Farah is my step-sister. My mother married her dad even before we could remember so she was by law and in my mind my full-blooded sister. I got adopted by dad so we even have the same last name which adds to the validity of our kinship. She and I had a pretty good sibling relationship most of the time, I didn’t hate her; sometimes I even felt like she was more of a friend than a close relative. We were completely comfortable with each other and could talk openly which helped a lot when either of us had problems or worries. We even talked about personal stuff like ambitions, dreams, and our fledgling love lives. She knew when I first had sex and with who and I knew when she gave up her virginity. We talked about how sex felt and who we were with when we did it. We were even relaxed enough around the other that we sometimes didn’t bother to get properly dressed before venturing out of our rooms. I mean she doesn’t panic and shriek in embarrassment when I chance upon her in bra and panties and she knows the color patterns on several of my boxer shorts.

It was the first weekend of summer; our parents were invited on a boat trip and since my sister and I were both teetering on adulthood, me being 19, and Farah 17 they decided we were mature enough to live alone for three days and nights. Our parents would leave us alone but there were conditions. They would be calling the house and speak to each of us sometime after 10 to make sure that we hadn’t destroyed the house or maimed each other over the day. I’m sure the call was more for Farah than me, she was still a ‘minor’.

“Can we have a party?” was the first question out of my mouth when the weekend was being planned. Mom conferred with dad and allowed us to have a limited holiday fest in the back yard but everyone had to be gone by 10:00. We had to make sure all the guests and their parents understood the conditions before they left so Farah and I made the phone calls while mom and dad coached. However, they didn’t tell us what we could or couldn’t do for the rest for our unsupervised freedom. And that was the first thing Farah asked me when we found ourselves alone in the kitchen, “What are you going to do for the other two days?”

“I don’t know but we have to be here after ten so we can talk to mom and dad when they call.”

“Yeah,” she smiled slyly, “but they didn’t tell us we had to be alone.” I liked the way my little sister thought.

We planned a bar-b-que for Saturday. That gave us Sunday and Monday with nothing to do but I was sure that our fertile minds would come up with something, or somebody to use up those days too.

It started well, a friend and I charred ribs on the grill while everybody else played games and swam in our pool. There were a dozen of us, six boys and six girls, nice even numbers. I was hitting on Susan hard and she was flirting heavily with me. Farah was being real chummy with a kid named Sam. It was a party, no parents allowed so around dark, about the time the neighbors couldn’t see without obviously prying, someone broke out a few bottles of brew then the darker the sky became the livelier the party got.

The music was blaring, beer was flowing and several of us were chasing each other around the yard, playing a form of dodge ball with water balloons. We were trying to soak the girls in a quest for the best wet t-shirt and the girls were trying to bomb us with balloons at the same time. I had just hit my girlfriend Susan in the back with a blue water bomb when Farah snuck up on me with one in her hand, I feinted left and took off.

Farah was chasing me through the yard in her t-shirt and bikini holding the water balloon trying to throw it on me. I stopped behind a bush and snared her by the waist as she flew past. She dropped the balloon and squealed as my fingers went to her ribs. She was squirming and twisting her body, her butt rubbing on my crotch as she tried to get away from my grip. She spun in my arms, facing me and tripped over her own feet. As she lost her footing she grabbed my shoulders to keep from falling but we both ended up in a tangle of arms and legs, crashing to the grass.

When we stopped bouncing we were in the classic missionary sex position, I was lying between her spread legs, my cock pressed firmly into the junction of her thighs. It took only a second to realize just how compromising our position was, Farah blushed deep red and turned her eyes away from mine. I pushed up off her with my arms which caused my groin to press against her body hard enough I could feel the soft form of her womanhood through the thin layer of the bikini briefs. My cock thrilled at the close contact and she burned even redder. I got off her and she scrambled away, glanced quickly at the front of my trunks then ran back to the party.

Later I managed to chase Susan into a shadow and wrestle her to the ground where she and I began a promising exploration of each other. Just as I slipped my hand under the waist band of her briefs Farah found me, “Ross it’s after 10, mom and dad might call anytime.”

Susan rearranged herself, kissed me goodbye and left with the rest of our friends. I had a hard-on that refused to believe the night was over, my swim trunks bulged with the evidence of my frustration and I was pissed at my sister because she had interrupted my quest to get laid.

Our parents didn’t call until 10:25. While we waited Farah and I cleaned up the mess from the party. By the time we were done I was over being mad and my cock had lost hope and shriveled to its normal useless state. We talked about our friends and what we planned for the next night. I told my sister that Susan was coming over and we were going to finish un-finished business. She was going out with Sam. Once the call with dad was over she and I went back out to sit by the pool to enjoy the warm night and the last of the illicit beers. She still had a t-shirt over her swim suit, I was in my trunks.

I opened a bottle and held it out to Farah but before she took it she pulled her arms inside the shirt, unclasped the top of her suit, shrugged it off her arms then dropped it from under the shirt. She stretched her arms back through the sleeves then massaged the grooves in her skin where the close fitted halter had been rubbing her. She grabbed the beer and relaxed back on the chair while I stared at her tits under the thin cotton. I’d seen her braless in shirts many times before but this time was different, looking at the dusky brown hint of nipples pressed against the fabric caused a ripple of lust in my balls.

Farah studied my face then asked “What the fuck are you gawking at?”

“Your tits, they’re looking good tonight.”

She dipped her head and looked at her own bust, “Yeah, look how my nipples are hard. It must be because of the wet shirt.”

“It doesn’t look wet” I observed.

Farah put a hand over the rise of her left breast and pinched the nub, “Your right, it isn’t.” She took the bottle of beer and rolled it across one breast then the second. The heavy, cold condensation clinging to the glass soaked the shirt over her nipples. When she was done, she had a wet spot at the end of each breast, her nipples stood rigid against the chilled wet cloth.

“Now how do I look?”

I looked her over from hair to feet. My gaze brushed across her tanned skin, her short blonde hair was disheveled from the hard play at the party. Her light blue eyes were sparkling with mischief, a half smile rested on her full lips as my eyes roamed over her 5’2” body. The material of the shirt had turned transparent where the water drops from where the bottle made it wet. Her breasts jutted like twin peaks from the flat plains of her stomach. She was lying on her side facing me, one leg raised at the knee over the other. She looked incredibly sexy.

“You look hot.”

“Not since the sun went down.”

“Not that way hot. Sexy, like you should get laid.”

“Well, that’s not gonna happen. You got further with Susan than I got with Sam. He disappointed me; I thought he would make a pass but he wimped.”

“Susan didn’t wimp, but you came up at the wrong time, we were getting somewhere.”

“Come on Ross, you didn’t have time to screw her unless you’re a one minute, get in, get off prick. If you are, I did her a favor.”

“I can keep it up for hours!”

She just smirked, “Yeah, right. That’s any girl’s dream, to find some guy that can fuck like that.”

I stood up; the object of our conversation had risen to about half rigid, creating a distinct outline in my loose trunks. Farah glanced at my groin then back up to my eyes, “Are you any good with that?”

I didn’t answer her. I turned and jumped into the pool and splashed to the shallow end. I heard my sister dive in behind me and when I turned I could see her coming toward me under the surface. She popped up directly in front of me laughing. I looked down on her and said “Take the shirt and bottoms off.”

She stepped back and searched my face quickly then said “You want me to get naked?”

“Yeah, let’s swim ‘au naturale.”

“I don’t know if I can do that” she countered.

“Why not, it’s not like you have secrets, I can see your boobs right through the shirt, I’ve seen your pubic hair poking out around the legs of your panties lots of times. I promise not to stare.”

“You have to promise not to touch too.”

“Come on, gimme a break, I’m your brother.” She was hesitating so I hooked my thumbs into the waist of my trunks and pulled them down and off then tossed them to the side of the pool where they landed with a loud splat.

Farah looked me up and down then held her arms straight up, over her head, “It's wet, pull it off.” I grabbed the hem of the shirt and pulled it up her body and over her arms. She grabbed it from me then waded to the edge of the pool and took off the briefs. She piled her stuff next to my trunks then dove back under the water and swam to the deep end where she hooked her arms on the edge of the pool. I back floated to her and held myself in place with an arm on the deck.

We hung on the side of the pool face to face talking. I kept stealing glances at her beautiful bared breasts while we gossiped about the others at the party. I couldn’t see her lower half clearly through the rippling water but it looked like she didn’t have any pubic hair. I felt a tingle in my nuts.

After a few moments of watching me appreciate her body Farah grinned and asked “Are you enjoying the view?”

“It’s pretty nice; what did you do down there? Are you shaved?”

My sister blushed, “There were a lot of guys here today, I didn’t want them staring at any curly stuff between my legs just like you said you could see sometimes. I trimmed myself a little.”

“I don’t see any pubes.”

Her cheeks turned redder, “I’m blonde, they’re almost invisible in the water.”

The blush faded and her smile got wider, “Get out of the water.”


She patted her hand on the poolside deck, “Come on, get out, it’s my turn to check you out”.

I climbed from the pool and stood directly over Farah. She reached up to me so I grabbed her arms and helped her out of the water. As I pulled her up her eyes were fixed on my body, moving over me as I lifted her. I’m several inches taller than my sister and outweigh her by at least 50 pounds. She is very petite, maybe a hundred five pounds and a lot of that was in her well-formed breasts and round butt. My weight is across my shoulders and chest. I’m not a steroid gulping muscle freak, but I’m ripped from playing sports.

My diminutive sister stepped back from me, water running in rivulets from her nudity as she looked me over. The creamy skin of her body covered by the bikini contrasted with her light tan, drawing my eyes to those parts of her anatomy normally hidden by the swim suit. The slit between her legs was a magnet for my eyes.

I was taking her in from legs to face while her eyes roamed over me then settled on my cock. As she looked, I felt the familiar feeling of it swelling with blood, growing, pointing toward the fresh naked female standing just inches from it. I flushed with embarrassment and started to turn away but Farah put a hand on my arm and held me still, “No, wait, I want to see this.”

What the hell, if she wanted to see my erection, I decided to give her a show. It was pretty much full sized when I gripped it in my fingers and pulled the foreskin back to reveal the full length of it, the mushroomed head swollen and blue. I held it high to give her a view of my balls.

My sister colored an attractive shade of Mary Kay then said “That looks like it would hurt unless a girl could get used to it.”

“Not all girls are as small as you; Susan doesn’t have a problem with it.”

“I never had one that …” she hesitated, “…sized before.” I noticed she was careful not to say ‘big’. She grabbed what was left of her beer and went into the house. As I watched her tight ass sway, I got the impression she was teasing me as she moved; she knew exactly what I was watching and put a little more swing in her stride. With an unintentional feminine provocation, she was taunting my senses, putting on a show. I thought to myself that she could have this one if she wanted.

I went to bed. The erection my sister caused refused to die so I had a tent over my waist as I slowly stroked it. My lust laden cock was heavy with desire, my nuts tight and solid between my legs. I had brewed up a strong yearning for Susan but it was the vision of Farah’s body that flooded my balls with hormones. She was just a few feet from me in her own bed; and most likely, nude. I’d never seriously thought of Farah as a sex partner before but I had a hard time getting her out of my oversexed mind until I drifted to sleep.

An odd sound woke me up. I looked at the bedside clock and the dull red numbers told me it was 1:06 AM. I heard it again. It was coming from the back of the house. I struggled out of bed and looked into the dark yard. The underwater pool lights were turned up only enough to chase away the shadows on the bottom of the pool. Farah was slicing through the water, swimming toward one end, her silhouette against the dimly lit background showed that she was still naked. A surge of energy forced my eyes wide open and sent another thrill tickling across my stomach. I opened the window and called down, “What the hell are you doing out there?”

The sound of my voice must have startled her because she floundered slightly then looked up at me, “I can’t sleep.”

“Well you fucking woke me up!”

I sensed more than saw the smile, “Then get down here and come in.” She porpoised into the deep end of the pool, her back, butt and legs curved out of the water as she plunged head first for the depths then surfaced, floating on her back. Her nude body looked like an invitation and as she scissored her legs, I caught hints of her body’s crevice in the disturbed water. Her words “come in” echoed in my ears as “cum in” and my cock started growing again.

By the time I waded into the pool I was carrying a force ten erection, Farah watched me cross from the house, her eyes following my stiff muscle. I moved though the water and faced her, “It’s one in the morning. What are you doing here?”

She put a hand around my neck and felt for my hard-on with the other, “Would it be okay if we had sex?”

The feel of her fingers tickling me caused me to shudder, “I don’t know, I’d like to but I’m your brother, that stuff isn’t supposed to happen.”

“You’re not really my brother, besides do you think it would matter if we were the only two people left in the world?”

“But we aren’t.”

Farah swiveled her head, looking around the yard then toward the house, “I don’t see anyone else, we could be the only two left,” she purred “and ever since you fell on me today, I’ve been thinking about you. I liked the way you pushed on me when you got up.”

I had to agree, “Yeah, I got turned on when I felt your legs rubbing on mine.”

She looked up at me coyly, still fingering my cock, “I’ll rub them on any part of you that you want.”

On the way from my room I’d wondered how I could seduce my step-sister but it was obvious she wanted the same thing I did. I cupped her ass in my hands and lifted her up; she put her legs around my waist and crossed her ankles behind me, the end of my erection slid between her legs, along the lips of her body until we meshed. Farah put her head on my shoulder and flexed her hips, stroking my erection with her pussy. I moved her around slightly until the end of my cock eased into the opening that awaited me.

Even though she was aroused and wanted sex, she was tight. When the head of my shaft was in her I stopped pushing so she could adjust, she flexed her hips against me while I held still. Each time my sister moved I slid a little farther into her. Her breath was coming faster, blowing hot on my neck, her body loosening up. I squeezed her butt cheeks and began to pull her against me when she rolled her hips to take me deeper. We were still in the water but I could feel her getting warmer and slicker from the fluids of her body. Her nipples were boring hot holes in my chest.

Farah lifted her head and looked into my eyes. I pumped my ass, experimenting, which caused her to gasp and catch her breath. She put her lips on mine and groaned into my mouth as she exhaled. All of a sudden, she was fucking me. Her body had accepted mine and we began to rub bellies as we coupled.

I’d been turned on most of the day, first by Susan, then by my step-sister and my balls were packed solid with the forces of nature. Farah was grinding against me, whimpering soft sounds, causing my nuts to boil. Just before they vaporized I found enough will power to pull out of my steaming hot sibling and ease her legs back to the bottom of the pool.

“Why did you stop?” she panted.

I paraphrased her words, “Because I don’t want you to think I’m a get in, get off, one-minute prick.”

She smiled flirtingly, “A girl has to expect that on a first date. She wrapped her small hand around my solid packed erection, “I didn’t think it would fit in me.”

I took her hand and led her out of the pool back to my room.

She was on her back giving me full access to her awesome young body. I knelt between her open legs, bent over and kissed her bellybutton. Her stomach muscles rippled when I put the end of my tongue on her skin and licked a wet trail of desire down to the junction of her thighs. I knew I wouldn’t last long the first time I fucked her so I was determined that she enjoy herself first.

I kissed the top of her slit, the musky scent of her aroused body, the taste of her skin, turned my cock to steel, my balls pulled up tight, inflamed with lust and need. I opened the crack of her pussy with two fingers and put my mouth over her clit then sucked it into the vacuum between my lips. Farah rocked her hips, mashing her pelvis against my face as I licked the soft cover of skin over her button.

She was rolling her hips, hissing softly as I dipped my tongue into the cavity between her thighs. She was getting wild, hard to hold so I put my hands under her ass and pressed her closer. I felt her thighs on my cheeks when they began to vibrate. She was tossing her head making wordless sounds, her fingers tangled tightly in my hair. I slipped two fingers into her flowing wet hole which caused the vibration in her legs became a full body shake, the bed was squeaking in protest to our bouncing while she went over the top in orgasmic pleasure.

I laid down beside her while she fought for breath, slowly coming off her sensual high. She rolled to me, kissed my mouth and threw a leg over mine. She reached between us and found the object of her lust and guided me between her legs. I slipped my cock into Farah’s tender trap and began to stroke slowly in and out of her while we talked quietly.

“You feel as good as you look.” I told her. “Hot, tight and sexy.”

She smiled into my eyes and pushed her pelvis tight against me, “I like that you can get all that into me.” I stroked deep into her which made her shiver, “Oh Fuck; that feels good” she puffed, so I did it again.

She pulled away then rolled to her back, pulling me with her. She raised her legs, bent at the knees and invited me back into her oven hot pussy. Farah started fucking me hard, bending and twisting, crying out sharply while I suckled her tits and slammed her.

We rolled around my bed giving and taking pleasure until I knew I couldn’t hold on any longer. I stopped fucking my petite step-sister and pulled my cock out of her. She quivered when I put the head of it at the top of her crack and slid it full length across her clit, “Come back” she urged with a quick kiss to sweeten the offer.

“I’ll cum.”

Farah looked up at me, grabbed my stiff muscle, bent it down until the lips of her pussy were kissing the head of it, “It’s okay”

I put my mouth over hers, slipped my tongue into her mouth while I slipped back into her. It only took a couple more bounces of her ass under me to trigger my climax. I heard myself groan as my muscles cramped and I began to fire long hot bullets into the depths of her womb. Farah gasped again and gushed “Omygawd, I can feel it, I feel you Ross, I feel you cuming!” then she grabbed my ass tight and bucked under me as her second orgasm destroyed any propriety she had.

It took forever to get enough strength to lift my head and look at her. She was lying on her stomach with a completely satisfied smile on her face, “I’m glad Susan and Sam didn’t stick around.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Why? We just had some really good sex and you want to know why? I’m might be sore later, but my dear brother, I’ve never had a first time that good before.”

“Well, you aren’t exactly the worse girl I’ve ever had either but we gotta be careful, if we keep this up I’ll have to get some rubbers.”

“No you won’t.”

“Yeah, I should. I just filled you up with a zillion little Ross clones, one of them might think it’s the right thing to do to find an egg and fuck it.”

Farah rolled to her back giving me a pleasurable view of her body again, “You know I’ve got that ID that says I’m 21; I went to a doctor and got a device put in me. I’ve had sex with three guys since I got it and it’s been working.”

“Do mom and dad know about it?”

“Hell no,” Farah smirked, “they still think I’m their sweet innocent baby.” Her pretty blue eyes sparkled, “And dad sure as hell wouldn’t be happy about what you just did to his baby.”

Nothing more was said. I drifted to sleep when Farah went to the bathroom. When I woke up about nine the next morning, she was curled up next to me sound asleep. I eased out of bed to piss and while I was standing there with cock in hand, I caught the scent of her sex which coated my prick. I thought about her lying naked in my bed and my beast began to harden again.

I returned to my sister and slid my hard-on between her legs and gently penetrated her from behind. She warmed up to my sexual ambush and began to press against me every time I moved into her. I fucked Farah slowly, softly until my balls blew out again. When I was done, she rolled over and nuzzled my neck, “You woke me up. I liked it.”

We took a shower together and were successful in turning each other on again, she bit my chest when I made her climax with my fingers. For the rest of the day Farah and I teased each other, flirting, necking, making passes and promises. We ordered pizza for dinner and while we were devouring that we came to an understanding. After her date with Sam, and Susan went home, she and I would spend the night together again.

I was ready for Susan. She came over about 6:30 and by 6:45 she was sitting on my lap, my cock rammed deep into her. Farah was out so after our first hurried fuck we ended up in my bed. For three more hours she and I played with each other, it was just before 10 when Susan left.

Farah came in just as the phone started ringing. She grabbed it up and started bubbling merrily to mom about our day. We told her about the $30 for the pizza and drinks and Farah’s date with Sam then hung up. Sis looked across the room at me, smiled seductively then asked “Did she use up all your energy?”

I answered with my own question, “Did you get laid?”

Farah shrugged her shoulders and replied “I guess he’s not too wimpy, he took me for a ride but he didn’t take me very far.” I caught what she meant, she let him have her but she didn’t get off.

“Maybe I can help you with that” I suggested.

My sister sashayed across the room to me, put a hand over the bulge in my pants and said “Maybe you can.”

“You want go for a swim?”

She moved her hand to my neck and pulled my head down then spoke softly into my ear, “I don’t think so, I like the idea that you still have Susan on your dick; I want to taste her.”

A quick vision of Farah’s head in my lap added to the building tension in my balls. I put a hand over her breast and felt the nipple grow in my palm. Farah smiled seductively, leaned up and grazed my ear with her tongue then cooed “Do I need to clean up, or do you want to mix your cum with his?”

As I pulled Farah into a long soft French kiss, I was thinking maybe I should stop thinking of her as my sister.

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