Old Times

Alex woke up, rolled over, and reached for the warm body next to him. His still-asleep mind was jolted to reality with an abrupt shock as he realized that someone else was already holding Elaine. As the last vestiges of sleep ebbed away, clarity of thought and memory filled its place. He remembered the night before and the passion it contained…

It had all started off casually enough: the night had begun when his old friend, Josh, came over. The three of them sat around nursing margaritas and reminiscing on the past. Conversation was, at least initially, quite bland and consisted of normal topics like work, the weather, and old times. As more and more alcohol got involved, however, he had noticed that Josh stared at Elaine with an intensity that, from anyone else, would’ve upset him. Josh and him had been friends since grade school, however, and had shared many times together. When Josh was the first one to receive a kiss, Alex was able to vicariously, and enviously, live through the retelling. When Alex had been the first to make it to third base, Josh had likewise sat there with a tent in his pants listening.
That was the first time things had happened between the two boys: that night, after returning home from his date with Sarah, Alex confessed the sinful pleasure of his dick being sucked to completion. Josh, of course, couldn’t help but grow hard in his pants, and Alex noticed. Alex had somewhat of a crush on Josh, though he was afraid to admit it, and saw the opportunity of a lifetime in the deep lustful gaze across from him. So he offered Josh the chance to experience his first blowjob, and Josh, of course, accepted. From that moment through until Alex married Elaine, they regularly took care of the needs of the other, when the opportunity presented itself.

The night before had gotten interesting when, after seeing the obvious lust for Elaine, Alex looked Josh directly in the eyes and gently pretended to brush something off his jeans directly over his crotch. In years past, that had been the signal that one of them wanted to have sex, and Josh watched the movement with little short of rapture in his eyes. Alex, being the one married to her, started kissing her first. He wrapped his arms around Elaine, pulled her as close as he could with both of them on the couch, and pressed his lips firmly to hers. After a short and surprised “oof”, Elaine started kissing him back intently. His hands slowly crept their way up towards her neck and down towards her ass. Then, he felt Josh move onto the other side of Elaine; hands that were not his caressed her back and slipped the thin straps off of her shoulders. Under Alex’s hands, he felt Elaine rapidly tense up, and he pulled her closer to him as he shifted closer to Josh. This movement sandwiched Elaine between their firmly muscled bodies, while also showing her that he wanted this. He felt her body relax, and heard a soft moan emerge from her lips. Sensing her consent and mutual desire, Alex kissed her even more intently, slipping his tongue inside her mouth. Josh reached down and pulled her dress up above her hips, and slipped his hand inside her panties. With an agonizingly slow downward pull, he got them off of her as well. Lifting her up, he placed her back down on her knees with her legs spread, and laid down with his face between them. Elaine gasped at the first touch of his tongue on her pussy, and that gasp turned into a moan as he rapidly flicked his tongue over her clit. Just before the orgasm crashed into her, she sensed Alex unzipping his pants and pulling his thick eight inch cock out. Just as she was tipping over the edge into a world of passion, she felt his shaft thrust into her. At the same time, Josh slid a finger into her ass and licked her lips. The combined sensations brought her to an orgasm so intense that she felt herself slipping into unconsciousness.

The blackness faded out, and in its place, she saw Alex and Josh 69ing and sucking each other’s cock. Just the mere sight of the two men with their lips wrapped around each other’s members made her pussy throb and clench in her second massive orgasm of the night. As waves of pleasure rolled through her to her core, she let out a loud moan. Alex looked directly into Elaine’s eyes before he took all of Josh’s seven inches into his mouth. Even as his lips fully circled the base of Josh’s shaft, Alex maintained eye contact with Elaine. Elaine laid back and languorously fingered her pussy while she watched the two men swallow each other’s cocks. After a few minutes of this, Elaine rose and walked to Josh’s head. She looked up and watched as Josh dropped his hips down on top of Alex’s face, shoving his cock deep into Alex’s throat. She felt the wetness between her legs grow and slicken her thighs too. As she watched Josh move up and down on Alex’s cock, she realized that Josh was the only one who was getting fully deep-throated, and she felt that was unfair. She took hold of Josh’s head and, without any warning, forced him down. Even when she felt Josh start to resist, she continued pushing until his lips were flush against Alex’s balls. She held Josh down until Alex started to moan and she could sense him closing the brink to orgasm, at which point she pulled him off.

After Alex felt the warm wetness of Josh’s throat leaving his cock, he pushed Josh completely off of him. Reaching for Elaine, he pulled her in his place and began to eat her out. Josh surprised him by stepping up behind Elaine and lining his cock up with her pussy. Josh also put one hand on Alex’s forehead and one hand in Elaine’s hair. Josh plunged himself deep inside Elaine, causing her to gasp as much as she could around Alex’s cock, which was lodged firmly in her throat as Josh had also pushed her head down as he fucked her pussy. After just two long and slow strokes into her, Josh pulled out and immediately thrust into Alex’s mouth. Without giving him any time to adjust, Josh roughly thrusts in and out of Alex’s throat until he is red in the face and choking.

Elaine decided to take control, and rolled so that she was on bottom. Looking at Alex, she said “Fuck his ass baby” before pulling Josh’s cock into her mouth. Josh bent lengthwise over her, exposing his ass to Alex for fucking and also burying his face in Elaine’s pussy. Alex stepped up behind Josh and lined his cock up, waiting for Josh to relax before thrusting inside. With their positioning, every thrust he made into Josh also made Josh thrust into Elaine’s eagerly waiting mouth. The sounds of Elaine choking on his friend’s cock combined with the tight feeling of Josh’s ass, quickly brought Alex to orgasm. He pulled out right as he started cumming, and came all over Elaine’s face. Some cum got on Josh’s ass before it dripped down onto her face, and the sensation sent Josh over the edge. Cum burst up his shaft and into Elaine’s willing and waiting mouth.

The three of them were so tired from their activities, now that Alex thought about it, that they simply fell asleep where they were. As he shifted and sat up, he was able to see his cum still splattered across Elaine’s face.

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