Mom Caught Me pt. 5_(1)

Mom Caught Me pt. 5

Detention with Miss Hunter was always brutal. She had a very commanding presence in any situation and had absolutely no tolerance for horseplay. I quietly pretended to read something in my history textbook and prayed she would not begin interrogating me about being late to class. My prayers were not answered

"Jeff, why were you late to my class today?" she sharply inquired, not lifting her focus from the papers she was grading.

I almost wanted to tell her the truth, just in spite of her cocky attitude, but I didn't. That would have opened a whole new can of worms.

"Miss Hunter I was only like two min-"

"Jeff I don't care how late you were!" she cut me off abruptly, looking up quickly from her papers as she spit the words out. "And honestly, I don't like your tone either." She pursed her lips together tightly and stared silently into my eyes.

Miss Hunter was gorgeous in the face. Her demeanor made her fairly undesirable to fantasize about, but I still tried. She wore very unflattering clothing, undoubtedly to cover her more distracting features. The few fantasies I did have of her were fueled by one fateful day when she actually wore a slightly form-fitting outfit. Although it was a long-sleeve turtleneck sweater and a fairly long black skirt, it still showed that she was packing a fairly immense set of titties and a nice, tight hourglass figure. I jerked off a few times imagining her peeling those tight layers off for me and showing me her big, fat tits.

"Well, I'm sorry Miss Hunter. It won't happen again.." I tried to say what I thought she wanted to hear.

"Jeff this is the 5th time this quarter. I don't think 'it won't happen again' is good enough". She sat in thought for a few moments, arms crossed, staring at me firmly.

"I'm calling your mother" she finally spat out as she began picking up the handset on her desk. "This behavior needs to stop immediately".

Great That's all I need. More awkwardness between mom and me. I figured mom wouldn't care too much that I was 2 minutes late and would understand that Miss Hunter takes her job way too damn seriously. I still didn't want mom to think I was messing up in school.

"Hi Sharon it's Miss Hunter, I have Jeff with me this afternoon and just wanted to have a word with you about his punctuality these last few weeks" The conversation went on for a few minutes and I began to ignore the pointless back-and-forth between my mom and Miss Hunter, until suddenly-

"Yes that would be fantastic if you wanted to come up and have a chat.. Right now?.. Yes that would be great I'll see you soon" Miss Hunter stared daggers into my eyes as she slowly hanged up the phone. The left side of her mouth curled into a slight smirk of satisfaction. She was definitely passionate about her craft, I had to give her credit for that.

My stomach churned as the seconds ticked by. Some crazy stuff had gone down with mom the last few days, but I knew it was coming to an abrupt end and I would be grounded for a while after this.

After about 10 minutes there was a light rapping at the classroom door.

"Come on in, Sharon" Miss Hunter called from her desk through the closed door. Mom tentatively stepped into the classroom and shut the door behind her. She looked at me with disappointment.

"The guilty suspect, huh?" She said to Miss Hunter while still staring at me. Miss Hunter didn't laugh at my mom's attempt to loosen the tension in the room. Instead she intended to get straight to business.

"Sharon have a seat please" She gestured to the seat directly in front of her desk. Mom obediently did as she was told. "Jeff has been late to this class 5 times this quarter. I take punctuality very seriously and it is my role as a teacher to instill good values in my students."

"Miss Hunter, I understand but-" Mom was quickly cut off.

"I believe there could be something at home causing Jeff to think it's okay to defy his superiors and I'd like to get to the bottom of it" The last line seemed to shock mom a bit. Miss Hunter was being pretty presumptuous. I think mom took it as somewhat of an attack on her parenting as she straightened up in her seat and began a counter-attack.

"Miss Hunter, Jeff is a good kid. I will have a word with him at home about getting to class on time, but I don't believe his tardiness is indicative of something deeper. He just.. had something to work on this morning before school" Mom faltered a bit at the last line and I knew exactly why.

"Jeff, come sit down next to your mother" Miss Hunter shot at me firmly and gestured at the seat right next to mom. I quickly ambled over and sat down obediently.

"If you're late again I may need to take further actions, do you understand?" She said with conviction. Mom reached over and put her hand on my thigh to comfort me. She knew Miss Hunter was taking this too seriously.

"Yes Miss Hunter" I said quietly with my head down slightly. Mom began stroking my thigh up and down comfortingly. "I promise to get to class on time from now on"

Miss Hunter began to rant at mom and me about the importance of punctuality. Frankly, I was completely ignoring every word. Mom continued to lovingly pet my thigh as she also ignored Miss Hunter's ranting as well. I glanced over at mom and was greeted with a welcome view. She was wearing a fairly tight button-up blouse that was showing off a sizable swell of cleavage at the top. Also, from my vantage point and because the blouse was a bit too tight for her chest, the opening between two buttons right at her tits was pushed open a little. I could see right through to her lacy bra. Her generous tit flesh was slightly spilling over the edge of the bra cup and was swelling up and down with each breath she took. This view coupled with mom's hand gently grazing up and down my thigh began having an unwelcome affect on my cock.

My dick started its slow and agonizing growth down the leg of my shorts. I was afraid to move or adjust my shorts in any way in fear that it would bring Miss Hunters attention onto me, so I just let my cock gradually reach down the length of my thigh. It actually felt pretty nice, slowly grinding along the inside of my boxers and against my warm thigh. I started to get a bit concerned that it was growing closer and closer to my moms hand, absentmindedly sliding up and down my thigh. I continued stealing glances at my moms soft, inviting looking breasts, and that's when I felt it. Her hand bumped into the head of my still-growing dick. It sent a slight tingle up my cock shaft and served to aid in the growth of my hardening member.

Mom didn't seem to even register what she was doing, but each stroke up my thigh caused her hand to gently graze the head of my cock. Eventually, as my cock was nearing full mast, her hand was completely enveloping the head of my cock at each up-stroke of my thigh. I looked at her a bit panicked and wondered if she knew what she was doing. I glanced at Miss Hunter to check for any signs of alarm, but she was still going on about punctuality and its role in American history.

After I calmed down a bit, i realized how good it felt to have my mom basically halfway jerking me off right in front of my hot teacher. As my cock approached full mast, my mom was no longer even stroking my thigh as the upward and downward movement of her hand was entirely along the shaft and head of my throbbing cock. If I wasn't so nervous about Miss Hunter catching onto what was happening, I could have blown a load down my thigh right then.

Finally my cock was at full mast and it was absolutely obscene. The swollen head was peeking out of the bottom of my shorts, staring straight at my teacher and had begun drooling precum down the side of my leg. My mom was sliding her hand slowly up and down the length of it and was still somehow holding a straight face and pretending she had no idea what she was doing. I was afraid to look over at her tits again in fear that i would squirt cum all over Miss Hunter's desk and down my leg. I didn't want to have to explain that to my teacher.

"Jeff are you even listening to me?" Miss Hunter shot at me. I was quickly snapped out of my horny daze and was forced to look up at my increasingly pissed-off teacher. "I'm not going to repeat myself young ma-"

She stopped dead in her tracks. "Sharon What are you doing?" The obscenity was barely visible from her vantage point and she could just see over the side of her desk at my dripping member poking out from under my shorts.

"Miss Hunter, you're rather hard on your students, don't you think?" mom coolly responded.

"Well I I think discipline is important at this age. Sharon what are you doi-" Miss hunter stuttered through her words, never breaking eye contact from moms hand sliding up and down my shaft.

"Don't you think you would get a better response from your students if you were not such a bitch all the time?" mom hissed, staring Miss Hunter down.

"Sharon you will not speak to me like that!" Miss Hunter spat out. "I have been a teacher for-"

Mom cut her off quickly "How did your classes test scores compare to the other teachers' classes last semester?" Miss Hunters expression softened and she relaxed back into hear seat slightly.

"Well I had a rough semester with a few of my classes if you must know.."

"I'm going to guess you have had a rough semester for a few years now" Mom was getting cheeky.

"I'm not sure what this has to do with any-" Mom cut Miss Hunter off once again.

"And what does the school board think about your performance?" Mom was really laying into her but she seemed to be resigning a bit for some reason.

There were several moments of silence before Miss Hunter spoke again.

"If my classes scores don't improve this semester they may release me. But I don't know what this has to do with anything" Miss Hunter replied looking quite uncomfortable and sometimes glancing down at my dripping dick.

"Miss Hunter, if you would show your students some love" at that, mom rolled back my shorts a few inches so my entire head was visible and throbbing. "and attention" mom slid her fingers gently over the bulbous head of my cock and began slowly sliding precum all over the stretched, purple skin. It felt really nice and caused a big fresh bead of precum to bubble out of the tip and onto her probing fingers. I moaned barely audibly as mom scooped it up and slid it around the tip, never breaking eye contact with Miss Hunter. "then maybe your students would be more inclined to do well on your tests"

"Sharon this is inappropriate" Miss Hunter stated quietly, but kept her eyes locked onto my visibly throbbing cock.

"Jeff, baby. What could Miss Hunter do that would convince you to ace this upcoming semester exam?".

Everything seemed a bit surreal at the moment, but I didn't have anything to lose.

"I want I want to see Miss Hunters tits please". Mom raised her eyebrows at Miss Hunter as if to say 'you heard the boy', but Miss Hunter was reluctant.

"Sharon you've got to be kidding me. Are you telling me if I show your son my tits, he will ace the semester exam? I'd be fired" Miss Hunter's expression changed slightly as the last 3 words rolled out. I think at that moment she realized she had nothing to lose. She was on the road to being fired anyways.

Mom didn't respond. She just sat back in the chair, playfully swirling her fingertip around the dripping hole at the tip of my cock and smirking slightly. No doubt because she knew Miss Hunter was defeated and she was going to get a nice show herself.

Miss Hunter was silent for a good 30 seconds, glancing between mom and me, sometimes glancing down at the mess I was making on her floor. She was clearly weighing the possibilities. She glanced over at the door. The shades were down.

She began slowly reaching for the hem of her over sized sweater and grabbed a handful of cloth in each hand. She froze, as if to rationalize the decision one last time with herself. After a few more moments, she closed her eyes with resolve and began slowly pulling the sweater up her body. The tight undershirt she was wearing clinged to the edge of the sweater briefly and revealed her very tight stomach before slipping back down. The fabric agonizingly slowly rolled up and over her chest to reveal her immense, well-hidden rack. Mom made a soft purring noise as if to say 'good choice, son'.

The site was magnificent. A pair of, I would guess, H titties sat tightly in a large and very confining bra, which was barely doing its job. Tit flesh was attempting to spill out over the top of the cups and slightly jiggled with every movement she made while she folded up her sweater and placed it on the desk.

"Come on with the rest of it, Miss Hunter" Mom demanded.

"This is all he's getting Sharon. He can see everything he needs to see." Miss Hunter stood up to reveal her very toned stomach clad in a thin white undershirt which flared out into her nicely shaped hips. Her tits were so big, they looked disproportionate to her body even in the modest and confining bra she wore, but they were delicious. My cock lurched and tensed up, drooling precum by the teaspoon onto my moms teasing finger and the purple head was tight and throbbing. My heart was beating so hard I could feel it throughout my body and I'm sure my mom could feel it in my cock. My throat was clenching in anticipation and i was beginning to perspire across my forehead.

"He asked to see your tits" Mom shot back.

Miss Hunter thought for a few moments and sighed. She reached behind her back and fiddled with something for a few seconds. I wasn't sure what I was seeing until I heard a popping noise and her tits dropped very slightly. She pulled her bra straps out of her undershirt and around her arms, then pulled her bra cups slowly out from under her shirt. The more of her tit flesh that was exposed, the more I tensed up with anticipation. Mom knew what was about to happen and began teasing my cock mercilessly. She made a small ring with her thumb and index finger and slipped it over the head, stroking it softly, lubed with the generous amount of precum that was drooling from the tip.

Miss Hunter's bra cups finally slid slowly over her hard nipples, causing each one to pop out from under the bra and strain against the thin fabric of her undershirt. Her aeroleas where large and clearly visible. Her tits barely hung down any further without her bra and proudly pushed against her thin undershirt, stretching the fabric tightly. I was so close to cumming I had to grab moms arm to stop her from stroking me.

"Aww see Miss Hunter. Look at the affect you would have on these boys if you would just show them a bit of attention. Jeff can barely contain himself." Mom playfully mewled at Miss Hunter. Miss Hunter stood there watching in almost a trance-like state. My cock jerking and throbbing as I attempted to contain my orgasm for a while longer. A tiny bit of cum dribbled out of the tip and mixed with the pooled precum on my thigh.

"Is is that" Miss Hunter stuttered and pointed.

"Yes it is, Jeff is on the verge of cumming for you. I'm trying to help him hold it back because he has a tendency of cumming very large quantities and we would not want to clean that up off your desk and the floor". Miss Hunter bit her lip and tightened her thighs together. "You have a beautiful body and it's a shame you keep it covered up every day, Miss Hunter."

My orgasm passed finally and I was breathing heavily at the effort. I sighed and looked up at my teacher. She had a glossed over look on her face and was staring at the mixture of cum and precum dripping down my leg and onto the ground, making light spattering sounds as it hit. Her nipples were now much harder, if that was even possible, and they were straining against her shirt tightly.

"So he never gets to cum?" Miss Hunter dreamily stated as she stared at my cock. She seemed to startle herself by the words she spoke because she quickly looked up at mom and cleared her throat. "I mean Isn't it unhealthy to hold it in Medically I seemed to have heard something" she began stuttering.

Mom cut her off finally, understanding what she was asking. "Miss Hunter it's okay, we just like to make sure he cums into something rather than all over the place. It's quite obscene when we- he is not prepared for it." Mom corrected herself.

"So he usually has to do it into a tissue or something like that?" Miss Hunter continued to probe, licking her lips absentmindedly.

"Yes Something like that" Mom smirked. She was beginning to understand what Miss Hunter was thinking. "Why do you ask?"

"Oh no reason I was just thinking.." Miss Hunter squeezed her thighs together tightly, crossing her legs slightly. "I have some tissues if he wants to you know get it out."

I honestly had other ideas of what I wanted to do with this huge, built-up load, but I did need to get it out. I was desperate to cum somewhere, anywhere.

"Jeff, baby, stand up and take your pants down" I quickly did as mom told me. It was not as easy as it sounded. I stood up tentatively, glancing at Miss Hunter who gave me an approving nod. She took on an almost concerned tone with me now, as if she was justifying her actions by fulfilling necessary bodily needs for her student.

I started shimmying out of my shorts and boxers carefully as they were tightly pressed against my cock and somewhat difficult to pull down. Right as the tip freed, it bounded up fiercely and flung a bit of precum across Miss Hunters desk and onto her stomach. She let out a startled but gentle gasp as the fluid contacted her skin.

My cock was violently hard and softly bouncing up and down with each of my labored heartbeats. Once I was out of my shorts, mom looked up at Miss Hunter, smiling and proudly displaying her sons cock to her.

Miss Hunter reached to the table next to her and pulled a few tissues from a box and reached out to me. "So we just turn around and let him take care of it?"

"Miss Hunter are you serious? You've already seen the thing and you're nearly naked from the waist up, lets just help him. It'll take no time"

Hearing this my heart began to beat even faster. I was swallowing repeatedly in anticipation, but there was no saliva left in my mouth.

Miss Hunter opened her mouth as if to say something but mom quickly motioned with her eyes to get in front of me with the tissues. She slowly walked around her desk, tits jiggling and swaying beautifully with each step, and stood next to me, looking at mom as if requesting further direction. Mom motioned again with her head to the floor and Miss Hunter took the queue as intended. She carefully knelt down in front of me with tissues in hand.

"OK, now when it happens, don't be startled. Just hold up the tissues and let him cum into your hands. It will go on for several moments so don't assume it's over too early, he has a tendency to have after-shocks that can send cum shooting right into your face."

Miss Hunter looked up at me hearing those words and licked her lips softly. I heard some rustling behind me but didn't care to look back, Miss Hunters face was so sexy inches from my cock, lips glistening with her saliva. I wanted badly to slide it into her mouth when she wasn't expecting it. A big bead of precum dripped from the head of my cock and fell into the tissues below.

Miss Hunter glanced around me and her mouth fell open. I wasn't sure why until I felt mom walk up behind me and her soft, naked tits pressed gently into my back. My cock lurched and sent a new dose of precum dripping from my dick. She softly wrapped her left arm around my body to hold me in place and slid her right hand around the front of my pelvis, just teasing the base of my cock with her fingers.

"Wait you mean you're going to do it, Sharon?" Miss Hunter spat incredulously, mouth wide open.

"Why not? It'll make it faster. That's what you want right? To just get this over with. I mean, it's disgusting right? There's no way you're enjoying this". Mom was toying with my teacher. Miss Hunter seemed to somewhat snap out of her daze and focus on on the task at hand.

"Yes of course. I'm just trying to get Jeff to do better on his tests. That's right" Miss Hunter convinced herself.

Mom very slowly and softly slid her small hand up the wet shaft of my cock and up to the head, smearing precum all around the tip. She took her precum soaked hand and began gently gliding it up and down the throbbing, veiny shaft, spreading the slick fluid all over my dick. I could feel Miss Hunter's labored breathing enveloping my cock as she focused intently on my moms actions, glancing up into my eyes every once in a while. I wasn't going to last long.

"Take your tits out" Mom demanded of Miss Hunter. She hesitated briefly. "Trust me, you don't want this on your shirt. It'll be completely soaked". She tentatively reached down to the hem of her shirt and began peeling it up over her body, slowly, as if to tease me. She looked up at me just as her tits slipped down and out of the bottom of her shirt, bouncing softly as they came into view. She looked like she was asking for my approval, which she got as I moaned softly and my cock began releasing fresh flows of thick liquid. She could tell I was about to cum, and she was the one about to cause it. I could see the excitement in her eyes.

Mom grunted approvingly at Miss Hunters beautiful rack and motioned with her eyes to focus back onto my cock. Miss Hunter grabbed the tissues again and prepared herself. She was intently focused on the fluid coming from my swollen head and mom could tell. She slid her thumb across the tip of my cock, scooping up a generous dose of the clear liquid and slowly moved her hand toward Miss Hunter's face. Her eyes widened and she licked her lips, looking up at mom in an inquisitive fashion unsure of what the intention was. Mom could sense my teachers hesitation to physically interact in this encounter, so she began ordering her around again.

"Close your eyes" mom demanded.

Miss Hunter thought for a moment and did as told. Unconsciously lowering the tissues to her side. Mom brought her dripping thumb up to Miss Hunters lips and ever-so-slightly glided a bit of my precum across her bottom lip. My teacher instinctively stuck her tongue out slowly and licked the sweet liquid from her lip. It was so sexy, I almost came right on her at that moment.

After Miss Hunter had cleaned her lip completely, with her eyes still closed, undoubtedly to lessen her feeling of guilt at participating in this lewd act, she stuck her tongue out a bit further. She was searching for mom's precum-drenched finger and mom took the queue. She softly pushed her pelvis into me, forcing my cock forward, and using her arm around my waist to steady me, she gently guided my dripping cock barely an inch from Miss Hunters searching tongue.

Miss Hunter did the rest. In an attempt to lick more of the sweet liquid from mom's hand, she moved her head slightly forward and stuck her tongue out a tiny bit more, just barely coming into contact with the pulsating head of my cock. Not knowing the difference, she very gently glided her tongue just along the edge of my hole and tasted the sweet fluid that flowed from within.

"Suck my thumb" Mom shot out at Miss Hunter confidently.

Again, Miss Hunter hesitated slightly, but she carefully puckered her lips into a kissing shape and started suckling lightly at the tip of my cock. The wet suckling sounds were filling the room and mom softly started kissing my neck. I was in heaven and it wasn't going to last much longer. Finally, after alternating between soft kitten-like licks and gentle suckling around the tip of my cock, Miss hunter relaxed her jaw and began allowing what she thought was moms thumb, slowly enter her wet mouth. I could feel her tongue sliding seductively around the sensitive underside of my head as it slid in.

That was it. I couldn't hold back anymore watching my beautiful and big tittied teacher slowly envelope my wet cock with her mouth. Just as her lips slipped past the ridge of my engorged dick, she realized it was not moms thumb anymore. Unfortunately for her it was too late. She opened her eyes and let out a startled grunt but continued to suckle my twitching head, running her tongue up and down the leaking slit. She looked up at mom and me a bit surprised and mom took hold of my quivering member, pulling it from Miss Hunter's mouth. She knew what was about to happen and she wanted to teach Miss Hunter a lesson.

"Let it out baby" mom whispered into my ear, quiet enough that Miss Hunter couldn't hear. My knees went weak and I looked into Miss Hunter's eyes with an apologetic look.

My cock started rapidly tensing up and spitting short squirts of clear liquid as mom held my cock base tightly, aiming it right at Miss Hunter's face. Most of it splattered on Miss Hunter's tits and legs. Then my orgasm took me. I grunted hard, my body tensed up and my cock violently began projecting stream after stream of thick white cum straight into Miss Hunter's face and gaping mouth, deflecting off of her cheek, splattering onto her desk, squirting right past her face or into her hair, throwing her bangs back and sending cum flying onto the floor behind her. She moaned loudly and began lapping quickly at the river of cum flowing down her face and across her mouth. I was expecting her to be startled and move out of the way, but instead she moved her face closer and began using her tongue to coax more and more cum from my jerking cock. Several shorter spurts began squirting straight into the back of her waiting mouth as I felt her warm tongue sliding across the underside of my cock.

As my orgasm began to subside, I looked down and Miss Hunter was massaging large puddles of cum into her tits, sliding her hands across her nipples and moaning gently. Mom was squeezing what was left out of my cock and flinging it indignantly at Miss Hunters face and body.

"Holy fuck that was a lot of cum" Miss Hunter moaned at me. I just watched in awe as she continued scooping puddles of cum from her body and bringing them to her mouth. Her heaving tits were shiny with my ejection and she was expressing an animalistic lust for being covered in the liquid, grunting and moaning as she feverishly drank every drop she could and spread the rest over her body. Mom continued caressing my chest and rubbing cum into the flesh around the base of my cock and into my balls while we watched my teacher lap at herself like a kitten.

It took us half the box of tissue to clean the mess up, and there was still some probably left in unknown locations. I rode back home in the car with mom after what we'd done, casually playing with my dick while we talked about other things we could do with Miss Hunter. Turns out my mom is pretty freaky. She wants to have Miss Hunter over for dinner sometime soon. I wonder what my younger sister will think of her.

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