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It has been several months since I posted my true story here on XNXX. It was more of an essay on growing up with a noticeable booty and how that led me to the topic of ass worshipers. I received many emails (some even from females) and I knew that I should do a follow-up story here to answer so many questions. Well, I'm finally getting around to that.

But first, some reminders about me . . .

I am 23, I live in the Southwest, I am a journalism/creative writing major who may never graduate, ha. I am a barmaid in the evenings and some weekends and I make pretty good money, at least enough to keep me in college part time along with help from my dad.

When I wrote previously, I had a semi-bf. He isn't the type I would marry but he was good for some things. I don't see him as much. I found it proper to reduce his status to FWB-AN which means friends with benefits - as needed, ha. I currently have three men I meet with separately about once a month each, sometimes more often. I am fascinated and turned on by their intense desire to kneel behind me and the control and sense of eliteness that I experience.

So now, let me get to the most popular questions etc. that I received from that first story.

1. Females:
I was asked several times by females if I have ever had my ass worshiped by a female or if I would ever consider it. I have not experienced that. I suppose I would if the girl was truly an ass worshiper but I don't think I would find that as erotic as seeing a man begging to do it.

One email I received was from a girl who called herself a "scent" girl. She is bi and has a girlfriend and she was responding to a section of my story that talked about buttsniffing (more on that subject later). She said she is into ALL scents from other females. Some of it was a bit beyond my interest (the scent of spit? uhhhh, no thanks!) and some of it beyond my tolerances, but I do understand that fetishes are not something we should judge, and, I did like that after reading my story, she planned to focus more on buttsniffing with her girlfriend. She emailed me for months which I found odd but enjoyable.

2. Why no anal sex?
I said clearly in my story that I have never engaged in anal sex and now, after discovering ass worship, I am convinced more than ever that I never will. So, I received many emails from guys who called themselves ass worshipers, but I knew they were either uninformed or they were lieing. Why? Because a true ass worshiper craves to honor and respect and cherish my ass, not invade it with his hard cock and defile it. A man who wants to fuck me in the ass doesn't understand is usually one who lies about being an ass worshiper.

On the other hand, a man who is misinformed or inexperienced can be forgiven for thinking that anal sex is part of ass worship. I have found that those men will often renounce their quest for anal sex once they are focused on the very intimate experience they can have with the most private and personal part of me. A true ass worshiper already has an unbearable desire to kiss and lick and sniff and adore, etc.

3. Facesitting:
So much of my story focused on oral-anal adulation as ass worship that some asked, "What about facesitting? Isn't that also a part of ass worship?" Very much, yes! It was my oversight to not say more about it. I think there are many opinions on how facesitting is part of ass worship and I will tell you how I like it best. This isn't the only way I would consider it nor the only way I have done it, but it seems to be the way I think about facesitting-ass worship the most.

The optimum for me, at least in my most erotic thoughts for facesitting-ass worship, is that the guy gets down behind me and spends a good amount of time doing the sensual/oral-anal things---- kissing, sniffing, licking, deep-tongue, adoring words, etc. usually under my direction If he reaches an orgiastic (is that a word?) level (and most do reach that level), then I would turn him loose to use his face, lips, tongue, mouth, nose, etc. however he wants until he reaches orgasm.

Then somewhat like a black widow, I would take advantage of his weakened state, push him to his back, and take my time to sit down right on his face, or more specifically, right on his nose. It is my right to do so and it is his responsibility to keep his face straight up so I can do it. I will sit however I want and for as long as I want as a matter of emphasizing my superior role and my ownership of his face. I know men will let me because I know they want and need more ass. Keeping me happy through facesitting keeps them in line to come back.

Facesitting fits in other ways but essentially, when I am sitting on a man's face, it's pretty hard for him to worship my ass because he is pinned under me. His nose is in my ass very firmly and my buttcheeks squash his face cheeks. He cannot lick my ass; he can't sniff it; his mouth is not arranged to kiss it. His form of worship in facesitting is to just lay still and accept that my ass owns his face. In most other forms of ass worship, his face and mouth are active but not in facesitting. His role there is to be completely passive under me.

4. Do I get turned on with ass worship or is it just an amusement?


At first, I was intrigued by how helpless some men are when they see a round, round butt like mine. They practically drool with their eyes even though they try to conceal it. Their eyes go all "puppy" and weak. If they smile, it's weak and sheepish. Then, when I got with them in the beginning, those same things just intrigued me so much. I wasn't all that turned on by ass worship in the early going because I wasn't accustomed to it and I was experimenting and trying to find my way. I loved doing it but not for erotic reason, in the beginning.

One thing I loved in the beginning was the attention they gave to my butt. Even today I am still greatly moved by the sensations of being some kind of sexy goddess; that's how their excessive adulation of my ass makes me feel. I feel that way almost all the time in facesitting bye-the-way.

As I became more accustomed to ass worship, I found the erotic part grew on me pretty quickly. It's not surprising I suppose that an eager tongue working up my rear-end and my two fingers on my clit would get me off, although I seldom go that far because ass worship to me is more of a ritual and not a sexual event that has orgasm as its main goal, at least not for me. Nonetheless, I have done that in some circumstances which I won't describe here.

What may be less expected is that I have orgasmed with my two fingers on my clit and one of my ass worshipers who is obsessed with kissing my anus and speaking words of love and devotion. It is quite odd and perverse and well beyond normal, but I suspect that is why it pushes me to the two-fingered finale. I think ---- Not sure I really know.

5. Do I ever have sex with ass worshipers --- or --- would I?
I have had that question so many times.
I don't mean to sound full of myself here, not at all. But, it seems to me that a mere ass worshiper and an ass goddess are too disparate for them to come together sexually. A man in the role of ass worshiper is beneath me and I don't mean that arrogantly. What I mean is that he himself will admit he is beneath me and that he is not worthy to even kiss my anus (which is why they consider it such a great privilege-which it should because I only let ass worshipers do that or, for that matter, get very far into that deep, dark, mysterious, personal cavern). My place is on their face. We are not equals.

HOWEVER . . . I suspect there is a man out there who is at one time a complete, groveling dedicated ass worshiper while at other times, he is a complete stud. THAT man I will fuck. Well, I would also suck because I'm told I have quite a mouth for that and I do love sucking ha. People like that are often called "switches" because they can be utterly submissive at one time while being utterly in control at others. I have that tendency as well depending upon who I am with. If a man is an ass worshiper, well I will certainly take my rightful place and expect him to spend time with his face in my ass. But, if a man exercises his manly authority, then he will find it quite probable that he will get what he wants. With a dominant, controlling man, I very much like having him use my mouth or put me in bondage and get into something a little rough like a rape scene (painless however).

6. When did I first discover my interest in ass worshipers?
There are two answers actually. The first one is that I began to understand I had a special booty when I was a child. From the very first times that I can remember, people have commented about my butt. I am Czech descent and I have been given the gift of an exceptional ass that has been passed down from generations. I have always heard comments like, "That little Eva has a butt just like her mother." or similar. The earliest of ages, those comments sometimes came from people in our family, not as sexual statements, but more like conversational things usually followed by laughs.

Guys said a lot of things to me about my ass when I was young. One I remember vividly was when I was 11. I remember walking in a mall parking lot and a car going by and some old guy saying I had the most beautiful butt he had ever seen. He said it should be kissed kiss it all day and night. I thought it was weird and scary but I also liked hearing the words.

At school, boys talked about it and I heard a lot of that through the grapevine. On and on it went. I heard about it more times than I can count. I must admit though, I dressed to be noticed, ha. I liked the attention. I still do.

Late in high school, I dated one guy who I now suspect was an ass worshiper. We made out and he felt me up but most of his time with feeling my body was spent feeling my ass. He made some comments that I don't remember exactly but had I known more about ass worship, I'm sure I would have known that's what he was trying to get.

Somehow when I was 21, a light went on in my head and I thought, well, if my ass is that great then maybe it should be appreciated. I went on line and searched a few things and then came across ass worship as a topic. I read about it. I watched videos of it. I was blown away. It made so much sense to me right off the bat. I knew it was for me so I began to keep my ears and eyes out to see if I could detect a guy as an ass worshiper.

I didn't find my first ass worshiper on my own. My semi-bf found him! Yeah, loser-lamerhead proved to be good for something-- he found a man to worship my ass! How lovely.

So, I met with that man and we talked at a restaurant. He was 10 years older than me and it wasn't hard to tell that he was the real deal. We got together and it was awesome. I loved it Still do. We still meet. He's one of three I see regularly. And, that's how I got into it.

7. Buttsniffng
Nothing of my previous story got more comments than buttsniffing. I won't try to convince you of anything here, but I want to respond to those questions and just explain what I have learned through experience--those things that shaped the opinions I now have.

Why in the world would I include buttsniffing as an element of ass worship? Doesn't it seem just too nasty and too decadent to expect that?

I have heard from many (many!) guys who wanted to get with me and they said they were ass worshipers. My semi-bf thinks he's an ass worshiper because he licks ass for three minutes on his way to the promised land (pussy). Another guy I dated thought he was an ass worshiper because he wanted to finger my ass. Another thought because he did deep-tongue, he was an ass worshiper.

But, there is so much to it. Ass worship is a full and complete realm all by itself. It is devotion and deep adoration and it takes time and intimacy, etc. It isn't a part of anything else. It is ass worship on its own – it is the entire reason for getting together. There is nothing else on the “menu”-- so to speak.

Many guys will tell an ass girl like me he's an ass worshiper and do a few minutes of some lame oral-anal thing when all they want is to fuck.

However, after many chats, conversations, and experiences, I began to realize something: Not every man who says he's an ass worshiper actually is but every man who is truly a buttsniffing is also truly an ass worshiper. That sounds almost insane to even write but it is what I have discovered. I have never met a true ass worshiper who didn't crave that smell and openly ask for it and then love it. They can't get enough whereas a non-true ass worshiper will say, "Sniff what? Are you crazy?"

Buttsniffing is odd and a bit weird to even mention, but it can be very intimate because there is nothing more private or personal that a girl could share of herself.

A man who will ask for or beg to sniff my ass leaves no doubt that he is truly into ass worship with every one of his senses. Those kind assure me that what they crave is not to just lick my ass for a minute then fuck me but their whole time with me is for them to have their face right up in that deep and dark cavern.

I feel odd, like you will think I am very strange to even mention buttsniffing but it has become a major part of what ass worship has come to mean to me. If that makes me a weirdo, then okay but I think if you check with others who are genuinely into ass worship from any perspective, they will agree with what I'm saying.

As long as I've gone this far, I might as well admit that I do love an eager butt sniffer. There is something very romantic and sex-goddess-like about it. I don't know that I have explained it well here but I love it enough that I don't see myself striking up any new ass worship relationships unless the guy is genuinely into butt sniffing or is willing to try. I will let him start with me just in panties. I love it in panties anyway. I feel so sexy and girlish in sexy panties and a guy worshiping by sniffing. When he's ready, he can pull them down; up to him. I want the real thing and not something I force on someone. I would enjoy revealing to a genuine ass worship candidate the intimacy of buttsniffing but never force it. If he doesn't get it right off, then that's fine, but for the ones who get into it right off, well that's worth taking the risk of being called a weirdo.

8. Gas
Okay so I don't like the word "farting" that much. I use it but I don't feel all that comfortable with it.

I received many comments from guys asking if I have ever farted in a guy's face or if I would ever consider doing it. The answer is -- I have never farted in any one's face. Until I got those emails asking that question, I just never even had it come to my mind.

Would I ever do it? Well, to say "never" would be a mistake because "never" is an absolute and I don't like absolutes like that. I have never had the desire to fart in anyone's face. Even the question disturbs me. But, I cannot deny that it might be a part of ass worship that I just have not come to appreciate or agree with yet. I just don't know. When I get there---if I get there---then I will know I suppose.

It just seems too dirty and deranged of a thing to do.

I have one thought in my head though that I haven't been able to shake. What if I met a guy who I truly like a LOT personally--outside of ass worship--and he was an ass worshiper who really did it the way that gets me going and he craved and begged and pleaded for me to fart in his face? For that matter, what if I wasn't into him all that much personally but he was a fantastic worshiper who pleaded and begged etc.? That would have some influence on me. I'm not sure why, but it would. I am not sure it would be enough to get me into the gas thing, but I can't say "never" so maybe.

I mean, everyone has their price, right? So a great worshiper who I really liked who begged and begged --- well maybe then. (I'm going to slip my email in here and see if it publishes, ha. evamartini at inbox.) But there is also the chance that if I tried it, I might be so grossed out I would never do it again. I just don't know.

* * *
I can't really think of any other questions that were very common. There were some abstract ones that appeared once or twice like do I prefer thongs or commando or bikini style panties. I never go commando. I wear thongs if I'm wearing something smooth and tight. But my favorite is very thin bikini style panties (love being sniffed in those - just saying). Okay another was do I swallow, lol. Always unless the guy has it down my throat in which case its a forced injection, ha.

And a final bit of information: I am 5t6, dark hair, brown eyes, flat tummy (which helps because I'm not all that big boob-wise), and I have no tats. I live on my own and happy that way. And NO --- no one in my family has any idea that I have gotten into this very peculiar world of ass worship.

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