Drinking Girl Racer's Puddle Of Piss

Ten Most Depraved: Drinking Girl Racer's Puddle Of Piss

In the past, I used to crave a bit of humiliation and would do some quite degrading things for kicks. I thought I'd compile a list of the 10 most depraved/pervy things I've done and write a short story about them each and post them on here.

The list:

>10. Drank a girl-racer's piss-puddle from the floor of the car park.<

9. Wanked off in a used-condom after watching couple fuck in same car park.

8. Me and some mates took turns spunking into our friend's sister's dirty panties.

7. Snogged a woman at a party after two guy's had spunked in her mouth.

6. Had sloppy seconds with a woman at a party.

5. Licked another guy's cum from girlfriend's pussy.

4. Paid an escort to let me fuck her with one of her client's used condoms.

3. Sucked a used-condom clean after watching a couple have sex in an alleyway.

2. Sucked ten used-condoms clean from a escort's bin in her bathroom.

1. Paid an escort to save all her customer's spunk in a jam jar for a whole week for me to drink.

This story is the 10th on the list, hence the subtitle (true story number 10)


Drinking Girl Racer's Puddle Of Piss

True Story No. 10:


A few years back I was taking a walk around a popular tourist spot on the County Durham Coast. As I made my way along the path back to the car park, just as I emerged from the dip, I could see, squatting in the open door-way of her car, an unusually attractive, girl-racer type, taking a piss. Her vehicle was at the perfect angle, parked across the end of the pathway, so I got a full view of everything, including her streaming torrent of piss, as it jetted onto the tarmac below her.

I contemplated stopping in my tracks, as I was partially hidden on the path by the tall grass, but realised that if she did spot me there, I'd be rumbled for the complete perv that I am. So, I felt obliged to do the awkward thing and kept walking towards her. By the time I had reached the car park, the torrent had essentially turned to a trickle and the trickle had virtually stopped. However, there she was about fifteen feet in front of me, with her white-cotton knickers and her jeans around her ankles, squatting over her freshly squeezed puddle of lemon-juice.

To my surprise, rather than cover herself or look even vaguely embarrassed, the girl, who was a very good looking blonde, of around twenty-one years of age, just stood up, stark-cunt naked, making no attempt to cover herself and fixed me with a withering look as if to say; Yeah, I am taking a piss and yeah, those are my piss-flaps you're staring atso fucking what?!

Then, after pausing for what seemed like an eternity, she reached for her knickers and jeans and started pulling them up, very slowly; deliberately leaving her fully-shaven, pussy on display a moment longer, as if to taunt me. All the while, fixing me with that intimidating stare. Recognising her deliberate intent to humiliate me, I gingerly made my way past to get my car, and as I did so, I could hear her female passenger say in a mocking tone, "Did you see him check out your snatch? He definitely wants a piece of it!" To which the girl-racer replied, in a somewhat sneering tone, "Yeah, in his fucking dreams - loser!"

As I got to my car, I turned and just caught sight of her wriggling her juicy bum into her jeans and hop into the driver's seat. Then, she roared up her engine and drove off at high-speed. Her tyres squealing as she went. I sat there for a moment or two, relishing both the feelings of humiliation and the intensely erotic images in my mind. It's not everyday that you get be sexually humiliated, so deliciously, by such a sexy, young, lady, let alone see her urinating in public or to catch sight of her perfectly smooth, snatch.

My cock was incredibly hard and my first thought was to get home, have really good wank and imagine how awesome it would be to have the girl-racer use my mouth as her toilet and then make me drink it all up. As I sat there, just wishing I could taste her amber-nectar, I glanced at the puddle-of-piss that she had left on the tarmac. It looked tantalizingly mouthwatering! It suddenly dawned on me, that rather than merely fantasise about it, I could actually go over and have a taste of her sweet-lemonade, right there off the ground. All I had to do, was pluck up the courage and go for it!

As soon as that revelation hit, I felt my heart skip a beat. Oh! Fuck, I thought to myself, I could get on my knees and lick all of her dirty, pratt-spray, up off the floor! The idea was insanely hot. The feeling of humiliation would just be exquisite; licking up the piss of the girl that both titillated and humiliated me, so deliberately.

With that, I jumped out of the car and rushed over to the delicious looking pool-of-piss. The smell of urea in the air, made my cock stiffen even harder. There was quite a bit of liquid and it had pooled-up in quite a small area, so that it was laying about a half-centimetre deep on the surface of the tarmac. It struck me that I could probably even get down on my knees and literally suck it up from the floor! That way, I could enjoy quite a few decent mouthfuls.

I did realise there was an element of risk in this. Although fairly well hidden, I was in a public place. I could still hear the young lady's car revving away in the distance and I had passed a couple walking back from the cliffs, who would in all likelihood, reach the car park within in a minute or two. I had a quick look up the path, to see how far away they were. I noticed that they were only about half-way up the track and if I was very quick I could just about manage it, maybe. The more I thought about it, the more my heart just started pounding and pounding. It was risky, but I just couldn't resist it. When would I ever get the chance to drink such a beautiful, twenty-one year old girl's urine again?

I dived onto the ground, down on my knees and starting lapping, greedily, at this young lady's amber-nectar. It was still warm and it tasted absolutely divine, like sour apple-juice. I decided there and then that I was going to gorge myself and suck up every last drop of it. However, I couldn't resist pressing my face into the puddle first and getting it piss-soaked in her wetness. Then after effectively baptising myself in her waste, I got myself into a position where I was almost laying flat on my belly, but holding myself up with my arms, as if to do press-ups, lowered myself down, pursed my lips and started hoovering up her delectable-champagne from the tarmac.

There must have been a good half-litre or so of urine, because as much as I sucked and sucked, the puddle didn't seem to get any smaller! I guzzled several mouthfuls, greedily gulping it down into my belly. As I did this, a white-hot haze of lust came over me. I felt so dirty and yet so privileged to drink such a large quantity of such a beautiful girl's urine. I was literally shaking with excitement. So much so, that it was becoming difficult to hold myself up.

I thought about the couple on the path closing in and the thought also crossed my mind that the girl-racer could drive back and catch me slurping her piss from the car park floor. However, I was so deliriously aroused at this point, that I didn't care and continued to greedily suck it up from the ground.

I probably only had about another 30 seconds left when, for some crazy, fucked-up reason, I decided it would be a great idea to snort some of her piss up into my nostrils. So, I got back on my knees, so that I could free one arm up and use a finger to shut one nostril, as I submerged the other into the foaming-pool of yellow-liquid and starting snorting it up, deep into my nasal passages. This was one of the most mind-blowing experiences I have ever had; to have this beautiful girl's urine shoot up into my nasal cavity and then trickle back down into my throat, all the while, filling my senses with her piss-stinking froth.

Coughing and choking, I tried desperately to pucker-up and suck up the rest of her lemon-gush from the floor. My eyes were watering like crazy and for a moment I was convinced that my tear-ducts were excreting her urine as tears, having just overloaded my sinuses with her salty-splash. Still, pursing my lips, I soldiered on and consumed as much of her girl-juice as I could. It was such a satisfying feeling to fill my belly with her piss and once I'd exhausted the whole puddle, I wasted a few seconds or more literally rasping my tongue across the surface of the tarmac, wishing there was more urine to devour!

Although, it took a few moments to fully register, I suddenly realised that the puddle was dry and came to my senses. I needed to get back into my car and vanish. I jumped back on to my feet and could immediately feel some of the urine trickling down my nasal passages and into my nostrils. I tried to snort it back up, divert it into my throat and summon it up into my mouth. As I made my way back into the car, I kept the last mouthful of piss there, coating my tongue, to savour it.

I hopped in the car, turned on the ignition and as I moved forward and turned, the couple reached the end of the path and stepped out onto the car park. They stood there, right next to the now dry, puddle-of-piss, completely oblivious as to what had just occurred in the car park only seconds before they arrived. Funnily enough, the lady gave me quite a nice smile as I passed. I did think to myself, if only she knew what a dirty, fucking, perv I was! But on the other hand, I was quite pleased that I hadn't ruined their romantic evening's stroll by allowing them to stumble across me, down on my knees licking up a puddle of piss from the floor! Which, for all they knew, could have been dog's piss!

I had to go into work later that evening and I refused to clean my face or brush my teeth. I could still taste the piss in my mouth hours later and believe it or not, I could smell urine in my nasal passages for the next 48 hours or so! It was lush! I also wanked myself silly after this pervy little incident; spunking twice before going to work, once at work (in the toilets) and once again at home. Although, probably not the most dirtiest thing I've ever done (I've done some dirty shit!), it was certainly one of the most spontaneous and exciting things I've done and have masturbated and fantasised about this for years after. I've also fantasised about the same girl humiliating me by making me suck all of her boyfriend's sperm out of her pussy or out of her arsehole after they have sex.

I've often thought about the young lady and wish that I could inform her about what happened after she left. I had considered putting down clearer details in this story, on the ridiculously slim chance that she might come across it one day and recognise that it was her piss that had been licked up. I'd like to think that she could just tell that I was the type, that would feel compelled to drink up all of her piss after she left, and that she knowingly left it there as a gift or as a way to let me worship her from afar, without making her feel too sickened by my presence.

The End.

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