The conference room

I had written before that I have only cheated on my husband once. This was not entirely true. I was 25 and engaged to my husband, I was also very pregnant with my first child. I was working in an accounting office and one of the interns really had a thing for pregnant women, especially blond hair blue eyed petite ones with 34c tits.
My future husband and I were short on money, as most young couples expecting a baby are. Because of this I was working overtime most nights. The intern, Tim, was usually there, and usually hitting on me. One night he flat asked me what it would take to see me naked. I laughed and told him jokingly lots of cash. He took out his wallet and pulled out $80 and asked if that was enough. That night I told him no.

When I got home that night there was a disconnect notice on my door. I had three days to pay my water bill or they would shut us off. Neither one of us was paid for another week. My mind went back to Tim’s offer and I hid the notice from my husband. The next day I walked by Tim and told him OK, nothing more needed to be said.
We made sure we were the last ones in the building that night. We went into a private conference room and closed the door. The first thing he did was hand over the cash. Once the money was in my purse I started unbuttoning my blouse. I took sick enjoyment in watching him squirm to readjust himself as he was getting hard. I put my blouse on the table before turning around and asking him to help unzip my skirt. I could have done it myself but the evil inside me wanted to tease him more, give him his moneys worth.

I stepped out of my skirt with my bra and panties still on. I took my bra off next letting him see my swollen tits. Finally I pulled off my panties exposing my still shaved pussy, though it was getting harder to keep it that way. Tim was beside himself at this point. He took out his cell phone and started taking pictures. He had me pose as he took pictures from all angles. He even had me in a spread pose at one point. I admit I had fun, especially when I thought about him masturbating to the pictures.

When he was done I made him promise not to show the pictures to anyone else and he agreed. I bent over to pick up my panties and Tim came behind me and grabbed my ass. He asked me how much. I stopped, still bent over, and asked what he meant. He asked again how much to cum in me. I was stunned, and blurted out a number. I was more surprised when he agreed to $300. He told me he couldn’t pay until the next day but he would pay. Trying not to think about it I told him OK, I needed the money and did not want to chicken out.
I stood back up and turned around. He started rubbing my pregnant belly and leaned in to suck my tits. I reached over and undid his belt and zipper. His pants fell to the floor and I rubbed his cock through his boxers. I was really getting wet by then, knowing we could be interrupted, I was cheating on my fianc?and I loved getting my tits sucked.

He was average size, maybe 6 ½ when hard, and he was hard. He pushed me back to the table and had me lie on top of it. He kissed down my belly, spread my legs and settled in to licking my pussy. He was very good at it and I was cumming quickly. I have always loved the feel of a tongue slipping inside me, and being pregnant the feeling was amplified. I was moaning and any hesitation I might have had was gone from there.

I tries to sit up to give him a blow job but he didn’t want it, he wanted to take in my pregnant body. He kissed back up my belly and focused again on my tits. I felt his cock start to press at my pussy. With one quick thrust he was inside me. I groaned as he started fucking me, slowly at first then speeding up. He continued to rub my tits and belly as he thrust inside me.

He was hitting me just right and I started cumming violently. I was almost embarrassed at how easily I came, but it felt really good. My legs were spread as far as they could go so he could get deeper into me. I could feel my pussy juices running down my ass. I was starting to worry someone would hear me before he came.
Nobody did and I soon he was pumping his seed into my pussy. I came again as he filled me. He did not pull out right away, he stayed in me until he went flaccid and slid out on his own.

By that point what I had done began to sink in. We slowly got dressed as his cum was starting to leak out of me. With that squishy feeling between my legs that only a woman knows I went home to my fianc? He wasn’t home yet so I was able to get cleaned up before he got home.

The next day I went to work and was able to exchange that knowing glance with Tim. I found an envelope with his money on my desk. Life was good until I got the call from security. I walked into the security room and saw the guy watching a tape of me fucking Tim in the conference room. I was beet red as I was instructed to sit down.

He let the video of me keep running as he advised me of the penalties for prostitution. That was the first time it hit me that I had whored myself out! I was ashamed of myself and scared about what was going to happen to me. I barely heard him say he was going to destroy the tape. I paused and asked him to repeat himself.
He said he would destroy the tape if I would give him a blowjob. I thought twice about it just in case it was a trap before agreeing. I hiked up my skirt before getting on my knees in front of him. I unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out of his underwear. He was watching my sex tape on the monitor while I took him in my mouth.
He moaned softly as I sucked him. When I looked up I saw him watching the monitor, knowing he was turned on watching me fuck really got me wet. He did not last long, I was tasting pre-cum almost immediately. Not too long after he was cumming in my mouth, holding my head down forcing me to swallow. My mouth filled with his cum before he finally let me up.

When I sat up cum dribbled out of my mouth and down my chin. He laughed as a big glob dropped onto my cleavage and ran between my tits. I would spend the rest of the day saying I spilled my lunch and that is why I had marks on my black blouse. He zipped up and gave me a paper towel to clean up with. True to his word he gave me the tape before escorting me out of the office.

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