A guy and his.....? (3) (Revelations)

A guy and his.? (Revelations)

Not sure when part 4 will be done working on it
Jake stared at Gen opened mouthed "No Gen I'm not that sure what exactly it is I just did" he stated confused. "You say you are mine forever exactly what do you mean?"
"Well master Jake," she started in almost a whisper "you have freed me from my prison there is no greater gift that a master can grant a genie, as you said I am no longer a slave to my bottle so I could destroy it, never to be put back.

"Ok" Jake started hesitantly' "I told you I didn't feel it was right for you to stay in there"
"Yes master but I made a vow ages ago that the one who freed me from it I would love forever, you do realise that as long as I am yours you will have a much healther, happier and longer life" she said matter of factly. "My powers will not let anything bad happen to you, and since I now pledge my life and love to you it will be a long life for you."

As she sat by him, he couldn't help stare at her breasts as he reached a hand to the nearest nipple and began to roll and pinch it as she gasp and began to shudder, "god you are so beautiful I am still in awe of your beauty" leaning closer he took her hard as nail nipple into his mouth and began to lick and suck on it as she laid back and Jake feasted on both her breasts. Gen in the mean time was busy herself gently massaging his semi-hard cock now begining to grow and throb in her hand. Jake couldn't believe it but he was still horny for this woman reaching his other hand to her almost bare mound slipping a hand along her wet and cummy slit.

Gen moved around to take Jake's 8" cock into her mouth as Jake began to finger fuck her. "Oh master that feels so good! please don't stop!" as he began to plunge his fingers deeper and faster in her hot slimy pussy, he could feel the walls of her inside begin to grasp and squeeze each time he pulled them back trting to suck him deeper into her being. "Master please! put your manhood back where it belongs slide it in me please master I need it again!" Jake moved around and started to ease his cock in her opening but Gen would have none of that as she wrapped her legs around his ass and violently pulled him all the way deep into her tunnel.

"Oh YES! fuck me master fuck me! Push you cock as deep as you can, pound the shit out of me fill me with you hot hot sticky cum, I want to feel you throbbing deep in me" this was almost too much as he almost blew his load from her sexy talk. Stopping for only a moment and gaining control he started again this time pounding her pussy as she began to breath faster and her pussy walls squeezed his cock as his thrusts got deeper and harder. "Oh master" she wailed as she reached her first orgasm and started to violently shake and thrash under him.

Alternating between fast and slow thrusts so he would last longer, after a few more minutes Gen was wailing and grunting meeting each of his thrusts up as she began to covulse again this time Jake almost had to hold on as she almost threw him off. "Master oh YES! FUCK FFFUUUU. FUCK ME!!"
she screamed as she convulsed again their bodies slapping as Jake keep going.
Finally not able to take it much longer he felt his balls begin their familiar chruning and boiling as he screamed out "I'm coming Gen!"
"YES! YES! YES!" she screamed as she felt his hot semen begin to spew and churn out of his cock filling her deep within tunnel flooding up to her cervix.

Both of them panting laying still letting the waves of passion pass over them Jake's head swimming with the thousand sensations fluttering over his body. "Gen is it always like this?" he asked still in shock from everything.
"Ah master I suspect that with you it will most certainly be" a huge smile creeping onto her face making her small nose crinkle. "I cherish every moment with you master Jake, you asked earlier if I had to say the things I do, at first it was true yes but since you have freed me from being a slave I can now have a free will to speak my mind and though I still can not disobey you master I can now voice my opinion."

Jake, his mind a whirl, pulled the woman up and headed to the shower, "I think we need to get clean Gen we reek of sex," he stated as he chuckled a little still hardly believing his good fortune. As they washed off (Jake was thourghly enjoying washing Gen) he got to thinking, "Gen can you make me rich?" he asked though he thought he already knew the answer to that question.
"No master I can not but." she paused still afraid he might punish her for her answer, "I can help you get rich with any idea you might come up with."

"Hmmmmmmm any idea huh?" Jake thought harder "ok what about knowledge can you put knowledge in my head?"
"Oh yes master that is simple as I said I can help you get rich I can't just blink and you have riches untold." she said as Jake's hands glided over her smooth skin and she slightly shuddered, ah his hands were so loving.
As they stepped out he began to form a plan. "Gen I may have a new wish soon and yes I remember what you said to be careful when I wish."
"Yes master as I stated before I must grant your wish but I have to grant it word for word, you may have freed me but I am still yours to command."

Jake looked at the clock in the (now) larger bedroom "oh crap! I have to go Gen will you be ok here alone today?"
"Alone master? I will be with you " she stated seriously
"With me? but you can't I couldn't explain you to the others and I need the job right now." in a panic now he could only stare at her.
"It tis ok master noone can see me but you unless you or I allow them to." she said as she smiled her sweetest smile at him. 'why do I feel I am being conned' he thought.

"Damn I forgot to fix a lunch" he grimaced, thinking it was going to be a long damn day.
"A lunch? that is alright master, at lunch time I will give you your lunch and don't worry master no one will hurt me when I bring it to you as I can 'see' that you wish this, ah yes master I am learning about your world I will not say master just JIM honey tis ok master?
"How did you know wh.." astonished that she knew what he was thinking.
"Oh master again I am sorry" bowing her head low, "I am finally attuned to you and can tell what you want almost before you want it" <"also master if you think at me I will hear you if we are out of sight of each other">

"What was that?" Jim shaken a bit hearing her voice in his head.
"that was thought talk" as she walked to him and lightly caressed his face, "it will save us much time."
"Wait, what do you mean attuned to me?" standing there with his arms akimbo.
Lowering her head she whispered " I can hear your thoughts if they are strong enough or you "think" at me, I am so sorry I haven't explained this before, master" this last word whispered almost inaudably. "It has taken me a long time to get attuned as I was drawn to you so strongly, I await you punishment for this offence."
Gently, Jake slowly lifted her head, his hand under her delicate chin as he stared deeply into her green eyes as the tears once again began to fall. "Gen I . I thought I had impressed upon you that I would not punish you and even if I did I would never subject you to the horrors that the ancient masters did, look deep into my eyes and tell me I am lying to you, I know you can tell now."

Sniffling she did as he said and began to smile her heart starting to lighten then to soar as what she saw there let her know that he was being only truthful to her. "M..M..M Master! you really feel so strongly toward me," bowing her head again "I will not doubt you again master," looking up she quickly rose threw her arms around him kissing him passionately. Walking out to his truck she was there waiting for him. "Master, this is so small for you should I make it larger?" she inquired.
Thinking a sec. Jake replied "no Gen but if it was brand new that would be easier to explain"
"That is no problem" as she blinked and the truck was suddenly alot better looking as he lifted the hood he could see the engine was all clean, dirt free looking as if it had just rolled out of the factory.

After an uneventual ride Jake pulled into work cringing at the crap he'd have to endure today. <Master did you forget me? I will not allow this to continue"> he heard in his head .
<No Gen I don't want anyone hurt or guessing about you> this was going to take getting used to.
<No master, no revenge or pain but it might do, if they were embarassed as badly as they had done to you, maybe a painful cureable disease or two?> he could almost hear her giggle in his mind.
<Alright Gen but nothing real bad I don't want anyone out of work long > he thought for a sec.
<YES master> came the extremely happy thought.

As he walked in he couldn't see Gen but he could swear that he could feel her near. "Hey it's virgin boy!" the largest of the men yelled as he doubled over and began to vomit violently on some of the others around him.
As the others started to laugh another of the big men pointed to Jake and said "see he's allergic to vir" as he grabbed his stomach and began to have diarrhea very loosely and loudly in his pants.
The others backed away as he ran to the portable toilet. Suddenly the others looked at him as if he were jinxed. Jake ignored them and went to work the others begining to whisper a bit.

"Hey junky Jake!" the foreman yelled as he felt a sudden violent pain in his stomach as if he was punched! Damn what was that? As Jake ran to help him he began to feel better. "you ok boss?" Jake said as he had to hide a smile, "yeah, yeah sure anyway junk bo. as another violent pain pushed him back into his chair.
"Damn it" he gasped out "feels like I just got jack hammered in the stomach!" he looked at Jake but he hadn't moved. "Ok just get that load up to the fifth"
"Yes sir" He stated with a smile as he turned to go.
Not sure why the foreman yelled after him "I'm submitting one of your designs to the head office today you have some potential." Jake stood there a second his mouth agape as he heard a sodt giggle in his head then began to smile.
"Thanks boss!"

As the day wore on Jake noticed the others were a little gun shy around him though they spoke to him it was short and non insulting. At lunch Jake walked to his little corner and then remembered that he had forgot to pack his lunch! Suddenly at the front gate there was a commotion, "I said I was here to
see Jake Freemon!" as Jake watched, Gen tossed a large man who had reached to grab her arm, landing with a thug and a grunt, many moveing away from her their mouths open staring at the 5' 4'' woman who had tossed the over 6 foot tall man as if he were a rag doll, "I don't like to be touched by animals!" as the downed man had popped back up and tried to grab her this time around her chest and she had side stepped and chopped him on the back of his neck knocking him down. "I could call the police if you want to try that again, the charge would be assault and I guarantee that you would be in jail at least a week."

The others backed away "now I am here to see Jake Freemon" backing further away many of them pointed towards Jake. She started to run to him as the other men watched with their mouths hanging open, "Jake honey!" she squealed throwing her arms aroung him she whispered "I hope that wasn't too much master but I wanted them to know I was yours and no one else could touch me I will not allow it as I know you won't either."
"I know Gen but how did you." he sputtered
"the same way you can" she said as the knowledge was suddenly in his head and he knew that she had hardly strained using only the most basic of throws in her defense he also suddenly knew that she could kill with her hands if she were allowed to, as he knew he could now also. "Master" she whispered in his ear,
reaching between his legs, "I am so horny for you right now I need you."

Jake kissed her hard and passionately as he lifted her and headed to the supply shack he had seen others use, so he knew they wouldn't interfere (he hoped) inside he found an old messy mattress with no sheets "Gen I would not degrade you by putting you on this on this smelly piece of filth"
Gen just smiled as she blinked and there was not only a new mattress but a bed for it also, the door shut and locked as Gen backed to the bed and they were both suddenly naked, laying back she spread her legs and welcomed him to her "Jake!" she shrieked as he began to slowly lick his way up and down her labia inhaling her scent her wetness spreading as he thrust his tongue deep into her opening. Gasping she thrust her almost bare mound up into his face as the first of her convultions began.

Gen had hardly been able to hold her self back all day getting more and more turned on as she watched him work carrying supplies up and down all day, it had taken all her, will not to throw her master down strip them both and impale her tight pussy on him god, she loved his cock! As he dipped deeper into her most intimate place she felt her orgam start. "Oh Jake don't stop! harder deeper please!" she begged as he thrust his tongue faster gulping down all her girl juice as she came a second time filling his mouth with the sweetness that was her.
Shuddering she gently pushed his head away, Jake smiled as he moved up her body.

Sliding between her legs he positioned the head of his cock at her opening as she wrapped her legs around his back and pulled him as deep as she could within, screaming as she felt his hardness fill and stretch her her pussy to the maximum. "Fuck me jake! fill me PLEASE! Make me yours give me everything I need it so bad!" As he began to thrust in and out feeling the muscles of her pussy begin to massage and convulse around him trying to suck him deeper each time he sunk in and keep him in as he was drawing out. Gen began to shudder as she reached her third orgasm and started panting harder as Jake began to get a steady rhythm each thrust sinking deeper into the velvety softness of her.

"Oh god Jake," she screamed a few minutes later as she shook with the intensity of her fourth orgasm, Jake began to feel his balls begin their churning as he thrust harder trying to reach his own peak. Gen sensing this, thrust up harder to meet him. His balls felt as if they were going to burst as he cried " I am going to cum Gen!" as he started to pound in faster and she felt her own release nearing "UGHHHH!" he shouted as he spewed and spurted deep in her and she shuddered and shivered reaching her own release as they both once again climbed to the top of the mountain lights exploded around them, and they floated to earth together the world forgotten alone together in their own world.

"God Gen I swear it gets better every time" as he looked into her face the pleasure obvious as she smiled a huge grin.
Whispering she said "you are right master it does, I have never felt pleasure like that before"
Jake looked around for something clean to wash them off with as Gen blinked and a fully equiped shower appeared. Grabbing his hand and laughing she drug him into the shower. "Gen we don't have time for this" he started to remove his hand from hers.
Gen held fast as she looked back at him, "yes we do master I have slowed time so we can take as long a shower as we wish oh, also I didn't keep the sound in so I am afraid those outside got an ear full." smiling sweetly she pulled a stunned Jake in the shower as he just stood there for a few minutes till he felt her loving begin to wash his balls.

When they finished and emerged a table was in the room laden with food of almost every type that he liked. "Gen when did you do this? I never saw you blink or snap your fingers." Looking astonished again he could only gape in surprise "and so much"
Gen led him to the table and started giggling as she sat him, "well master I REALLY enjoyed that (as she motioned toward the bed) and we have to keep your strength up as I will want more " giggling harder she blinked and they were fully clothed, "Now eat up master you need your strength"

As they exited the shack, again the others that were there still looked at them with even further agape mouths, Jake felt proud and a little cocky as they strolled to the gate she turned and kissed him deep and passionately not wanting to let him go. As she revelled in the closness and the passion he was putting into his kiss with her, she knew at that moment that he was the one. "I will see you later STUD!" as she patted his groin as she walked past to leave.

Tommy, the closest thing to a friend he had walked up behind him and shocked him a bit "Damn Jake she's gorgeous you are one lucky fucker and from what we heard you are definitely a fucker!" he laughed as Jake looked at him questionly "and those moves damn she was fast and good!"
"No Tom (he hated being called Tommy) that was just a basic throw" Tommy just looked at him like he was crazy "how would you know?" not truly believing that Jake knew about it.
"We both are into judo" he stated almost bored sounding.
"Uh huh right as if!" Tommy shot back

"No it's true kind of how we met," he lied as Tommy just continued to stare at him
"Uh could can you uh teach me?" Tommy asked hesitantly.
"You?" Jake asked surprised "I thought you knew Tae kwon taking lesson for a year now"
"I was, got about 3 months worth then the money ran out bout all I got was the basic stretching and a few other basics how to fall and get thrown." he informed Jake.
"Hhhmmmmm ok, I will charge you but not half what the dojo did, that sound ok?" Jake said as Tommy vigorously shook his head in agreement "and " he hesitated and lowered his voice lower, "no one is to know ok?" again Tommy shook his head affirmatively, "or I won't teach you ever again."

As tommy walked away and got to work he thought 'damn I could make a lot of money like this' <yes master you could this is only one of many ways you could>
Nearly jumping out of his skin he thought <christ Gen you scared me shitless>
Giggling she thought<sorry master I forgot that you weren't used to thought talk yet>
<I will soon, the more I do it the more I'll get used to it>
Gen giggled again <I know master I am counting on you getting VERY used to it!>
<I meant the thought talk> sighed Jake though he had to admit the sex was DAMN good! <are you going home Gen?>
<No master as I said I am with you though you won't see me I don't want to distact you while you are working>

Jake smiled as he went back to work thinking damn beautiful and thoughtful too. He heard a giggle and he swore he could hear a smile in her thought <thank you so much master! I also think you are very handsome EVERYWHERE!>
Jake went back to work knowing he'd have to watch what he thought.

to be continued

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