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I answer your posting on Craig’s list and arrange to meet you at your hotel room. You know it’s me through the peep hole when I knock because of the hat I told you I’d be wearing. As we prearranged, you open the door just a crack and go lay down on the bed in the dark, naked. I come in and quickly strip and leave my clothes by the door (I wont be needing THEM for a while).

I move to join you on the bed with my feet at the head so we are in a 69 position and stuff your dick in my mouth. You groan as I lick and suck just the head to show your appreciation. I then pull your dick out of my mouth and lick the entire shaft and cleanly shave balls as you reach over and start to fondle my already hard dick. After giving your balls a nice tongue bath I lick my way back up your shaft and take you back in my mouth. As I start to lick around the head and suck on the head again, you take the head of my cock into mouth and start to do the same. After about 30 seconds of this, I start to slide more of your dick in to the back of my throat and then back up to the head again keeping a lot of suction on your big hard dick. As I start back down again I slide one hand to your balls and start to lightly rub and pull on them, the other hand I move around to your ass. As you reach the back of my mouth, I pull on your ass to force you down my throat till my nose is against your balls and hold you there as long as I can enjoying the fullness in my throat. When I run out of breath I come back up and work as much of your dick in and out of my mouth as I can and still breath having completely forgotten what your doing to my dick till you deep throat me as you slip your finger up my ass reminding me what is to come later. I suck all the way off your dick just long enough to open up and shove you down my throat again. I start a rhythm of going from just the head to deep throatting you as you start to fuck my face and me yours because we are both close to cumming now. I know your are close, so I start working the head and first few inches with my mouth and the rest with my hand.

I feel your dick expand and know that I am about to get what I want. Then I feel a second finger in my ass and it pushes me over the edge and my dick starts to expand in your mouth. WOW I think and we both cum at the same time. Your load is big but I swallow enough so I can catch the rest with out losing any. As you stop filling me, I pull you out so I can savor and swallow what you gave me…ummmm, does it taste good. Then I go back for more, lapping up whatever else I can find on your dick, as you start to soften I squeeze the tube on the bottom of your dick to get the rest so I don’t miss a drop of your wonderful cream and feel you doing the same to mine.

We roll apart and I finally feel your fingers slide out of my ass and leave me feeling empty. Oh, I can’t have that and quickly move back to sucking your dick to get you hard again so you can fuck my ass as soon as I can get you back up. I suck hard on your over sensitive dick and you start to moan and say it’s to soon (the first words spoken since you opened the door). I ignore you and continue on my mission.

Within moments I feel new life coming back into your dick and smile as I think it wont be long now and I’ll have what I really want…your big hard dick in my tight ass!

I continue till your hard as steel and give you one more deep throat to get you good and wet. I quickly move into position over you reach down and line you up. You buck up as you feel my tight little hole make it’s first contact but it is no use as I lift up…this is going to at least start at my pace. Once you calm back down I lower myself to we are line up and touching once more. I push out and lower myself as I feel your head trying to gain entry and push down a little more. I can feel your head stretching me and start to work just the head in my sphincter. It hurts a little but it feels good at the same time so I start to work more of you in me. Your stretching me and it feels fine, I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to do this again.

I get lost in how good it is till I feel your short and curls scathing my hole and then your hips against my ass and realize I’ve got all of you in me. I sit for a minute adjusting to your size then start to raise and lower my self slowly just a few inches then more and more till I’m riding all the way up and down your hole length. This feels great so I start to quicken the pace even thou my legs are starting to cramp. I ride you as long as I can and tell you we need to switch positions because of my legs cramping.

As I move off of you, you push me over onto my back. Before I can even realize, you are on top of me with my ankles on your shoulders and slide your big dick back into me. It goes in much easier now that I’m opened up. You give me a couple long easy strokes to make sure I’m ready and then start to pick your speed. Soon you are fucking me hard and fast, pounding me to the bed, nearly knocking the wind out of me and I can do nothing but moan it feels so good. Your giving it to me good and hard and I start to squeeze with my anal muscles as your glide back and forth across my prostrate driving my wild. All to soon I get the feeling that I’m going to cum again with out being touched and I know from experience that I will clamp down on you and make you cum at the same time (but that is my favorite part).

This is going to be sooooo goooood! And here it comes, I start to orgasm in my ass first, rhythmically squeezing with no more control over what my body is doing. You can’t hold out any longer and I feel you start to expand once again. I grab your ass and hold you in me all the way. Then bam, my dick explodes all over both of us as yours explodes in my ass. You through your head back and groan in orgasmic bliss. I would to but I’m pinned beneath you so I squeeze my eyes shut and just enjoy the feelings of cumming and your cum filling my ass to over flowing.

Your dick shrinks and slides out of my ass so you get off of me. I lean over and kiss your dick and lick it clean, I even lick up what was forced out and back over your balls from my once tight ass that now feels hollow and empty but satisfied. You groan not again so I lay back and we both take a short nap.

You wake up to me sucking your once again hard dick. I keep sucking like I did the first time till you are starting to get close. Once you are close to cumming again I get up and offer you my ass again…this time doggy style. I know you wont refuse, you are to close to cumming and need the release. As you move up behind, I spread my legs and lower myself for easier access.

I’m still wet from earlier so you slide right in with no problem. Once you are all the way in I tighten up. You adjust to the pressure and start fucking me again. I know I got you close before we started fucking again but still you last longer than I expected because you’ve already cum twice but that is fine with me. You feel so good fucking my ass, I’d like to keep you in me all night.

After several position changes and a break between each change for me to suck your wonderful dick a little more, we end up with you back on top pounding be through the bed springs again. I urge you on with my hands on your ass and telling you “yeah… come on …fuck me … harder… harder…faster…yeah… come on… fuck me”. You rise to the challenge and fuck me harder, faster and deeper. Just the way I wanted it.

Finally, you through your head back once more, but this time you bellow your delight as you empty your self in my willing ass once more. This sets me off and I bellow with you as I cum to. Completely exhausted you roll off and we both lay there trying to catch our breath.

When I here your breathing deepen, I slip out of bed and take a quick shower to wash off all the come and sweat.

When you wake in the morning you are alone but find a note on the bedside table. You pick it up and read “You have my email address. Send me a quick message if you want me to come back tonight. Also send me a message and let me know if you are ever back in the Missoula area and want to get together again. Just in case you forgot or lost it my email is _______________”.

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