I Duct Tapped Her Boobs

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I Duct Tapped Her Boobs

Mom had been looking for work for a few months and her unemployment insurance was going to run out soon. She got a call back from an application that she had submitted. That night she was nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

I asked, “What’s wrong?”

Mom said, “I’m not as young as I used to be, I’m not as pretty, and my boobs used to get me jobs all the time but they are sagging way too much to get a man’s attention.”

I said, “I can help.”

She asked, “How?”

I replied, “Let Melinda help you with your makeup and I’ll tape your boobs to give them a great look.”

Melinda was the eighteen-year-old girl that lived next door to us. I knew that she was taking cosmetology in BOCES. I also knew that she put on her own makeup and that she looked gorgeous.

I told Mom, “Ask Melinda to come over so that she can show you what she can do.”

Mom asked, “But what about my tits?”

I said, “I can duct tape them. The tape won’t show unless you are going to let the guy see you naked.”

Mom said, “Show me.”

I got the roll of duct tape from the garage and asked her to remove her blouse and bra. Mom gave it a moments thought and then unbuttoned her blouse. She had on the red lacy bra that I liked. I had seen her in it a few times. Partial nudity was not a problem in our house. We see one another in our underwear almost every morning when we get up.

When she unhooked the back of her bra and let it fall into one of her hands, that was the first time that I had seem Mom’s tits bare. They were also the first real live tits that I had ever seen.

I ripped off about ten inches of the gray duct tape. I asked Mom to bend over and support her weight on a kitchen chair. In that position I could see just how wonderful her breasts looked. I almost hated to ruin that view. I reached under her and starting on one breast I wrapped the tape underneath them and stuck it to the other breast.

When Mom stood up she was pleased with the way they looked from what her eyes could see. So she walked to the big mirror near the front door and checked herself out.

Mom held them up with her hands, she shook her shoulders, and then Mom said, “They look great. Thank you. You will need to do this again in the morning before my interview.”

She just put her blouse on and called Melinda. She came over and gave Mom a make over. Then as Mom was looking at herself in the big mirror Melinda said, “Wow! Your breasts look great. Did you get a boob job or something?”

Mom replied, “No I didn’t get a boob job. I just let my son duct tape them. See.”

Then Mom unbuttoned her blouse and took it off.

Melinda said, “I need him to do my boobs like that. I’ve got a strapless prom dress but my boobs really need a bra.”

Mom suggested, “How about a strapless bra?”

Melinda giggled and said, “I tried one but the bra showed in that dress and it didn’t make my boobs look as good as yours do.”

Mom said, “Take your dress and bra off and let my son show you what he can do.”

Melinda replied, “All that I will have on will be a tiny G-string and I haven’t shaved my pussy since winter started.”

Mom laughed and said, “Good! He needs a good reward for taping my boobs and suggesting that I let you do my makeup in the morning for my job interview.”

Melinda said, “So I’m going to be his reward for him helping you?”

Mom smiled and said, “Yes! I suppose so, in a way. But I’m sure that he can help you too. After all he has had a crush on you for years. I’m sure that he jerks off to memories of you in that sweet little bikini last fall when your parents took us up to Pond Lake for the day.”

Melinda said, “That was the last time that I shaved my pussy.”

Mom said, “Oh come on, the poor boy has never seen pussy hair in his life. He sees me in my panties and bra every morning but I shave my pussy bare once a week.”

Melinda said, “Okay.”

Then she and Mom came to me in the kitchen.

Mom said, “Melinda wants you to tape her boobs too. She will need you to do it for her prom dress in a couple of weeks.”

So I watched as Melinda slipped out of her dress and then out of her bra. I never noticed her panties and hairy bush because all I could see was her beautiful breasts. They were full and her tiny nipples were hard and she hardly had nice areolas around them. She bent over and held onto the chair while I taped her boobs together from underneath.

Melinda stood up and Mom complimented her boobs. They went to the big mirror to take a better look. That was when I saw how small the front of Melinda’s panties were and how hairy her pussy was. As she walked past me on her way down the hall I saw her nice full ass with a couple of strings holding her panties on.

Melinda looked in the mirror and said, “Wow!”

I was looking at Melinda’s hairy bush and said, “Wow!”

Mom said, “He just noticed you pubic hair. He likes it.”

Melinda looked down and then at me. She smiled and said, “I like my pussy hair too. I hate shaving it all off in the summer but the other girls would laugh at me if I didn’t.”

Mom then asked, “Could I take a picture of you two together?”

Melinda asked, “Why?”

Mom answered, “I think he could use a sexy picture of you to jerk off too.”

Melinda smiled at me and then turned to Mom saying, “I will if you will. You need to loose your skirt and panties and I’ll take off my panties.”

Then she looked at me and said, “You need to strip too. I hope your cock is hard. I want a picture of you. I masturbate too…to images of you. I remember you getting hard-ons last fall. Every time that I bent over in front of you.”

Flabbergasted I said, “Really! But you’re eighteen and I’m only fourteen.”

Melinda giggled and said, “I like younger boys. The boys my age act so juvenile.”

Mom asked, “What about your prom date?”

She replied, “Billy? I only accepted his offer because he set me up with his little brother. Tad took my virginity last summer. It was great but after that he didn’t want to fuck me anymore. His brother brain washed him with the four F’s…find ‘em, feel ‘en, fuck ‘em, and forget ‘em.”

I stammered out, “Once would never be enough for me. I have loved you ever since I started puberty and after last fall I could never forget you.”

So Mom had me remove their duct tape so that it would not show in the pictures. They both put their panties on my pile of clothes. Then we took pictures. My cock was hard all right. Rock hard!

Melinda got one of her and me together, then one of me alone, and then a close-up of my cock. I got about twenty pictures of each of them and another twenty of them together. My favorite pictures were when Mom held Melinda’s pussy open for me and when Melinda held Mom’s pussy open for me.

Melinda noticed my pleasure with those pictures so she let me open her pussy while Mom took another one. Mom then had me kiss Melinda’s pussy and touch my tongue to her clitoris for pictures. Then I did the same to Mom. At my request Mom and Melinda kissed and tongued each other’s pussy too.

The highlight was when Melinda asked me to fuck her. She had been fucked only once by Billy’s little brother Tad over eight months ago.

Mom suggested that we do it in my bed. That way I would have some great memories to jerk off too in my bed.

Melinda let Mom stay and watch as we made love.

I kissed her, then I kissed her pussy again. I was between her legs when I crawled up to kiss and suck her nipples. My cock found its own way into her pussy. We both enjoyed that. Melinda said that my cock felt much better than Tad’s had. She said that it was thicker and longer and that Tad had cum in her in less than a minute. I prayed that I would last more than a minute.

I was so thrilled to have my cock in the girl of my dreams, in the girl next door, and with Mom watching it made it even better for some reason.

I pushed into her and she pushed back. I laid on top of her and she hugged me close. Just as I started to cum she locked her ankles behind my back and held me inside her. I didn’t think that I would ever stop cumming in her.

When I pulled out Melinda said, “Oh my God, that was amazing.”

Mom said, “I’m jealous.”

Then Melinda said, “I’ll share him with you if you like.”

Mom laughed and said, “I like a girl that shares her toys.”

When the senior prom came around I was Melinda’s date. I also tapped her boobs and they looked great in her dress.

Oh! Mom got that job that she interviewed for. So five mornings a week I got to tap her boobs together.

Having an older girlfriend and having sex with my mother set a pattern for the rest of my life. I never did date a woman younger than I was.

The End
I Duct Tapped Her Boobs

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