The Nursing Mother

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The Nursing Mother

My mother asked me to look in on a young friend of hers that was going through some bad times. Cynthia, the young mother needed some adult companionship, a break from reality, and some help around the house. Specifically she had a dripping faucet in the bathroom, a squeaky rocking chair, and a door with a bad hinge.

When I arrived she knew who I was and had been expecting me. My mother had taken her two oldest children to give Cynthia a break.

I could not believe that Cynthia was younger than I was. She was seventeen years old and had given birth to three children each a year apart. She was holding the two-month-old girl and Mom had the fourteen-month-old boy and the twenty-six-month-old girl.

I was eighteen years old, lost my virginity when I was seventeen, and had only been with two girls in that whole time. I used condoms and they had both been on birth control, you can never be too careful. Or in Cynthia’s case not careful at all. Her children had three different fathers and she wasn’t married to any of them.

The rocking chair had a loose leg that needed glue and a small nail to fix it. The door just needed a few toothpicks with Elmer’s Glue shoved into the holes and the screws put back in place. The faucet was a different matter. I had to figure out how to turn the water off and then the whole thing was so corroded that I had trouble getting it apart. I decided that the best way to fix it was to replace it. She was all upset and said that she didn’t have any money to replace it. When I told her that I had the money she was still not pleased. It didn’t mater to me because I went down to the local hardware store and got the cheapest one on the shelf. It was less than twenty bucks and it was going to be a lot easier for me to install.

Cynthia was only wearing panties when I got back, the kid had spit up on her and she wanted to nurse. It was no big thing to her but it sure was to me. She followed me into the bathroom while I changed the faucet. Surprisingly she dropped her panties and sat down on the toilet to nurse her daughter. I listened to her pee tinkling in the bowl as I struggled to get the old faucet off. She pulled her panties up with one hand without wiping. I looked over and the toilet paper holder was empty. I also saw a nice thick bush of brown hair on her pussy. Then it was covered with her heavy white panties. There were a few dark yellow stains in her crotch. I got the old faucet off and the new one on without a leak.

Cynthia was very thankful. To show her appreciation she offered to let me fuck her. Normally I would have said no but then I remembered what my mother had said about Cynthia needing adult companionship, someone to talk too, and that she needed to get her mind off things in general. Sex always did that for me.

She took me into her bedroom, put the kid in a crib, and removed her panties. She apologized for the unruly hair, the lack of feminine hygiene, and smelling of sour milk.

I hadn’t noticed any of that. She was so pretty. Her breasts were swollen with mother’s milk to the point where she was going to burst. Her thick bush parted giving me a clear view of her pink hole glistening with her pent up desire or the leftover piss. I chose to think of it as her desire to get fucked.

When I pulled out a condom she insisted that I didn’t need to use one with her. I told her that I always do. She said that it was like fucking without the feeling. I had to agree with her. Then she told me that she couldn’t get pregnant while nursing. That brought me back to reality, she had nursed the last two kids, and she had gotten pregnant quite quickly. I slipped the condom down over my erection and then I slipped it into her. After about three minutes she asked me what was taking me so long, then she assumed that it was the raincoat that I had put over my cock. That poor girl had never had good sex. I was determined to show her what sex was supposed to be like for the woman. Up until then guys had just used her as a place to cum and she let them.

I kissed her and I played with her nipples causing them to get moist. Cynthia reached up and squeezed both of them squirting milk on my chest. I laughed and she did it a few more times. When I reached down to play with her clit she said, “I can do that myself.” I told her that I enjoyed doing it and that my girlfriends said that I did a much better job than they had ever done. Cynthia let me do it and after I gave her, her first multiple orgasm she was hooked. She had never in her life experienced an orgasm from a guy, let alone a series of them. After some twenty minutes of fucking her I started to cum. My excitement and my enthusiasm were also new to her and caused some excitement in her too. Then we climaxed together. Again Cynthia had never had an orgasm from a guy’s cock. She could not believe that sex could be so good. I told her that there was a difference between making love and having sex. She agreed.

That night Mom came into my bedroom to say goodnight and to thank me for helping Cynthia out. Then Mom said that Cynthia had told her all about the great sex that we had had together and asked Mom if I could come over and visit her some more. Mom kissed me and said that she was proud of me for wearing a condom and giving the girl some pleasure too. She said that all too often the guy was only interested in his own pleasure. Then she told me that Dad was not that kind of a man, even after twenty years of marriage. I fell asleep that night concerned about my mother.

Mom started taking me over to visit Cynthia. She would sit in the living room and take care of the kids while Cynthia and I went into the bedroom to make love. Cynthia told me that she was supposed to cry out whenever she had an orgasm so that my mother could hear it. She also told me that Mom would be masturbating in the living room thinking about what we were doing in bed. I was really concerned about my mother then.

Sex between Cynthia and I just got better and better. She learned what pleased her and so did I. She liked to be on top in the beginning and then on her back at the end with me pounding into hard.

One night on the way home Mom asked, “Can I watch you and Cynthia sometime having sex? It’s okay with her. She doesn’t mind.”

I looked at Mom. I really looked at Mom. She was thirty-nine years old and going to be forty in a week. She was a fine looking lady with nice breasts, small waist, and flaring hips…what you would call an hourglass figure. As I sat in the front seat of the car looking at her, I saw her nipples harden under her bra, I saw her breathing become more labored, and I saw her blouse starting to pucker between the buttons. I was on the wrong side of her to look in between the buttons. Why did women’s blouses have to button on the wrong side? Damn it!

Mom asked, “What are you looking at?”

I replied, “A very beautiful woman.”

Mom quickly turned her head to look out her side window.

I just laughed and said, “You Mom. You, are that beautiful woman. I just never realized it before but you are just as pretty as any girl in the Miss America Pageant or in the Playboy magazines that I have seen.”

Mom said, “But I’m almost forty.”

I replied, “I know that and I still think that you are beautiful. My friends call you a MILF, you know, from American Pie. It means a Mom I’d Like to Fuck.”

Mom asked, “Your friends want to fuck me?”

I replied, “Yeah and not just my friends.”

Mom asked, “Who else?”

I replied, “Most of the men that lay eyes on you, some of the women too, and me.”

Mom looked over at me and started to say something, but didn’t. She just drove us home.

After dinner Mom’s routine changed. She told Dad and I to clean up after dinner, wash the dishes, dry them, and put them away. She took a long bubble bath. We could hear the soft music coming from the bathroom, our only bathroom. Dad and I each made a trip outside to water a tree.

When Mom came down to watch television with us she had on a transparent yellow robe that came to the floor. Underneath that she had on a transparent baby doll nightie with matching panties. Everything was so transparent that Dad and I could see her dark areolas and the fact that she had shaved all of her pussy hair off. On rare occasions I had gotten glimpses of her dark fur. However, at that moment her pussy was bare and almost clearly visible.

Dad asked, “So what’s the occasion and why are you dressed like that?”

Mom smiled at him and said, “The occasion is that my son thinks I’m beautiful. He told me so today. I’m dressed like this because he told me that he wanted to fuck me too.”

Dad spit out some of his beer and damn near choked to death. When he recover all he did was scold her, call her a few dirty names, and insist that she change and act her age.

Mom made it perfectly clear to him that she was going to do exactly that from then on. Then Mom said that Dad was the only man that she had ever been with, that he had gotten her cherry, and the box that it had come in. Mom then told him that one of her girlfriends had been telling her how wonderful sex could be with the right partner. Of course Dad wanted to know where she was going to find the right partner. To which, Mom replied not in her bed but maybe in mine. Dad spit out more beer and choked again.

Then he blew his stack and told her to sleep with me then because she wasn’t sleeping with him any longer. Dad grabbed a couple more beers, stormed off to his bedroom, and slammed the door so hard that the whole house shook.

Mom smiled at me and asked, “Do you want an early bedtime or should we just cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie?”

I was totally confused.

Mom picked out an older movie that I liked and started it. She pulled me onto the couch and into her arms as she lay down. Halfway through the movie Mom got up to go into the kitchen. She returned with two sodas and lay down in front of me that time. She pulled my one hand around and placed it on a breast. I let it lay there for a while but being a horny boy and having a nice good size breast in my hand took its toll. I started squeezing it gently. I started playing with the nipple. Then Mom started to coo. From there she moved my hand down to her crotch. Once again it took me a while to enjoy the fact that I had my hand on a hot pussy. I rubbed it, I reached inside and rubbed the bare skin, then I rubbed my finger through her wet slit. When I hit her clit Mom cried out unable or unwilling to control herself. It was certainly loud enough for Dad to hear if he was still awake.

Mom turned the movie off, turned the television off, turned the lights off, and then took me to my bedroom. I knew what she wanted and I knew that I wanted it too. However, I knew that Dad was in the room right next to mine. That fact didn’t seem to bother Mom any but it did bother me. Not to be cheated out of sex Mom dragged me back down to the couch and asked me if that was better or if I wanted to do it on the front lawn…either way she was going to have sex with me. Clearly I didn’t have a choice.

My first girlfriend loved to make love on her parent’s couch with them up in their bedroom so I knew exactly what to do. I reached up under Mom’s thin robe and pulled her panties down letting her step out of them. I undressed completely and then I sat Mom on the edge of the couch and pushed her back opening her legs. I then parted her robe and started feasting on her pussy. She was in desperate need of sex, good sex, and incest sex with her own son. Mom started her juices flowing as I first kissed and licked the hole that had given birth to me. She was a MILF. Nine months to come out and eighteen years to get back in. Mom was totally speechless. She let out silent screams as I ate her pussy and drank every drop. I had counted three orgasms and possibly one of those was multiple but it was hard for me to tell the way that she quivered.

Out of a need that she had never known before Mom whispered, “Fuck me. Fuck me now. Fuck me hard. Fuck me deep. I’m you MILF, fuck your MILF now.”

I raised up bringing her legs up with me. I hooked my arms under her knees and grabbed onto her shoulders as my cock entered her. Mom closed her eyes and tilted her head then she started quivering again. With every stroke that I took into her she quivered. At the furthest point in, I hit the bottom of her love tunnel, and my cock kissed her cervix. At the outer end of the stroke I could see Mom’s pussy lips clutching at the head of my cock in an attempt to keep me from pulling out. Pulling out was the furthest thing from my mind.

She was my MILF and I was finally fucking my MILF. I had dreamed of doing that for a few years.

Mom’s pussy had been made for me, to come out of and to go back into, we were made for and from each other.

I hadn’t kept track of time but I did know that a lot of time had passed by.

I fired so much cum into my mother’s womb that I lost consciousness. She has so many orgasms that she too had lost consciousness. We awoke just as the sun was beaming in the living room window and giving everything an orange glow. Mom hugged me, kissed me, and told me that she loved me. I had heard that hundreds of times over the years but not like I had heard it that time. She truly meant it and not just about her son, but about her lover.

I said, “I love you too.” Then I took Mom to my bed.

That day Dad moved out of the house. He said that he could not compete with his own son over the affections of his own wife. Mom agreed with him and wished him well in his future. In fact Mom suggested that Dad move in with Cynthia.

The End
The Nursing Mother

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