We Never Knew Part 5: Sophie (Final Part)

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We Never Knew Part 5: Sophie

I am so glad Chloe switched back to her bed last night because both mom and dad came in the next morning to wake us up to say how much they missed us.

“How was your weekend just the two of you?” My mom asked.

“It was fun! We just had some sister time. No big deal.”

“Glad to hear it because your father and I are going away next weekend too for a business conference. You think you can stand one more weekend with your sister?”

I looked over at Chloe who was trying not to laugh.

“Yeah. I’ll survive. Have a good trip guys!”

“Thanks sweetie. Now you two get to school!”

“On it mom!”

As soon as they left, I went straight over to Chloe who was waiting for me and gave her a big kiss.

“We are going to have the best weekend ever!”

“Yes we are and I will have a surprise gift for you.” Chloe said with a smirk on her face.

“A present? For what?”

“You’ll see. That’s the surprise. I want to make you stew all week and it will make this weekend the best ever. Also, no fooling around after school or masturbating this week. I want to make you wait until the weekend and I’ll wait too. It will make it so much better I promise.”

“Whaaaaaaat nooooooo that’s not fair.” I protested.

“Yes it is. I’ll wait with you because the surprise is for both of us.”

“Ugh fine. I’ll wait just for you.” I said in a sad voice.

“Trust me my love. It will make everything feel soooo much better.” She reassured her point and then she kissed me.

“Ok I trust you baby.” I said.

That was the hardest week of my life because my sister made it hard for me. She wore the sleaziest and sexiest clothes all week. From yoga pants to short skirts. I felt like I was losing my mind and it only got harder.

One day at lunch was the worst. I was wearing a skirt that day and she sat next to me at lunch and she put a hand on my leg and slowly ran it up my leg and that made me shiver. I thought she was going to help me out but she stopped before she got to my pussy. I gave her a death stare but she just smiled, removed her hand, stood up, and left. I was so mad at her and this was just Tuesday.

On Wednesday, she did it again but she was even more evil. She put her hand on my leg, went slowly up my leg and went within inches of my pussy, then whispered in my ear, “I want you to crave me and be going crazy by Friday.” Then she removed her hand.

I was already going crazy and it was only Wednesday.

Thursday was the absolute worst. I didn’t wear a skirt anymore because of what she did but I wish I had that day so she couldn’t do what she did. I was alone at lunch and she sat next to me. I kept my distance.

“I’m not going to do anything don’t worry. Scoot closer to me.”

I did but it was a trap. She slowly slid her middle finger up my slit on the outside of my yoga pants. I shivered and quivered. God I wanted to cum so badly.

“You’re welcome. See you tomorrow.”

I wanted to kill her I was so angry.


The bell finally rang on Friday and I raced home because I couldn’t take it anymore. I was craving my sister and going crazy like she wanted me to.

My parents had already left for the conference so I raced upstairs and there was my sister in our room.

“Alright I wanted all week. You tortured me all week long and I’m going crazy and craving you. Can we play now? I don’t know how much more waiting I can take. It’s like torture.”

“Do you even want your gift?”

“After we play.” I demanded.

“Too bad you’re getting it now.” She snickered at me.

“Ugh fine.”

“Sit down on your bed and close your eyes.” She asked.

I did. I heard a lot of noises. I also felt something being set beside me. After what felt like forever, she said, “Ok. Open your eyes.”

I was speechless. My sister was naked with a red ribbon wrapped around her waist.

“I am your present. I am giving you my virginity. Open the box next to you.”

I opened it to find a strap-on.

“Sis are you sure? You said you were saving it for someone special.”

“I have and I found that special someone. It’s you sis. My one true love it’s you! I have never been surer about anything before now. Please… take my virginity my one true love of my life.”

I smiled.

“Ok sis. I will. Because I truly love you.”

“Awww thank you sis. Now put that aside because that’s for later. I know you’ve been waiting all week for your release and now you’re going to get it. Get undressed.”

I did as fast as I could because I couldn’t take anymore of it. I laid down on my bed and said, “I’m ready sis!”

She got down between my knees and she gave me one long steady lick up my pussy. I thought I was going to cum from that.

“Craving me yet?” she asked.

“Yes sis I am.”

One more lick.

“Going crazy?”

“Yes I’m going insane! I want my release!”

“Ok if you insist.”

Then she went to work and sucked hard on my clit.

“Ohhhhhhhh yeah sis just like that!”

She sucked harder and worked her tongue on my clit.

“Yes sis keep going. I want and need to cum so bad!”

Then she shoved her tongue deep inside my pussy and that did it for me.

“Yes sis I’m going to cum! YESSSS IM CUMMING IM CUMMING!!!

I exploded. My hips rose off the bed and bucked around and my legs got stiff and I was literally shaking. I think I even squirted too. My sister sat there and kept taking my juices in her mouth. After I calmed down, I turned to my sister and kissed her and I could taste my juices on her lips.

“Now that is the best orgasm I have ever had. I really needed that.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Now, it’s my turn” she said while pointing to the box.

I slowly stood up because I was still a little stunned about the idea of taking my sisters virginity.

She put the strap-on on me, put lube on it, and then laid down in her bed.

“Trust me sis. This is what I want.”

“It’s going to hurt.” I warned her.

“But I don’t care because it’s for you. I’d do anything for you.”

“Ooooook…” I stuttered out.

I slowly stepped forward and slowly slipped it in. I didn’t break her yet. I needed to wait for the right time.

“Ohhhhhh that feels so nice. Keep going!”

I slowly picked up pace and speed and kept going. Honestly, fucking my sister was turning me on so I started rubbing my pussy with my free hand.

“Yes sis touch yourself. Let’s cum together.”

I kept rubbing but harder now and picked up my pace.

“Yes sis please don’t stop I’m so close!”

I didn’t stop but I did the opposite. I went faster and rubbed my clit harder too.

“I’m going to cummmmm sisss! Cum with meeeeee!”

When she said that, I shoved it in deep and tore through her right at the top of her orgasm. Her shriek of pain quickly turned to pleasure. In the midst of her orgasm, I was going to cum so I stopped and laid next to her and had the most intense orgasm of my entire life and it ripped throughout my entire body. I was screaming and squirming all over the place as I came with my sister.

When we both calmed down, we looked at each other eye to eye and then kissed for hours and just enjoyed each other’s embrace.

“Thank you sis. You are the only one for me now. I love you.”

“You’re welcome. You are the only one for me and I want to be with you forever.”

With that, I took off the strap on, cuddled up with my sister, and feeling safe and loved, we drifted off to sleep.

The End.

Thank you to everyone who stuck along with this story to the very end and I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to leave a rating and a comment to tell me what you thought.

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