The TV Host and Hostess

The TV Host and Hostess

“Are you going to want some this evening?” the pretty blonde asked. She had known and worked with the pleasant man for nearly thirty years.
Their affair happened out of closeness and need. Although both of them were married, the taping of their show took them to places all around the world.

It was during the second year of their association that it had happened the first time. It was good; so very, very good.
They both knew that if the tabloids, or the show’s producers ever got wind of what they were doing, their jobs and their marriages would be history.

She had started working the show when she was 19; he was 26. The show was a tremendous success and, when traveling, the head of security began making arrangements for the two stars to have adjoining rooms, in order for them to ‘make plans’ for the next day’s shoot. The two paid the man handsomely for his discretion, too.
Twenty eight years later, the show was still going strong, so was the affair.

“Actually, I feel pretty good this evening, even after taping three shows, back to back. The door’s always open. I’ll order room service; lobster okay?”

“Lobster always makes me pretty full and you know I don’t care to fuck on a full tummy. How about some fried shrimp and Caesar salad? I’ll be back after I shower.” She gave the handsome man a quick kiss and brushed his hair back with her hand, “Take a little yellow pill, I feel pretty horny this evening.”

While she waited for their meal, she called her husband in California. He updated her on their girls’ school activities and how his current project was progressing. After the “I love you’s” were exchanged, she sauntered into her partner’s room, “Mmmm… that smells good; I’m starving.”

As he poured the wine, he asked about Jim and the girls. After all he had been Jim’s best man, even though the bride had been sharing a bed with him before she and Jim had met, “You know, all these years we’ve been working together, I’m sure Jim has to be a little suspicious of us. I would be if it was the other way around.”

Chasing a bite of shrimp down with her wine, she replied, “I’m sure he probably does suspect we have sex. But, he makes 80grand a year, and I make three and a half million. He gets all the pussy he wants when I’m at home, and he loves being daddy to the girls. Ciara will graduate next year and be off to college; Jenny’s right behind her the following year. He’ll have lots more time on his hands after they’re gone from home.”

His croutons weren’t quite as crunchy as he liked, but as he chewed, he said, “Lily doesn’t even have much desire for sex anymore, since she went through menopause. We still do it, but it’s because I’m the one who wants it, not her. Besides, when I am fucking her, I usually think about you and the many ways we’ve done each other over the years.”

Once finished with their dinner, he pushed the cart into the hall, closed and locked the door. He pitched his house robe onto the over stuffed chair and laid his head in her lap. He loved her lap; it was comfortable, had a wonderful smell and he was able to turn his head to the right… a place to kiss her thin, light blonde, pubic hair. Turning to his left, he could kiss her slim, smooth thighs.

Instead of television, soft rock was playing on the CD player. Being this comfortable with each other was ‘old hat’ as she stroked his hair. Once his Cialis began to kick in, her other hand moved to his dick, “Hmmm… we’re about to get there, aren’t we, darlin’?”

He slid from the big sofa and parted her creamy, white legs. For the next five minutes, he kissed and licked his way toward the pink pussy that was awaiting his gentle ministrations. Once he arrived at the portal, she raised her heels onto the cushions and scooted his target against his tongue.

Her cunt was as delicious as it was when she was twenty-one. Because her children were born by c-section, her pussy was still tighter than most women her age. His tongue sought out her ‘love button’ while his fingers entered her vagina. After a few minutes, his ring finger wiggled its way into her asshole.

She was an easily excited woman and was ecstatic with the sensation of being ‘finger-fucked and clitty sucked’.
Her orgasm wracked her to the bone as fluids began leaking onto his fingers and into his mouth.

He stood, helped her off the sofa and laid her on the thick, soft carpet. It was the same carpet they had used on previous trips to Hawaii; fourteen times over the years, to be exact. He lay on top of her smooth body and looked into her blue eyes, “You know I love you. My God, how I love you.”
She smiled and nodded.

His thick cock slid into familiar territory and hit bottom on the first push. Amazingly, her muscles tightened, almost making it hard to pull back for the next thrust. She credited her control of those muscles to a Vietnamese massage therapist she met in Singapore. The woman had told her of simple exercises that would drive a man nuts, with her pussy control.

Within the first three minutes, she had another orgasm… followed by a third. As she began to breathe easier, his whole lower body started to tingle. He knew this was going to be a big load and grabbed her hips, “Oh… shit… Uhhh… Uhhh… Uhhh… Oh, God, Here it cums, honey… here… I… AhhHHHhhh… Ahhhhh… ahhhhh… ooooo….. Oh, yeah, oh, yeah… Mmmmm… you did me good, baby, really good.”

“Since you took a pill, we should be able to do some more in a little while; you want me to stay in here with you?”
He expressed his desire by rolling her onto her back and sucking her firm, luscious, ample tits.

After an hour or so of fondling and small talk, she told him to lay back and let her please him.
“Honey, you always please me. I’ll do whatever you want.”

She knew that, with the help of the Cialis, she could use her wide mouth to bring his erection into play again. Her small hand, long tongue and soft lips did exactly that. Once blood had filled his cock for the second time, she straddled him and impaled her slim, beautiful body with it.

As she rocked, helping herself to gain her own pleasure, she leaned forward and kissed her lover, “Jim doesn’t like this position; he says it’s the man’s job to take control and set the pace. But I know you certainly like it; after all, your eyes roll so far back in your head I can’t see your pupils.”

“Do me a favor.”


“Forget Jim when you’re fucking me. I never think about Lily; she’s the farthest person from my mind when we’re together. You just ride my old dick and enjoy me all you want. It’s gonna take thirty minutes for my balls to blow again, so do what makes it feel best for you.”

She kissed him again and said, “I love you so much. Maybe someday we can be together and not hide our lov… oh, boy… here it cums, baby… here ittttttt… AHHHHHHHHhhhhhh, shitttttt!”

He smiled at the woman and said, “I hope you’re not through, Vanna, it’s still gonna be a little while for me.”

“Don’t you worry, Pat, I’m just gettin’ started.”

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