Weeding the neighbor's garden

Remember I am on my way home to lick the asshole of my sixteen year old little sister, Jean. I had promised her that if she could deep throat me, I would lick her asshole. Well this morning, with the help of Carol our neighbor and my boss, she did it. Now it was up to me to keep up my end of the deal. Like I said before, Jean didn't know it, but I would lick her ass at the drop of a hat. I have been dreaming about it for weeks. Now it was about to come true.

I walked into the house, through the kitchen, past my Mother and headed straight upstairs to the bathroom and into the shower. As I passed Mom I think I heard her say for me to get a shower and relax for a while before Dad got home for supper. I remember saying “OK Mom, I love you” on my way past her. I was a man on a mission.

I turned the shower on and climbed from my work clothes and stepped into the shower. The water felt good and I began to relax as I scrubbed my sweaty body. I thought I heard the bathroom door open and sure enough the shower door opened and Jean stepped inside.

Jean smiled at me and bragged “I thought you would want to wash the asshole you are about to eat!”

I admired the way my little sister had started to grow into a beautiful woman. Her tits were really starting to fill out and her nipples were hard as rocks and the size of pencil erasers. Her areolas were about the size of a silver dollar and were dark red like her nipples. I knew her boobs were a size 32B because when I was sniffing her dirty bra I saw the tag, hey I wasn't being perverted, I was doing research! I had also been rubbing my dick in her worn panties but they didn't say what size they were, but they sure smelled like heaven. Her hips had started to take shape and as she stood there naked in the shower, her five foot two inch tall body looked amazing.

“Are you going to dream about it or are you going to play with me?” she laughed. “If you keep fucking around Dad will get home and I’ll have to wait until bedtime. I have already jacked off several times today waiting for you to get home. I don’t want to wait any longer Jeff.”

I started to lather up her young tender body and took special care to be sure I washed all the special places very thoroughly. The only way to be sure all her sexy curves were properly cleaned was to taste, lick and suck every inch of her. After I was sure she was turned on enough, I turned off the water and dried off my lovely sister. I picked her up and carried her into my bedroom and laid her down on the bed on her back.

“God, I’m so ready for this” Jean giggled as I took her by the ankles and opened her legs.

“Me too Sis, me too.” I repeated as I knelt down and began to lick her pretty pussy.

I licked all around her pussy and rubbed her little clit. This made Jean squirm all over the bed. She was starting to moan and her pussy was really getting wet when I started to rub her little pink asshole with my finger. She grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her ass as hard as she could. I slid my tongue down and across her anus. She came about three inches off the bed and I think she had her first orgasm. She was shaking and moaning and love juice was literally running out of her tight shiny pussy.

I tried to push my tongue into my sister’s asshole but it was way too tight. I licked and sucked on the tight little hole and then tried to stick my finger in it. I licked my finger and spit on Jean’s ass, then tried to push my finger in. It started in and then she tensed up. I stopped and told her to relax and just let it happen. I kissed her on the butt cheek and she giggled and I could feel her relax. I pushed a little bit and my finger slid all the way into her. I slowly began to slide my finger in and out of my sister’s asshole stopping every other stroke to look at her lovely pussy and ass.

Jean continued to moan and I pulled my finger out of her ass and rubbed her ass. It looked good enough to eat, so I did. I ran my tongue over, around and into her ass for several minutes. I was enjoying this as much as she was.

Suddenly my sister’s body tensed up and she grabbed my hair and about pulled my head off. She began to sob with passion as she came several times in a row. All the time she had a hold of me and cum was running down her crack. I was licking for all I could, but I could not keep up with the flood coming from her pussy. My face was wet from ear to ear from her cum.

That’s when we heard our Mother call “Suppers ready, kids. Come on down and lets eat.”

I jumped up and slipped my shorts on and pulled a tee shirt over my head.

“Come on Jean. We don’t need Mom coming up here. Let’s go.” I told her as I slapped her on the ass.

Jean got up and hurried into her bedroom through the bathroom that we shared.

I went downstairs and into the kitchen. Dad was seated at the table drinking an iced tea and Mom was carrying food to the table.

“Jeff, where is that sister of yours?” Mom asked. “Did she hear me call?”

“I think so Mom, you know she is never ready.” I answered.

“Did you work at the Wills place today, son?” Dad asked.

“Yea plenty of yard work there to keep me busy.” I answered. Boy if he knew what all I really did over there he would probably shit!

“Good you should make some decent money over the summer. I’m proud of you. You are earning a little money and learning responsibility too.” Dad smiled at me.

Jean came into the kitchen and sat down at the table. I almost laughed. She looked like she had just come from an orgy. Her hair was all fucked up and she was red as could be and sweating like crazy. She had slipped on some old gym shorts and a tee shirt. Her hot nipples were trying to rip holes in the shirt and you could see the sweat from her tits making the shirt a see thru shirt.

Mom looked at my little sis and said “Jean are you OK? You look flushed.”

I covered my face with my hands thinking we were fucking busted. I looked at my hands as they were all slick with my sister’s juices. My face was like a glazed doughnut.

“Yes Mom” she replied “I’m OK I have just been exercising that’s all.”

“I thought it was awful noisy upstairs” Mom reasoned “that explains it.”

Jean looked at me and we both almost cracked up. We smiled at each other and ate our supper. We would finish what we started later.

We all sat in the front room and watched TV after supper. There was not much on and before very long Dad looked at Mom and said he was really tired and was going to bed early.

Mom smiled at him and said that she was tired too. This meant that they were going to lock themselves in their bedroom and have sex. Jean and I had picked this up a long time ago and we would sneak over by the door to their bedroom and listen to them screw each other silly. This happened a couple times a month and we never missed it.

“Don’t you kids stay up too late” she warned “Jeff has to go to work in the morning.” She kissed us both good night and hurried off to join Dad.

We gave them about thirty minutes and then Jean came over and crawled up on the couch next to me. We looked more like lovers than brother and sister. She lay in front of me and reached back and ran her hand into my shorts. She got a grip on my cock and began to play with it. She rubbed it and then stroked it up and down. Her finger traced around the head of my dick and she played with my balls. In a couple minutes I was hard as a rock.

My right arm was under her body and it was perfectly positioned to play with her tit. I had a hand full of gorgeous boob and worked the nipple between my fingers and squeezed it hard. Immediately her breath quickened and she started stroking my cock faster.

My other hand had found its way up the leg of those sloppy gym shorts and was rubbing the little knob that made juice flow from my sister’s crotch. Her pussy was still wet from earlier and it was getting wetter all the time. I kept working on her clit and she kept moaning.

Suddenly she let go of my dick and pulled free from me. She rolled over and was face to face with me. She looked me straight in the eyes and said “Jeff, I know you’re my brother and I want you to know that I love you very much. I want to ask you to fuck me. Please be my first lover.”

I had thought about this before and I was happy that Jean asked me to be the first dick to slide into her pretty little pussy. “I will be happy to break your cherry Sis” I smiled as I licked her nipple.

We moved around until Jean was on her back and I started to remove her gym shorts. She tore off her shirt and threw it on the floor. She raised her legs in the air and I pulled her shorts over her feet and threw them with her shirt. I stood there and looked at the sweet little girl I had teased all my life. She was sure growing into a hot piece of ass. Now it was her turn to tease me.

I leaned down and used my tongue to wet her pussy. I spit on the opening and then eased my dick in place at the slit just below her clit. I rubbed it up and down along her wet cunt lips and tried to slip it inside her. It was very tight and I just kept trying to get it in. After a while I was getting pretty impatient and I really jammed it at her. I felt my cock slide in a very tight and hot pussy.

Jean let out a yell and I figured Mom or Dad would hear us.

“Quiet” I warned “You want them to hear us?”

“It hurts” she whimpered “Go easy on me, Jeff.”

I stopped trying to hammer it into her and just let it soak in her steamy cunt. She relaxed and I felt my dick slide in a little deeper. I started to pump it in and out and the more we fucked the easier it was. After several minutes of slow delicate fucking, we were picking up the pace. We screwed each other for what seemed like hours but it was really only half an hour. My dick was getting sore from hammering my sister’s tight pussy.

I could feel a big load of spunk rising up the length of my dick and I knew I was going to cum. I warned Jean that it was coming and she told me not to cum inside her.

I wanted to fill her full of cum but she told me no, so I pulled my dick out of her and stroked it while she watched.

“I love to watch your stuff come spurting out at me” she laughed as she was rubbing her little snatch. “It gets me hot and I like to try and catch it in my mouth.”

“OK here it comes” I told her as my cock started to spurt.

Cum flew everywhere, hitting Jean in the forehead, the left cheek and several more times in the face and chest. She looked like she had been sprayed with a hose and I was proud of the job I had done.

Jean laughed and started to clean up the cum dripping off her face.

“Wow, you almost drowned me!” she exclaimed “I never seen so much goo.”

She continued to scrape it off her face and chest and licked her fingers clean. She really did like the taste of my cum.

I stood there stroking my softening dick and watching my sweet sister clean herself up. She looked marvelous sitting there on the couch. Pussy juices were running down her legs and there was a big wet spot on the couch. She looked like a happy young woman to me.

“How are we going to clean up the couch?” I asked her.

“Don’t worry it will dry by morning” Jean laughed “It has Scotch guard I hope!”

We cleaned up the living room as best we could and I turned off the lights. I picked up my little sister and carried her up the stairs to her bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and looked at her naked body. She looked so sexy and I felt my dick start to rise again.

Jean rolled up on her side and patted the bed next to her. “Come to bed my lover” she giggled. “You had better get some sleep or you will be no good to me or anyone else tomorrow.”

I crawled into her bed and lay there facing my sweet sister. I looked her in the eyes and bent over and kissed her on the lips. Not a peck on the lips but a long sensuous kiss that lasted several seconds.

“You’re the greatest sister a dude could ever have” I smiled at her.

She smiled back at me and we both drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

I had told Mom that this would be a great day. Now I wondered what was in store for the rest of the summer.

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