Video Survalence

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A man who ran a convience store hired a young girl in her early 20's. She seemed well qualified but he just didn't seem to trust her. That night he left her to do the all night shift by herself. He didn't feel right about it but he knew he could check the security tapes in the morning. The next morning he came in and everything seemed ok and the girl was behind the counter looking non chelaunt. He said good morning and went to his office to review the tapes.

11:00pm: She was sitting bored at the counter so she went into the staff mini fridge and pull out some riceoroni. Well it was microwaving a customer came in asking about when the new people magizines would come in. The girl rudely told the customer to "fuck off and get the hell out."

12:00am: The girl was listening to heavy metal music featuring several profanities well customers were in the store. Disqusted the customers left without purchusing anything. The girl then reached back and took some ciggarettes and began smoking in the store.

1:00am: A man comes in wheeling in a beer keg. The girl reaches in the regiester and uses the money to pay for the keg.

2:00am: A large group of people ranging from their late teens to mid 20's come in. The girl locks the door and the group of them begin to party. The party grows into a massive orgy and people have sex on the counters, on the ice cream bar and on the nacho rack.

5:00am: The girl began cleaning up the store so that nothing looks out of place.

The owner shuts off the video and goes out to the register. "Mam your fired."

The girl bursts into tears and begins begging. "I'm sorry I was rude to the customers!"

The owner shook his head. "That's not the reason I'm firing you."

"I'm sorry I stole ciggarettes and used the store money to buy beer!"

"Thats not why your being fired."

"I'm sorry I had a huge sex party here!"

"Thats not what I'm firing you for!"

The girl looked at him confused. "Then why are you firing me?"

"You ate my ricearoni you bitch!"

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