Meals on Wheels 1- Ruth

After inheriting a good amount of money at the age of 23, I decided to sit down and figure out how to budget the money so that I could go ahead and retire. After trying to squeeze out every penny, I decided that I would need to hold onto a part time job for at least a few more years. I didn’t really need a job to earn money, I just needed to occupy my time so I wouldn’t spend it all out of pure boredom.
After figuring that out, I decided Icould actually just volunteer at a few places to kill 40 hours a week. Out of the four places I am now volunteering, I think I enjoy the Meals on Wheels most. I have had a nagging interest in older women for a long time. Obviously, the majority of the people I am bringing meals to are senior citizens. There are a few disabled people, and some odd cases that I don’t even understand, but right now I am stopping by the homes of twenty different women who are over 60.
For some reason, I had an attraction to one particular woman, Ruth. Even though I had an affinity for mature women, I still didn’t think that I would find her sexually appealing. At 79, and a widow for 21 years, Ruth seemed to be set on being alone for the rest of her life. She no longer wore cosmetics, dressed up, or left her house more than once a week. She was only about 5 foot tall, and I figured she was about 170 pounds, although it was hard to tell her weight or proportions since she was always wearing an overcoat or robe. Her snow white hair hung halfway down her back, but was rarely brushed.
She had a terrific personality though, and I got along with her well for being three generations apart. Lately she seemed to be flirting with me, and slowly she was getting bolder and bolder. I found myself leaving her house with wood, and it was awkward going to the next stop just down the road. For that reason, I rearranged my route so that Ruth would be my last stop. That also allowed me to spend a little more time with her at the end of my “work” day.
I wondered how far I would take this if the opportunity presented itself. And it just so happens that I was presented with that opportunity the day after I pondered this scenario. I arrived at Ruth’s house for my last stop and made my way up to the door. When she opened the door, I found that Ruth had made quite a few changes. The first thing I noticed was that her long hair had been shortened to shoulder length, and was no longer white. It was an exotic deep red color with blond highlights. This framed her soft face with full makeup that was conservative, but very effective.
As I continued down her body, I found a knee length red silk robe replacing the normal full length robe that seemed to be made of old bath towels. She had obviously gotten a manicure and pedicure as well. As my eyes slowly came back up to make eye contact once again, I felt embarrassed that Ruth had seen me obviously checking her out. I tried to gather my words as I tried to swallow the lump in my throat and conceal the lump in my pants. I could see a very voluptuous figure under that thin robe, and decided that I would definitely be riding those soft curves if I get just the smallest opportunity.
“Oh,… uh, did I catch you at a bad time? It seems like you have big plans for tonight.”
“Absolutely. I was planning on doing a little entertaining tonight.”
“I will let you get back to preparing then.” I said
“Oh, there is no need for you to run off, I am already prepared.” She said as she closed the door behind me. She took the food from me and went to put the food straight into the fridge.
Is this going where I think it is going, where I hoped, dreamed, and wished it was going?
“Why don’t you take you coat off and stay a while?” Ruth asked as she walked back into the living room with a devilish grin on her face.
I took off my jacket and turned to lay it on the arm of a chair. When I turned back, Ruth was untying her robe. I had a bit of a stunned look on my face, and Ruth’s expression turned to that of embarrassment. As soon as I saw this, I knew she was serious about this, and had a plan for tonight. I smiled at her, and I could tell that it gave her a great measure of relief. Her grin returned, and she proceeded to open her robe. At this point, I can see the black lace lingerie covering her creamy white skin. It was obviously shaping her stomach and lifting her breasts, and it made a gorgeous sight.
I slowly walked up to her and slipped my hands into the robe and caressed her hips. She immediately started opening my pants and let them drop to the floor. She opened my shirt as I stepped out of my shoes and pants. Ruth gently pulled open my shirt and slid it down my arms. I returned the favor by sliding off her robe. I was not sure if she was looking for a romantic experience, or of she would settle for a rough fuck. So I decided to test the waters. I figured that I could lead the direction if I treated Ruth first, so I turned her back to the couch and sat her down. I knelt down in front of Ruth and spread her legs.
She looked very surprised. I reached in and unhooked the clasp in the crotch of her garment, and tucked it underneath itself. I combed my fingers through her curly white pubic hair. I probed my thumb in and found her already engorged clitoris. As I went to work on that I looked up to see her eyes rolling into the back of her head.
I parted her lips and started working my tongue. After a few minutes of licking, Ruth started to grind her pelvis onto my face, pressing her clit against my nose. Ruth’s juices started to leak out to lubricate her grinding. I had wondered before if a 79 year old woman would be able to get wet on her own. I narrowed my tongue and pressed it to her hole. She tasted quite fresh and sweet, and as I pressed in, her vagina opened to allow my entrance. I started to rub her button with my thumb as I probed inside with my tongue. After a few more minutes, Ruth was moaning and suddenly arched off the couch with a violent scream and actually squirted onto my face.
When Ruth finally came down, I helped her slide down to the floor. I slid the shoulder straps of her lingerie down over her shoulders, and she pulled her arms out of them. I pulled down on the cups of her garment and let her soft breasts flop freely onto her chest. Ruth laid her head down on the floor as I brought my lips to her nipple. It immediately stiffened in my mouth as I began to suck on it. I lightly nibbled and I started to drag my teeth across it. Ruth squeezed my arm and stroked her leg against mine as I moved over to the other breast. I paid some attention to it before I decided to get on to the main event.
I reached down and guided my penis to her entrance. I held it there with a little pressure as I brought my hand back up. I slid both hand under Ruth’s back and wrapped my fingers back up on top of her shoulders to get a good grip. I started to kiss her on the neck, and I breathed in the sweet scent she was wearing. I slowly pressed into her, and Ruth arched her back in response. I continued to move in until I was planted all of the way inside of this 79 year old, soft, snow white, goddess. I held myself there as I pondered what this really meant. I was having sex with a woman over 50 years older than me. I was only the second man to go into this woman, and the first one in over 20 years. The tight feeling holding around my shaft told me that she may as well have been a virgin.
I continued to kiss and suck on her neck as I began slowly thrusting. I was amazed at how wet Ruth was. I could feel her juices dripping from my balls when I changed direction. I lifted my head to find Ruth with her eyes pressed tightly closed and a big smile on her face. I kept a slow pace going as Ruth began to moan. I buried my face back in her neck and made slow love to her, and she reciprocated by grinding her pelvis onto me as I made my way inside.
I pulled my rock hard penis out and started to back away. As I got up to my knees. Ruth reached out and grabbed onto my shaft as if her life depended on it. She pulled herself up using my penis, and then motioned for me to sit on the couch. Once I sat down, Ruth moved to her knees and began stroking my manhood. She pulled the skin tightly down the shaft of my penis and leaned over me. She brought her mouth down and gently scraped her teeth over the head. After sending shutters through my body, she swirled her tongue around slowly. Ruth then proceeded to abruptly impale her face with my meat, deep throating the entire length. I was amazed at how quickly she changed gears from grateful senior citizen, to sex starved vixen.
She started thrusting my penis into her mouth with amazing vigor. I was getting some incredible sensations from my penis hitting the back of her throat. I laid my head back and closed my eyes. I was engulfed in the terrific euphoria that Ruth was providing. She would fondle my scrotum and run her fingernails down my thighs while she continued to work her mouth up and down. I put a hand on the back of her head and encouraged her fantastic work. Ruth continued to pleasure me for half an hour, until she sensed I was on the verge of exploding. She released me from her mouth and proceeded to squeeze my balls with her hand, putting a quick end to the danger of finishing.
Ruth stood up and knelt on the couch straddling me. I slid down into position, and grabbed my penis to position it underneath her. She put her hands on my shoulders and began to lower her hips onto me. Ruth’s tight little pussy stretched the skin down the head of my penis once again. I was still amazed at the squeeze Ruth was able to put on my cock. I rubbed her clit as she continued to draw her hips up to completely remove my dick, and then slam herself down, burying me all the way inside of her. In this position , I was able to bottom out at the end of her canal when I thrust my hips up to meet her pelvis slamming down.
I gave up rubbing on her button as she picked up the pace. She leaned forward, enveloping my face with her cleavage. Ruth was popping her buttocks and twisting her pelvis, moving my penis in and out at a blistering speed. I rubbed my hands up and down her back, feeling drops of sweat forming on her skin. Ruth was letting out short groans, that grew into screams, matching her pace. Every few minutes, she would change the speed to delay my climax. Finally when I knew I was getting close, I told her I was ready. She immediately lifted herself off of my shaft, and collapsed on top of me. Then she spoke for the first time since we had started.
“I did not plan for this,…. But if you are up for it,…I would like for you to finish yourself off in my rear.”
“That is more than fine with me.”
“I am going to need just a minute to go……clear the way.” She said as she got up off of me and started to walk out of the room, unzipping herself, and letting the lacy garment drop to the floor. She stopped at the door and turned back, “Unless you wanted to……” she trailed off.
With that, I jumped up and accompanied her to the bathroom. I held her hand as we walked in and she sat down on the toilet. I got down on my knees and started to kiss Ruth, reaching a hand down to her pussy. I started to rub her lips and tickled her button with my thumb. I may have been making her a bit nervous, but she was soon finished. She stood up and stepped into the bath tub. Ruth turned on the water and switched it to the handheld shower head.
She squatted down and cleaned herself up. She then focused the water on her mound and proceeded to rub herself to a furious climax. Once her convulsions subsided, she motioned for me to come and lay down in the tub. Ruth put aside the showerhead, and stood up. I laid down in the cramped tub, and she squatted down over my chest, reaching down to spread her lips.
Ruth reached back and started to stroke my semi-hard penis. As I was starting to stiffen up again, I began feeling her urine dripping on my chest. I watched Ruth reposition her fingers to spread her lips further apart, as a solid stream flowed out of her bush and splashed onto my chest. I had definitely never done this before, but I was extremely excited watching her golden stream flow onto my chest and run down the sides. I brought my hands up to her hips and rubbed up and down her thighs and back to her buttocks.
Once her flow had stopped, she released my penis from her grasp and picked up the showerhead. She rinsed down my body and splashed the water up onto her bush. Ruth then shut off the water and moved to position her ass over my penis. I stopped her and had her stand up. I got up and we stepped out of the tub. Then I turned her away from me and bent her over, brining her down to the floor. Ruth got down on her knees with her soft white butt in the air and pressed her forehead onto the rug.
I started stroking myself back to full strength while I teased her asshole with my thumb. I reached over to the sink and grabbed a bottle of lotion. I put a little squirt on her anus and a few squirts on my shaft and tossed the bottle off to the side. I worked the lotion into her hole and spread it out on the length of my dick.
“I’ve never done this before.” Ruth said quietly.
I laid the head if my dick on her rosebud, and used my thumb to press it down. It allowed the mushroom to slip easily past her ring without friction, getting that initial stretch painlessly out of the way. Ruth let out a soft moan as I got past the entrance. I stood up on my feet and positioned myself to aim straight down. I pressed in slightly and stopped. She clenched down and slowly let go. I pressed in a little further and Ruth clamped down again. I pulled back and slowly pressed in once again. Finally she was relaxed enough to allow me all the way in.
Ruth started to milk my meat, closing her asshole as I pulled out and opening as I pressed in. I began to pick up the pace, and eventually pulling all of the way out and then slamming my cock back into her gaping shit hole. Ruth would gasp as my dick was slamming all the way through her sphincter. I rammed into her big whit butt at warp speed, finally feeling my climax approaching. I asked her if she was ready, and she just screamed as she clenched every muscle in her body. Ruth stopped moving and just squeezed her asshole as tight as she could.
I finally erupted, gushing gallons of semen into her ass. Once my flow had slowed, I pulled my dick out of her asshole. Without her asshole squeezing on my shaft, I shot a string of cum all the way up into her hair. I stroked myself to milk the last of my juices out, shooting it onto her back.
Ruth sat back onto her heels, and I watched as she puckered her rosebud. She loosened, and squeezed out a gob of semen. She then tightened back up and continued to shit out little wads of my cum. When she had finished, I scooped up my sperm and spread it all over her ass. Once Ruth regained her energy, we stood up and walked back out to the living room. I picked up my shorts and stared to get dressed.. Ruth tossed her robe on, leaving it open. I gave her a long kiss as I made my way out the door.
Most days I just make a normal delivery and chat a bit with Ruth, but on occasion, she likes to experiment.

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