Fuck my brains out

“I wanna be a fucking slut!” Alex said casually to his boyfriend one day. It was the kind of tone one might use if they were saying the mailbox was empty. And Alex’s boyfriend only smiled and

nodded. He could never have denied Alex anything anyway. This was simply a win win situation as far as he was concerned.
Alex wasn’t sure what exactly it was that made him want to be a complete slut. He just knew that from the time he began getting hard, all he pictured when he closed his eyes were cocks.
He would spend nights tossing and turning, obsessed with taking cock after cock, from one guy or all his buddies. He didn’t care at all.As he grew so did his perversions. He would suck his

boyfriend off anywhere, bending over in a crowded theater, sliding between his legs in a public park, having him face fuck him in the haunted house at the local amusement park.
Nothing was too kinky for Alex. He wanted to be a slut. And so he became one.
The odd thing was that nobody would know it to look at the boy. He was a 19 sweet faced 5'6 slender brunette, with innocent eyes, slightly emo hair, a cute nose, and smooth pale porcelain

skin. He dressed only slightly slutty, mostly tightening his skinny jeans in around his cute ass.
Yes, everyone who saw Alex, had no idea what perverted thoughts were constantly going through his mind.
Someone might find him staring off into a crowd, possibly pondering the day, and thinking about what movies he wanted to see. But no, Alex was really only looking at all the men in that

crowd, wondering how big their dicks were.
He was a slut. He only thought in slut terms and wanted nothing more than to have a guy grab him and bend him over, stick his dick in his holes and fill him completely to overflowing with

Cum was something Alex thought often of. All he wanted was gallon after gallon of cum fucked inside him. He always swallowed during blow jobs and his thoughts were clear on why. He wanted to

be a completely dumb cum slut.
Yes, sweet, innocent, brunette college student Alex wanted to quite literally have his brains fucked out.
Alex was a slut. But he really wanted to become a bimbo slut. In his mind there was nothing better than a cock. If all his knowledge was liquefied and squirted out his cock, all he’d want to

remember was the feel and taste of a cock, the thrusting pumps of it sliding deep inside him, of it blasting his ass full of seed, and of course of the cum, the rope after rope of thick

creamy seed.
It was such a goal of his, this smart, intelligent boy, to become a complete idiot devoted to cock, that he decided one spring day while pumping his third load from a rather worn out

boyfriend, that he would do it. He would become the boy of his fantasies.
The research had taken months, and the drugs weren’t cheap to start out the procedure. But he’d finally begun his transformation and his boyfriend simply couldn’t wait.
If he only knew, he thought, popping his daily pills. If he only knew that once he was a complete bimbo, he’d fuck and suck anyone, all day, wrapping his legs tight around them, making them

cum inside him.
The pills over the course of six weeks began the initial changes. The most minor being his brunette hair began to lighten and change to a peroxide blond, giving him the blonde look he knew

would permanently brand him a cum slut, without the hassle of ritual dyeing.
More pills during the weeks afterward swelled up his nipples and prostate, making his erogenous zones ten times as sensitive. He would lay back for hours at a time, fingers buried inside his

ass, twisting one nipple and then the other until he thought they might come off. He climaxed so hard he often fell unconscious in a pool of his own cum.
But still Alex needed more. He needed to completely become a bimbo slut. It was his destiny. He was meant to be a receptacle for cocks and nothing more. Why fight it any longer?
He stood in front of the mirror and thought in pure pleasure his dream was almost done. He was nearly perfect. But one thing remained.
He was still smart. He looked in the mirror again, rubbing down to his widened hips. This body was perfect, but this body had a spare part and he needed to get rid of it. That spare part was

his intelligence.
Alex tried everything at first. He tried holding his breath until he passed out. He tried having his boyfriend fuck him so hard his head banged into a wall. He even once tried letting all the

guys in the a fraternity fuck his face until he was just positive sperm must be leaching into and shorting out his brain cells.
Nothing seemed to work. Sure he felt a little dumber, but he wanted to be a vapid airhead. A total brainless slut.
Then he saw an ad in the back of a porn magazine. Naturally he read porn all the time, magazines, online, everywhere he could find it. For him this was simply studying up to become the

biggest cum slut in the world.
The ad promised that through a simple process of hooking electrodes up to his brain and cross wiring the pleasure parts with his logic portions, he could literally have his brains fucked out.

There was even mention of dramatic mind control to ensure he never regained any intelligence.
It took surprisingly little persuading on his part to get his boyfriend on board. He was all up for having his perfect empty-headed cum slut to use and abuse daily. So he called and made the

appointment for as soon as possible.
The day arrived and Alex had hardly slept at all. It actually wasn’t nerves that kept him awake. Some of it was his boyfriend who seemed more energetic than usual. He fed him so much cum, he

completely skipped breakfast.
But the main reason he hadn’t slept was he’d read another fun fact, that brain cells died without sleep. Might as well kill off a few extras beforehand he thought.
The whole drive downtown, Alex bobbed his head up and down, sucking a couple more creamy loads of sperm from his boyfriend.
Alex was led into the back of an old brick building. It was not exactly clean and had the smell of his favorite substance on earth. He’d recognize that smell anywhere. Cum was something he’d

become somewhat of an expert on.
“Now the procedure is quite simple.” The doctor said. At least he claimed to be a doctor. With a name like Doctor Vapid, who could be sure.
Alex was already lying on the bed, his feet in stirrups. A nurse began attaching electrodes to his head. He whimpered and moaned as the cool pads touched his skin. This was it he thought.

This was the last moments of his intelligence.
The man went on to explain but Alex missed half of it. He did listen up though when he got to the good parts.
“Now what we will begin with is actually a very simple form of mind control. It’s quite easy to understand. We give him a small injection. Now this does several things. First it leaves him

highly open to suggestion. That’s more for the mental side of things. By opening him up to the complete belief he’ll be having his brains fucked out, Alex’s physical brain will better respond

to the other part, the electrodes.”
“Yes, tell me about those.” His boyfriend asked.
Alex sat there with a big grin, impatient to get the fucking on with.
“The electrodes are cross-wired. You see when a human has an orgasm, their mind fires neurons and releases massive serotonin levels. By cross-wiring that into more stabile parts of his brain

like logic and memory we will essentially be having him orgasm himself stupid.”
“So it will?”
“Burn his brain out, quite like a light bulb that has the filament jammed by a sharp drop. Don’t worry, he should still be able to eat, dress herself, basic personal maintenance. But

otherwise, depending on his orgasm level, I imagine Alex here will be a complete idiot when our guys are done with him.”
Alex gigged at the mention of guys.
His boyfriend and the doctor walked away. A nurse came and gave him the injection mentioned. Then for a half hour as it took effect, he lay there on the table, feet spread, listening to a

prerecorded hypnosis session.
“You will be fucked stupid.”
“Your brain will melt in pleasure.”
“You are a brainless cum slut.”
“Cum is your addiction.”
“Nothing is better than cock.”
“Your mind will explode in climax.”
“You will not be smart anymore.”
“You will be filled with cum.”
“You will orgasm repeatedly.”
“Nothing can save your mind from obliteration.”
“You will be fucked stupid.”
It continued over and over, endlessly, making the minutes seem like hours. But by the end of it, when the lights brightened, Alex's eyes were already slightly dull looking.
“FUCK ME! NOWWWWW!” He screamed as the nurse came in and checked his blood pressure.
The nurse turned to a mirrored window and gave a thumbs up.
That was when the doors opened and six of the biggest guys Alex had ever seen walked in. They were completely nude and each had thick, throbbing cocks all ready to slide inside him.
“Oh hurry! Fuck my brains out. Fuck me stupid!” He screamed.
The first man stepped up to him, placing his cock in between his legs. He had kind eyes but a brutal pace as he simply slammed it home on the first thrust.
Almost instantly, Alex was cumming. His cock pounded him harder than he’d ever been pounded. He fucked him like a porn star.
“OHHhhh, OHhhh yesssss!” He screamed nonstop. His voice echoed across the room, hitting the glass where he knew his boyfriend was watching sweet, formerly innocent looking Alex.
The man came, and he came hard, blasting Alex so full of hot sticky cum, he wondered why it didn’t erupt from her nostrils. Then the second man stepped in and the process began again.
For over an hour, Alex was fucked and he was fucked hard. In his mind, all he heard was the mantra from the recording repeated over and over again.
He orgasmed practically every ten-seconds. His head began to throb by the time the second man finished loading fucking him.
By the time the fourth man was pumping him full, Alex hardly knew where he was anymore. He moaned but otherwise lay there too weak to move. His mind felt mushy and somewhat distant.
When number six was fucking him, Alex simply giggled and gasped, a vapid grin on his face, his head spinning a bit but otherwise feeling only pure pleasure and lust.
After a short break and then another full hour of being fucked, Alex was finished. He lay there on the table, eyes rolled back and chest rising.
“Here you are.” The doctor said, leading his boyfriend in to see him.
He walked up, broad grin on his face, seeing a stream of sperm flow from between Alex's legs, he leaned over.
“So how do you feel, Alex?”
Alex grinned and giggled.
“Alex’s so fucking horny.” Then he broke into a fit of giggles that nearly made him roll off the table.
His boyfriend helped him put on a robe. He thanked the doctor and walked him out to the car.
Alex was now complete. He looked in the mirror and all he saw was a hot stupid boy ready for fucking. His college days were over. Most days he barely knew how to turn on a light switch. But

he got his wish.
He was the most popular bimbo slut on campus. And when his boyfriend left, and he had to leave sometimes, Alex was always bouncing back and forth between cocks.
If the man next door complained about the noise, he’d go over and let him punish him by fucking his ass, only stopping when he was filled with his cum.
And if anyone else came along and just looked his way with a smile, if he was a guy, Alex grabbed him and pulled him into some bushes or a nearby hallway for some rough fucking action.
So what if he’d given up his future for a life on hands and knees? So what if he’d become a cartoon version of the innocent boy he used to be? So what if he didn't know it was illegal to walk around in public in nothing but fishnet shorts and a belly top? And so what if he’d orgasmed his brains out? All Alex needed was a thick cock.
With a body like he now had, he was bound to never go without either.
As the hypnotic mantra reminded him while he slept each night.
“You are a brainless cum slut.”
“Cum is your addiction.”
“Nothing is better than cock.”

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