Faust and Luca IV

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The bell on the bus pinged and Marsha stood up to get off. She moved to the front eyeing the driver as the bell continued to sound and as the bus pulled to a stop, the doors hissed and opened and she stepped off. She opened her eyes and the phone rang insistently on the bedside table. She reached over slowly and answered with a drowsy “Hello?”

“Marsha! Where are you?”

Marsha closed her eyes and thought for a moment. Where was she? She opened her eyes and responded. “Hi honey, I’m at the Newtons’.”

“It’s midday!” he sounded exasperated. “What have you been doing?”

“Um, I fell asleep. I’m sorry. What’s happening?” She sat up on the bed and swung her legs round to push her feet against the plush cream carpet.

“I’m going out. I told you yesterday. I’m meeting Chris for lunch to discuss the new project.” Alex had just purchased a new flat and was in the process of gutting and refurbishing the place. Chris was his ‘architect’ friend. Chris hadn’t actually qualified as an architect, and probably wouldn’t, having dropped out after four of the obligatory seven years at university (much to his parents chagrin) to take his chances in the world of ‘wheeling and dealing’. No one was quite sure what Chris did, but he didn’t seem to work much. And he certainly wasn’t an architect. But he did apparently ‘wheel’ and ‘deal’.

“Oh, yes, I remember. Look, hang on for me. I’ll be home in two minutes.” Alex assented and they hung up. Marsha stood up and walked into the en-suite bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror and primped her hair. She was only going three doors down so she wasn’t overly concerned about how she looked. She quickly smoothed her dress down and headed to the door. As she descended the stairs Faust and Luca came bounding along the hall and stopped at the bottom watching her come towards them. She hurried down and stroked both of their heads friskily calling them “Good boys” and telling them she would be back very soon to feed them. They followed her to the back doors, which she opened and ushered the dogs out.

They paused briefly at the threshold then bounded out into the run, playfully snapping at each other’s quarters. Marsha watched them for a moment, remembering what she had done in the bedroom a couple of hours previously. She blushed slightly, smiled and then headed back the way she came and out of the front door.

She met Alex at the front door. As soon as she turned the key in the lock, he was there, bounding out, pulling his tweed jacket on. “Hi, bye!” he said. She went to grab his arm and kiss his cheek but he hurried out of her grasp and walked down the path, turning to her and walking backwards as he spoke. “I’ll be back late. We’re uh, going to the flat after to measure up and check some things out.”

Marsha sighed. “How late?”

“I dunno. Late!” he shrugged uncaringly and turned on his heel, beeped the alarm on the car and jumped in. He didn’t give another glance or wave as he ignited the engine and squealed the tyres as he pulled away sharply, phone already at his ear.

“Well, that’s just fucking amazing!” Marsha said to herself. “Thank you so much my loving fucking husband! What did I do to deserve you?” She growled lightly, angrily and walked into the house. She made her decision immediately. She wouldn’t be here when Alex got back. She considered not leaving a note, but he would only call her, asking her to explain where she was, what she was doing, who she was with, why she wasn’t home etc etc. A brief note, blunt and uninformative was left on the breakfast bar leaving Alex in no doubt about how she felt, even if she didn’t explicitly say so.

Hurrying up the stairs, Marsha was suddenly glad that Sally and Clive had gone away. Their house was now hers, her own little hideaway to do as she wished. Eat ice cream, walk around naked, play loud music, very loud music. Alex could go fuck himself, and, with a giggle, Marsha relished the freedom that was afforded her to do the same to herself.

The walk in closet light flickered on and Marsha pulled the leather overnight bag from the floor and threw it on the bed. In went knickers, a nightie, socks, a pair of jogging bottoms, a couple of vest tops, a warm thick woolly jumper, a pair of jeans. ‘Overnight’ meant a weekend’s worth of packing. She checked through her make-up bag, unlikely to be used but essential nonetheless. The shower essentials went in last. Ready to go. She turned the lights off, slung the bag over her shoulder, feeling the weight on the thick leather strap and headed to the Newtons’, her new home for the night.

‘Chris says you have a great pair of tits!’ A text topped off with a smiley face, Alex and his dropout friend were obviously having a good time. Marsha pictured Chris sucking Alex’s cock, while Alex sent the text to her. The thought, meant angrily, caused her pussy to contract. She licked her lips as she put her phone away and walked into to the front door of the Newtons’.

The aroma of the house, now familiar, pulled her in and relaxed her. She put the brown bag down in the hall and breathed in. The house felt empty. She remembered Faust and Luca, the current occupants, owners of the home and her role as loco parentis and hurried to the back door. Faust was sniffing in the flower bed and Luca was laid on his front, chewing a blue rubber bone lazily.

They saw her before she opened the door and bounded towards the door. The door was slid open and they both pushed in as Marsha squatted down to greet them. She already felt close to the dogs and they obviously liked her. She petted them both as they nuzzled her, their noses pushing against her arms, her breasts, her chin. She remembered how Sally had said goodbye to her boys and she copied her movements from that morning. Their ears flicked as she tickled them, she stroked down their sides and under their tummies, playing with the soft fur there. Luca licked her face and she instinctively pulled away, giggling as she fell back. The dogs pushed home their advantage and moved forward over her.

“Boys!” she squealed. “Noooo!” Luca licked at her as Marsha pulled her head back, leaning back on one hand, the other grabbing his collar as he pressed forward, holding him back. Faust, unimpeded, moved forward. Marsha felt overwhelmed and turned onto her hands and knees, letting go of Faust’s leather collar, to turn into a position where she could push herself forward. As she pushed up, she felt a pair of paws on her back. The thrust pushed her forward and she rose as she stumbled to her feet. She turned, a look of mock anger on her flushed face. “Boys! You are so bad! You are NOT allowed to fuck me until I have got out of these scruffs and made myself more presentable.”

As soon as the words left her mouth Marsha put her hand over her mouth, embarrassed at what she had said. She blushed furiously, and raised her eyebrows at the dogs. They obviously had no clue what she was talking about but they eyed her intently. “I did NOT mean that!” she told them, as if the explanation of her intent would matter. The dogs continued to stare, unblinking. She felt they were quizzical. “What?” she asked. “No!” The answer to nothing. She took her hand from her mouth and raised one finger like a cricket umpire dismissing an offending batsmen. “No!” she repeated. “No!”
She took a deep breath and exhaled through circled lips. “Right! Who’s hungry? No, Faust! Not for my pussy!” Again the hand to the mouth.What the fuck! What did I just say? Again, a sharp intake of breath and the practised exhalation. “Dinner time!”

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