Hot Shower Stories Pt. 2

"shh quiet!" you say as we giggle our way down the hall,
"im sorry its just your mom almost saw us!" i reply, we continue our way towards the next left and if sneaking in to your house isn't crazy enough, we even move in to the bath room together. Now trying to be quiet but failing a little miserably, you laugh a hushed cute high pitched laugh and shut the door trying not to cause any creaks. Soon as its shut you gracefully twirl around and find my arms around your hips and we are locked in a passionate kiss, our tongues twisting over each others and im taking up every minute of it all, loving how your tongue feels against mine and doing so i begin to rub my hand up and down your waist going higher teasing you as if im going to grope your perfectly gorgeous breasts but then go even lower than i was before, teasing you, again, as if im going to begin to rub your hot, tight little pussy. but no, i go back and forth until finally i go high enough to grab hold of your left breast and through the thin cloth of your shirt i realize you are, one, not wearing a bra, and two, very horny, how hard the tiny nipples are beneath the shirt give this away and i smile knowing i have you in my control. i twist, rub and pinch (lightly) the petite, sexy nipples and areola, making you gasp a tiny bit and still making out i now have you pressed against the wall left of the door. soon i add both my hands to the process and both of your soft, round, breasts are being tweaked as we busy ourselves with kissing.

although, you apparently want me to know that not i but YOU are in control as you reach out and grab my crotch, hard, and i stop, you look me in the eye and say sexily "lets see whats controlling this whole operation" you slide your way to your knees grabbing the zipper of my pants, you tug the matallic mechanism downwards and follow through with unbuttoning the fold. FINALLY, you reveal what you want, six inches spill out and into your view. now smiling devilishly you take a soft hold of my prick and begin to start a smooth back and forth motion causing my semi hard on to jump to a full on boner! you see what a stress your causing and quicken the motion till a short while later you move your head a little closer and voila inch by inch i feel the hot confines of your lips and inner oral walls. i moan while you plunge deeper taking every little last bit of it in your throat. then you move back to where you started at the head of my dick licking around the edges and taking only the tip of my dick in your mouth, licking and sucking in a combination. this of course drives me wild and seeing this you go in for the kill, you drive your neck forward taking the entire mass of my cock in your mouth and for about five minutes of pure pleasure you flat out suck me off for as best you can making me almost shoot off in the end. but no you have more for me.

now seeing as i just got the best blowjob of my life you continue to to drive me onward shimmying out of your pants quick and quietly and show me a very visible, wet spot in your crotch area telling me exactly what i knew all along, you are horny as fuck. i reach out and rub through the cotton panties your wearing inserting a finger inside you making you moan and the whole time your taking your shirt off. when finally off i am beheld with two of the most beautiful tits in the world. i reach out but are swatted away. "uh uh unh!" you whisper, wondering what your going to do makes me lose my mind but im able to regain composure soon enough as you start to sway your hips in a sexy manner and then start a wonderous lap dance rubbing your cunt over my swelling dick and pressing your boobs to my face letting me lick and suck each nipple, but for only a split second as you move away to go to the next stage of the erotic dance.

now to my luck, i have scored with the most terrific girl i could imagine and still have more to experience with her. so we move on. i throw my shirt and pants/boxers off and onto the floor and in the process you have removed your panties (which made a sort of slichk sound as the fabric which was stuck to your wet, sticky, hot pussy ripped apart) and jumped in the shower leaving a finger exposed from behind the curtain luring me in.

now the water goes burning and as we flee for the edges of the shower as we wait for the piping hot water to cool down a bit, we giggle stinging ourselves minorly in the steamy water. but soon the temperature becomes bearable and we interlock in a long lingering kiss feeling each others bodies and what not getting a sense of what one another is dealing with.

now i am the first to get my bearings and i begin to do what i was doing before and start to finger you, still kissing, i enter one finger going with long slow movements only to grow bored and feel the need to add another and another until finally i have my pointer, my middle, and my ring finger pounding in your vaginal spaces going deeper everytime feeling around your clitoris and checking how the tightness of the edges squeeze against my fingers. you stop kissing because you need breath and moan out loud, "quiet! you'll get us caught!"

"fuck it! just keep going!" so i speed up until soon enough you shudder and go stock still, your body a ridged, warm, block, you gasp a little quieter than the moan but i can see how your orgasm has effected your mood. your now in a dazed, glazed over state, yet still you have the naughty look in your eye. i turn you around and reach outside for a condom in my pants pocket, still holding you bent against the wall, water hitting against my shoulder and your back. now given this chance to admire you i note how incredibly sexy, astounding, or gorgeous, you name it, are looking covered in water, your wet body like a reminder how lucky i am to have such a beautiful girl in my hands. but this is short lived because i have a woman to please. so i return to you condom over cock and pick your legs up around my waist leaving you to grab for the towel rack in front of you so its sort of like an upside down wheel-barrow. and i enter, at first only prodding the tip of my girth on your lips but then you growl, "fuck me you dirty son of a bitch, fuck me as hard as you can!" so i enter with a force i had never knew i had resulting in you to have your inner walls tighten around me almost making me shoot off in the first plunge, but i keep on so i move back for a second push and there i go.

boning you as fast i can make my hips go you let out a muffled scream, "oo-oo-oo-oo-ooooooh!" like some one thumping a rhythm on your back while you make a moaning noise, only faster paced and in alot more of an adulterated situation. i pound my rock against your poor, small mound mercilessly not letting up for a second and twice the whole time you almost lose your grip on the rack, almost falling, but i grab your stomach and hoist you back up continuing on the brutal bombardment against your pussy. soon enough i get close to my time and you sense this as my balls tighten up, "do it damn it! your cumming before me!" seeing this challenge i speed up but control my urge to fire a large, white, sticky load in the lubricated sheath around my member, determined to make you cum before me.

finally you go off like a gun and i feel the sweet smelling juices rocket out onto my stiff cock encasing me in a wet mess by your pussy. although my celebration is short lived and i would have to call it a draw as i too, unleash a storm of spurt after spurt into the condom and pull out with a sickly pop! sound.

afterwards i grab you in my arms and try to lift you up but my legs go weak from the recent pleasure and i collapse you in my arms and we just lay there naked, wet, and smelling of sweet, horny love.

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