Angie and Sara -Ch 3 "Separation - Angie's side"

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Angie and Sara -Ch 3 "Separation - Angie's side"

"No, no, no, I won't hurt you, I promise," the voice said, it was soft, not deep a tone that was stuck at sort of a gay sound. "My name's Phillip, I just wish to help you."
"Can I see you?" Angie said standing up now.
"Oh yeah, sure sorry, I wanted to keep my distance in case you tried to lash out at me." He said.
"Oh well, yeah, not going to do that" Angie chuckled quarter heartedly. Phillip came out he was handsome and strong with sandy blonde hair with a few funny
Red tints on a few. He was wearing a Volcom t-shirt and a black bathing suit with strange and cool designs all over. "Can you give me a ride?"
"I was just gonna ask you if I could."
Angie smiled politely and picked up her stuff. She noticed the lunch basket was still there, never collected by Sara.
"You up for free food?" Angie said showing Phillip the basket.
"Oh I couldn't take that at least let me give you some money for letting me eat some of it."
"Sure, you can do that, I have a feeling you'll be persistent about paying me anyways." Angie said. Phillip laughed softly,
"Well it seems that you have figured me out."
"Is that bad?"
"No, I?m actually fine with it.
"Oh I guess that's good."
"Hey Look don't be so sad, I know well actually I don't know, but still I feel I should support you in some way--"

"You barely know me!" Angie said alarmed and embarrassed please don't feel bad. It's not your problem." Angie said holding her hands up, waving them back in a
desperate 'please stop now' way. Phillip looked at his hands then high fived Angie's and clasped his fingers around them. Angie looked at their hands and blushed a little, she didn't want to let go. Then she noticed Phillip's face inching closer ever closer to hers. Angie started to panic slightly, she didn't
Know what to do. Following instincts she simply closed her eyes; it was when she had realized Phillip had only kissed her cheek, that she reopened them.
"I um thanks thanks I?m sort of" Angie stumbled
"It?s fine, I can sense you are still conflicted with your feelings." Phillip said comfortingly. Angie was a little surprised at this and began to think 'Am I
That easy to read?!'
"Come on we should get you home." Phillip said.
"Yeah um actually a motel will work. Let me just collect my gear and I?ll be with you in a sec."
"Hey don't sweat it with all this. I?ll help, so um a motel huh?"
"Yeah my g um friend and I are just taking some vacation time." Angie hopped Phillip didn't hear that one part.
"Oh ok so motel it is." He said cheerfully. With this Phillip grabbed the cooler and lugged it on his shoulder.
"You know, you still didn't get a sandwich out of the basket." Angie said
"Yeah I was just thinking about that too." Phillip chuckled. "Oh well, I?ll grab one before we hit the road."
"Wait, where are you going to stay?" Angie suddenly realized that how she just said this sounded funny, 'oh well to late besides I kind of want to see what his response Is'

"Hahaha, well it's kind of just me and my friend as well. But if you want I can stay with you"
Angie thought against it she knew better than to be having promiscuous sex but she thought; 'what does it matter I?m on the pill anyways. Maybe I?ll ask him

just this question though.'
"Do you have anything that I should know about before something happens?"
"Whoa! What makes you think we're going that way?"
"The fact that you're a guy!" Angie replied
"Ok true that, true that well in any case it's totally your call." Phillip said.

The Trip to the motel was uneventful at best. But for Angie it gave her time to collect her thoughts about what had happened; between her and Sara.

"Hey You -- have a preference for a hotel?" Phillip said.
"N yeah I do actually"
"Oh you do! Ok which one?"
Angie thought about it a little did she really want to go back to their hotel? Well she realized that she kind of needs clothes. Maybe facing the music
Won?t hurt that much. Angie told Phillip the hotel.

They went in a similar to direction to where it was but she didn't really notice. She just liked the presence of Phillip. His blue eyes focused with a few of

his sandy red-blonde bangs hanging down over his eyes. Angie sat looking at him mesmerized. Then Phillip did a double take on Angie.
"Hey you ok?" Phillip asked.
Angie forced herself to rip her eyes away and said "Yeah yeah of course. I'm ok" Angie smiled politely. "Um Just thinking"
"Life and friends. Nothing you'll like."
"Try me."
"It's long though."
"I'm game."
"Alright fine. But answer this question where are you staying tonight?"
"I'm staying at an inn as well."
"Which one?"
"This one up ahead."
"Oh, interesting you're not that far from my Inn. Let me stay here tonight."

"Are you sure!" Phillip asked looking a little surprised
"Yeah, I don't think Sara is ready to see me"
Phillip didn't ask any more questions. Angie was a little relieved yet felt a little guilty.

The car slowed a little and turned into the lot. Phillip drove the car up to the entrance and stopped. A young fellow with brown hair and not much younger than
Angie came up to the car window and asked if they wanted Valet. Phillip said no.
"I'm going to go park the car ok Angie." Phillip said
Angie got out of the car and grabbed some of the stuff out of the back trunk.

~"You picked up some good luggage there dude." whispered the valet kid.
~"Not so loud you dipshit!" Whispered Phillip.
~"When were you such a lady's man?"
~"I had a life once too you know."
~"Gosh don't be so heavy"

"Hey I?m Tom by the way!" Tom shouted over to Angie
"Pleasure Tom. I?m Angie."
"Yeah I heard." Tom smirked and tapped the top of the car.

Angie sat on the bench to wait for Phillip.

"So tell me what are you here for?" Tom asked suddenly
"Vacation time" Angie said.
"Oh how'd you wind up with the douchebag Phillip?"
"Long story. He?s not that bad."

Then on cue Phillip walked up behind Tom. He clasped his hands on the back of a shivering Tom.
"What's wrong Tom? Cold?
"No I?m good. I need to get back to work!" Tom said and scurried off.

"Is he ok?" Angie asked.
"Yeah he's fine, I think he has some irregular temperature issue" Phillip answered.
"Yeah" Phillip smiled "so, shall we get this stuff up there?"
"Yeah, thanks." Angie said.
"Well lady's first

Angie turned around and looked at Phillip.
"Thank you for doing this for me."
"Hey no sweat." He chuckled kindly.
"No really thank you." Angie stood on her tip toes and pecked Phillip lips. Phillip stood there stunned. He's been with girls before but this felt different for


"You're such a nice a girl." Phillip said "You didn't have to do that."
"I know Angie said.
Angie herself was feeling weird as well unsure of what these mixes of emotions were about. Frustration clouded her thoughts but was more condensed with love

than anything else.

"Hey it's getting late." Phillip said, "Here?s your key." Angie cocked on eyebrow. "How did you get that?"
"It's my room key, but I want you to use it."
"No!" Angie exclaimed
"Please I want you too."
"Ok I really appreciate this"
"Here?s my number. Call it if you need anything."
"Thank you again Phillip. Um you can have the sandwich and basket for free I appreciate you helping me out. It?s the least I can give you."
"Hahaha its fine, thank you too. I had fun, while it lasted."
"Is this good bye?"
"Maybe, maybe not" Phillip replied simply tilting his head as he said it.

With that Phillip walked off through the slider doors.
Angie looked at the enveloped card key. The room number was printed nicely on the front. Angie grabbed the annoying cooler and dragged it off with her to her

room. Her room was on the third floor but getting there wasn?t the most pleasant thing that occurred that night.
The cooler was loud when it entered into the elevator.

Angie looked at the side and found the buttons for the floors.

Angie sighed~ and
then the elevator started its slow flight. When it reached the 2nd floor the elevator lights flickered and the elevator stopped moving.
"Fuck" Angie said "That?s just brilliant who thought this piece of shit out" Angie said distressed more so than she has been in a while. But back

somewhere in recesses of her mind, she still felt that things will work out.
Angie sighed and started opening the call box below the floor buttons. When she finally was able to get the box open the elevator again stared its slow ascent

again to the last floor.
"Wow can't make a choice can you?" Angie said out loud.
When the floor finally arrived the elevator bitched again, just for good measure, by only opening the doors slightly. This forced Angie to ditch the
Cooler which stayed stuck between the doors, dripping its water throughout the hall.

"GOD DAMNIT! FUCK THIS PIECE OF SHIT ELEVATOR!" Angie stomped off not caring anymore if she was waking people up at 11:00 at night.


Downstairs Phillip has arrived back into the hotel and is talking with Tom about Angie

"Dude that Asian chick is hot! Did you fuck her yet?" Tom exclaimed. Some patrons looked up from their TV watching in the lobby. Tom didn't really seem to care.

"Dude you?re a retard!"

"Oh-hoho, Am I or are you just falling for her?"

"Shut up you horny freak." Phillip combatted.

"You can't see it can you?" Tom chided.

"See what?" Phillip said.

"She's in love with someone else" Tom said. Suddenly the silence was pierced by a female voice.

"GOD DAMNIT! FUCK THIS PIECE OF SHIT ELEVATOR!" the voice echoed through the elevator duck. This time the patrons were staring up at ceiling, then back at
Phillip and tom with the look of 'you going to do anything about it?'


Angie finally got to the room and opened the door easily.
"Thank you, finally one simple thing that worked out correctly." Angie said, thinking back to that kiss with Sara. She shook the thought out of her head.

The room was nice. The standard room. Two beds, bathroom, TV, and a small fridge on the ground. Angie didn't waste any time stripping out of her clothes. She
Was tired and sticky, and felt a shower would be nice after a crappy day such as this.

She closed the door behind her and flipping the light on she looked at herself in the mirror. She had a tanned body with its areas of tan lines and such. Her
breasts were not entirely large, but she expected that from her Asian body, and felt no disappointment about it. She pressed her chest together with her hands.
She giggled a little, but all the while she was still slightly depressed wishing that her hands were replaced by Sara's

She sighed and moved slowly over to the shower and closed the curtain behind her. The water was cold at first and she let out a yelp when it struck her skin.

It didn't take long for it to heat up though. She washed her hair quickly not really particular about how clean it was tonight. In her far away gaze, she
grabbed the soap and started lathering it up in her hand. She moved her hands across her body washing away the day away. Trying to place her mind somewhere

When she finished she laid down on the floor of the shower staring up at the warm water. The shower head sputtered a little threatening to stop for a second.
Not wanting another stupid ordeal, she sat up and stopped the flow of water from the shower head and closed off the drain. Then she retrieved the soap she had
used. She ran the bar through her hands a couple of times. Then placed it back on the shelf. She slid her body into the 3 inches of water that she had and
started to massage herself. She moved her hands in a slow swirl across her inside thighs basking in a bliss that could take her away just for a second. Then she

slowly moved across her clitoris. She felt her body rise and fall a little with each pass of her hand. She slowly shoved her fingers into her hole 1 then 2
she cooed slowly. Then the one thing that she was trying to force out of her mind came back to her. She moaned out loud, she imagined herself being touched and
played with by Sara Angie caressed herself slowly twirling her finger around her nipple. And her other hand still massaging her clit, every second going just

slightly faster. She licked her breast and nipple still thinking about Sara.

Her hand now a blur and muscles straining for her stop moving, she continued on, bringing herself to a climax. Finally, she exhaled slowly, she could feel her
vagina wrapped around her fingers like a vice. She sat there basking in an afterglow, alone. But still satisfied with what she was allowed to have.

Phillip was hurrying up the last flight of stairs. He got to the fire escape door and opened it. He looked out into the hallway and saw what was blocking the
elevators passage. A half water filled cooler jammed in the sliding doors.

Phillip walked briskly to the room that Angie was in and knocked lightly. No answer came, he was about to knock again when he heard what sounded to be a squeal
of delight. He felt his package start to rise, but forced the dirty thoughts from his mind. Phillip pulled a key card and popped it in the slot. The light on
the door hesitated then went green; he popped the door open and went over to the bathroom. And knocked.


Angie sat in the tub. Still and silent, she was tired and didn't really care if she slept in her cummy water.
Then a knock came. Unaware of where she was and still in a dreamy state said
"Come in"

Phillip heard his permission to enter but still was hesitant.
He opened the door and was greeted by Angie sitting in a low pool of white clear water.

Phillip was unaccustomed to this sort of opened armed arrival of welcome. usually having to play it smooth and fight for sex, found that he could completely
take advantage of the situation, but found difficulty in following that mentality.

He bent over Angie and said lightly
"Hey Hun, Angie you ok? can you hear me??

"Oh it's you Phillip I?m so glad to see you" Angie smiled still unaware of where she was.
"Um I?m glad you are too. Do you know where you are?" Phillip said carefully.
"I'm um ha-ha who gives a crap?" she pulled her arms towards Phillips head and forced a kiss on to his lips.
Phillip pulled away, and grabbed her hands.
"Angie, I need you to focus."
"Screw focusing. Pick me up please."
"But your naked" Phillip said surprising himself even further, over his self-control.
"Am I? Well do it anyways please? Sara" Angie said. Her eyes drifting into a close.

Phillip sighed Tom was right. The poor girl was emotionally compromised. And to have sex with her would not do any justice to the situation at hand.

But Phillip was still happy to oblige and help pick the small girl up. He let the water go through the drain, and proceeded to dry Angie off as well as he
could. Unnoticing of his action for a split second rubbed the towel in his hands across Angie's vaginal area.

Angie cooed for a second. And suddenly grabbed Phillip's hand and placed on her clit. Phillip was taken a back for a second but allowed himself to cool down and

let her do it.
She forced his fingers into her vagina. And Phillip could feel her warmth washing over his fingers, he couldn't believe how wet she was.

Phillip continued to stroke her until her pussy started to clamp around his fingers. His movement was drastically slowed but he didn't stop intent on fulfilling

what she wanted. Angie's voice continued to escalate further until a guttural groan was all that came out. Her floating hip collapsed and a breath of air
escaped Angie's mouth.

He bent down picked her up and carried her to the bed. Laying her softly down he pulled the covers around her. Then She looked up at him and smiled that dreamy
smile. Phillip thought better of it. But still that innate thing inside still made him do it anyway; he bent down and planted a soft kiss on her lips.


Phillip quietly closed the door behind him and turned around only to come face to face with Tom. Phillip felt his face flush a little.
"Well you little bastard you got some didn't you?"
"No, not really she was half asleep."
"Yeah who are you kidding? Practically the whole hotel could hear you guys."
"Alright so I fingered her off so what?"
"So what! I want some of that."
"Fine go get some"
"Well you better help me"
"I don't know you're not willing to help your friend out?"
Phillip thought for a second.
"Well there is a girl she goes by the name of Sarah. Maybe you can hook up with her"


More to cum :)

My apologies if the text came out somewhat blocky or formatted weirdly. it was the way my notepad spewed out my story

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