Me and Judy Part 2

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“Me and Judy Part 2”

Continuation from my last story; Me and Judy

My last story ended with me getting a morning blow job from my lesbian friend Judy.
You can read about Judy in my last two stories’ (My Roommate Judy and Me and Judy.)

Let me give you a quick recap on Judy. She is a 43 year old lesbian who is also my roommate and now a very good friend who had never had sex with a male until my last story when I got into her panties and we had a fucking sucking good time. She is very pretty, Five foot seven, brown hair, blue eyes, a sweet tasting pussy with brown hair on it. It all started with Judy and I having a threesome with her bisexual best friend Aimee. You can also read about Aimee in my last two stories. We both had sex with Aimee together and loved it. Aimee is very pretty she also has big tits and brown hairy pussy with pink pussy lips. The two girls are gorgeous and both very fuckable.

Judy didn’t know that having sex with the right man could be so good; it was like a new sexual awakening for her. It didn’t change the fact that she still loves women but it opened a lot of sexual possibilities for her and as you’ll find out, for me too. Judy is ready to experiment with her sexuality.

Judy asked if I would keep our sex life to ourselves as she has been a lesbian all her life and it’s a little embarrassed to admit to her friends and her best friend Aimee that she and I had a sexual encounter, even though Aimee was there when Judy and I unintentionally rubbed our bodies against each other in the shower, she saw us face to face and the expression of delight on mine. We were in close quarters and it couldn’t be helped. However Aimee is a pretty cool chick and will keep it to herself, after all we were having a threesome and we really want to keep it to ourselves. I agreed with Judy that it was our secret and only the two of us would know about the sex, I reminded her, its only casual sex to keep things strait between us. She really likes to look at it that way. It’s what allows her to put her sexual orientation aside. Judy and I continue to have great secret sex with each other more and more over the next few months, she also continues to have casual sex with her best friend Aimee.
The three of us also had another threesome.

Something amazing happens.
One night Judy, Aimee and I were sipping on wine talking; we had a pretty good buzz going.
The two girls were getting playful and, you know, feeling each other up, hugging and kissing.
Aimee put her hands up Judy’s skirt; Judy smiled at me with pleasure written all over her face and winked at me as Aimee got a finger in Judy’s pussy; Judy responded by also getting a finger in Aimee’ s pussy, they always’ put on a show for me because they know I like to watch. Judy lied down on her back and Aimee pulled down and off Judy’s Panties. Judy has a pretty pussy; it has brown hair on it with a nice Pubic mound. Her pussy crack is very visible right down into her pussy hole and pink pussy lips. At this point my dick is bulging hard in my pants as I watched Aimee finger fuck Judy with such tenderness and sensuality that only another girl could do. I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out and began to stroke slowly as I watched. Judy looked over at me with such pleasure on her face as she watched me jack off. Aimee slid in between Judy’s legs and started to eat her pussy. I got closer and held Judy’s
Hand; this time things were different; Judy let go of my hand and wrapped her hand around my dick and starts jacking me off as she smiled. I took my clothes off and smiled at Judy as she continued to stroke.

Our little secret is about to be blown.
I went along with it and joined the threesome. I bent over and rubbed one of Judy’s very nice boobs and sucked on the other. I had never touched Judy in front of Aimee on purpose before and as far as Aimee knows, no man has ever fucked Judy. I moved down with Aimee and smiled, she gave me a funny look, as if saying what gives. I shrugged my shoulders and began to help Aimee eat Judy’s pussy; usually it’s me and Judy doing Aimee. Judy looked down to Aimee and smiled as I ate her out; Aimee smiled back realizing all was cool. Then we ate pussy together with big smiles on our faces. This was a big breakthrough for Judy to let me do this to her in front of Aimee; she had been hiding the fact that we had been having sex from everyone, because she has been living a proud lesbian lifestyle all her life. Aimee started kissing Judy and rubbing her very nice boobs, I began kissing my way up to her belly button and on up to her face and kissed her on the lips as I positioned my dick at her pussy hole and pushed my nine inch dick in as Aimee watched in amazement, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing Judy letting a man fuck her. Sex with Judy for me has always been amazing because it’s a Taboo sex; which makes it even more exciting. Judy wrapped her hands around my ass and began to drive her pussy into my dick while moaning with pleasure as she held Aimee’s hand. Judy squeezed her hand hard as she climaxed and I filled her pussy with cum at the same time. The rolls had turned at least this time.

Aimee looked at us with a curios look on her face, we had to tell her. Judy said to Aimee; Justice and I have been having casual sex for several months now, but we kept it to ourselves because I’m a very proud lesbian and didn’t want it to get around, but justice is an awesome guy and we agreed its only casual sex and it’s all about the sex and not about a romantic relationship, also our threesomes have been great and I was just so darn curios. Aimee Hugged us both and said to me; Justice you really are an awesome guy. The three of us still naked lying on the bed; Judy is very pretty and also has a beautiful body with better than average size tits, nice pink nipples and brown hairy pussy trimmed at the bikini line. Her pubic mound is well rounded accentuating her pussy crack all the way down into her pussy hole; also she has pink pussy lips just perfect for sucking on. Aimee is equally as pretty with slightly bigger tit’s and brown hair on her pussy with pink pussy lips and a pierced belly button.

Judy deep tongue kissed her best friend Aimee on the lips as she winked at me, I got the hint and began rubbing and sucking on Aimee’s nice size tits. Judy put her hand on Aimee’s pussy and two fingers in and finger fucked her as only another woman can do, Aimee moaned loudly in pleasure as Judy got her face in between Aimee’s legs and deep tongued her pussy, she loves to eat Aimee out ; she has always told me how good Aimee’s pussy tastes , and how she loves to rub her face all up in it. When Judy came up for air, we switched rolls and I put my face in and deep tongued her pussy, I spread her lips and rubbed my face all over making a juicy mess, I loved it. Aimee was moaning loudly as Judy and I had our way with her. I began kissing my way up to her face, positioning my dick at her juicy pussy and stuck all nine inches in. we fucked hard as Judy kissed and sucked on her beautiful tits. I rolled Aimee on top to straddle me as Judy moved around behind us she stuck her tongue in Aimee’s pussy as my dick went in and out, it never felt so good, Judy then spread Aimee’s ass as my dick continued fucking Aimee’s pussy, and began tonguing all around then deep tongued her ass. It felt so good to Aimee that she began to
Moan loudly with ecstasy. I couldn’t hold it back and I filled Aimee’s pussy with cum. I slipped out and Judy was there to put my dick in her mouth and sucked the last bit of cum out. Aimee rolled onto her back and Judy moved right in and put her face in between Aimee’s legs and began to eat cum out of her pussy. I’m beginning to think I have turned Judy into a bisexual.

Aimee makes a great suggestion
Judy and Aimee invite me out for drinks in the gay community, this is my first time at a gay bar and it has been a most interesting evening; I was flattered to be hit on several times throughout the night by nice looking gay boys; although I am not gay and have no desire to change things, I have no problem with gay’s. My philosophy is let people be who they are.
Aimee’s friend Ben is the bartender at this particular bar and is strait and also gets hit on every night; however he and Aimee are a little more than just friends. They have had an on and off relationship for a while. At the moment they are off; But still good friends. One of them has a commitment problem.

Aimee asks Judy and me if we would like to turn our little threesomes into a foursome some night by inviting Ben in at least once; it could be a lot of fun she said. I smiled at Aimee and thought the same but worried that it might be uncomfortable to Judy to bring another male into it. I said let’s talk about it when we get home tonight. When we got back to the house I said what you think Judy; she smiled and said well the threesomes have been great so let’s try it once, Aimee and I smiled at each other. I looked at Judy and said girl you’ve come a long way. Judy smiled and agreed.

Aimee talks to Ben and he is totally excited and can’t wait. We all agree on Saturday night.
I asked Aimee if we had any rules of do’s and don’ts and she said no rules for her she wants to fuck all three of us and anything goes as far as she is concerned. I looked at Judy and ask how she feels about it; Judy said it’s OK with me, she’ll try anything and anything goes with her also, I agreed that it was ok with me too. The three of us were all smiles as we polished off a bottle of wine knowing we were going to have some great adult fun.

The girls started first and got into a sixty nine position on their sides and begin eating reach other out while Ben and I watch. It was so fucking hot watching Aimee and Judy eat each other; We both still had clothes on and we each had a hard on. Aimee had warned Judy and I that Ben has a huge dick, I thought to myself that I have nine inches and pretty thick, so I have nothing to be ashamed of until we got undressed and he revealed his eleven inches of very thick dick, Ben just Smiled . When Judy saw Ben’s dick, all she said was WOW. I started kissing Judy and began eating her juicy wet hairy pussy as Ben did the same with Aimee.

Judy and I watched as Ben stuck his big dick in Aimee. She loved it and was moaning loudly with pleasure, I Rolled Judy on her back and began to eat her delicious pussy again, she grabbed the back of my head as she always does and pumped her pussy into my face to her delight.
I moved up and positioned my dick at Judy’s pussy; she was so wet it just slipped in, and I buried my nine inches in as deep as I can get, Judy grabbed my ass and began fucking me back. I whispered in her ear if she minded if Ben and I switch back and forth between you and Aimee, she whispered back; I’m looking forward to it. It’s all about the sex and not about a relationship. That gives her the excuse to experiment with her sexuality and I love it because I think I can get Judy to do just about anything at this point by just repeating that to her. I look over at Ben and he gets the hint and Aimee Smiles at me and Judy as Ben slides off Aimee and I slide off Judy and we switch partners. Judy smiles at Ben as he is very gentle with her knowing the situation with her, he asks if she is ok with this and she smiles and says yes, and jokingly say’s; don’t hurt me with that huge dick of yours; Ben Smiles back as Aimee and I watch as Ben pushes slowly his 11 inch dick into Judy’s pussy. He is now only the second male to enter that lesbian pussy. He did it right as Judy accepted his enormous dick and started to fuck him back, I stuck my nine inches into Aimee, and she began to fuck me back. I always love fucking Aimee she just enjoys being fucked as much as I enjoy fucking her. Her pussy was wet from fucking Ben her boobs are big and jingly and I like big tits I suck and fuck at the same time. I glance at Ben and Judy, she is moaning with pleasure
as Ben is actually getting all 11 inches in her and she loves it. After a few minutes we again switched partners. Judy grabbed me and pulled me on top of her as she positioned my dick at her pussy and began fucking the hell out of me. She is hotter than I have ever seen her.

I can tell that having two men fuck her was a big turn on for her and very new and different.
Aimee straddled Ben and took the lead as Ben lied on his back, I saw Aimee’s asshole and immediately wondered if she would let me and Ben fucked her together. After all we are in the same bed side by side and we agreed that anything goes. As Judy and I were still fucking, I reached over and put a finger at Aimee’s asshole and slid my finger in her ass as Judy watched Ben and Aimee fuck away, she went wild with pleasure. I whispered in Judy’s ear, do you think Aimee would let me fuck her in the ass while Ben is fucking her pussy, she smiled and said just be gentle, I said I’m sure Aimee will let me; and Judy said just go do it, I want to watch. I pulled out of Judy and moved over and kissed Aimee on the ass and said if this hurts let me know and I’ll stop. Aimee knew what was about to happen because Judy had the
ky lube and was rubbing it around and in Aimee’s asshole. Ben smiled and gave me the ok. I positioned my dick at her ass hole and managed to slide all 9 inches into Aimee’s ass. Aimee loved it so much she almost howled like a dog. Ben and I did the best we could, considering the size of our dicks.
Judy fingered her own pussy as she watched me and Ben sandwich Aimee. She anticipated her turn which didn’t take long. I pulled out of Aimee’s ass and told Ben we were doing Judy next. Aimee said to Judy you are going to like this. Judy still Juicy from watching us fuck Aimee. Ben Lied on his back and Judy straddled him and slid his enormous dick in, I positioned behind her as Aimee put the ky lube in and around her asshole. I smiled at Aimee as I gently pushed my dick into Judy’s ass. Ben and I went to town sandwiching Judy as best we could, she moaned loudly with pleasure. As she immediately reached her first climax. Within a few minutes I was ready to cum as was Ben, Judy climaxes again at the same time as I filled her ass with cum and Ben shot his wad and filled her pussy with cum.

The four of us continued to have a great sex experience throughout the night. When Ben and I were exhausted and dried up; Judy and Aimee did each other as Ben and I sipped on wine and watched totally satisfied with the evening.

This was a night to remember. It was a night of firsts for all of us. Our first foursome, our first sandwich fuck, Judy allowed another man to fuck her let alone one in each hole, she said she really enjoyed the fact the we kept switching partner and she likes us taking turns fucking the two of them.

I said what’s next …… What could we possibly do next to top tonight?
Stay tuned for one last Judy story. (Me and Judy part 3)
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