William and Ann Ch. 2

William and Ann
Chapter 2

“WHAT?!” yelled Will.

“Let me in, Will.”

“Why, so you can make fun of me? I told you I’m sorry.”

“You have to clean up your mess before it dries.”

“I will when you leave, Ann.”

“Will, let me in. I want to see it again.”

“NO! I shouldn’t have ever gone this far.”

”Open the door and we can talk about it. I’m not going to ask you again.”

“OK. Fuck!” He got up and opened his bedroom door. He had put on a pair of white briefs, so Ann was somewhat disappointed. She was looking forward to a second glimpse of her brother’s cock.

She went over to his bed and sat down at the foot of it. William sat at the other end with his face still red from embarrassment. She figured she would ease his mind and start out the discussion.

“Will, I am flattered that you think I’m attractive, even if I am your sister, but I haven’t ever seen a boy do what you did, and I sure wasn’t expecting it to happen in my room, and not with you. Your stuff got on my floor and my bed. It even was sticking to my doorknob. It just shocked me, and being scared to death while naked in my room didn’t help.”

“Yeah, Ann. You are cute and I couldn’t help myself. My body just reacted. I just wanted to scare you, but seeing you naked was too much for me. I don’t get to look at too many hot girls in person.”

“I know you don’t have a girlfriend or anything, and I don’t mind playing with you like a boyfriend. It would give us both experience. You could learn about girls and I could find out about older boys. They’re cuter than those freshmen who keep wanting to call me and pass me notes in class. Maybe we can go on a fake date sometime.”

“That’d be cool. Where would you want to go?”

“I’ll let you decide, but make it worth my while.”

“Okay. So, let me go clean up the mess. Come show me where it is. I’ll get a wet rag and meet you in there.” He got up, went to the bathroom to wet a washrag, and walked into Ann’s room again.

She was standing next her bed and pointed to the knob. He wiped it clean and she pointed at the carpet with the dollops of white. He got down on his knees and scrubbed them until they were gone. He looked up at her and she pointed to her bed. She watched as he got up and thought she would give him tease. She lifted her slick purple nightgown just enough to expose her thighs making it look like she was wearing a miniskirt. William took notice and grabbed her leg as he acted as if she was needed for leverage to get up. Feeling that tender skin in the palm of his head caused an immediate rise in his briefs. Because of their tightness, it was straining against the cotton fabric. He was glad he was able to hide by bending over to clean the wet spots that had landed on Ann’s bed and pillow.

“Make sure you get all of it. I don’t want to lay on your semen while I’m sleepin’. Ha ha. I’m a poet and didn’t know it.”

“Very funny. Ha ha.” He wasn’t amused.

Ann started getting the giggles and fell to her knees because she was laughing so hard. As she slid down, William, who still had his hand on her thigh, allowed his hand to move up the inside of her gown as she dropped to her knees. They were now side by side. Ann thought her “poem” was so hilarious that she could not stop laughing. Hearing and seeing her laugh was contagious, though, and Will started to chuckle watching her. Meanwhile, his hand had reached the bottom of her ribcage. Her nightgown had bunched up on his arm and she didn’t seem too concerned about what her brother was doing.

He felt her ribs shaking as she continued her laughing fit. He decided it was a good time to tickle her, so he moved his fingers across her skin. She opened her eyes and looked at Will with another shocked expression. Her giggling turned to hysteria as she was getting tickled. She fell flat on the floor trying to avoid his arm. When she did, her left breast got exposed to the air because of her movement. The cold air in the room, along with the fact that she was in such a happy mood, caused her nipple to become erect. William stared at her bared tit. The stiffness in his briefs grew worse. He was smiling from the sight before him. He put his head down and did the inevitable – he licked her nipple while his hand was still pressing against her, but now his fingers were in her armpit. She let out a squeal as his tongue touched her breast. She tried to slap him, but was unable to due to the position he had her in. His other hand, still clutching the wet rag, was now holding her right elbow. This was the moment he never thought possible, but his little sister was totally at his mercy and wasn’t making a strong attempt to stop his advancements.

Will laid his groin against Ann’s. His cotton briefs touching hers, she felt his boner aching to be released press against her vulva. Ann knew he would never hurt her, but at that moment, she believed that the only thing protecting her was the cotton of his BVDs and her yellow panties. William had reacted out of lust and was finding it impossible to turn down his desires now that his sister was trapped beneath him. He looked down into the eyes of his little sister and asked if she wanted to get into bed now? She suddenly got serious and still. She knew what would be next, somewhat afraid of the results, but equally afraid of denying her body the potential feelings it told her it desired. With an exhausted grin, she closed her eyes and nodded her head.

William got up and turned off her bedroom light. Ann climbed up into her bed. The only light in the room was a sliver of moonlight that came between the separated curtains. When Will walked back over the bed to join her, she stopped him while he was still standing. She gripped the sides of his underwear and tugged them down to his knees. He let gravity work them down the rest of the way and walked out of them sporting the hardest cock he’d ever had in his life. Ann moved over in her bed and allowed Will to wiggle her yellow panties down and off onto the floor. She now was only clad in her nightgown.

The siblings, wanting to experiment in the world of love, started kissing each other on the cheek and nose. Ann wrapped her arms around her big brother and held him close. His erection was laying on her thigh as he snuggled with her. Quickly, their lips were locked and the two were their own world, totally unaware of their surroundings. William’s passion for Ann jumped three levels as he explored this beautiful female specimen laying beside him. He used all of his senses to learn about her. Smelling her hair, her breath, her body’s sweat, and that unusual scent of her moist feminine estrogen emanating from the V between her legs gave his nose a workout. His eyes, although difficult in the dark, were able to adjust to the light and see his sis’s smooth skin of her face, the whites of her eyes when she rolled them back into her head, and the shapely curves of her breasts under her gown. His ears heard the moans coming from Ann’s mouth as they kissed, the smacking of their lips, and the bed’s mattress creak as their bodies squirmed in teenage ecstasy from the pure, yet taboo, pleasure they provided each other. His fingers caressed her hair, touched her back as he traced a line down her spine, and grabbed her butt cheek pulling her toward his nakedness. His bare body felt the synthetic silk of her nightgown against him, her cold toes touching his calves, and the hotness of her shallow breathing against his cheek. He was in bliss and a bundle of horniness. Nothing was going to keep him from remembering this moment for the rest of his life.

Ann, feeling his hand on her butt, broke the kiss and embrace. She sat up and removed her nightgown, joining her brother in total nudity on her bed. When she laid back down, William had a few new feelings; his baby sister’s lotioned skin on his arm and something wet on his upper thigh. He reached down and realized it was his pre-cum dripping from his dick, down his shaft, and onto his thigh. It was a sign that he wouldn’t be able to hold out for long. In order to make this moment last longer, he told Ann to spoon with him. She wasn’t sure what that meant, so he told her to roll on her other side with her butt facing him. Doing as instructed, he placed his hand on her tit cradling it in his palm as she moved to put her back to his chest. His prick, slick with seminal fluid, rested in the warm comfort of Ann’s ass crack. She lifted her leg and allowed it to move closer to her vaginal opening. That little move was too much for her brother who started jerking and blasting his second load of the night right at the entrance of Ann’s down-covered pussy. Potent sperm-filled semen spread over her vulva, in the joint of her upper thigh, and onto the opening of her anus. She couldn’t believe how much cum had come out of him. This time, though, because of the sensuality of the moment and position, he didn’t leave or say anything. Instead, Ann reached down to her wet leg and wiped some of the gooey substance onto her fingers. In the dark, her inhibitions dissipated, and she tasted her brother’s baby-making seed from her fingers. It was someone salty with a smell of bleach, but not terrible. She scooped up some more from her crotch and fed it to Will. Under most circumstances, he would have been disgusted, but these weren’t “most circumstances”. Furthermore, he knew he reached a milestone in his ultimate goal of fucking his sister, and if sucking his cum from her fingers allowed him to continue, he was willing to do that. Besides, he had never considered it before, but now that he did, he realized it wasn’t all that bad and thought he might be able to try it again later if he ever masturbated alone in the future. Maybe he’d try to catch it in his palm or shoot into a cup and put it on his tongue to savor before he swallowed. But for now, he was content just holding Ann against him and kissing her neck, breathing heavily from exhaustion.

Ann smiled, then said it was Will’s turn to make her feel good. He wasn’t sure what to do since he had never been this close to any girl. Luckily, Ann understood his lack of the female anatomy and guided his hand down to her still-virgin vagina. She took his index finger and pointed it on her clit. She was very familiar with her own body and knew what she liked, though no boy had ever touched her. Will felt more of his warm cum sticking to his hand as it slid down between her legs. Ann rolled onto her back, causing the fresh slime to ooze back down between her groin and onto her bed from her dripping ass. Knowing how far she had gone in her sexual life in such a short time gave her pause. Just less than 2 hours ago, she had been showering and wondering what to wear to school tomorrow. Now, she was lying naked beside her brother with his mature sperm-laden semen seeping into the crack of the mouth of her adolescent virgin vagina. Somehow, lying in the dark made this forbidden love acceptable, safe, and pleasing to her.

Fumbling around like the virgin he was, William’s index finger was flicking over his sister’s clitoris, but he knew there had to be more and he was anxious to get to it. He saw Ann’s mouth open to release the tension she must have had built up in the bottom of her lungs. Her groaning and exhaling from the pit of her tiny body was turning him on. He hadn’t considered sounds to be erotic until then, but it certainly was. His hand and fingers, sticky in parts from his own cum and slick in other parts from Ann’s wet pussy was mixing their juices together. He imagined rubbing his cum into her pussy and getting her pregnant. He thought it could make headlines around the world: “Virgin Gets Pregnant: How? Who is the Father?”

Sensing the oncoming orgasm ready to burst within her, Ann pressed her brother’s entire palm against her labia and told him to make small circles with the base of his palm. This position gave William a chance to move in further. With his palm on her clit, his fingers were getting soaked and warmed by the heat coming from her vaginal opening. He slipped his middle finger inside, but just to the end of his fingernail. It was so hot, wet, and tight that he finally understood what it meant to be “tight as a virgin”. Ann gasped when she felt the fingertip inside her and shook with a mind-blowing orgasm. She tensed up and held William tight against her. He put his head on her chest and lightly bit her pert nipple as she continued through her shuttering convulsive cum.

The siblings, in complete post-orgasmic bliss, rested in her bed. Not a word was spoken as Ann reached down to grab a blanket. They cuddled together in a sweet embrace wrapped in her comforter and fell asleep in total incestuous love.


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