Babysitting for Married Men 3 - a new career

"You alone?"

"Yes," I said expecting him to want phone sex or another meeting.

"Look, something came up. I thought of you."


"I have a client who's coming in from England. Big shot with his firm."

"Yes?" I mumbled.

"Well he asked me to set him up with a, you know, a date well not just any date."


"And I thought of you. You're so smart and so beautiful, I know he would like you. He's tall and judging by the reaction of the girls in the oce, very attractive."

I was actually starting to get interested. I wasn't exactly sex starved at school, but it was all so, so ordinary.

"So tell me more about this tall dark stranger."

"Well he isn't all that dark. He's maybe 6'4, t looking, dark hair, light complexion, blue eyes. Maybe Dutch; in fact I think he has more of a Scandinavian accent than English. Rich as hell. But he's married, too."

Darn, I thought.

"His name is Sem Dijkstra." He spelled it for me, both names.

I was getting interested all right.


"OK, what?"

"OK, I guess I'll go out with him."

"He's coming in Tuesday; flying out Saturday mid-day. I think he wants to go out on Friday night -- well not just go out." Like I was just expecting dinner, I thought.


"Look, he was expecting something else, but I hope this doesn't bother you -- he expects to pay. I hope you don't take it the wrong way."

I couldn't talk for a while.

Then I thought about the tips I had received from Matt and Eric. As much as $100. When I was honest with myself, I already considered myself a whore. But for them it was also a relationship I wanted without the tips.

"I told him -- I didn't know what to say -- I told him, uh, if you were willing to spend the night with him -- uh -- you would want -- uh -- " He was struggling. "Uh $1000."

How did he get off -- oh my -- oh my -- I could use some extra money.

I tried to say something but my voice failed me.

Finally I croaked, "That's a lot of money."


"But I would have gone out with him anyway."

"But he expects to pay," and he said goodbye.

Sem called me Tuesday night and we arranged for him to pick me up at 6:00 Friday evening.

I dressed to the nines but on the sexy side. A lacy black bra that showed thru my silky blouse, a black skirt that came just above my knees, black thigh highs, a black garter belt, and red see thru panties that all came from Fredericks of Hollywood. And the neckline of my blouse showed plenty of skin where guys like to see skin.

He was actually stunningly handsome in his silk suit. I think it was Italian but I don't know much about this. I looked up at him and couldn't hold back a huge smile. He was maybe 40.

He took me to a quiet little French restaurant near Hartford -- it was the downstairs half of an Italian place. They accepted my fake ID, and we had cocktails and wine along with the most wonderful appetizers and main course. I wish I could tell you what it all was, but it was all in French so I ordered by the descriptions. Even the water was French. I peeked at the bill; dinner came to over $300. This guy really was rich.

We went to his hotel room -- fancy enough to match his suit and the dinner we just had. I was expecting to get right down to business, if you know what I mean, but he had other ideas. There was a bucket with champagne on ice and he asked me if I wanted to dance. He had a CD in his laptop and some small speakers that sounded really good.

"It's hard to find a place for romantic dancing so I just brought my favorite music."

The music was slow and dreamy and we danced arm in arm, sipping champagne that he had poured. He didn't seem to mind that I only know how to shuffle around and can't do any social dances. Pretty soon we were pressed tightly against each other and then kissing. I wanted this man so badly. I could feel him getting aroused and we had been dancing for 15 or 20 minutes.

Finally, he reached up between us and gently touched my breast while we were still dancing. I leaned back a bit and looked up into his eyes and said, "Oh yes."

"You're so very, very lovely," he said, as one by one he undid the buttons on my blouse and helped it slip to the floor.

Then he unzipped my skirt and it too fell to the floor.

I stepped back so he could look at me in my lingerie. "So lovely. So lovely."

I started to undo my bra -- it hooked in front -- but he said, "Let me."

He turned me around and from behind, kissed me on the neck and took my breasts in his hands. Then he undid me and threw my bra over a chair. I turned around again and started taking the studs and cuflinks out of his shirt. I had him down to his silk shorts, which could hardly contain him, when he sat me in a big easy chair and knelt between my legs.

My Fredericks panties were already see thru and being soaked, I'm sure they hid nothing. He started licking my thighs just above my stockings, where the panties had been unable to stop the ow of my juices. Then he did oral sex on me through my panties. They're so thin its like they aren't there. He had my whole pussy in his mouth and was flicking his tongue and sucking on my lips. "You taste so good."

I was starting into my first orgasm when he unsnapped my garter belt and pulled my panties off slowly. With his fingers inside me and his tongue on my clitoris, he brought me to a full orgasm. I love men who know how to do this.

I reached into my purse and pulled out the ribbon of condoms I had packed there. I ripped off his shorts and ripped open a condom. His cock was so beautiful and so large I wanted it right then. But I slipped the condom over the tip and slid it down with my mouth. Then I licked his balls and the shaft and took him in my mouth again. But only for a second.

"Oh Sem Sem, fuck me now." And he led me over to the bed, pulled down the covers and laid me across. His big body covering me, he slid his cock easily into my vagina. I wrapped my legs around him and felt him slam over and over again into my cervix. It wasn't very long before we both came -- me for the second time. He had an amazing ability to keep going after he came, and I didn’t come down from my orgasm until he finally went soft. I slipped the condom off and threw it in the plastic bag the hotel put in the trash can.

I helped him clean up by taking his cum soaked cock in my mouth. He tasted so good, but I wished my taste was there too. Anyway, it wasn't long before he was ready again. I noticed the CD had returned to the first piece. "Do you want to cum in my mouth?"

"No, I want to cum in your pussy again."

We went through the ritual of putting on another condom and he chuckled, "Don't you think you should get undressed?" I was still in my garter belt and stockings.

He relieved me of those and we crawled under the covers. I made him lie on his back and started to mount him. But he said, "Come up here," tugging on my fanny. I moved up until my pussy was over his mouth and he brought me to another orgasm with that wonderful tongue.

When I couldn't wait any longer, I maneuvered myself back down and, holding his cock vertical, slid down on him. This position is wonderful for a girl because you have so much control over the feelings inside you. You decide how fast and vigorously the sex goes. You can slam down hard and feel his cock all the way up in your belly. You can push up toward his tummy and the cock is forced against the roof of your vagina. If you push toward his feet, his shaft is rubbing against the part of your clit that is inside. And with your pubic bone helping put pressure on, no man lasts long this way. I chose not to make Sem cum but I sure did enjoy slamming him up again and again inside me.

We switched to doggie style, which I love, and then without disconnecting, rolled over so I was on top facing away. I could tell he was nearing his finish so I swung my leg around and faced him again. I felt him throbbing as he came again in the condom. I must have had three orgasms to his one through all this.

I cleaned him up with my mouth again, but by then the wine, water and champagne had gotten too me. "I need to pee."

He seemed to be thinking. Then, "Can I watch?" It was the only even slightly kinky thing that happened that night, but for what he was paying, I didn't mind.

"Do you want me to stand up?"

"That would be nice." I could tell he had embarrassed himself.

But I went into the tub and stood there with my legs apart and let go. I couldn't read his reaction but after I was done he turned and took a pee himself into the toilet. I had splashed myself so I washed off with a wet washcloth and we returned to the room.

There were robes in the closet and he handed me one and put one on himself. We sat on the sofa and finished off the champagne. He pointed to an envelope on the bureau.

"You were supposed to put that in your purse when you came in."

"Oh. I didn't know. I've never done this before," I admitted, but I did as he said and took the money. It felt like I was crossing into a very cold place, but that lasted only a second.

"Well, you're very good. Can you stay the night?"

"I had planned to."

We talked a bit about his family -- wife and two teenage kids. She's ok in bed but "not like you" -- and about my sex life -- the married men I had been with.

It came out that Matt was one of them. "Oh I figured as much."

I didn't tell them how it had started, with him seducing me when I was a virgin.

Anyway, we crawled into bed and I found he was hard again. I stroked his balls with my fingers and slid down under the covers. He loved it when I licked up and down his shaft and finally took him in my mouth. When he warned me he was cumming, I just kept stroking him until he let go. I love that taste and always will. He had a big grin on his face when I sat up and spit a little out on my fingers and rubbed it on my tits. Then I made it obvious I was swallowing the rest.

I awoke to find he had his morning woodie; I was wet too. I quickly got a condom, threw off the covers, put it on him, reached my leg over him and held him while I slid down over his cock. We both exploded in about five minutes. I was having an incredibly good time with this man. He pushed me over on my back and started eating and fingering my pussy; god he was good; “oh, oh, oh, so good,” I screamed in delight.

He had to get packed and ready for his flight home. I took a condom into the shower with us. We washed each other off and I turned to hang on to the shower valves. Our last "act" was doggie style in there.

I got dressed and he drove me back to my dorm. We kissed bye and I went in. It was embarrassing walking in in those clothes at 10 AM.

In my room I opened the envelope. There were ten $100 bills. That same chilly feeling washed over me.

I've seen Sem two more times and have gotten calls from other gentlemen who said they were his friends. You won't find me on any web site or escort service ad. But I have to admit, it’s nice to have the money and to meet these fine gentlemen.

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