the wide open lips of her vagina. Jenny began to pant and writhe, humping against my face. My tongue explored her opening lapping up the juices, occasionally flicking her clitoris, making her jump. Her breathing got faster and her thighs gripped my head as she humped my tongue. I moved to the top of her labia licking around her clit; she began to whimper and I took her clit between my lips sucking harder and harder. Jenny wailed and came again, locking my head with her thighs and hands. When she finished, I lay beside her and took her in my arms.
When her breathing quietened, Jenny pushed me onto my back and undid my jeans. I pushed my boots off and helped her to take my jeans and jocks off. She took my rigid cock in her hands, feeling it. I showed her how to stroke gently along it; we lay on our sides and she stroked it with both hands exploring the shape and texture. As I stroked her tits, belly and pubes Jenny raised her leg and put her foot on my hip. I began running my fingers between her pussy lips, in and out of her vagina, pushing up just inside to the g spot.

She became aroused again quickly. I asked “Are you on the pill.” She said “No.” I said “I’ll make sure not to cum inside you.” She said “Let’s do it now.“ And lay down on her back pulling me with her. I mounted her, rubbed the end of my cock around her pussy as she began panting and put her arms around me. I pushed my cock into her tight pussy slowly and she moaned loud. I set a very slow pace, watching her face. A few short strokes at first then some long ones. She started humping fast and nearly made me cum. I held her tight and explained we must go very slowly at first, or I might cum just as quick as her young guy. With my weight on my knees and elbows, I held her shoulders and kissed her slowly, pushing my cock all the way in and holding hard against her. As my excitement calmed down, I started grinding my pubic bone against hers in a circular motion. She said, “Oooh, it feels So good!”

I did some short strokes, with lots of pubic grinding, and then eased out to long slow ones, making sure to push hard against her each time. Keeping the long strokes going; I began kissing, nibbling and licking her neck, upper chest and breasts. In command of myself now, I moved to a stronger rhythm, fucking her hard. Jenny responded, moving with me, moaning and breathing hard and fast. She gave little cries humping harder and harder getting closer and closer to another orgasm, panting faster and faster. She came with a loud cry and gripped me with her arms and legs, convulsing wildly. Her orgasm seemed to go on for a long time, I enjoyed the ride. When she came down again, I licked the insides of her breasts to wet them, pulled my cock out knelt astride her and put it between her tits. Placing her hands to push her tits together, I put my hands on the ground and fucked her tits, slow at first then faster and faster, till I spurted over her chest and neck.

We lay tangled together for a while and began some tender touching. I wiped the cum off her with a hankie. Then we both heard the sound of a motor and we dressed hurriedly, giggling. A boat cruised by along the river, we kept still and no-one saw us.

Back on the motorbike Jenny put her arms around my waist and leaned tight on my back. I could feel her breasts as we rode back to town. I stopped near the playhouse, nobody was around. She smiled at me and crawled inside, I followed. We began kissing again, and she said, “I can taste my pussy on your tongue.” I said, “Your pussy tastes delicious.”

My cock was coming to attention as she asked me to fuck her again. We undid each other’s pants and pulled them down, Jenny’s pussy was dripping wet and my dick was ready to go. I told her to get on her knees and plunged my cock straight into her tight cunt. Gripping her hips I ground against her till she started panting. I reached around, found her clit and stroked both sides of it with two fingers. Starting long strokes again with my cock, I kept stroking the lips each side of her clit as well. Jenny spread her knees and pushed her arse back against me, jerking her hips, almost out of control. I gradually increased the pace till I was pounding in and out of her. I fucked her and fucked her with all my power, till she was shuddering with a wracking orgasm. I felt the pre-orgasmic tingling gather in my lower body and I pulled out of her, putting my cock along the crack of her arse and thrusting madly back and forth. The orgasmic energy rush flooded through me as I came between her arse cheeks.

We collapsed on the ground, panting. After a while I took the same hankie and wiped her pussy and crack. Jenny came into my arms and I held her tight. I asked, “Will your mother be wondering where you are?” She reluctantly said “Yes”. After a pause she said “Will we get together again?” I said “I’d like that very much.” and gave her my phone number. She said “I’ve had a wonderful day.” I replied “So have I.” and kissed her.

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