Going Nova ch. 5: The Girls’ Sleepover Begins

Upstairs, Brie sat in front of a mirror and combed the knots out of her hair. It was still ratty from her time in the water. Meanwhile, Elsie dug through Brie’s messy closet, seeing what she could procure from her friend’s wardrobe. Neither of them had yet dressed. Elsie pulled out a white teeshirt that was two sizes too big for either of them. The shirt said “Bye hater” on it.

“OMG,” Elsie said, “Remember when you wore this all the time?”

Brie rolled her eyes at the oversized garment. “Yesss, I thought I was so hip-hop back then.”

“Brie, hip-hop is the last thing you’ll ever be,” Elsie teased. She pulled the shirt on and flipped her hair out of it. She posed cheekily.

Brie gave her a once-over, “You wear it better than I ever did. I bet even Mia would approve.”

Elsie lit up at the suggestion. She twisted in the mirror, smoothing the shirt down her body as she examined her figure. It came down just over her butt. “You think so?”

“You can have it, if you want.”

“Really? You don’t want it?”

“Nah, I just use it as a night shirt anyway. Something to sleep in.”

A lightbulb went off in Elsie’s head, “Oh yeah, you know what we should do tonight? We should have a sleepover! I thought of it when I was getting my swimming suit, so I packed an extra outfit in my duffel bag, just in case.”

“That sounds fun! I’ll ask my parents over dinner.”

Just then, Warrick called from downstairs, “Dinner’s ready!”

“We’re coming!” Brie called back.

Elsie giggled and then moaned pornographically, feigning masturbation, “We’re cumming.” Brie frowned and smacked her friend on the shoulder, which made Elsie laugh even harder.

Brie quickly finished getting ready, leaving her bikini top on and slipping back into her gray sweatpants. Elsie reached under the oversized shirt and untied one side of her bottoms. “Guess I don’t need these on anymore.” She released the strands, winking at Brie as they slid down her leg and she stepped out. Brie inhaled deeply, pushing back against a nervous sensation flooding her chest. They headed down the stairs to dinner.


Over dinner, Brie put in her request for the sleepover.

“I don’t know,” said Warrick, “I was kind of hoping for a quiet evening.” He flung his head in Elsie’s general direction.

Elsie pleaded, “Pleeease, Warrick.” And then in a whisper, “I promise I’ll be quiet.”

“Don’t you girls have school in the morning?”

Brie countered, “No, tomorrow’s Sunday. And besides, you and mom had Ivy sleep over on Thursday, and that’s a school night.”

Warrick shot a glance at his wife, who gave a smirking nod of admission back. This was the first they knew that Brie had overheard the friend and junior coworker of Hazel’s. “True,” Warrick conceded, “But we’re adults and we get to break the rules.”

Brie turned to Hazel, “Please, mommy?”

“Please!” echoed Elsie.

“It’s up to your father.”

Not wanting to be the villain, Warrick finally relented with a sigh, much to the girls’ excitement and also to the detriment of his eardrums. After they finished eating, the girls cleared the table and Hazel started on the dishes.

Warrick herded them into the family room. “You girls want to watch a movie or play a game?”

“No, let’s play the Nintendo,” Elsie replied.

“Okay, I’ll get it set up.” Warrick flicked the remote and turned on the television. He pulled out a vintage Nintendo console and popped in the the third Super Mario Bros. game. Being as it was an older system, the length of the cables prevented whomever had the controller to sit on the couch and play at the same time, so the player had to sit in the middle of the room.

Elsie was up first. She sat down, cross-legged on the carpet and started plugging away at the first level. “These graphics are so old!” she giggled.

“This is a classic game,” Warrick retorted, finding a seat on the couch. “They did amazing things with the technology for the time.”

“Still, doesn’t change how old it is, hah!”

Warrick was unable to argue her point.

Meanwhile, Brie sat on the couch next to her father. As they both looked on, watching Elsie’s progress, Warrick lazily rubbed his daughter’s back with one hand. Brie felt both comforted and relaxed by its presence on the bare parts of her back. It kind of tickled, and goosebumps rose up. She shivered and sighed deeply.

Warrick noticed her breathing and felt sudden clarity in his actions, realizing that his absent-minded stroking might be having real implications for his daughter’s sensitive nerve endings. He stopped and patted her on the shoulder, resting his hand there.

Brie didn’t want the feeling to stop, though, so she turned to him, flashing a smile, and quietly said, “Daddy, that feels good. Keep doing it.”

Warrick was unsure that it would be wise to honor her request, but he was too charmed by her impish smile to fight it and again began to lightly rub her back and shoulders. He figured he could send her up to her room if her new, erotic tendencies began to get out of hand.

But Brie was trying her hardest to stay extra-engaged with the game on the TV. She didn’t want to be banished to her room, she just wanted to enjoy herself. She pushed back against the warm feelings she was harboring in her belly.

In front of them, Elsie was doing pretty well, but eventually a rogue fireball took Mario’s life and it was time to switch players. “That was cheap!” she cried out and turned to her friend. “You’re up.”

Brie slipped down from the couch and plopped herself onto the floor next to Elsie. She attempted a run of the first world, but her fingers felt sluggish. She was unable to make Mario perform accurately and so she stumbled through the level. To her credit, she nearly made it to the end, but before she did, Mario fell to his doom. “Fuck me!” she shouted.

“Easy now, Brie,” Warrick scolded, “Don’t let your mom hear you talking like that.”

Elsie laughed uproariously.

“Sorry, dad,” the girl replied, returning to the couch.

Once again, Elsie took the reigns and began her next run. Unlike Brie, she was not quite so distracted, and her playtime was much longer. Warrick resumed treating his daughter to a back rub. He enjoyed having more-or-less unrestricted access to her smooth, slender back, save for the places covered by the scanty strings of her swimming top. He switched up from using his fingertips to lightly scratching her with his nails. Brie inhaled deeply and quickly exhaled, letting only the quietest of moans escape her lips.

Warrick heard, but still he persisted. As he dragged his fingernails across her shoulders and up the nape of her neck, Brie felt some of her girl-cum dribble into the crotch of her sweatpants.

“Damn it!” shouted Elsie. A bouncing turtle shell had taken her next life. She turned to Brie and noticed the special treatment her dad was giving her. Brie gazed back and blushed. Elsie smirked, “It’s your turn again.”

“Um, okay,” Brie replied, quietly. She crawled back onto the floor.

Elsie, this time, took a spot on the couch instead of staying put next to her friend. She hoped that Warrick would rub her back, too, recalling the special attention he had given her at the pool that afternoon. Briefly, he didn’t move, so she leaned into him and flashed him a quick smile. He smiled back at her, albeit cautiously, but his constitution crumbled and he placed a hand over her tee-shirt covered back. As Brie careened through the stage, Warrick lightly massaged the young girl beside him.

Warrick’s heart pounded. He could tell that Elsie was flirting with him, but he couldn’t really grasp her true intentions. Was she really attracted to him, or was it just building hormones guiding her suggestive actions? Or was it his own hormones seeing something sexual in the innocent young girl seated beside him that wasn’t actually there? More shouting snapped him out of his contemplation.

“I died again!”

“Already?” whined Elsie, “You did that on purpose!”

Brie was taken aback. “What?”

“You’re dying so that I have to play the game and you can just sit here and watch!”

“No I’m not, you’re just better at it than I am.”

“Just go again!”

“I can’t go again, it’s your guy up!”

“Girls!” Warrick interrupted, “If nobody wants to play the game, we don’t have to, but you’re the ones who suggested it.” He wondered if they were fighting over his attention. “Let’s not end a friendship over Mario.” The girls exchanged sheepish glances. “Why don’t we watch a movie instead?”

They all agreed and rifled through the movies available to stream.

“Daddy, can we watch a rated-R movie?” Brie asked.

“Oh I don’t know, do you think you’re mature enough to handle it?” Warrick asked in return.

Brie rolled her eyes and said, “Yesss.”

“Can we watch a rated-X movie, Daddy?” Elsie asked brightly, batting her eyes, clearly being sarcastic.

Warrick brushed off the fact that she, too, had called him daddy and chuckled. “Very funny. Anyway, there aren’t any rated-X movies to stream on here.”

“How about this one?” Brie pointed to a sci-fi film called “Barbarella”. It says it’s rated PG.

Warrick was unfamiliar with it, but it looked like an adventure film, akin to “Star Wars”. “That looks like a good one to watch. Fire it up.”

They hit play and Warrick turned off the lights. He seated himself back on the couch, and the movie flickered to life on the screen. Brie crawled onto his lap while Elsie sat next to him, seating herself at the front edge of the couch cushion. From this vantage, Warrick was able to attend to both of them, one with either hand, and he recommenced rubbing, and lightly massaging the two bodies in front of him.

The movie began to play and an astronaut floated into the frame in a kitschy, psychedelic costume. As the opening credits played, the astronaut peeled off its gloves, revealing feminine hands inside. From there, the woman continued into a kind of sensual, zero-gravity strip tease, slowly peeling off parts of the suit one-by-one. Warrick and the girls were shocked to see her floating in space and climbing completely out of her clothes.

“Whoa,” Elsie whispered.

Just then, Hazel entered the dark room. She was still in her bathing suit, and remained topless from earlier in the day. By now on the TV screen, Jane Fonda was fully nude, and flashing glimpses of her breasts to the camera. “What on earth are you all watching?”

“Sorry honey, it said it was rated PG. It’s 1960s sci-fi. We can turn it off.”

“Well, I suppose it’s fine,” she relented, “Most of us here have boobs already. How raunchy could a movie be in the ’60s, after all?” She took a seat on a recliner nearby. “Brie, honey, come sit on my lap and and let me give you your medicine.”

Brie rolled her eyes and sighed, and crawled out of Warrick’s lap. She climbed up onto the chair with her mother and Hazel produced a syringe. Brie opened her mouth while Hazel pushed in the plunger, which she did with a little too much force. While most of the gooey syrup fell into the girl’s mouth, much of it splattered up the length of her nose and onto her cheeks.

“Ew, Mom, you got it all over me!”

Hazel chuckled and defended herself. “Sorry! It’s dark in here. I couldn’t see what I was doing.”

Brie reached a hand up to wipe it off, but Hazel stopped her, “Here, let me do it.” She then leaned in and suddenly licked the solution right off her daughter’s nose.

Brie reeled back, “Mom! Gross! Don’t lick me!”

“Can we keep it down?” barked Warrick.

Hazel laughed aloud, “Okay, okay! It was just a prank.” She held her daughter by the cheeks and wiped the rest of the medicine off her face with her thumbs. When she was done, Brie turned around and leaned back into her mother, laying her head upon her soft, bare breasts.

“It tastes good, though,” Hazel followed up.

“What’s it taste like?” Warrick inquired, himself curious about the strange medicine.

Hazel sighed wistfully. “Tastes a bit like… my childhood.” She brought her sticky thumb up to her nose and gave a sniff before sucking it off her thumb, savoring the flavor this time.

“What do you mean?” Warrick was confused.

“It tastes like the medicine I had to take when I was sick.”

Warrick could only imagine it must taste like sugary artificial cherry flavoring, but then remembered Brie had said it was salty when the doctor fed her her first dose.

Meanwhile, on the TV, the movie turned out to be an out-and-out cheese-fest, but it was surprisingly racy. The first scene featured Barbarella rewarding a man she had just met with sex. Of course, it was only implied as their futuristic carriage skated around an icy plane, but Brie was taken by it, nonetheless. She imagined what scenes could be happening inside the man’s circling vessel. To date she had never been with a man, but she was suddenly feeling curiously keen on trying it out. A buzzing in her head began to grow, and her cheeks tingled as she daydreamed about some of the boys in her school.

With Brie now sitting on Hazel’s lap, Elsie noted that Warrick’s was open, so she decided to climb aboard. Warrick didn’t mind at all. He continued to rub her back and shoulders through her oversized tee-shirt, now free to use both hands on her at the same time. Elsie purred and found herself getting used to his touch. After her lengthy massage at the pool, and now being close to Warrick again, she felt like she was being put under a spell, and one she liked, at that. Sitting on one of his legs, she spread her legs across his thigh and held onto his knee with her small hands for balance. She occasionally leaned into her arm, pressing her forearm against her crotch, feeling an electric sensation from her pussy every time she applied pressure there.

Warrick could feel the girl rocking slightly on his leg as he continued to rub her shoulders. He silently wished she were rocking on his hardening shaft instead. Between his still-topless wife, his perpetually turned on child, the sexy movie playing, and the sweet, young thing turning to putty in his hands, he felt like he was watching a lit fuse on a powder keg, edging ever closer to explosion.

Brie felt safe in the warmth of her mother’s embrace. While she was enjoying the strangely risqué feature on the television, she felt distracted by the warm softness of her mom’s chest. Losing interest in the screen, she shifted in her lap so that she could gaze upward at the shapely cones of the bosom before her. The nipples that capped them off seemed to call out to her. She wanted to touch them, to suck on them. The world around her began to fade away, and she fixed her vision upon them. When she thought that nobody was paying attention, she reached up and brushed her hand, with her tingling fingers, against one. Hazel, of course, noticed, but only gave a sigh finished off with a soft moan. This emboldened Brie, who felt like her head was filling with gauze. She puckered her lips slightly, imagining what it would be like to take one of those nipples into her mouth. She quickly became fascinated with her mother’s boobs, and ignored the movie that played. She gently kneaded one breast, and then the other. Beneath her, she felt her mother’s legs quiver.

Hazel dragged her fingers across Brie’s bare arms, lightly tracing up and down their length, from her girl’s shoulders, down to the fingertips that were themselves now drawing circles around her own areola. She glanced over at Warrick, but he was either too focused on the movie, or perhaps too focused on massaging the nymph in front of him to notice the two of them. Her child’s head was so close to her nipple that she could feel her warm breath cascade across it in rhythmic pants. It made her giddy inside and gave her flesh goose bumps. She reminisced about how she and her daughter used to sit in that very chair and feed. She knew what Brie needed once again, and she shifted her weight slightly, directing one of the stiffening buds ever closer to her daughter’s pouting lips.

Brie’s base instinct kicked in and she took to it readily. Hazel again moaned softly as her daughter’s warm lips engulfed her nipple. She considered that it wasn’t too many years ago that Brie was weaned from her breast. Now, here she was once again, suckling her daughter, who indulged with the vigor of a newborn baby. It wasn’t just erotic, it was sacred.

Meanwhile, Elsie was distracted from the movie at hand and noticed what was happening in the recliner across the room, though she dared not make a comment. She was loving the attention she was getting from Warrick and didn’t want to draw attention to him nor herself. She deeply desired to shed the shirt she wore, along with the rest of her inhibitions, and allow Warrick total access to her body. But, given that she wasn’t wearing any panties underneath, she realized that would leave her completely naked and sitting on top of Warrick’s lap! She begrudged that it wasn’t such a great idea in front of his wife. Nevertheless, she dared to push the envelope a little further. She turned to Brie’s dad and whispered, “Can you rub my back… for real, I mean?”

Warrick swallowed hard and paused to consider. He had been attending to her, but he had always kept his hands over her shirt. Now she was asking him to delve underneath, to make skin-to-skin contact with the young girl. Elsie shifted her weight and lifted the back hem from under her butt to give him access. Warrick obliged and, as he moved his hands under the garment, he became starkly aware that the girl wasn’t wearing any underwear at all. Below the bottom of her shirt, he caught a glimpse of the top of the crack of her small, bare ass sat atop his knee. He even recognized a familiar, warm, satiny moisture seeping from her bare split. While the logistics were a bit awkward, he was able to surreptitiously access her backside without exposing their ploy to his wife. However, as he worked his hands up to her shoulders, his arms pulled the bottom of her shirt up high enough to leave everything below her hipbones exposed. If Hazel or Brie had looked over, they would have surely seen her young cunny glistening in the flickering light of the television.

Elsie balked and quickly yanked the front hem down to cover her crotch so she wouldn’t be caught. Still, her ass continued to peek out from underneath the back of her shirt. Even so, she loved the feeling of Warrick’s hands on her bare flesh, which was magnified by the added thrill that she was doing something naughty. Though she attempted to focus on the movie, she began to enter a trance.

On the recliner, Brie continued to sip at her mother’s breast, encouraged by the woman’s increasingly ragged breathing and light whines. In Brie’s world, these sounds were amplified, like the beating of a drum, combined with the moans of a porn star. Hazel’s rubbery nipple was stiff inside her mouth, and she tongued at it like a baby might. It felt both wrong and right, at the same time, to be sexually engaged with her own mom, and Brie gave in fully to her desires. Her head was buzzing and her own breathing was becoming labored.

Beneath her sweatpants, she felt her girl cum dribbling out of her puss and down her crack. It only distracted her from her mother just enough to wonder if she could get away with masturbating right then and there in the living room in view of her parents and even Elsie. It didn’t seem so risky, she thought. After all, only her father had yet to directly experience her torrents of bliss this weekend. Her mother had helped her get off in the car just the day before, and Elsie had shared an orgasm with her at the mall earlier that same day. Even her dad had witnessed something happening at the pool.

She fought through the fog in her head, detached herself from the breast of her attentive mom and glanced over at her dad. She saw him still rubbing Elsie’s shoulders, but he had now moved under her shirt. She could see the side of her friend’s little butt on his knee and wondered if he noticed that she was naked underneath the single thin layer of cotton of her tee-shirt. She began, too, to wonder if her father was hard. She wondered what his penis looked like. It had been years since she had seen his cock—albeit never erect—but she had overheard her parents’ fuck sessions many times. Her mother, in particular, wasn’t subtle about it when they were together, always moaning, often swearing, in pleasure. Brie wondered why she couldn’t be just as brazen there in the darkness.

She returned to nursing at her mother’s breast and her mind raced. She daydreamed about dicks shooting spunk when a man like her father was aroused enough, and she felt a growing curiosity to know what that looked like. She was now quite familiar with the flood of her own cum, but not that of a man. She felt strangely ashamed that she had never seen her father’s cum up close. But she chided herself internally, for what normal young girl would ever see such a thing from her father. Nevertheless, she now despaired at so many missed opportunities through the years. Whenever she used to hear her parents fooling around, she would go outside, if it was daytime, or cover her ears with her pillow. But why, she wondered, didn’t she ever feel the desire to go and watch before now?

As she dreamed about her father’s payload, her mind again wandered to the medicine she had to take. It was unlike anything she had ever tasted before. She wondered if it was at all like what a man would produce. She began to imagine herself covered in it. She fantasized about it splashing over her face, and glazing her pussy. Though her mom had already given her a dose, she felt the need for more.

She popped Hazel’s nipple out of her mouth and spoke. “Mom, I think I need more medicine.”

Hazel inhaled slowly, her breath shuddering, and spoke quietly. “Yeah?”

Brie nodded back silently.

“Okay, let’s go upstairs and get you as much as you need.” She grasped her daughter and heaved herself up off the chair. She carried Brie in her arms and left the room.

Both Warrick and Elsie stared at the two of them, following their path intently, as they crossed the room and exited through the doorway. As soon as Hazel had left the room, the two remaining paramours dispensed with their reticence with reckless abandon. Warrick’s hands moved along underneath Elsie’s shirt directly to her front side. His touch was firm, and he rubbed across her fit tummy and headed upwards to grope the slight mounds of her small tits. She cooed and arched backwards, thrusting her chest out and craning her neck around to speckle his chin and jaw with kisses. His hands circled and massaged her modest breasts. He grasped her aching nipples. She raised her arms slightly and Warrick instantly got the hint and stripped her shirt right over her head in one fluid motion.

Elsie shivered with a chill, having her one and only layer removed so swiftly. She also attributed her goosebumps to her nerves. No man, no boy for that matter, had ever treated her like this, ever made her feel like this. The man behind her, her best friend’s dad, felt strong in contrast with her tiny, young frame, and she reveled in his directness. Still facing away from him on his lap, she reached back and wrapped her arm around his neck, leaning into him, brushing her soft face against his rough, stubbly one. She arched her back, pushing her chest out to meet his hands, which roamed freely up and down her body. He dipped his fingers down over her tummy, closer to her slit, and she became aware of her flowing natural lubrication.

Part of her felt depraved, like she should put an end to this, to stop the madness, before they took things too far. But another, stronger part of her knew she was helpless in his presence and would let it continue. It was not a choice as much as an inevitability, but one she gladly made peace with. She rocked her hips atop his thigh, sliding the length of her slick pussy up and down, from her watering hole up to the nub of her electrified clit, leaving behind a glossy streak on his leg.

Warrick worked his fingers down her belly until at last he reached the top of her virginal crack. His index finger pressed beneath the folds of her lips and found the stiff bundle of her love bump. He lifted the hood covering it and brushed over the sensitive nerve endings. Elsie moaned aloud. One of her hands instinctively tore at the waistband of his trousers. Warrick’s fingers danced across her clit, sending her limbs flailing and ruining her concentration, though she managed to just get his pants unbuttoned and unzipped. Her small hand ducked under the waistband of his underwear and found his swollen cock waiting. Warrick groaned aloud as she grasped for it with petite hands. She pulled it from underneath the fabric. A bead of precum formed at the tip and turned into a rivulet that rolled down his shaft. She stroked it and worked the clear lubricant around his shaft, her inexperience apparent, but desirable just the same.

Warrick couldn’t hold back any longer, and in one swift motion, he scooped his daughter’s young friend up off his knee, turned her around to face him, and laid her on her back upon the floor. Her legs instinctively splayed wide and her blushing gash parted slightly. He knelt between her knees, tugging his underwear down over his thighs.

Elsie gazed through slit eyes as Warrick towered above her in the dim light, his cock swaying into view. She felt excitement and terror at the same time. It was her first time, and it was with her friend’s dad. And Brie and Hazel had no sooner left the room. They could be back at any moment, she thought.

Then her mind flashed briefly to her parents. They would surely be disappointed to find her here, naked and on display for a much older man, desperate to be made his, desperate to be penetrated. She wished her mom and dad were as exciting as Brie’s parents. She thought about Brie’s comments about her mother earlier in the day, how the older woman had offered to help her get off. She wondered if her friend was telling the truth. And she wondered if, indeed, Hazel had fingered her daughter, or had maybe even gone further. She wondered if they were upstairs making love right now.

Warrick, too, thought of his wife and his daughter. He knew Hazel had taken Brie to get her medicine, but he didn’t know how long that would take. He briefly wondered if they’d come back mere moments from now and catch him hovering over Elsie or in the salacious act that he was moving ever closer to performing with her. He gazed down at his protege and her narrowed eyes pleaded for him to continue. Her hips humped upwards along with her heaving breath, her precious crack only just managing to brush against his burning cock.

Warrick swallowed hard and leaned forward to press the head of his dick at the top of her slick slit, then slid down until it lined up at the entrance of her tunnel. Elsie pursed her lips and whimpered, “Yes, yes,” nodding her head wildly. Her mewling turned into a loud moan as he pressed inside slowly, feeding the girl a cock for the first time in her life. He rocked slowly in and out of her tight pussy, making room for himself bit by bit.

The small girl hissed and swore in pleasure underneath him. For Elsie, it was a feeling she had never felt before. It was something very different from when she used her own fingers, or indeed, even when Brie had fingered her at the mall earlier that day. His erection was hot inside of her, filling her completely, and her insides electrified as the ridged head skimmed the velvety pleats of her channel.

Warrick gasped as he felt the girl’s warm pussy slowly engulf his rod. She was so tight that he found it difficult to maneuver inside of her, and he could feel her unconsciously clamping rhythmically down on his shaft, making it even harder to get all the way in. He pressed the weight of his body against hers and she spread her legs even further, trying to coax him in as far as he could go. At last he felt his cock reach the end of her tunnel and they both knew he could go no further. He paused there and they both moaned and whimpered for a few moments.

Elsie looked down her body to where her’s joined with his. She could see the end of his shaft before it disappeared inside of her. She could see where her own body split. Her plump labia wrapped, stretching, tightly around the girth of his cock. “It’s amazing,” she panted. She craned her neck upwards to see Warrick and he smiled lustily down at her. She suddenly felt depraved, and turned her head away, thrilled and embarrassed at the same time by his attention. “I…”

“What is it, Els?” Warrick pried.

After a pause, Elsie formed the words, “I just wish you were… my dad.”

Warrick’s heart pounded, but his cock leapt inside of her. He was unsure where she was going with this, wondering if she wanted him to pull out. But something about the sentiment of caring for her as a father turned him on incredibly, “What do you mean, honey? You want to be Brie?”

Elsie continued to stare into the distance, “No, nothing like that. It’s just that…” she paused, unsure if she was revealing too much, “Then we’d live together, and we could do this every night, like I do with my sister.” She then turned to look at him and said with a very serious look in her eyes, “I wouldn’t tell anyone. I haven’t told anybody about Mallory.”

Again Warrick’s cock swelled inside and he wondered if he was going to cum right then and there. Instead, he kept quiet and concentrated, doing math equations in his head, staving off thoughts of what this girl was doing with her sister, in addition to the impending eruption swelling in his balls. He swallowed hard again and rasped, “Well, kiddo, I can be your daddy for tonight and we can see how it goes after that, how does that sound?”

Elsie’s pleading eyes warmed into a soft smile. “That sounds good.” She leaned up and kissed him softly on the lips. As her head fell back to the carpet, her expression again began to plead and a new hot flood of her essence began to drain from her crack. She squeezed the muscles of her vagina tightly around Warrick’s cock and begged, “Take me, Daddy.”

Warrick needed no more encouragement and backed the length of his cock out of her body. Elsie covered her mouth with her hand and bawled through the entire journey. Just as his knob popped from within the elastic rim of her hole, he looked down her body to line up again. He was massive, especially next to her small, lithe frame. Even though he had just been inside of her, he didn’t believe he could actually fit. And then he plunged it back inside of her.

Starting slowly, he steadily built up a quickening rhythm, pulling out as far as he could and then pushing back in until just before hitting her cervix. Elsie moaned wantonly, and he worried that her cacophonous howling would draw attention, but he still couldn’t bring himself to stop. Instead, he was emboldened and, propping himself up with one arm, he caressed her chest and nipples with the opposing hand. This only amplified her cries and swears. He slid his hand down and caressed her hips which caused her to get ever louder. Finally, he had to cover her mouth with his support hand. He felt the girl’s moans and hot breath against it, but at least she was muffled.

As he continued to quickly pump his cock deep inside her, he targeted her clit with his thumb. No sooner had he pressed against it than Elsie’s body seized up and she went completely quiet. Her eyes snapped open and rolled backwards. Her back arched and she pressed her hips high into the air, and hard against his. She froze for just a moment, then suddenly began to quake, quietly, but violently. Tiny coos began to squeak out, indicating to Warrick that she was cumming. The notion sent him, too, over the edge. He drove his cock deep inside of her and his mind went blissfully blank. In that moment, he could only know the pleasure of the young girl’s warm sex. His cock surged and burst forth with what felt like hot lava and it filled up the small pocket of his prey. Together, they rutted wildly and loudly until at last they came down from their orgasmic high.

Before he collapsed on top of her, Warrick pulled up his pants and rolled the two of them over so that Elsie laid on top of him. Her head rested on his chest and he returned to rubbing her back lightly as he did when the movie had begun. Her moans had once again ebbed, and turned into satisfied fussing. “Thank you, Daddy,” was the last thing she whispered to him that night. Before long, she was dozing, quietly nestled on his chest. Warrick finished off the movie, though he didn’t end up paying very close attention to its finale.

Only after he flicked it off during the end credits, did he wonder what had become of his wife and daughter. They must have gone to bed., he thought. He gathered up the sleeping Elsie and, not thinking about it, carried her still-naked body upstairs to tuck her in for the night. He wandered by the master bedroom and down to the end of the hall where Brie’s room was. The door was cracked slightly and a dim table lamp provided a soft light. Warrick pushed it open quietly and found Hazel spooning Brie, both asleep in the bed together. A cool breeze came in through the open window.

Warrick slipped his charge under the sheets next to Brie and covered her up, then quietly moved to the other side of the bed and roused his wife. “C’mon honey, let’s go to bed.”

“Hm?” Hazel stirred sleepily, “Oh, okay. How was the rest of the movie?”

Warrick nodded and kissed her forehead. She was sweaty from spooning her daughter under the sheets. He merely replied, “Very inappropriate.”


Next: Just where did Hazel and Brie disappear to when they went to get her special medicine? The answer to that, and another secret revealed.

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