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it was a mildy windy day outside my home that night. when i went outside to meet my boyfriend.. he was a tall. 5 foot 6 guy with blonde hair and blue eyes.. muscles that u would die for.. a six he was soo hot.. he came over dressed in his tank top and baggy pants like always wearing his blue boxers i baught him that day.. we was looking up at the stars talkin bout the future ..

when he reached for my cheeck and gently turned my head towards his to await his kiss. his kiss was so passionate it made me wet just thinking bout it.. he kisses me gently on the lips then sticking out his tongue to lick over my lips and over my teeth in my mouth where he met my tongue while i gently sucked on ran all over my mouth.. he gently got up and layed on top of me. without stopping from kissing me ..
he slowly underessed himself.. first his shirt then his pants.. finally his shorts.. he was laying over me naked.. all i could do was slowing run my fingers over his hot body down the center of his back down to his ass.. i squeeeze each cheeck.. and rubed the sides of his body.. i could feel his hard on from between my legs..

then he slowly underessed me .. first my shirt my bra.. down to my pants and panties.. where i was wet and hot just awaiting what he was gonna do.. he kissed me from my lips down to my tits. sucking on each nipple. then down to my belly button.. slowly playing with it..and onto the top of my pussy.. he gently gave it one of his passionate kisses before sticking his tongue in it to lick on my clit.. he took his tongue and went in circles playing with it maken me even more wet.. then he take his finger and stick it in my hole and fingering me intill i cumed all over his finger.. he then lick all my juices from my pussy and let me suck my juices and cum off his fingers

before he asked me for a favor.. i said sure just thinking he wanted a blow job..instead he asked if we could try anal.. i wasnt so sure but i was horny enough and said sure why not so over on my knees and my hands i went like a dog.. as he reached in his pants pocket for some lube.. he must of had this all planned.. he took the lube and put some on my asshole and on my ass cheecks and rubed it in he put some on his finger tips and put his finger in my asshole and started to finger my ass.. he kept applying lube to it.. then he applied it to his hard hot long 9 inche cock. and slowly he stuck his cock head to my asshole and pushed it in.. inch by inch intill it was all in.. mmm it felt good i cumed as soon as it was all in.. and slowly he worked it in and out in and out.. speeding up the pase going harder.. he got so hard and fast he knocked me over.. i feel and hit my face in the ground.. i stumbled back up with him continueing to fuck my ass..

then he took his 9 in cock out and told me to lay on my back.. so i did.. and he crawled up and got behind my head where he straddle my face and put his balls over my mouth and told me to lick and suck them.. so i open my mouth and let his balls fall in i sucked on them and licked him like they was a cock.. i licked all around them.. sucking on them gently.. as he was jackin off.. i took my hands and grabed his ass..and i rubed all around his cheecks. i took one finger and runed the inside of his crack.. and i inserted my finger i ran my finger in and out slowly.. when i took my finger out on the 5 stroke of the inside of his asshole he cummed. he cummed all over my tits. all over my stomach..some even got on my pussy.. he then got up and got dressed as i did and we layed there lookin at the stars..smileing happly .. twas both of our first times with anal..

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