Dirty Work... Full First Chapter.

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"Ack!" I looked up from my book, over to Sarah; laying on the floor, on her back. "Ow" She said, sitting up and rubbing the back of her head. "Sarah, you're such the klutz." Closing my book, I got up from my chair, that sat by the fire place, and walked over to her. "S-sorry Cherry," She said, tearing up. "I was trying to put up the books and tripped over my skirt," She sniffed. I couldn't help but laugh. "I don't see why you insist on wearing long skirts in the first place." I replied, leaning over to look at the back of her head. Possibly a small bruise, I thought to myself. But nothing more. "But why bother picking up my mess any ways?" I asked, leaning back to look at her.

"Honestly!" She exclaimed. "How do you expect to have anybody over and them not thinking 'what a mess'?" She pouted, starting to pick up the books and stuff she dropped and knocked over. I sighed, setting my book aside and helping her. "You should know by now," I stated, "I have no intentions having anybody in my room. You, is one thing. Anybody else, not so much." I paused, reaching over to grab a book beside her. "Having guests over in the living room or kitchen or --" Sarah's up raised hand cut me off. "Okay, I get that -- but what about boys?" She asked, adding emphasizes on 'boys'." Do you not plan to have a boy over and have a romantic evening. With candle's and wine and flowers?" Sarah said, all dream like. I looked at her a moment, raising a delicate eyebrow at her silly romantic dreams. "No, Sarah, I don't." The look on her face -- priceless. Her mouth dropped and eyes widened as if someone slapped her. Heh, I wish I had a camera.

"Cherry, out of all the girls I've met, I have to say: You. Are. Crazy."

"Because I don't care for romantic dreams?"

"No -- because I don't ever see you date or hear you say a boys cute, let alone, look at one!"

I sighed, not really caring for where this conversation is heading. Holding the books in my hands, I stood up, walking to the bookcase. "Well what's wrong with that?" I asked, putting the books up. "Because it's not normal!" Sarah said, following me to the bookcase with her own stack of books. She glanced at me, waiting for my reply. But I didn't give any, remaining silent and shrugged. She sighed audibly putting up the books she was holding.

"Look," She said as she finished putting the books up then turning to look at me. "You're very pretty and it's obvious you and everyone knows that. A bunch of boys at school likes and/or have crushes on you." She paused, tilting her head thoughtfully. "But, yet, you treat them as you would anybody you meet for the first time or you're friends."

Putting the last book in my hand up, I looked at her.


"So What is it? Are you scared, shy, nervous, inexperience with relationships?" I laughed out loud from the look on her face. "I'm being serious, Cherry!" She said as she followed me to gather the rest of the mess she made. "I know, I know. And that's why I'm laughing. You're so serious about this boy-romantic-love stuff."

"Of course I am, I just can't help seeing my friend not with a boy and wanting to get married and have kids and --" She stopped and looked at me slyly. I looked at her, confused. "What? Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked, not liking the mischievous glint in her eyes. "Oh, nothing. Nothing at all." She grinned, stacking some papers together. I narrowed my eyes looking at her.

"Is it that You're a virgin?"

"Wha -- no. Of course not." I said, momentarily taken aback. Far from it, actually. But I'll keep that to myself.

"Then what is it? I know your parent's couldn't possibly have made you this way or set such an example."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean: You're parents are madly in love, everyone sees it and lots are jealous of it. Always trying to get you to meet boys and saying how they can't wait to have grandchildren. So what is it?" I sighed. "Sarah We have had this conversation numerous times and I --" She cut me off. "Yeah, yeah, yeah -- 'I don't want to hear it'. I get it. But I know there's more to it then you're letting on. Is it because you're a tomboy and you find it awkward?"

"Why figure it's because I'm a tomboy? I never said anything like that." I shook my head, rubbing my temples. Boy this is giving me a headache. "I just don't care for dating or anything. To me: It's a waste of time." I stood up and put a stack of papers on the table. "How can you say that?" Sarah said, looking at me with such shock on her pretty face, I 'bout started to laugh. Instead, I took a deep breath, smiled, and as nice as I can, without it sounding offensive or hurtful, said, "Sarah, why worry of my love life and not yours?" She lowered her eyes at me.

"Nice try but you're not changing the subject this time. Besides, I have bad luck when it comes to love, you know that." I sighed, pushing my bangs out of my face glancing toward my window. It was ten o'clock and the moon was out. No clouds in sight so the stars could be seen perfectly. I looked at Sarah. She was very pretty. Heart shaped face, round baby blue eyes, reddish-brown hair that came an inch or two above her waist, cute freckles that danced across her nose, 5'3, and weighed about 120 pounds. So it's not so much that she 'has bad luck with love', just bad luck choosing the right guys. Asshole's who I had to kick their asses later for hurting her.

"Cherry, I hate it when you stare at me like that." She stated, between pursed lips.

"Sorry." I paused. "Look, Sarah, I know you're just worried and what-not. But I don't see what's the point of it all."

"The point is --" I held up a finger at her, cutting her off. "I know what you were about to say. That 'To be happy and loved and live happily ever after, blah blah blah'. But, like I said: I think it's a waist of time. Everything comes with a price -- even so called love. I don't want to fall in love 'cause people tend to get emotional. And you know I hate that, just by watching you, and others I care for, cry over heartache or pain." She opened her mouth to say something, but I hurried on. "Then you have to deal with, not always, but a hit and run. And the other saying 'it's not you, it's me' or 'it just wasn't working' or 'we were only having fun'. Plus, the stupid shit that happens on the side. Or some fucked up situation comes along."

"So that's it? That's why you don't date?"

"No. Because I have a job. And with that job, I can't afford to get emotionally involved. I can't let emotions take hold of me and in the way of my better judgement. I can't let jealousy drive me to madness, Sarah."

"But you, yourself, said you can't get jealous."

"No, I said I don't get jealous. And I don't think it's possible. But it doesn't mean it can't or it wont happen."

Sarah stood there quiet a moment, staring at me. I can practically see the wheels in her head turning as she thought and knew what I said was true. She sighed and nodded slightly. "Yeah, you're right. I keep forgetting your job." Even though she smiled at me, I knew she was upset with herself. "Sarah I --"

"No, Cherry, you're right." She blinked several times to keep the water that glistened in her eyes from spilling over. "I'm just worried that you're never or ever will be happy. I want all my friends to be happy. And you like you're job. Not only like it, but good at it."

"But, Sarah, I am happy. If I wasn't, I wouldn't be here having this conversation with you. I'll be here having a different conversation about how depressed I am." I said, grinning at her. She laughed at that. "That would be a silly sight." I nodded. "Yeah, it wold." At that moment, Sarah's ringtone, Romeo and Juliet by S.O.A.P.. She grabbed her bag and took her phone out. Flipping it opened, she read the text and replied.

"I gotta get home. Mom say's Sweetie is about to have her babies." She smiled brightly at me. Sweetie's her big fluffy cat. "Congrats. I hadn't realized it was that time already." She smiled and nodded as she grabbed her jacket, bag, and car keys. "Yup, I'm so excited!" I smiled at her as I opened my bedroom door. "I'll walk with you to your car."

She walked out the room as I followed, shutting the door behind me. We talked about what the kittens would look like and rather or not who was the father as we walked down the hall and down the stairs. She even suggested I take in one of the kitten's. I told her I'd think about it as we walked up to my parents. They asked me, 'think about what' and Sarah told them the news.

They said it was cute and that they wouldn't mind having one -- or two. One for them and one for me. She said she'll let us come and pick the two out after six to eight weeks. After that, she said goodnight to my parents and we headed for the door. We walked outside as she brought up the hallowing party her cousins boyfriend is hosting in two weeks. And how her Cousin, Marla, said her boyfriend could invite us. She got in her car and rolled down the window.

"So you wanna go?"

"I'll try but I can't promise anything."

"Well, that's better than nothing."

We laughed at that. One problem with my job is having to cancel things or try to keep from making plans, since I never know what's gonna pop up and if I have go take care of something. I'm just a dog, same with anyone who does what I do, for the business. Doing their dirty work. "Say hey to your parents and give Sweetie a hug for me." I said. "Don't worry, I will. And you should come by sometime, they miss you." She replied, smiling and starting her car. She rolled up the window and waved at me as I took a step back, when she started backing out.

I watched as she pulled out of the driveway and went down the road and turned the corner. I turned and walked back up to the porch. I walked up the steps and inside shutting the door behind me. I walked over to the stairs and was about to head back to my room when mom called me.

"Honey, can you come here a minute?"

I paused at the fourth step as I turned to look at the walkway into the living room. "Ma I need to get ready for work." I called back, glancing at the clock. No, not the one I was discussing with Sarah. I work as a waitress, too. Which, I might be late for. Again.

"I know, honey, but this will only take a moment." I sighed as I stepped down and walked to the living room. When I enter, mom and dad were sitting on the couch whispering. They grew silent as I walked in, looking up at me. "What's up?" I asked, slowly, taking a seat across from them and glancing at the clock again then back to them. They seem to hesitate before either of them spoke. Finally mom took a deep breath.

"Cherry" -Glancing at my father- "You're father and I are a bit worried."

"Oh? About what?"

"Why it is you don't date." This from my father. I suppressed a sigh and leaned forward in my seat, elbows on my knees. "But, dad, I thought you'd be happy with a daughter not obsessed with boys and dating?" I asked, hiding the sarcasm in my voice. "I am. But that's besides the point."

He paused, clearing his throat. "All girls wish to date and meet boys and fall in love. So why is it that you don't? You're eighteen and we really can't say 'no' and we never said you couldn't date. Most likely, like many girls, do it anyways, rather parent's give the 'okay' or not. Besides" He paused as him and mom held each other. "We can't wait to be grandparents!" Ma exclaimed in a goofy-baby voice. I glanced up at the clock. I don't have time for this I thought to myself. I looked at them a moment then said, "Where is all this coming from, anyways? Did Sarah say something?" I turned to mom as she was the one to answer this.

"No it's just I was walking by your room and heard Sarah talking to you about it."

"You were listening through my door?" I asked, arching a brow. She blushed, slightly, shaking her head.

"No, I just walked by and heard her, is all." This time, I did sigh. More of exhaustion then anything. This conversation tires me to my core. After a moment of awkward silence (more on their part than mine), I spoke up.

"Look, it doesn't matter why or why not. The point is: It's a waste of my time. I don't care for it. Okay?" I smiled at them as I stood up, hearing my friend's, Adam, Mercedes coming down the road. "Besides, I rather worry about my career and life before I get into a serious relationship." I paused, glancing at the clock. "Just like you mom." I added for good measure. "Awwww!" Mom said. I headed out the living room door, calling over my shoulder, "Now, I'ma get ready for work."

I headed up the stairs to my room. I shut the door behind me with my foot, as I took off my shirt. Next I took off my combat boots and camo pants. I walked over to my walk in closet and took out my waitress uniform. Which consisted of, a red shirt, black tie, tight black capri pants, black sneakers, and red socks. I hurried and got dress in my uniform then walked to the mirror, that sat on my vanity. Looking at myself in the mirror, reminded me of what Sarah had said. 'You're very pretty -- in fact, gorgeous -- and it's obvious you and everyone knows that.' Pushing the thought out of my head, I put my waist length, golden-brown, curly hair into a high ponytail, I smiled to myself.

My eyes are a deep hazel, I'm curvy, 5'6, and weighed about 130 pounds. So, yeah, I guess I look good. But I really didn't care. I put on some mascara, eyeliner on the top and bottom of my eyes, some red eyeshadow, and a little bit of red lip-gloss right as I heard the knock on the front door. I grabbed my back pack, threw it over my shoulder, patted my pockets to make sure I had my cigs and walked out my bedroom, shutting and locking the door behind me. I made it downstairs as mom opened the door to Scarlett.

"Hey, miss D. Is Cherry ready?" Scarlett asked, twirling one of her low pigtails around her left pointer finger. Her black, straight, shiny long hair reflected the light. Her brown eyes held that same bored look as usual. Shes mostly Indian, as to why she's 5'10' tall and her hair so black. But she's almost as pale as snow. Body and height of a model, really. "I'm pretty sure she is." Mom replied as she turned to look behind her. "Oh, Cherry, Scarlett's here to get you." She said as she spotted me walking towards them. "Thanks mom." I said, walking past her and out the door. "What time will you be getting off?" She called after me as Scarlett and I walked to the car.

"I dunno. I'll call you." I called back, over my shoulder. As soon as she shut the door, I reached into my pocket and pulled out a smoke. Lighting it as we made it to the car. "Aye, Cher, what's the prob today?" Adam asked as I got in the front seat. Adam was a pretty cool guy. Once you get past his arrogance and conceited attitude. He's a major flirt, as well, but a real good friend. He's 6'3" and works out a lot, so he's pretty well toned. Dark brown hair and light blue eyes. "What you mean?" I asked, glancing at him as I shut the door.

"You only light a smoke, right when one of your parents shut the door, when there's something annoying or stressing you." I looked at him a moment then grinned. Leaning back against the seat, my hands behind my head. "And you know this how?" I said, taking a drag off my cig, hanging from the corner of my mouth. He shrugged grinning back at me. "I know you." He said, glancing over at me from the driver seat. "Besides, I study you, like the precious art you are." He stated as he pulled out of my driveway.

Scarlett hit him in the arm as I shook my head. "Stop it!" She said. "Stop flirting." Adam laughed. "Oooh, Scarlett's jealous." Mikey Boy teased. "I am not!" She exclaimed. "I just hate how Adam thinks he can flirt with whom ever he please -- 'specially when it comes to my close friend Cherry!" Scarlett snapped, folding her arms under her breasts. "Well, Adam, if you must know." I said, taking the cigarette out of my mouth and interjecting before this turned into an argument. "Not only Sarah -- but my parents as well -- are obsessed about my date life." I shook my head. "To say 'I'm annoyed' over it, would be an understatement."

I cracked the window and flicked my ashes as everyone started to laugh.

"Again?" Adam asked. I just nodded as I hit my cig again. "Damn! That even sounds annoying!" Mikey Boy stated as he continued to laugh. "Yeah, I wouldn't be able to deal with all that!" Scarlett replied. Adam just shook his head, laughing, as we hit a stop light. Once the laughing quieted down, I put in one of Adams Tech N9ne CD's. Caribou Lou started playing as Adam started to talk again.

"Why do they care anyways?

"Yeah?" Scarlett jumped in. I shrugged as I took one last hit off my cig and threw it out the window.

"Ma and dad want grandchildren, while Sarah is worried if I'll ever be happy" I replied, looking out the window. They all fell silent as if there was something dark over our shoulders. I'm not surprised. Sarah worries about all of us -- rather it's something she seems to find odd or not normal.

"You know"

I looked over at Adam. Letting him know he has my attention, he continued as he glanced in his review mirror. "She seems more like our mother than our friend." He grinned. We all laughed at this. "That's so true, I never noticed it before!" Mikey Boy chimed in. Scarlett hugged Mikey, ruffling his ear-length, chestnut hair as she rubbed her cheek against his. "Awww!" She said. Mikey boy blushed slightly as he looked at her from the corner of his eye. "S-Scarlett..?" He asked, sounding quite embarrassed. "You're just so CUTE!" She said as she continued to hug him. Which was no lie.

He was one of those boys you'd call 'pretty' if you saw him. He was really sensitive and had a sweet shy, quiet voice that always sounds like he was on the verge of tears. He starts to tear up every time someone teases or picks on him. He'll cry, depending on how mean or rude the teasing is. He's been mistaken as a girl more times than I can count. His big sis use to dress him in dresses when he was little and take pictures of him. "Aw, come on, Scarlett -- c-cut it out" He said. "Hey, look, we're here." I said, before he really did start to cry as Adam laughed and pulled into the parking lot of the bar/restaurant, Moon Shack.

Scarlett kissed his cheek as Adam parked behind Moon Shack and turned off the car. Grabbing our stuff, we got out of the car and Mikey rubbed his eyes. We continued to talk and laugh as we walked to the back door and inside. Immediately we heard all the noise coming from the long hallway we walked into that the back door led to. It had several doors to the left and right.

One was the boss's office, one was the locker room for that separated for the girls and guys if needed to change and keep our stuff. One was a closet where we kept extra chairs and tables and cleaning supplies. One was for the kitchen. Two were for the Men and Women's restrooms. There was a door that said 'Faculty Only' for when we wanted to take a break. No smoking in the Faculty room or inside period, cause some people might have asthma, so you had to smoke outside. And straight down the hall was a door that led to where all the noise was coming from.

As soon as Adam shut the back door and we headed to the locker room, the boss's door swung open. We paused to see what was up and out stormed Carlie. She's goes to school with us and is one of the waitresses. Pissed off as usual I thought to myself. She was grumbling to herself when she saw us. Carlie stopped and looked at us. "Uh Hello, Carlie.." Mikey said.

She looked at him. "Don't talk to me!" She snapped and Mikey flinched. "W-what I say..?" He said, tearing up again. Scarlett stepped in front of him. "Hey, step off! All he said was 'hey' and you gotta be a bitch!" Carlie scoffed. "Whatever! What a bunch of losers." She said as she turned on her heal and walked past us out the back door. "Damn I hate that bitch" Scarlett said threw gritted teeth. Mikey bowed his head as he sniffled. " D-did I piss her off..?" (This is an example of what happens when Mikey gets hurt, like there's a dark cloud over him that is almost visible.) Adam patted his head. "Don't worry about it." He laughed. "Yeah, she's not worth it." I replied. We walked into the locker room putting our stuff away. "Still Wonder what pissed her off this time." Scarlett smiled, all happy again.

"That would've been might fault."

We all looked to the door and saw our boss, Roman, standing in the door. He was tall, about 6'4, black hair that came to right above his shoulders, worn in a ponytail, and green eyes. He was pretty much a laid back type of guy. Like Adam, though he never hesitated to piss someone off. He gets his kicks out of pretty much every thing. He's rarely ever serious and when he is, it gives you chills. Scarlett's mood went from happy to pissed off again. "I should've known it was you!" She snapped as she got in his face.

"Why the hell do you keep pissing her off, right when we get here?!" She demanded. "S-Scarlett Be nice --" Mikey started but she turned and shot daggers at him. He gulped as he flinched and leaned back into the locker. Adam grinned as I sighed and shook my head. "Here we go again." I mumbled, putting my bag in my locker. Roman laughed. "Now, now, I wasn't meaning to piss her off. This time."

Scarlett slapped him in the arm. "Uh-huh. Sure you didn't." She said sarcastically.

"Seriously. She came to me asking for a raise and I told her no."

Adam started laughing as if he knew something we didn't. We were stuck between him and Roman as they both were laughing. Scarlett held up her right hand as she clenched it and closed her eyes and with a not-so-happy smile on her face said, through gritted teeth. "Mind telling us what the Hell you two find so funny." It wasn't a request. I took two pieces of gum out of my locker and handed one to Mikey. "Oh, uh, Thank you." He said.

"No prob."

Finally the two stopped laughing and started to catch their breath. Scarlett about looked ready to knock them both out. Mikey and I shared a glance. Roman finally cleared his throat and started to speak while Adam kept trying not to laugh again. "Well, you see, Adam and I made a bet."

"Which I won." Adam laughed. Scarlett glared at both of them while me and Mikey kept quiet, just to see where this was going. I kinda had a hunch.

"A bet?" Scarlett gritted out. Roman nodded.

"Yeah, I bet boss man here, that Carlie would ask him for a raise and if he refused her, she'd keep pushing the matter 'til she got what she wanted. No matter what."

By this point, Scarlett and Mikey hadn't picked up the hint. Which, I confirmed, my hunch was right.

"So, I don't get it Why is it so funny?" Mikey asked. Adam came up and laid his arm on his shoulder.

"Well, Mikey Boy, lets find out." Adam said and looked at Roman. Scarlett, Mikey, and Adam all looked to Roman as I just yawned and waited for the bomb shell.

"She offered to have sex in an exchange for a raise." Roman smiled, like it wasn't a big deal. Apparently, Scarlett and Mikey thought otherwise. Scarlett's mouth dropped and her eyes widened in complete and total shock. Mikey had a look of horror on his face as he started to tear up again. Adam started laughing again as I just patted Mikey's shoulder, trying not to laugh at him. "T-that's so w-wrong!" Mikey stammered out.

"Oh, that slut! I knew she was low, but damn" Scarlett mumbled, shaking her head, looking like she was gonna puke. Roman laughed at her. "Now, I'm not that ugly, am I?" He joked. Scarlett punched him in the arm. "Shut it!"

"S-Scarlett!" Mikey exclaimed. "You can't hit your boss!"

I sighed as I grabbed my apron and tied it around my waste, putting my smokes, notepad, two pens, and two pencils in the pockets. I started to walk to the door, walking past Roman and Scarlett. "I'm going to work." I said. They grabbed their aprons, following my lead. Roman nodded. "Y'all should. Running a bit behind as it is." He stated. "Gee, thanks, mister obvious." Scarlett grumbled. I stopped beside him, looking at him from the corner of my eye. "Since you told her 'no', you got her pissed, which made Mikey cry." I said, looking at him. "And?" He smiled.

"Apologize. It's your fault."

"And if I don't?" He asked with the same smile on his face. I gave him a sweet, cold smile.

"I'll kill you." He continued to smile at me. "Though I'm not much scared of your threat, I do enjoy having y'all as friends." And with that he turned to Mikey. "Sorry, for making you cry Mikey. It was my fault since I did tell her no." He said, giving him a kind smile. Mikey blushed slightly. "I-It's okay. It happens." Roman nodded.

"We'll, since you all seem to be ready," He said, "Get to work."

Everyone nodded and headed out the room. "Have fun." He said as we walked down the hall. We all looked back at him and shot him a glare. 'Have fun' means 'good luck'. Tonight was going to be one hell of a night. But he just flashed us a grin, showing fang, as he walked back to his office. Did I forget to mention our dear boss, Roman, was a Vampire?

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