The Pet - Part 3 - pegs and pins

Untying the ropes from the hooks in the ceiling and releasing the spreader bar from his ankles (but not the string that stretched from his balls to the bar), Lorraine helped Kim down onto the floor.

If he was hoping for any sort of respite, he was to be proved so wrong. Taking hold of the ropes attached to his wrists, she stretched each of his arms back above his head and attached the ropes to two more hooks in the wall behind him. Still standing behind his head, she pulled each of the ropes attached to his ankles, pulling his feet back towards his head and also attached these ropes to hooks in the wall behind him.

Now, he was lying on the floor, his legs spread wide and pulled back, totally exposing his arsehole to the four excited friends, his testicles still bound tightly with the string, which was still attached to the spreader bar.

“How do you think we should get him hard again, girls?” Sally asked.

“First I reckon we should untie his bollocks,” Liz said. “That string is only going to get in the way of what I have in mind for him. I wonder if I can pull it off him instead of unwrapping it.” With that, Liz took a hold of the spreader bar that the string around Kim’s balls was attached to and pulled as hard as she could. The pain in Kim’s groin was almost unbearable and when Liz noticed this she said “oh, honey, that’s nothing compared to what I have in mind for you.”

“And what exactly is it you have in mind for him?” Sally asked.

“Well, I think I can find somewhere to put the clothes pegs that are in that suitcase,” Liz said with an evil smile. “And there’s a simply delicious looking six inch vibrating butt plug that has got somewhere just inviting me to push it into. Oh, and there’s a pack of hatpins, too. I know he’s not wearing a hat but they’ll push through skin just as easily as they will through material.”

“Jess,” she added, “will you do me a favour and sit astride Kim’s face for me and finger your pussy please? I don’t want you to actually sit on his face, just a couple of inches away from it so he can watch you finger fuck yourself. That should help get him hard again.”

While Jess knelt above Kim’s face, pushing two fingers into her tight teenager’s pussy, Liz knelt between his legs and asked Sally to pass her the butt plug. Liberally coating her fingers with vaseline, Liz pushed first one, then two into Kim’s arsehole to make sure it was sufficiently lubricated for the vibrator that she was about to insert.

Removing her fingers, she offered the head of the vibrator up to Kim’s arsehole and said, “pucker it for me, honey. Push your arsehole out to tell me that you want this thing in there.”

Kim did as he was told and Liz gently eased the head of the vibrator into his Vaseline covered anal opening. His sphincter automatically closed tight around the shaft of the vibrator, sucking it in as Liz pushed the first of the six inches of its length into his arse.

Not wanting to push it all in too quickly, Liz eased it back out again. If he had been able to, Kim would have been annoyed but his current physical condition (ie totally wasted!) didn’t allow him any emotion at all. He just had to lie there and let these women do exactly what they wanted to him.

Liz pushed the vibrator back into Kim’s arse, this time the first two inches of it disappearing into his greedy hole. Instead of removing it all this time though, Liz fucked Kim’s arse with the first two inches of it. With each stroke, she could see the blood begin to flow back into his penis, which was the whole point – to get him hard again.

After fucking his arse for a moment or two, Liz finally eased the whole of the six-inch vibrator as far as it would go into his rectum, the ridge on the end slipping nicely past his anal muscles, holding it firmly in place.

Asking Lorraine to pass her the clothes pegs, Liz told Jess to stop fingering her pussy and finger fuck her arsehole instead, instructing the sixteen year old to take them out once in a while and let Kim suck on them.

“I’m sure he’d much prefer the taste of your delicious young pussy juice but he will have to do with the taste of your arse juices instead!” she added.

Jess did as she was told and Kim hungrily licked her arse-juice covered finger each time she offered it to his mouth. Kim’s saliva made it easier for the teenager to slide her finger back into her arsehole and she was soon on the point of orgasm.

Liz, meanwhile, was busily attaching the clothes pegs to the skin of Kim’s already red-raw testicles. Pinching the skin together, she attached first one then two of the pegs, making sure that she bunched as much skin as she could, so that the pegs bit into Kim’s balls as tightly as possible.

Placing the pegs as close to each other as she possibly could, soon Liz had attached five of the wooden clamps to scrotum of his right testicle, each one making it tighten impossibly but also having the desired effect of making him rock hard again.

“Well, he is a good little slave,” Sally said. “He must know that soft isn’t any good to us. I think I’ll reward him for getting hard again so quickly. How should I do that do you think, ladies? A drink of my piss, maybe? Another lick of my arsehole after I’ve just taken a shit, maybe?”

“The problem is,” Lorraine replied, “it’s all the same to him. His punishment is his reward and his reward is to be punished. It’s what he lives for. I have a feeling that whatever we do, he’ll enjoy it a lot.”

“Well,” Sally responded, “let’s see whether he enjoys a few of those nice sharp hatpins stuck through delicate parts of his body, shall we?”

“Wait,” Liz said. “I’ve only clamped one of his balls. “Let me put the other five pegs on his other one and then he’s all yours.”

While Liz did this, Lorraine suggested to Sally that it would be fun to arse-fuck Kim with the vibrator for a while. “It looks so good jammed firmly in his arse but it would be much more fun if it was going in and out, don’t you think? Let’s get his arsehole stretched as far open as possible. There’s a few more things I think we can stick in there later.”

So, as Liz painfully clamped the remaining skin on Kim’s scrotum with another five pegs, bringing the total up to ten, Sally eased the six-inch long vibrator in and out of Kim’s rectum. Each time she pushed it back in, his hole opened up even more to swallow it up and each time she pulled it back out, the muscles of his anus stayed open just that little bit more.

“Hey, girls,” Sally said, “we may have to find a bigger dildo to stick up his arse. The way it’s going, his muscles are going to be too relaxed to be able to hold this one in place soon.”

“Awwww, we don’t want that,” said Liz as she clamped the last clothes peg in place. “That one has got a wicked top vibrating speed. It would be a shame to not leave it in there.”

“OK,” said Sally, pushing the butt plug all the way back in, the ridge once again holding it firmly in place. “For now, I’ll just put it back into its nice tight warm resting place. Besides, we’ve got some hatpins to find homes for, I believe?”

“Hey, Jess,” Sally said. “Why don’t you stop fingering your arse now and just sit on his face, honey? It might be more fun if he has a little difficulty breathing while we stick these hatpins into him.”

Jess was disappointed that she had to stop masturbating her arsehole but she did as was suggested and sat squarely on Kim’s face, her pussy completely covering his mouth and her arsehole pressing firmly against his nose.

“Lorraine? Do you want to do the honours? Jess has had the fun of feeding him some of her arse juices; I’ve had the fun of fucking his arse with that vibrator and Liz has had the fun of making a lovely looking fan of clothes pegs on his balls. It’s only fair you get to stick these hat pins in him, I think.”

“Oh, I’d love to,” Lorraine answered. “Shift over and let me at him then, will you?” she laughed.

Liz and Sally stood up and let Lorraine sit between Kim’s outstretched legs and, taking hold of the first clothes peg of the row of five clamped to his right testicle, took the first hatpin that Sally handed to her and pushed it gently through the skin that was bunched up between the clamps of the peg.

Kim’s body twitched as the tip of the hatpin pierced his skin, causing a stinging sensation rather than hurting. Lorraine continued to push the pin through his flesh until, with a barely audible pop, it exited through the other side of the skin that was bunched up and held in place by the peg.

Repeating the procedure four more times, Lorraine pushed another four razor sharp hatpins through the flesh that was bunched up between the remaining four pegs attached to Kim’s right testicle, each one causing him to flinch involuntarily.

Taking hold of his erection, Lorraine moved her hand up and down his shaft, masturbating him, saying, “half way there, baby. Only another five to go then I’m done. Well, at least with your bollocks. All that lovely flesh of your foreskin is just crying out to be pierced, don’t you think? But I think I should let one of the others have that particular pleasure. Come to think of it, I’ll let Sally do your other testicle. I can see that she’s just dying to know what it feels like to push a hatpin into your bollocks. After all, it’s not everyday we get someone as lovely as you willing to let us do that to you, is it?”

As Lorraine got up from between Kim’s legs, Sally handed the box of hatpins to Liz and took Lorraine’s place sat between Kim’s outstretched thighs.

Taking hold of the first peg on his left testicle, Sally repeated the procedure Lorraine had just followed, gently easing each hatpin through the bunched up flesh that was gripped tightly between the clamps of each clothes peg.

“Oh, that looks so painful,” she said as the last of the pins was in place. “But it’s not anywhere near as painful as it’s going to get,” she added, picking up one of the small whips that her friends had used to whack Kim’s balls earlier.

“Those clothes pegs look painful enough on their own and I can only imagine what those deliciously sharp clothes pegs feel like stuck into your flesh.”

Tapping herself lightly on the palm with the whip, she added, “would be even more painful I would imagine if I were to hit them with this, wouldn’t it? What do you think, girls? Should I do it?”

Liz and Lorraine said they thought she should, but only for a couple of minutes or so because they were dying for a cup of coffee and Jess asked if Sally could wait for a moment or two because she needed to go to the bathroom.

“Fingering my arse has made me want to go to the toilet, if you know what I mean,” she explained.

“Well, hurry up won’t you?” Sally said. “I think we should find somewhere to put another ten of those lovely clothes pegs and it’s only fair you get to pick this time. And there’s loads more hat pins left,” she added with a smile.

As Jess got up from Kim’s face, Sally added, “don’t have a piss right now if you can manage it. We’ll be taking a coffee break soon. All this hard work has made me rather thirsty. I expect Kim is a little thirsty too,” she smiled. “He’s going to need something to drink as well. So don’t you go wasting your pee, ok?”

While Jess was gone, Liz said, “don’t wait for her to come back, Sal. Give him a whack with that whip now while she’s gone. It’s her own fault if she misses it. To tell you the truth, it will serve her right. She’s beginning to get on my nerves a little bit. I wouldn’t mind giving her a little taster of what Kim’s getting, to be honest.”

“Maybe tomorrow we can have two little pets,” Lorraine added with a wink.

“Oh girls! You’re not ganging up on our sweet innocent little sixteen year old friend, are you?” Sally laughed.

“I tell you what,” she added. “Let’s just concentrate on our little male pet for now and we’ll see how the mood takes us in the morning, ok? Now, grab another whip each and get over here and help me give him some more pleasure before she gets back, will you? I’ve decided where we can put some more pegs and the more sensitive we make it the better.”

Taking a whip each out of the suitcase, Liz sat between Kim’s legs and started to gently hit his perineum with the leather-ended crop. Lorraine and Sally sat either side of his chest and while Sally used her whip on the clothes pegs and hat pins attached to and stuck through Kim’s balls, Lorraine used hers to hit the shaft of Kim’s by now very hard cock.

Each blow made Kim’s body jerk involuntarily, his already swollen and very sore testicles feeling like they were on fire to him.

The skin of his perineum was soon very red and extra sensitive as Liz took great pleasure in using the whip on him for the first time and Lorraine’s crop soon had the same effect on his erection.

When they heard Jess coming back downstairs, the three friends stopped the whipping of Kim’s erection, testicles and perineum and put the whips back in the suitcase, explaining to the sixteen-year-old that, because they were so dying for their coffee break, they’d decided not to use the whips on him but wait until she came back down so she could just attach the next set of clothes pegs instead.

Taking another ten pegs from the suitcase and handing the first one to Jess, Lorraine told her to sit between Kim’s legs and pinch some of the flesh between his balls and his arsehole between two of her fingers.

“OK, young ‘un,” Lorraine teased, as she handed Jess the first peg, “you know what to do.”

As she handed it to Jess, Lorraine noticed that there were small holes in the clamp sections of the wooden peg. “Hey I wonder what those little holes are for?” she asked the others.

“Well, they look around the same size as these hat pins, I reckon”, Liz said. “I have an idea but let’s just let Jess finish attaching the other four pegs to that oh so sore looking perineum of his. Then I’ll see if I’m right.”

Lorraine handed Jess another four pegs, each with the little holes in the clamp part, and the teenager attached each to the flesh between Kim’s balls and arsehole, each one pinching the skin so tightly and increasing the pressure exerted by the other pegs already attached.

“Now,” Lorraine said, asking Liz to pass her some more hatpins. “Let’s see if those little holes are big enough to push some of these through.”

“Oh!” she exclaimed as the first hatpin slid easily into the hole. “They fit! They fit! How wonderful. We can pin the clothes pegs to his skin and they will be held in place by the pegs. That’s gorgeous,” she added.

Asking Liz to hand her nine more pins, Lorraine gently pushed a pin through each of the holes in the head of the clothes pegs, deliberately taking her time to ease the pin through the flesh of Kim’s perineum so as to maximise the pain it caused him.

With each pin that Lorraine eased through Kim’s clamped flesh, his pain intensified hugely. While his balls were obviously very sore and sensitive from first being tied tightly with string, then being struck repeatedly with a horsewhip and finally having pegs attached and pins stuck through the flesh, his perineum was even more sensitive.

Each pin that Lorraine inserted sliced easily through Kim’s skin until it exited through the other side of the bunched up flesh and met the resistance of the other side of the wooden clamp. As each of the remaining nine pins did this, she had to push a little harder so that the pin head became wedged in the other side of the clamp.

Finally, all five clothes pegs were securely pinned in place, a pin inserted through both sides of the clamp, pushed through Kim’s flesh and wedged firmly into the inside of the other side of the peg head, complementarily securing the pins in place too.

Kim’s breathing had by now becoming very ragged but the friends weren’t quite finished with him yet. They all wanted their coffee break but when Sally found another five clothes pegs with similar holes in, they decided that, while Kim’s balls and perineum looked quite nice clamped and speared, his erection looked quite bare and lonely with nothing attached to it.

“OK, pet,” Sally said. “Five more on your prick then I think we’re through with you for now. Be a good little boy and keep still for me while I clamp and pierce your foreskin for you. I know you’re simply dying for me to do it. After all, you knew the deal and you came without us saying you could. Now you pay the price.”

Just then, Jess came back downstairs from her bathroom break.

“I didn’t pee,” she informed the other three, “but I did have a shit. The only thing was I couldn’t find any toilet paper. Do you think he could lick my arse clean for me?” she added.

“I’m sure he’d love to Jess,” Lorraine told her, “but we haven’t quite finished pegging him yet. If you stuck your dirty arse on his mouth now he wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the pain these last five pegs and ten pins are going to give him. Maybe later, ok?”

“But I thought…” Jess started to say but Sally cut her off.

“Listen, Jess. You may be a part of this team but you are still only a junior member. You do as you’re told otherwise you might just be taking Kim’s place as our pet. Do you understand me? Let’s get this finished for now because I’m really looking forward to that cup of coffee.”

Sally then took each of the five pegs and, taking as much of Kim’s foreskin between her fingers as she could grab, firmly clamped each peg in place. Each peg pulled the skin around Kim’s erection very tight and Sally had a difficult job grabbing hold of enough skin to be able to fit the last peg to. But finally all five were securely attached and very soon each peg had a hatpin stuck through each side of its clamp, spearing Kim’s foreskin in place.

The four friends stood back and admired their handiwork. How sweet Kim looked tied up the way he did with twenty clothes pegs attached to him – five through his perineum, five to each of his testicles and still five more clamped firmly to his foreskin. The pegs would have been causing enough pain on their own but the hatpins stuck through the head of each peg and through Kim’s flesh and skin must have been excruciating.

The six-inch vibrating butt plug pushed deeply into his arse was just the perfect finishing touch and the girls all agreed that he looked simply delightful!

Of course, he was in a lot of pain but this was just was he lived for wasn’t it? This is what his owner had been training him for for a while now. He was totally her slave, to be lent out to her friends when they needed someone to use and humiliate. Although this was his first time with four of her friends at the same time, he was holding up quite well so far.

“OK,” Sally said. “Time for that coffee, I think. Lorraine, why don’t you turn that vibrator on while I go boil the kettle? I think speed three should be good enough for now. After all, we don’t want our little pet cumming again too soon, do we?” she added with a smile.

So while Sally went into the kitchen to make them all a coffee, Lorraine turned the vibrator on and slowly increased the speed until it had reached half way. The feel of the dildo pushed a full six inches into his rectum was wonderful enough but when the vibrations started pulsing through his body Kim nearly came straight away. He wanted to please these four ladies and although he knew whatever he did he was still going to get more punishment, he still wanted to be as good a slave as he possibly could.

When Sally came back in with the coffees, the four friends sat down on the large settee directly in front of Kim and, while he struggled against the pain and the pleasure that their torture was giving him, they sat back to enjoy the results of their first hour with their new pet and to enjoy their well-earned coffee.

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