The grad gets some lingerie (cont)

I waited a few days before calling Jessica again, and it was tough making it through a full Sunday of jerking and thinking of her and two days of work without calling her every minute. I sent Jessica a text on Tuesday night, admitting I couldn’t get her out of my head and thanking her for so much fun on Saturday. We texted back and forth and she said she was at a friend’s house watching a movie. The usual small talk was going back and forth, and then she made a comment to a strip club scene in the movie she was watching. Jessica told me how hot it made her and how badly she wanted to give me another lap dance.
I being the usual perv asked her what she was wearing, got the usual shorts and a tank top. Of course I pushed it and got that she was wearing her new black boy shorts and matching bra. I asked her if she had washed it and she said she had, but not before wearing the cum filled bra to bed on Saturday. I was really getting turned on and was wishing I could talk to her at this point, but kept enjoying the texting. Eventually she told me she had to go, but that I should call her after work the next day if I was free.
Still nervous for some reason I picked up the phone Wednesday and called Jessica. I heard her lovely voice on the other end. We exchanged small talk, and she asked me if I jerked off again last night thinking of her, I paused for a second and then just admitted to it. Her response was a quick “Oh good, at least I wasn’t the only one getting myself off last night.” All I could do was smile and feel my hard on pushing against my jeans more and more. She quickly switched the conversation back to normal talk, I think trying to control herself. As we talked, we discussed our plans for the upcoming weekend, Jessica said she would love to do something, but said we needed to talk.
My immediate response was “I know you’re a virgin, and I know you set the limits.” Her giggle, stopped me before I could go on, and she said “No, not that, true for now, but not that.” She continued with “I know we said we wouldn’t tell anybody, but Ashley, my friend called me out on it when we were changing for bed last night. She saw what I was wearing and I tried to play it off, but she knew something was up.”
I sort of grumbled, waiting for what was next to come, and Jessica continued, “she kept asking and I gave her a few details… see she doesn’t have a lot of money and was really jealous… and was asking tons of questions.” As I wasn’t sure if this was a test, to see if there were other girls, or if she felt bad for her friend, I was getting nervous as to what Jessica was getting at. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of two girls, just was thinking it may lead to me losing one I seem to be madly in lust with currently.
I blatantly asked Jessica if it was a test, when she said no, I asked her what she wanted me to do, and said I would be open minded about her response. Jessica wasn’t sure what she wanted me to do, she said she was going to sleep on it, she also told me she still had her cousins house through the following week, and would like to ‘hang out’ again on Saturday. Jessica then said to be a good boy and she would talk to me Friday about Ashley. Needless to say being a good boy became tough again through the week.
Friday evening came and Jessica called me as she said she would, she said she had talked to Ashley and that she told Ashley I would buy her a few things, but she had to model them for me. Ashley agreed only because she wanted the lingerie so badly, but said Jessica had to be in the room the whole time. Jessica then went on to let me know Ashley would not be able to shop with us as she had to work Saturday, but would be over at her cousins after. I was sent an email from Jessica while we were on the phone with pictures of beautiful blond Ashley, her curly hair was cute, chest not as big and she was pretty skinny, but I liked what I saw. Jessica told me she had her sizes and that tomorrow we could have fun picking stuff out for Ashley.
When I met up with Jessica at the mall Saturday, she again nearly knocked me out in her blue short shorts and matching tank top. We walked and talked, looking through a few random stores before she guided me to Victorias secret, we found some cute bra panty sets for Ashley, a light blue mesh thong and matching bra, and a purple satin boy shorts with holes on the sides and a matching bra that would leave a lot of cleavage. For Jessica, I bought what was called a cut out halter teddy, black, and the same thing for Ashley in white. I thought it was a bit much hoping to see them at the same time in these, but figured I had to go for it never know when an opportunity will come around again.
After leaving the store, we weren’t sure what to do as it was a little early, and Jessica suggested we go back to her cousins house and relax. Jessica and I were chatting and having fun the whole way there. Once there we made dinner and made out a few times, nothing too crazy, but a lot of passionate kissing and some ass grabbing. Ashley came by not too much later, she seemed very nervous when she shook my hand but didn’t seem to want to back out now. Ashley was beautiful, and I almost couldn’t wait to see what I had gotten myself into.
Jessica handed me the remote to the tv and said to wait downstairs until I was called up. As I sat there getting excited, I heard the shower running, the girls giggling, everything that could tease old me. After 2 shows, I heard Jessica’s voice call me to come up stairs. My hard on was raging as I made my way up the stairs, Jessica was at the top of the stairs in her blue shorts and a t shirt and looked like she had a fresh shower. About half way up the stairs Jessica told me to stop and strip down, I did as I was told. As I was taking my clothes off Jessica explained it was the same rules with Ashley as it was with her. When I reached the top of the stairs, Jessica grabbed my cock and kissed me passionately, and then whispered into my ear that this was going to be fun.
Once I was on the couch, Jessica went into the bathroom for a second and then went to the bed and sat leaning against the head board. There was music on, and the closet door with the mirror had already been opened. Ashley stepped out of the bathroom in her new boy shorts and bra. Ashley walked toward me almost as if she didn’t know what to do, giving me a few slow spins as she stood in front of me. My hard on waving in the wind, she couldn’t take her eyes off of it. Jessica interjected from the bed, “I think we did pretty good picking that set.” I agreed right away. Ashley slowly started running her hands over her body and asked if she really looked that good in it. Again I agreed, telling her how beautiful she was.
Ashley told me I was sweet, right before she turned around and bent over to touch her toes, Jessica laughed as she saw the look on my face and decided to tell me Ashley was a gymnast. Ashley’s chest was pressed against her legs and the way those boy shorts gave such a sweet outline of her pussy and ass crack should have been art. As I sat there staring at this beauty folded in half for me, I felt my cock jump a bit, and Ashley watch upside as a small drop of precum peaked out of the head and slowly made its way down my cock. Ashley stands up and faces me again, her tits out of place and practically popping out of her bra, they looked good and perky. Ashley smiled and said yum as she kneel down in front of me, leaning in and running her tongue up the length of my cock getting the precum.
I am ready blow my load with almost no contact at this point. Ashley still on her knees leans back to the point that her head is on the ground and her chest is arched into the air. Her legs spread wide as her hand makes its way down her body to her boy shorts. With her hand she begins rubbing her pussy through her boy shorts and gently moaning. Ashley stops for a moment and looks me in the eye with the most seductive look and says, “you can jerk for me baby, let that load out all over.”
I smile looking at Ashley, then over to Jessica who is squirming and is running her hand up and down her thighs on the bed. As I begin to stroke, Ashley begins to rub her pussy furiously through her boy shorts. As we are both moaning, Ashley tells me to get on my knees and start rubbing my cock against panty covered pussy. I do as I am told, her still leaning way, back gives me perfect position to do this. Oh my how nice it felt. It wasn’t too long before my cum started shooting, I know I hit her all the in the chin and down her body, leaving a nice big puddle on those sexy boy shorts.
As we caught our breath and I enjoyed the view of my cum dripping all over this tight young body, Jessica got of the bed and walked over to Ashley, whispering something in her ear. Ashley nodded her head yes, and adjusted herself so she was laying flat on her back. Jessica begin lick my cum off of Ashley’s body as I watched. The two girls put on a great show kissing each other a bit and playing with my cum and everything for a few minutes, then the hottest thing I had ever imagined seeing happened. Jessica begin to lick the cum I left on Ashley’s boy shorts off, and seemed to be enjoying it.
Soon after they finished their fun and had me nearly ready to go again already. Ashley got up and went into the bathroom. Jessica smiled at me and crawled over licking the cum off my cock and ensuring it was good and hard again, before returning to her spot on the bed without a word, only a big smile. Jessica finally spoke and said that she was extremely turned on. She told me it was taking a lot for her not to strip and put on her own modeling. I told her everything was up to her and Ashley, I’m keeping out of it. Jessica laughed and said she wasn’t jealous, just enjoying it.
Ashley stepped out of the bathroom in her light blue mesh thong and bra, my god was it nice. As she got closer I could see through the mesh of the thong and it confirmed she was shaved. Ashley smiled at me and asked if I like what I saw. I smiled and looked back at my hard cock and nodded yes very much so.

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